Where Did THOSE Come From – Fountain and Angel Topiary

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With some spare time available to all of us, I thought it might be fun to go backwards and look at some of the items in our game we haven’t done origin stories for. With that in mind, WDTCF should take on an extra dimension beyond talking about what is new or hip in-game.

For this edition of WDTCF-R (the R is for retro aka old but still cool), I thought it’d be neat to take a look at two of the decorations we’ve all probably placed in our towns and never thought twice about. Well, maybe some of us did but I revel in my Simpson nerd (Not Even Remotely Dorky) status.

Fountain Angel Topiary

First up, the fountain. Unlocking at Level 25 and costing $3500, this beauty of a decoration improves your vanity rating on the conformometer. Also neat because it is animated and adds that nice touch of class to whatever area you put it in. A while back, I was re-watching classic Simpsons episodes and what should I see in “Bart Gets Hit By a Car” (S2:E10) but this decoration.

After Mr. Burns hits Bart with his car (not a clever title for this episode lol), Homer and Marge take him to court. Of course this means we get views of the Blue Haired Lawyer, ambulance chaser Lionel Hutz, and a whiter Judge Snyder going by the name of Judge Moulton. Of course, Mr. Burns sees he may have to part with a lot of his precious money in this lawsuit so he invites Homer and Marge to his Manor to try and settle it for much less. But Homer’s not a big Ape who will settle for a banana or two so he declines the offer of half a mil. Unfortunately, while Homer is arguing with Marge about the offer, Marge reveals they used a phony doctor (bet you can guess who that is) and Mr. Burns cancels his offer and releases the hounds. As Marge and Homer run away across Burns sprawling front lawn, our TSTO fountain is right there in all its glory.


Wowza… lots going on there, right? So for anyone who needs to have an accurate Springfield, this deco belongs in a large front yard area in front of Burns’ Manor.

To fill out this retro WDTCF, I also thought it’d be neat to talk about the Angel Topiary. This is one of those decorations I immediately knew the origin for but never posted about. It costs $2000 and unlocks at Level 18. Improving your tree-hugging rating, you may look at this as just another useless topiary for TSTO, but maybe not after knowing how it relates to the Best. Show. Ever.

This fluffy bush come from one of my personal favorite episodes of all time, Season 5, Episode 2: “Cape Feare”. Bart is receiving ominous messages written in blood. Someone is out to get him and even dedicating songs on KBBL so Bart is appropriately nervous. He’s scared at school, his Mom scares him and he’s even scared by………………………… Stupid Flanders.

scary Flanders

Courtesy of some new “finger razors”, Ned scares Bart but it’s no big deal. All Flanders is doing is trimming his hedges into Angels. Gotta love a decoration that is a combined tribute to Freddy Krueger AND Edward Scissorhands.

Angel Topiary

Bonus: This episode is also the origin for McBain’s 4 hour “Host Up Late With McBain” task AND Moe’s 8 hour “Smuggle Endangered Species” task. It’s also why a lot of us insist on seeing Sideshow Bob in TSTO stepping on rakes.

Well my friends, there’s some info on more of the items in our beloved game. Hope you liked it. As always, chime in below with any comments you may have. I’ll keep on looking for stuff to write about and you keep being classy, deal?

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Thanks, i was really curious about that Topiary!!;)

  2. https://games.yahoo.com/photos/the-simpsons-springfield-recreated-with-lego-1407277789-slideshow/

    Didn’t know where else to put this. So fringin’ kewl! My nerdy senses are tingling… And this time it’s not the Tiger Balm!

  3. I’m still wondering why they haven’t added a Homer Strangleing Bart Action yet, it’s somthing in almost every episode!

    • Right? It seems it’d be a no brainer. I used to think it was because of the violence issue but now Homer can wrestle two different characters, so why not strangle Bart?

  4. I love that bit!

    *Menacingly* “Say your prayers, Bart!”
    *Cheerfully* “Because the schools can’t force ya like they should!”

  5. I wish we could use the fountain in krustyland. My hotel looks idiotic with the valentine fountain in the front.

  6. I completely forgot that’s where the angel came from and I love that episode!

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