Clash of Clones LIVE for All! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So the EA has FINALLY put out some content after weeks of silence. The calm before the storm…is OVER!!!

2014-08-19 12.35.00

So far the Update has hit iOS and Android and we just received word it’s hit Kindle!  Let the fun begin for all!!

2014-08-19 12.33.07

2014-08-19 17.29.23

Keep an eye here as we will update the post with info as we confirm it live in the game…

After you download the game you’ll be given the Barbarian Character for FREE…he’ll be automatically placed in your Springfield and he kicks everything off.


He’ll have a 1 hr task, followed by a prompt for a $1,000 and 16hr build for his castle.

More details on the way as soon as we go through….

REMINDER: Check to make sure your Confirm Donut Spend is ON…sometimes with app store updates it gets shut off.  So verify so you don’t waste any of those sprinkles! 

Here are the details for the event…

Event Ends October 7th

New Event Currency:

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffcrate Elixir-  Earned by completing tasks and attacking neighbors.


barbariancastle_menu Barbarian Castle- $1,000, 16hr Build.

When THIS is complete you’ll kick of the Clash of Clones Event

Personal Prizes are in the game as well (10 total)

There are 2 more castles that you will earn as personal prizes.

Once you unlock the castle your first task of the event will be to Attack another Springfield.  You can do this easiest…by clicking on your neighbors and going to Other Springfield.  There you’ll see swords over their houses…tap on those.  More specific details coming on attacking, but that’s the quickest way to get past that part of the task. 

Purchased with Elixir:

barbariancastlewall_menu– Barbarian Castle Wall- 100 Elixir (also requires you to upgrade your castle….we’ll get to that)

barbariancastletower_menuBarbarian Castle Tower- 750 Elixir (also requires castle upgrade)

barbariancastlegate_menuBarbarian Castle Gates- 1,500 Elixir (also requires castle upgrade)

medievalbanner01_menu Medieval Banner- 950 Elixir

haycart_menu Hay Cart- 200 Elixir

thestocks_menuStock- 475 Elixir

Premium Stuff:

medievalbanner02_menu Medieval Banner- 15 Donuts, Adds 0.25% Bonus to all cash and XP

medievalbanner03_menu Medieval Banner- 12 Donuts, Adds 0.25% Bonus to all cash and XP

flamingtorch_menuFlaming Torch- 10 Donuts, Adds 0.20% Bonus to all Cash and XP

chickencoop_menuChicken Coop- 30 Donuts, Adds 0.50% Bonus to all Cash and XP

More Land!

16 new squares of land have been added to the very bottom of your Springfield (furthest from the mountains).  It runs from the water to the right.  Here are the prices for the new land…starting with the water and moving right (2 squares of water):

$1,500,000; $900,000; $600,000; $400,000; $300,000; $200,000; $200,000; $200,000; $300,000; $400,000; $500,000; $600,000; $700,000; $800,000; $1,000,000; $1,500,000


ico_stor_medievaltimes_troopgang Gang of 5 Nerds- 2 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_troopmobMob of 10 Nerds- 3 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_trooparmyArmy of 20 Nerds- 4 Donuts

Nerds are how you earn Elixir….you send Nerds to attack your neighbors to earn Elixir.  The more nerds you have the shorter the attack time.

Max- 40 in your town at once.  You’ll get a warning pop up when you hit it. (at castle level 1)

2014-08-19 13.12.56


You’ll be asked to defend your Springfield as well.  To do this you’ll see a shield over one of your houses (or multiple houses):

defend 1Just tap on the shield to defend your Springfield…and out will pop elixir and gold!
defend 2


Buildings Destroyed:

Yes, your buildings can be destroyed.  However, it’s easy to repair (AND you earn more Elixir and Gold for it!).  Just tap on it to repair! 🙂

destroyed building

Gold and PRIZES:

The gold you collect goes towards earning the Personal Prizes for the event!

