Minor In-Game Update: ANOTHER Gil Deal

UPDATE FROM BUNNY 11PM EST: Many can’t get the deal to trigger. I’m looking into it and testing some possible fixes. Will update if successful.

Gil is a Glitchy!  Check out this post for more


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well at least we know there are signs of life at EA as we just received a minor in game update to TSTO…2014-08-13 21.17.54


As of right now I see nothing new in my game.  However…the files are calling it a Back to School Pre Patch.  So it could be the precursor to something more?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Right now we’re checking to see if we see any differences in the game.  Perhaps a sign of things to come?  What do YOU think?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Update 5:30 PM EDT: I stand corrected..it’s ANOTHER Gil deal (had to go into my C game to see it).  Yikes!  This time Gil’s offering you Otto’s School Bus (and some playground equipment) for 70 donuts…if you already have Otto you won’t see it (which explains why many of us were scratching our heads).

More details below the fold.

Gil is once again back begging you for business…when you tap on him in your town this dialog starts up….

Gil: Hey, little girl. Do I have some GREAT back to school deals for you!
Lisa: Really? I do love back to school shopping.  It’s the amuse-bouche to the entree of learning!  Sometimes I can see why I’m not popular.
Gil: So what good can old Gil tempt you with?  Maybe some repossessed playground equipment?  I’ve got monkey bars, a tetherball and a see.  For the right price I’ll even throw in the saw.
Lisa: I was actually hoping for deals on things like pens, binders….
Gil: Oh, I don’t have any of those.  But could sweeten this playground equipment with something every 8-year old child needs….A brand new used school bus!
Lisa: ……
Gil: Aww, come on!  This is a classy school bus.  It’s got a steering wheel, nearly 50% off its seats, and an only slightly rabid raccoon family living in the back.  Plus it comes with a licensed driver.  It’s one of those medical marijuana licenses though

2014-08-13 17.37.41

Ok so this feels kinda like it was thrown together quickly and at the last minute.  My guess is EA is working on something and it’s not ready so they’re throwing out these Gil Deals because they’re quick to put together.  HOWEVER….I am not amused.  While this is a GREAT deal for those who want Otto….where’s our REAL update EA?

What are YOUR thoughts?  Will you be taking Gil’s deal?  Is Gil even in your town?  Are you ready for an update already?  What are you doing to amuse yourself in the lull?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

208 responses to “Minor In-Game Update: ANOTHER Gil Deal

  1. Got to admit recent updates have been cash generating to get old stuff by buying doughnuts, come on EA have now lost 10 of my neighbours towns, I asume that they have got fed up waiting for something to happen or as I went on holiday for a week but that is a little hard, have a few on my list not played for a week or more, but I assume they are on vacation or just waiting for something to happen like the rest of us, so not deleting them yet. Please other players dont delete towns because they have not played for a little while give them time to return we do have other lives, and nothing happening with friends at the moment. Finally on level 43 and now have some free slots for other players on a simlar level, but would prefer nice towns like mine. And keep up the great work on hear, the best forum by far. 🙂

  2. I have to say I am kind of glad for the no update break. That last one was by far one of my favorite, but I struggled to meet all the quests. I was always on the game and didn’t get much done at home…oops! So i am a Freemium player. I finally bought the cracker factory and Luann in my A town because I really wanted her…..I haven’t purchased anything yet on my b town but I just can’t decide if I should get this deal or not. What do you guys think?

    Also, I am getting really tired of getting kicked out of the game. This was happening alot (like every few minutes when I play) and it appeared to be fixed but now it has started all over again. I barely get logged in and I get the “unfortunately tapped out has stopped” message and kicks me out. Doesn’t matter if I am playing via my wi-fi or via 4G. No other game has these problems and I have done the restart, reboot, etc. Also, EVERY time I log into either game, I tap my app icon and it starts the boot up screen and promptly get the Bart reconnect screen and I hit retry and it moves forward. Very strange. Anyone else encountering this? Any way to prevent it? Another reason why I am glad there isn’t an update right now or I would be really frustrated.

    • The Gil deal is a GREAT deal if you want Otto. It’s a really good deal & one I wouldn’t pass up, if I didn’t already have Otto.

    • This is getting Very Old with getting “The Boot”, between plays!! Something needs to get fixed, cause it gets very discouraging!! I’m to the place I don’t even want to play for awhile, cause the Startup takes to long, and with the money we put into this game, we need better PR !

  3. I didn’t have Otto, but I did have monkey bars and see saw already. I bought the deal and it just gave me additional monkey bars/see saw. But to get Otto for only 70 donuts?? I’m considering this a GREAT deal!

  4. This is a great deal on Otto! I really want it as I don’t have Otto yet!! But I finally spent all my 170 donuts a couple of weeks ago on useless stuff (I got bored of waiting to spend them) 🙁 and now I only have 29 donuts left 🙁 There’s no way I can earn 40 donuts in 4 days. 4 donuts, more like, if I’m lucky. And my religion (freemiumism) prevents me from buying any donuts. Am I resigned to my fate of hard house-farming, while I see all the wonderful things in my neighboureenos beautiful Springfields. But such is the life of the true freemiumist.

    • Have you tried donut farming? Do you have a large stockpile of in game cash?


      • Yes, that is true goal of hard working house-farming freemiumists. Unfortunately, even at a conversion rate of 4.3 to 1 (I’ve just got a measly 1.56x bonus), which is the best rate I’m willing to stoop to (even *I* can’t find enough hours in the day to convert with shrubs!), I would need a good 50 mil in the bank probably – maybe more. Unfortunately I only have 1.8 mil! I told you I was a poor farmer 🙁 (And a not very good one at that… 🙂 )

  5. Hello, hopefully someone can answer this for me.

    I am currently lvl 12 and if IIRC, Otto is unlocked at lvl 22. I have received Gil’s offer. If I buy it, will I be able to use Otto now or will he go into my inventory until his normal lvl unlock?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. I’m waiting to get 5 more donuts before I buy Gil’s deal. Hopefully that’ll be tomorrow.
    Off topic question, what does it mean when an Origin friend is no longer in the game? For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve had several of both long time & short time Origin friends move from my current list of friends, whom I can visit, to the “Origin friends not in game” list which I cannot visit. Since I need every opportunity I can get to get free donuts I’ve been deleting these friends on that list to add others I can visit. Why do they move to the Not in Game list?

  7. Snagged it! Awesome deal!

  8. Got Otto a few months ago so this is the first time for me that gil won’t appear for me in the thirteen months of my playing (lol)

  9. Worst Summer on Tapped out ever!

  10. Could somebody who got the deal confirm that they had either see-saw or monkey bars already?

    • I’m trying an experiment. I’m making another TSTO game….

      My c game has NOTHING in it and I got the Gil deal to trigger, on iOS. I have a game that was saved on my Tablet with out an account, when you had to play a little to get the account option to trigger, that had nothing in it and Gil appeared. So now I’ve cleared all the TSTO data from my tablet and I’m starting a new town…i’ll see if he triggers there. I have a feeling it’s the Monkey Bars & see-saw that are kicking it out. I’ll post my findings 🙂

    • I had both, got the deal, no problems or glitches (er, unless you count the fact that I’ve had daily glitch issues since the 4th of july update started. Lucky for EA I have other hobbies and I’ve never spent a dime on this game or they’d have gotten many earfuls by now)

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