I Got Glitches Q&A

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing on by to help out with some ongoing and new glitches going on throughout and your Springfield and Krustyland.

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First up, the Springfield Hospital. I touched on this glitch a few times in the past. You can find the most complete details HERE. Basically, you are going through the levels and somehow skip right on by unlocking the Hospital. Then you hit those higher levels and realize you just may need it. Many other players are still stating they have this issue. My best suggestion to you is this, try to use our handy Level Walkthrough Guide to ensure you completed ALL the tasks necessary to unlock it. If not, go back and redo them. Store all the buildings involved even to see if that helps to trigger it. Like put away the Control Tower, Burns Mansion, Library (because Smithers next quests seem to have a hinder on this issue). Put away Hibbert Family Practice too if you unlocked it. Then go through and replace them in order as they are launched into the game using the Level Walkthrough Guide.

cooling towersspringfield library 2Burns_Manor_Tapped_Out

Outside of that, you can add your info to the EA Help Forum Posts along with other players experiencing the same issue. It helps to bring attention to the problem. Also, don’t forget to open a help ticket to log the issue.




Hand shakes

Many players are expressing that they are still getting alerts into their town of neighbors dropping by, but when they enter no handshakes appear anywhere. First things first, keep in mind that players can tap in BOTH Springfield & Krustyland. So if you do not see a visit in one, check the other. Also, there can be a delay in these pop ups. I have noticed that I have gone and cleared taps many times in my town and AFTER that I got the pop up saying that neighbor was just there. So…could be you are not looking in right place or a delay.

Neighbor visited town

EvilKitten812 Name Notification

(They can come both through pop up notifications while in your game with and “OK” or through your device notifications as an alert.)

Beyond that, there are some people truly missing the handshakes. I did see a post in the forums on this, but no resolve yet. A few players have tried methods in fixing it, but it takes a LOT of time. Essentially it is logging out EVERY TIME you play and logging back in EVERY TIME. That can get quite tedious, and again…this worked for just this player…so it may not even work for you.


So my suggestion in all this is add your name to the list in the forum and keep and eye out to see if a resolution is found. In the meantime, alert EA and open a ticket on the matter.



thanksgivingballoonscratchy_menu Tapped_Out_Itchy_Balloonpoochieparadeballoon_menu

Many are saying that they are unable to place balloons to unlock and progress in parts of the Penelope Questline. I am also seeing same thing in the Help forums.

There is suggestions that you need to be sure where you are buying the balloons and where you are placing them. If brought over from Springfield, they won’t work in Krustyland and vice versa. Also, if you have some left from past events (like last year) those won’t count either. So if you had bought a bunch when all the Turkey Day Balloons came into the game, these seem to add to the issue.

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance

You need to make sure all the balloons you are placing are brand new just purchased from KRUSTYLAND ONLY! Hopefully that will help. Beyond that, my suggestion if you still have the issue is to contact EA to open a help ticket and also put your info in the forums too.



Hope some of this has helped you out. Let us know if you have any more questions or suggestions that have worked for you.


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  1. my twirl n hurl is stuck in the parking lot of krusty land, i cant move it or do the quests for it or anything, its been stuck there for the last few years and ive tryed everything but blowing my town up and i dont want to do that as im a high level and have been paying since this game first came out. please help as i would like to clear off all those old quests for the twirl and hurl. thanks

  2. I’m not sure I’m in the right department but I accidentally hit the do not warn me button when speeding up a characters task. Because of my fat clumsy fingers😢 How do I turn that off? I really do want to be warned before spending my hard earned donuts. Can anyone Help me fix this? Or direct me to who can, Please? Thanks so much!

  3. It has been about 2 months since I was last able to login to the game, I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. It says that i have played it on another device, but I have only played it on my nexus 7. I start the game then I get booted from the game. Please help

  4. Hi… I’m having trouble visiting friends. Every time i go to visit another town the game the game shuts down and i have to re start. However every re start still does not enable me to visit other towns. . Any suggestions? ?? Thanks

  5. Hey.
    I’m lvl 50 and have trouble starting some quests.
    I want start the quest/Build the “bloaters at the squidport” its sats that i need to start the quest “Bloatation Device” anyone know how to solve this?
    I have the same problem with the “Ziffcorp Office”, “Indoor Tennis Courts” and “Old Abandoned Waregouse” ejere i need to start some questline that’s not avalible for me.

    • You have to follow the questlines in order. Just because you’re at Level 50 xp doesn’t mean your game play is at level 50. You have to complete the questlines to move onto the next level. What tasks are currently in your task bar?

  6. my tilt and hurl game is stuck out in the parking lot of krusty land and i cant move it no matter what i try. i have a quest and cant complete it till i can move it back into krusty land.

  7. hi i have recently unlocked the singing sirloin however it is not appearing in my inventory

    • You checked all over including just the opening screen of the Inventory?

      If you have, contact EA if you still can’t find it.

  8. My daughter has just installed the game onto her tablet. She made it to level three and now she has a highlighted circle with a hand over the door of the simpsons house. She is unable to interact with anything in the game. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game a few times with no change. Any ideas?

  9. So, I went to the origin website and re-set my password and was able to sign in…got friend request notification and then the game crashed – re-started again and now I’m in. Sorry for the false alarm…

  10. I was on level 25 before signing up for an origin account today. Sent out 15 requests to add friends from the do not vandalize thread and charged my phone. When I restarted the game started over from the beginning. I did a cold shut down and then tried numerous times to sign in via my origin account but I keep getting an error saying that my password is incorrect. Can anyone help? I would hate to think that I’ve lost months of game play and would have to start over. Thanks in advance…

  11. Daniel (Park1822)

    I’m having problems with The French Waiter. I’ve completed Force Majeure Part 2, but nothing happens… I can see I’ve completed it because in the sidebar the task says Done, but have never receiver the earnings from it? It’s a couple og days now!?

    • If you have tried all the basic troubleshooting and nothing helps….Please report it to EA. Many are having the “done” being stuck issue.

  12. I’m just saying this (even though the glitch went away when I got out of the app and went back on) that when I went on my simpsons game so of my fences has turned into frozen krustys with aliens on their feet it and when I went to try to move them around they were regular fences again but when I pushed the back arrow the were krustys again but when I got out of the app and went back on they were just regular fences again and I have a picture of the krusty fences but I don’t know how to put it in

  13. not sure if it’s a glitch or not, if it it i’m beyond happy about it.
    I have enough probes to craft spooky wall and human test subject but I haven’t bothered yet because i’m saving my candy for hugo or the grand pumpkin. I noticed I hadn’t taken my peacock out of my inventory so went in to get it and there was a human test subject and 6 spooky walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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