There are 10 total prizes for this event….you’ll see this when you first click on your prize button:

2014-08-19 13.24.15


unlock_homer_barbarianunlock_barbarian_fakehomer  200 Gold- Barbarian Homer & Homer Barbarian

unlock_lisa_archer recycledcastle_menu400 Gold- Castle Recycle & Archer Lisa (24hr build and quest to unlock)

ico_stor_medievaltimes_d20handful 800 Gold- Cheaters 20 Pack (5 Cheaters awarded)

unlock_bart_goblin boxinghampalace_menu1,400 Gold- Boxingham Palace & Goblin Bart (24hr build and unlocked with a quest)

unlock_marge_wizard5,000 Gold- Wizard Marge

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffvat9.500 Gold- Elixir Bundle

hotairballoon_menu15,000 Gold- Hot Air Balloon

barbariancastletower_menu recycledcastletower_menu boxinghampalacetower_menu22,000 Gold- Three Towers

catapult_menu30,000 Gold-Catapult

ico_medievaltimes_barbarianstatue_md38,000 Gold- Barbarian Statue and Banners

2014-08-19 14.07.03


Once you collect 800 Gold you’ll unlock the ability to buy cheaters (at 800 Gold you’ll get a 20 pack for free ).

Cheaters all how you wreck a building immediately (instead of sending nerds) OR Cheaters will defend your buildings under attack (all at once).

ico_stor_medievaltimes_d20singleSingle Cheaters 20- 9 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_d20handfulHandful of 5 Cheaters 20s- 44 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_d20bagBag of 20 Cheaters 20s- 155 Donuts


Every Wednesday you can purchase Elixir….your options are

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffpack200 Elixir- 6 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffcrate1,000 Elixir- 26 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffvat4,000 Elixir- 100 Donuts

*donut prices are subject to change.  This is what we see at the moment but without them being in the game fully (they’ll unlock on Wednesday) the prices could still change.

More Castle Parts:

Both the Recycle Castle and Cardboard Castle have Walls, Gates and Towers (just like the Barbarian one)…however prices on those are not known at this time.  As soon as we have pricing we’ll pass it along.  Here’s what they’ll look like:

recycledcastlewall_menuRecycle Wall

recycledcastlegate_menuRecycle Gate

recycledcastletower_menuRecycle Tower

boxinghampalacewall_menuCardboard Wall

boxinghampalacegate_menuCardboard Gate

boxinghampalacetower_menuCardboard Tower

Note: The walls, gate and towers will unlock for you to ALWAYS buy once your castle (that corresponds with the part) reaches Level 10.  Otherwise you can only get them buy upgrading your castle and gaining them from the upgrade.  Also, the Cardboard AND Recycled walls, gate & tower will cost donuts.  Only the Barbarian walls, gate and tower is available for elixir in the store…once you’ve upgrade the castle to Level 10.

Final Note About the Bender Spoiler….

It’s been reported that there’s a Bender icon in the files.  Some believe this is for a possible crossover event during Season 26.  HOWEVER, this icon is used in Clash of Clones…so I’m not sure if it will be used again.  There is a specific purpose for it with this update….



What do YOU think of the update so far?  Are you lost in the sea of newness and confusion?  Excited about any additions?  Can’t wait to start attacking?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

811 responses to “Clash of Clones LIVE for All! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I have over 82,000 elixer points accumulated at this point . I’m tempted to spend some or all of them stocking up on red banners (which have the second best vanity-points-to-squares ratio, but are much easier to tuck away behind stuff than the number one item, the guillotine) to keep in inventory, but, since I’m getting close to having 5-star vanity already, I don’t want to do that if there’s a chance that I might be able to trade in my unused elixer for something really great (esp. donuts!) at the end of the event.

    Since this is my first “event,” I’m wondering if people who have been through other events can tell me whether EA usually does something special like that at the end of the event, or whether I should just go ahead and spend the elixer now, rather than let it go to waste?

