Gil’s Got A Glitch: Issue w/Otto & School Bus Deal

Update 8/14 5:30 PM EDT: Looks like Gil has finally made it to towns.  EA has sent another little update to our games and this one should repair the glitching Gil deal.  Many of you are reporting seeing him (finally) make it to your Springfield!

Update 8/14 2:30 PM EDT: Hey guys Alissa popping in here to let you know about a little test I just ran to see if I could get the deal to tigger.  I started another anonymous Springfield on my tablet.  (I cleared all the data from TSTO and started fresh)
I played through the tutorial and up to Level 5.  Got to the part where Homer has to play his myPad for 45 seconds….as soon as I completed it BOOM..Gil appeared.
2014-08-14 18.17.22

There’s also a link to him in the build menu:
2014-08-14 18.17.55

My guess is that the decorations (Swings & Seesaw) are preventing this from popping in players towns.  It seems this was thrown together quickly and in the haste someone forgot to check to make sure it triggers if you have non-unique items already.

My suggestion is STILL add your name to the Forum post below AND contact EA directly over the issue.  It’s someone that they need to get flooded with to fix.


Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin in to see what I can do to try and help out with the issue I see hitting fast. The New Gil Deal from today not working at all for many players.

2014-08-13 17.37.41


So far I have tried the basics, Uninstall/Reinstall, I had even nuked my town and pieced it back one by one to see if any building or item triggered it. I do not have ANY of the items from the deal in my A game and would also love to be a part of this particular deal as I want Otto in my A game and have for a while. (In the past if you had any items offered, the deal would not work. Info on this is just…so vague.)

So, gonna try a few more tricks and see if anything works. Will report back if anything is successful. In the meantime, I put up a post on EA Help Forum to bring attention to the issue. Please also add your info too so we can set it on “Fire” as a Hot Issue and get them rolling on a patch fast.

Also, please open a ticket with EA too if you can’t get the deal. This will come in handy when you tell them you missed out on the deal and still want it. 😉

Hang in there. Hopefully this…ummm…ODD “update” will be corrected. (I still think this was a panic push to get something out while they are working on something bigger. It’s TOO quiet over there.)

Let us know if you find anything successful in your game. (Our luck we will wake up to Gil on his knees pleading for us to take the offer. Lol.)



114 responses to “Gil’s Got A Glitch: Issue w/Otto & School Bus Deal

  1. Could the activation of gil be related to level in anyway? Is it possible that the deal is limited to players below a certain level?

    • I think it’s been restored at this point. I think it was just a glitch…the level question was more to see if you added the seesaw, since it’s part of the Level 32 questline 🙂

  2. Just logged into my town and Gil made a visit! Maybe he really is traveling 🙂

  3. I got Gil’s Deal!!! Just logged in and it downloaded another in-game update and there he was. Grabbed it right away. Been playing for almost a year and this is my first major donut expenditure 🙂

  4. Gil has just appeared in my town!! He’s finally made it.

  5. 45 min wait for live chat…. sod that I’m off to bed!!! Gil better be on my town in the morning or I may have to go on some kind of rampage, why is it that every update lately is introducing more and more glitches its almost as though EA don’t care anymore

  6. Just got off the phone with customer support and they told me that it is a known issue. but then they told me that gil should show up from town to town like he’s a traveling salesman. their solution to me was basically wait and he’ll show up. so that either means
    1) they don’t care and are just going to let it pass or…
    2) They are working on an update to fix the issue.
    Either way i have to agree that this whole thing is just mind frazzling. Here’s hoping they get it fixed soon.

  7. I got 2 different updates the second one around 1am last night but still no Gil. Granted I don’t plan getting Otto at the moment but I’m concerned is this does this mean that my, our games are now glitched for future updates? If we contact e a does that mean having better odds that our games wont be glitches in the future possibly? Have any of you actually tried to speak to a representative of e a? An if so what was there response regarding the issue? An if. Not then why haven’t you? Seeing how it’s wide spread issue on many different devices that would be very informative if of you if you could. Also what are you guys personal opinions in this subject? For be this has never happened before an Iv always only kept TS to in my device an nothing else to make sure it always runs smooth
    An it always has up until now. On a side note even though I don’t have Gil before I sold my PG equipment I tried moving the seesaw to the beach an I was able to place it there so the update went through but it’s badly glitched. I’m very concerned bout this an feel it should be the number one concern right noe for any all dedicated players when you stop to consider what all this could mean for the future of TS to. Get back to whenever you guys can we appreciate all you guys do. O an power to the rappers lol.

  8. danbyization258

    I am also having this issue. Not purchased Otto or the Tetherball. Did try storing and then selling all of my purchased See-Saws and Monkey Bars. But still no Gil appears for me.

  9. Well isn’t that just dandy…said no one ever. (I have reported it too).

  10. I don’t own any of it any it hasn’t trigger in my town. 🙁

  11. I tried selling all my see-saws and monkey bars and then uninstalled and reinstalled and I still don’t get the Gil offer.

  12. I wasn’t getting the update, so I emailed EA, then I thought to follow the advice above and sell the see-saw, swings, and monkeybars (since I do not have Otto/Bus or the Tetherball,) so I sold the playground equipment and I’ve closed out of the game, reloaded it and even logged in and logged out of Origin after selling those items at least 3 or 4 times and I’m still not getting the update. Calling this update half-baked would be grossly over-cooking the D’OH! EA made on this one.

