Rare Monday Update: Gil’s Back! (Updated and Complete)

2014-08-04 13.29.57Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A rare Monday update has hit our games…and it’s brought Gil back to Springfield!

2014-08-04 13.31.15

Gil’s back with what many of us have been waiting for…a DONUT DEAL!!!

Although…it’s not that great of a donut deal, in my opinion…..

Details below the fold

Note: Many of you are reporting not seeing the offers in your donut store.  If this is happening to you, try hard closing TSTO and restarting your device.  See if that helps to trigger it.  If it doesn’t trigger it the next step is to Contact EA.  But first let’s see if that triggers it.  If it works/doesn’t work please let us know in the comments below.

When you login to Springfield some dialogue between Lisa & Gil will kick things off (you’ll have to tap on Gil for it to start):

Gil: Gather ’round the burning oil drum, children.  Ol’ Gil’s going to tell you a summer vacation story!
Lisa: I didn’t know you were a storyteller Gil!
Gil: You’d be surprised at all the things Gil can do when he smells bored children with credit card wielding parents.  Anyway…
Once upon a time, there was a weak, tired, grey haired old salesman who needed some money to pay for his kids’ back to school supplies.  So he cooked up a bunch of donuts, because he couldn’t afford enough flour for non-holed pastries, threw them in a dumpster, and tried to sell them to gullible kids like you.
Lisa: This story sounds an awful lot like a promotional sale…
Gil: Dang it, they said children were unable to tell the difference between advertising and reality until the age of 12!
Lisa: No…that would be the age of five.



Deal Ends August 12th….08:00 GMT

When you visit your donut show (or hit Get Em Now) here’s what you’ll see:

2014-08-04 13.38.54

So basically you can spend $34.99 and get 576 donuts (which as never been offered before) plus a free mystery box.  OR you can spend $7.99 (which is slightly discounted down from it’s usual $9.99 price) and get 132 donuts plus $10,000 in game dollars.

 Curious about what’s inside the Mystery Box?  Here’s the list:
Note all of the items are unique.  So if you already have them you’ll be awarded either a Ferris Wheel (improves Consumerism) or a Lard Lad Donuts (improves Gluttony), since they’re the only two you can have multiples of.  I will indicate which one is the alternate below the item.  

Duff_Stadium Duff Stadium- Worth 90 Donuts.
Alternate: Ferris Wheel.

trynsave Try-N-Save- Worth 70 Donuts.  Alternate: Ferris Wheel.

Observatory Observatory– Worth 75 Donuts.  Alternate: Ferris Wheel.

aztecAztec Theater– Worth 80 Donuts.  Alternate: Ferris Wheel.

Planet HypePlanet Hype- Worth 150 Donuts.  Alternate: Ferris Wheel.

Mount CarlmoreMount Carlmore– Worth 120 Donuts.  Alternate: Ferris Wheel.

firework storeFireworks, Candy & Puppy Dogs- Worth 60 Donuts.  Alternate: Lard Lad Donuts.

asiadecubaAsia De Cuba– Worth 100 Donuts.  Alternate: Lard Lad Donuts.

open-air-stageOpen Air Stage– Worth 160 Donuts.  Alternate: Lard Lad Donuts.

Sprawl_MartSprawl Mart– Worth 90 Donuts.  Alternate: Lard Lad Donuts.

springfieldmuseumofnaturalhistory_menuSpringfield Museum of Natural History– 100 Donuts.  Alternate: Lard Lad Donuts.

Alternate Prizes Are Worth:

ferriswheelFerris Wheel– 120 Donuts

lardladdonuts Lard Lad Donuts– 110 Donuts

So there you have it my friends.  The details of the latest Gil Deal.

What do YOU think of what Gil is offering?  Will you be spending on this deal?  Or is it one you’re going to pass on?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!



266 responses to “Rare Monday Update: Gil’s Back! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Of the items listed I am only missing the open-air stage and Mt. Carlmore, so I made the purchase to get the premium box. I got a Lard Lad…even though I already had one. I’m not happy.