  2. Ok. Now that this event is winding down (Thank God!) i have a few questions and observations. I am hoping someone can answer the wuestions, and i hope my observations are worth reading. (If it looks too long and you ahave limited time, just read the questions. The observations will be posted after the questions, so you can read as much or as little as you wish. (If you are still reading at this juncture, thanks! If not, well, there is no need to worry about you, is there? 😄


    1) once you upgrade Homer, Lisa, Marge and Bart to whatever level is the highest, (it has been so long, I have forgotten… Maybe 20?). Anyway, it says keep upgrading the characters for bragging rights, as your neighbors will be able to see what level you got them to… How does this work? I have not seen any of my neighbor’s character or castle levels… Is there a way to do this? Because I am really tired of collecting gold and elixir.

    2). Is this “event” as boring as I think? I have read a number of commentaries staring what a great update this was, and how much fun people are having… But for me, it has been complete and utter boredom. Collecting the prizes was at least something to do, but not enough to keep me interested. And I don’t find the prizes all that compelling in the first place.

    3). Is there any need to collect elixir or gold after you’ve gathered every prize? I know you can spend elixir on some castle parts, but i have over 40,000 elixir and over 95,000 gold. Yes, I can buy castle walls, but i don’t need or want 400 wall sections. Is EA going to allow us to trade our leftover elixir for something else? And what about the gold? or does this just go away when the event is over? (I think I know this answer, but I want to confirm.)

    4) what levels have you all reached on each character? For example, Homer is at Level 66 for me, but no one cares, and for all I know, no one can even tell. If folks answer this, I’ll add thr other characters if you are interested.)


    1). This event was weak. I don’t play COC, and based on this update, I never will. This is just my opinion, I know, but I am wondering if any of you felt like I did with this thing. It just seems so TEDIOUS and POINTLESS

    2). I will give EA credit for giving players more than enough time to grind out the prizes. Too bad it WAS such a grind.

    3). I didn’t like how EA made attacking neighbors a poor strategic choice. It wasn’t even close for me… Whenever I had nerds, I sent them to random strangers to maximize my return. This is exactly the opposite of what it should do, which is encourage us to visit our neighboreenos

    4). There are very few, if any, pieces of junk that I will be incorpoating into my town once this event is over. It would be great if EA would open Krustyland so we can move the castles and other pieces over. At least it would look like a theme park. But I don’t want this crap in my Springfield.

    Ok, that is enough. I think it is pretty obvious I hated thid one, but I guess you can’t like every event.

    Thanks in advance for any answers to my questions!

    • 1) We don’t know how the level of the characters will be “shown off”. I’m intrigued to see how honestly.

      2) Boring? I’d say no. Too long in duration? Yes and no. As a blogger, this is the first time I haven’t seen a bunch of comments of folks who won’t earn everything. That alone makes me deal with the event’s length. Am I itching for Halloween? Absolutely.

      3) My gut feeling is there will be no trade off and all the gold and elixir will disappear like other event currencies. It’s been a long time since we had some sort of payoff for the extras. Just make sure you get everything you want with the elixir you have before the event ends. I got quite a few tents, hay carts, etc. for future designing just in case.

      4) I haven’t leveled up my peeps like most. All are at 20 right now.

      I won’t be playing the game this is based on either. I do applaud EA for trying something completely new. I also wish attacking friends was a better payout. I honestly think EA realizes most players don’t have huge friend lists and that’s why it was set up the way it was. As for Krustyland getting all these decs, preach on preach on. I really hope this happens. No worries on the length of your comment. If there aren’t places like this for fans and players to talk, what’s the point. Happy tapping!

    • I have to agree with you Crypto, I’m a bit disappointed in this update too. I’ve received all the prizes, so now what? And my castles are as big as I want them, I don’t need anymore walls. And I’m finding it is taking way too long to visit all my neighbours because instead of 3 taps, we now have 8 taps each. And of course we never have enough nerds for all the neighbours which means we have to visit multiple times a day. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m not adding any new neighbours because it just takes too long to visit everyone. It gets exhausting. And I feel bad if I don’t visit my regular neighbours every day, so I’m neglecting my work and losing sleep LOL!