  13. Got the download, but no Gil pop-up…iOS on iphone4-but didn’t plan on spendin $$ neway!

  14. Nothing yet for me on my iPad 2 either…and I am desperate for this deal! I’ve held back from purchasing Otto for months just because I felt they’ve done Hank, Duffman, Frink etc so Otto would be the next natural choice for a deal…and it’s finally paid off but isn’t showing up :/

    Would be my first deal since Hank Scorpio…looks like EA aren’t gunna make me run out of donuts just yet if they cant fix this.

  15. Do you think it could be a possibility that this is age related? i mean it is a back to school deal and im 28 so i wouldn’t get the deal if it was meant for say 21 & under. Has EA made an official statement yet?

    • Nope…but I’m 29 and my age is in my game and it triggered.

      • im notunderstanding. i’ve never owned any of these items and im still not getting the offer. i cleared everything and got gil to pop up anonymously but as soon as i signed in it was gone. really frustrating. im level 38

        • My only thing with that is…are you sure you don’t have a seesaw? Cause I think you’re required to place one for Rod and Todd (Level 32). I’m wondering if it’s glitching out if you’ve ever had it before, even if you’ve sold it.

  16. It’s not showing on my Droid Razr M or my friend’s S3 Mini ):

  17. Read somewhere that this was a “pre-patch” or “pre-fix”, perhaps they’re just preparing for a Friday update???

  18. Well, I’ve been over to the EA site and “put my hand up”, as it were. I think, like most folk I can accept mistakes by EA from time to time, but what really grinds my gears (thanks, Peter Griffin), is EA’s blasé attitude to customer service. Honestly, when I lost 15 or 16 donuts because of gaming instability just before Easter (remember all the hassles we had with lag, etc, etc?), and I requested help from the EA’s help desk – trouble tickets, you know the drama – I don’t know why I even bothered. The ticket was closed within a day, no explanation.
    And trolling around the site Bunny gave the link to above I see TSTO players are not alone in their frustrations over EA’s ownership of problems.
    I don’t mind waiting for a couple of weeks between updates, as long as they’re done properly. It’s the hiding behind poor customer service in order to avoid giving honest solutions to us the public, that pisses me off.

  19. Don’t the bus and gill did not appear on my Samsung galaxy s3

  20. I have the same problem and did perform basic troubleshooting short of the nuclear option… I love my little town too much for that. I opened a ticket with ea and hopefully they will fix it for me. Otherwise, I will just keep saving up for Barney (only 48 pink sprinklies to go!).

    • Gil finally showed up in my town! I’m really happy I was able to get Otto so cheaply… he was next on my wishlist after Barney.

  21. The samething happend with the gold house deal for me. Gil didn’t show up. He did when I waited a bit.

    Also I have a feeling its only the Gil deal nothing else. But who knows…

  22. Bunny, as of right now, your post on the EA site is on fire — well, at least it has the fire icon next to it — so part 1 of the mission is accomplished!

    (Now people need to keep adding their “me too” comments to it so it stays on top.)

  23. C bunny gulf really is scarred lol that’s why he’s rubbing his head he’s affraid of getting tapped I think he has tapafobia LOL. Maybe if we send all our characters on a hold each others hands an sing kum by ya task Gil will show up. 🙂

  24. Thank you for the post bunny. In my game it also appears the non-playable “customers” in Krustyland are earning tickets faster after the update. Previously, three tickets accrued every 3ish hours in my game now it is five tickets accrued in the same time. No change to my multiplier- still 5%. Is anybody else noticing this or am I just in some temporal space-time vortex?

  25. Edit I just got a second update an still no gil it’s omost 1 am here. Hope that helps

  26. Very odd mines not putting up Otto either um in android two by the way. Version 4.2.2 not sure if that helps you any. IV tried everything but reinstalling. Maybe its not loading cause there’s more to it they don’t want released yet that’s attempting to push itself through. I do recall seeing a post when it first droped stating there was suppose to have some sort of eleven part quest line associated with it. But nothing further on that subject since.

  27. Seriously at this rate they may as we’ll begin the Halloween update. I could collect goo or ghosts or whatever’s up their sleeves for the next two months! Better than nothing 🙂

  28. Hey Bunny, do you know if the game cane be played on two different platforms? I play on my iPad normally, but am thinking if I download the game to my Android phone, the deal may pop up. But I won’t try if having the game on more then one device/platform is a problem.

    • I am on Android, tried an iOS too. Still nothing. 🙁

    • Yeah you can play on two diff devices with no problems. I too play on ipad and my phone is android and as long as you just sign in with your same origin ID it works just fine. And I’m just talking about the regular game in general, nothing to do with the Gil update. Hope this helps 🙂

  29. Sure this is his next deal…. 2 weeks after I buy Otto and the bus at full price…. Come on EA, can I get my donuts back???

  30. Just shooting in the dark here, but could already owning the playground equipment cause it to not trigger?

    • As I stated in my post. I do not have ANYTHING the deal is offering. All was sold. We tried that in another game too to see if it made a difference. The offer from Gil still worked and was there in the menu after buying all the items minus Otto and the bus. Not sure of the issue on this one.

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