  2. And I thought one of them would be springfield waterfall, coz I missed that one…:P
    Strangely, one of my neighbour just starting to play this game and yesterday there was nothing in his city, level 13. Last night when I visited, voila….level 28 and lots of premium including the waterfall (even though its not a premium building), constington, shamrock cafe.
    How can this be possible? Any logical explanation please? Thanks

  3. I got the highest value item! I just want the donuts in case the next add on is a monorail… But I did finally get my percentage bonus over fifty. Oddly enough the kwikimart doesn’t quite double it’s cash…

  4. I finally decided to buy donuts and bought a dumpster. I got Planet Hype. I had just enough room 🙂 Thanks to the good tips on this site, I’ll get Duffman next. I just started this Easter, so I’ll hold onto the rest of the donuts to keep an eye out for limited time special events. Due to the great tips from the site, I was able to get to lvl 43 and finish the Stonecutters quests.

  5. CapCityGoofball

    Does the dumpster appear in your town after purchase, or is it just a figurative dumpster like the boatload, truckload, etc? I thought someone commented earlier about seeing it. If it appears, any pictures?

  6. Re my issue with not being able to buy land: contacted EA and it’s functioning again now.

  7. Has anyone else had an issue with trying to buy land today (6th August)? My buy land function isn’t working. Have contacted EA.

    • So I just tried it on my “C” game and no issues. Are you sure you don’t already have all of the available land? Once it’s all purchased the option goes away.

  8. I don’t mean to be a Negative Neddy, but this is the first time I’ve been disappointed with the game. I LOVE this game, but I’m now going through update withdrawal. I need new content or I might go insane. I really expected something big this week, but I guess we have to wait til next week. I’m finding stuff to alter in my Springfield to keep me sane, but I don’t know how long it will last. 🙁

  9. Took a chance on it today but decided to buy the fireworks shop first (I had a great spot for it and thought since I intended to purchase anyways might as well nab that and if I were to get it in the box, get the more expensive lard lad instead, which I also don’t have). Luckily got the stage, the item I really wanted and most expensive donut wise to boot.

  10. Now that we have purchased all those donuts wonder what premium items they have in mind so we will spend them? My package was the Lard Land donuts, for now I have put it in my town. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  11. I went for the Dumpster today, I thought it was a good deal it’s usually $20 for 300 doughnuts, so i thought it was a good deal, and I got the baseball field, so things worked out.

  12. So are you guaranteed one of the unique buildings or is it a wheel spin random thing? The only one I need is the museum. I have all the others and I don’t really want another Lard Lad or Ferris wheel.

    • It’s random, but every building has the same odds. You’re not guaranteed to get the Museum…you’re only guaranteed to get one of the buildings. But if you have everything but the museum…odds are you’ll end up with Lard Lads or the Ferris Wheel.

  13. Of course I get the cheapest Mystery Box prize. I wish the Fireworks, Candy & Puppy Dogs building would animated every time you tapped it. That would really be great.


  14. Pretty dissapointed the only update for a while is a mini update to Krustyland or to spend money, love this game but come on most of my neighbours are not even visiting as like myself are at lots of money and nothing to spend it on, so nothing much to play for, and they want us to spend money on doughnuts but no new buildings, and as you say not that good an offer, the game is getting stale. Hope something happens soon as getting left behind by Tiny with there great update for family guy, now they do know how to keep a game interesting.

    • This is pretty norm for the summer lull. Many people are out in the outdoors, vacationing, summer break, etc so not many in the game to begin just pop in here n there until school is back in session. Then it picks up. I think TSTO is gearing up for a big update. I hope so myself.

      • What are you saying, Bunny? There are people that have lives outside of the game? How can this be? What are these things you speak of? Outdoors? Vacationing? Summer break? Are these quest items in the next level to be released? Confused. 😉

        • YES….coming soon to a game device near you. Bunny’s venture into…dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn….the “outside”. Will she make it? What weapons will she use? Can you handle a game of THIS magnitude??!! 😛

      • People with outdoors……we must root these people out name names how can we rely on any thing but EA for happiness?

  15. Skipper, Private. Rico and Kolowski

    I’ve noticed a lot smoother play.. was there anything functional in the update?

    • Not that I’m aware of. A lot of player still reporting lock outs and crashes.

      • Skipper, Private. Rico and Kolowski

        lol… I was having a lot of issues before. Maybe my ancient jelly bean got fixed and all the kit kat people are suffering..