  3. I completed this a while ago and am drowning in elixir and gold – I’m now in something called Cyclical violence (collecting gold) which rewards me yet more elixir. I don’t really want any more castle bits and decorations. Does anyone know if EA will swop elixir and gold for anything useful when this event finishes?

  4. Is there any reason to continue spending elixirs on castle upgrades after you’ve achieved all of the gold prizes? Seems like they’d just be better for walls and decorations at that point.

    • Personally I’ve stopped upgrading after Level 20. For me i’d rather spend it on decorations 🙂

      • There is no point when you reach level 20 for the barbarian castle because the walls are cheaper then leveling it up…. But with the recycled castle and the cardboard one… Even in your charts for the levels it says you get walls.. For level 21 & up. So that’s a way for freemium players to get more walls without spending 2 donuts…. Yay loop holes

  5. Where can I find a chart of castle upgrade prizes?

  6. To everyone that reaches the elixir bundle and only gets 1000 send EA an EMAIL and they will fix it for u and give you the 4000 that is rightfully yours ..

  7. Back from holiday & well behind in this collecting malarkey but can I ask a question regarding glitches – I have noticed twice on 2 of my different towns that if I have attacking shields in my town (which I was deciding to leave to destroy the houses) – then go to Krustyland and then return via the bus to the town – all my shields have disappeared – with no notification or update on gold or elixir – sure I must have missed a ton of gold – and will it not have also gone to my invading neighbours?
    I’m getting a bit down on how long it is taking to collect and the small number of times a day I can gather my nerds without spending doughnuts – like I did on the first day not realising they didn’t return!

    • Yep, happened to me too. I don’t go into Krustyland anymore, not until this Clash update is done. And I agree about the nerds, they should have given us more so that we can use them on all of our neighbours. I also spent a good chunk of donuts at the beginning to buy nerds so I would have enough for all my neighbours. I had no idea they disappear once you use them! There are not enough nerds and I’m finding myself playing multiple times a day, rather than my usual once or twice a day, just so I can use nerds on as many neighbours as I can since they regenerate every 2 hours. It’s a good thing I work from home a lot, tho I’m definitely playing this game way too much and neglecting my work, eek! But on some days I won’t be able to play as often so I have to use only a few nerds on just the neighbours who regularly visit and attack my houses. Problem is, I have a lot of good neighbours who visit often and use a lot of nerds in my town. It sucks, I like to return the favor when my neighbours visit and use all 5 of the available nerds in one visit.

      Welcome back!

      • Damn & blast! righto – I won’t be doing that again in a hurry! I still have questlines in 2 towns in Krustyland – but haven’t been putting any characters there for ages – apart from today when I have had a blitz to try and get enough for the Tooth Chipper – that just has been taking toooo long to collect naturally.
        I agree heartily with you Christine – I just don’t have enough nerds to visit all my neighbours in a day – what with having to fill in a stint at work each day – that just kinda interrupts the day! You are lucky working from home – (I would often surreptitiously sneak some of the daily tasks in the office on my Kindle) The Stonecutter was at least easier to be able to visit everyone in a day without pressure of returning every couple of hours!
        I have taken to going through in turn doing handshakes and attacks x5 per neighbour – so it is taking far too long to get through everyone of my 100 neighbours! luckily you are first on the list alphabetically!
        Roll on Halloween!!

        All the best & attack away!


    • First on your list, I like that! I’m glad I didn’t name my dog Zelda hahaha!

      EA must have read our posts or had other people complaining about the number of nerds because when I logged in today I had 75 nerds, in addition to the ones generated in my castles! It was great I was able to visit all my neighbours using lots of nerds today. Hope it continues!


      • AH! Your town is named after your dog! Thought it was a double kid combo name!

        Looks like they are giving us a weekly bonus for free – so glad you made the most of it! It did help visit a few more people. have now logged an issue regarding disappearing shields & gold earned – will see if that amounts to anything!