  16. Question for all the people who have been playing TSTO for over a year 1/2 now. Feeling meh…. Like I am lately? Don’t get me wrong I’m a TSTO player til the end. But I wish EA would get there act together. 🙁

  17. I’m on level 43 have been since we got the 43 level update. I just never finished k land till now lol. I had 3 an half stars in consumerism before Gil update am now I have 4. The only othey thing I can of is it has to do with me blowing up my town a couple weeks back or its just a lucky fluke shhhh don’t tell e a lol. Quick question what’s a good base multiplier for a level 43 player that’s been playing for a year? Mines at 54 should I buy more premium decorations to raise it? Is there any kind of rule of thumb for the multiplier you guys do? I try to keep mine always above my current game level exlist. Happy tapping

    • Yes, if you have stuff in storage that’ll do it. Since storage doesn’t count towards Conform o Meter.

      As far as the conform o meter bonus…there’s really no set rule. It depends on how much cash you need to earn/want to earn. It’s really helpful if you’re a newer player and need more cash quick. But if you’re a long time player (like you seem to be) and have a good bankroll I wouldn’t spend money just to increase the bonus. Only spend it on stuff you REALLY want in your Springfield 🙂

  18. These kind of “updates” don’t make playing the game more fun. I have more than enough donuts and dollars and every building, character, etc. There needs to be new updates that are playable. The Krustyland one was kind of cool and you got a new character out of it. I understand it takes time to program new quests, but all I’ve been able to do is go click on my buildings and do the random repeat quests that pop up daily. Boo.

  19. Where do I go to contact EA? I bought the dumpster deal and I didn’t get any kind of building 🙁 I haven’t had a problem in the year I’ve been playing so I don’t where to go. I’ve tried all the problem solving steps already.

  20. marlboromanmat

    Personally I’ve been waiting for the Gil deal to arrive for what seems like ages, but compared to earlier offers, it doesn’t really grab me. The main turn off is the Mystery Box and Mount Carlmore. No offence to Mr Burns’ wage slaves, but like the Open Air Stage, it just would not suit my town. I guess the blah feeling that the Christmas and Easter Wheel of Misfortune experience left me with has made me more cynical than usual. Well, that and a growing realisation that the game seems to be getting more money hungry than before.
    I think I need Bunny to say something nice to cheer me up.

    • I like people who’s names start with M. 😉 Does that help?

      The payout is lower than others in the past, but still a decent one. For me, I stack deals. Check local supermarkets, pharmacies, etc to see if gift cards are on sale. Then if you get a discount for their purchase, then on donuts…it adds up. I would get the deal more for donuts than the prizes as I have most them all. 😉

  21. Pass. I have all the buildings already, and don’t need cash. Still looking for something to do with the 10 mil I already have 😉
    During the usual Christmas Gil Deal I always buy a boatload of donuts, and they last me through the year to the next Christmas Gil Deal. I have just over half left, I should be good til then.
    This deal would definitely be more attractive if they’d throw in some limited time items, or even the odd new one.

  22. I’m glad I checked here before picking it up. Actually had all the buildings already. Darn me and my TSTO craze! lol

  23. I went for the dumpster and fortunately got one of my more desired buildings, Lard Lad Donuts. I probably could have done without due to the Church of Lard Lad, but it’s at least one of those which characters can interact with – which is almost my primary criterion for buying premium buildings without an accompanying character. That’s why I’ve bought Aztec Theater, Swanky Fish, Up Up and Buffet, Sprawlmart and Fireworks, Candy & Puppies but not others.

    • That’s smart buying. I like looking at those things too when deciding if I should buy an item…usually the ones I go for right away have that character interaction with them. 🙂

  24. Has Springfield Falls disappeared from build with this update? I bought the dumpster deal of donuts to get the Falls but can find no trace.

    • Springfield falls has not been in TSTO since Spring of 2013. It’s one item many players covet but it has not been brought back from the TSTO “vault”. 🙁

  25. In Australia the offer price is $49.99 & $9.99 respectively for the offer. My premium (shared) game has been going since TSTO first started & has all the items above, & while I wouldn’t mind another ferris wheel, I don’t really want another lard lad (lack of space) Need more land!!! All that was to buy for me in the yard sale was the Mr Sparkle board in the Dexterous Springfield.

    My freemium game could use a ton of items, but is only on loan to me to upgrade, so I don’t want to spend the money there.

    What to do? Thinking ahead to Limited Edition items & events such as Halloween & Xmas… I should buy now. Maybe?

    • I would hold off until the weekend. We’re going to do a comparison pricing chart that’ll show you the break down/donut, that might help you make the best decision.
      It’s always great to stock up for Limited-Time events, but for me boatloads are always the better deal….of course they’re significantly more money lol

  26. I got Planet Hype :-). Didn’t mind which one I won as I only have a Ferris Wheel.

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