      • Abby is my dog and Oscar is my cat 🙂

        Is it only weekly that we’re getting bonuses, because I had 75 more nerds yesterday. Haven’t seen any extra today yet, but I have only logged in once today. We’ll see. It’s so much nicer to be able to use more nerds on more neighbours.

        Good luck with EA!


  8. They should’ve done this for us to be encouraged to attack with more nerds:
    For castles
    8 nerds – 15 mins
    7 nerds – 30 mins
    6 nerds – 1 hour
    5 nerds – 2 hours
    4 nerds – 4 hours
    3 nerds – 8 hours
    2 nerds – 16 hous
    1 nerd – 32 hours

  9. How can ppl got all the prizes already? I dont really like any of the prizes except for the homer statue. Im at 10k gold at thia point and ive been playung a lot. What can i do to earn more gold??? Is it better to attack a los of people or just a few but eith many nerds???
    If i keep it up like this i dot think ill get the final prize :(, how did ppl get all the prizes so fast???

    • Don’t worry so much. Many spend donuts to speed through. There is still a TON of time on this event. I only send 1 nerd to a building.

    • I got all the prizes last week without spending donuts.

      Use this trick: Attack castles only using 1 nerd.
      It is very tedious but it will give you the highest yield.

      Don’t bother to attack with two or more nerds

  10. When I upgraded lissas.castle to receive the recycled towers my phone crashed and and.was unable to get by towers. Have been messaging back and forth with EA about it but still not fixed.

  11. What do the 30k and 38k gold prizes do? I was thrilled to discover that the hot air balloon grants a +2% modifier!

  12. Hey Wookie, Alissa, and Bunny thanks for all this great info! I’ve just past the magical 38000 gold barrier and got all the gear, so my castles are looking great, and I can relax now and spend some of the elixir that will be coming my way now instead of continuously upgrading. BUT (warning spoiler alert!!), I got a new message saying I should continue playing blah blah, and if I get another 8000 gold I will get a load of elixir. I haven’t seen this info on your site (so much I prolly missed it), Do you know about it? How much elixir will be coming my way? Might be tempted to go for the upgrades if I know I’ll be getting a BIG elixir payoff – and it better be big cos it’ll cost tens of thousands of elixir to get from lvl 15 to 20 on 3 castles.

  13. Hi there, I’ve got a couple of questions,

    Is it good, bad or does it matter if we attack our neighbour’s castles? I thought we should, but I’ve seen some posts that maybe I shouldn’t be.

    I like to keep track of my neighbours who attack so that I use more of my nerds in their towns. But sometimes when I tap to repair a building it just says An Invader Was Here. Does that mean it was not one of my neighbours, but a random player?

    Thanks so much!

    • “An invader” means a non-friend did the attacking. As for castles, people have to repair to get their nerds so it’s hard to destroy them for the big payout.

    • Hey abby_oscar, sorry for tagging you.

      It is not worthwhile to attack neighbors cause they give fewer elixir especially if you know most of them are active.

      Attacking random players increases the chance of you finding a not so active springfield. Also as a strategy, it is best to attack invaders Castles only. And attack using 1 nerd.

      • Hey PJ, thanks for letting me know about tagging. What’s your origin ID? I don’t usually delete someone if they tag only once, because it’s likely a mistake, but just want to make sure I didn’t delete you. I have deleted quite a few lately for tagging, but these are ones that have tagged more than once.


      • Its okay, my list is full already. I’m elothean, Sometimes i get tap happy i tag when theres no actions left hehe

  14. Are you serious? Did you really downgrade the Elixer Bundle in the prize track from 4,000 Elixer to 1,000 Elixer AFTER I won it? I’m so disappointed!

    • It’s always only awarded 1,000 Elixir (that’s how it’s coded in the files after we dug into it a little bit) however the image was wrong. Since the image of a truck was there we all thought it was 4,000 Elixir. However, now the image matches the payout so there should be no confusion on it.

  15. I hate this feature . It’s just getting in my way of building a huge Springfield it has nothing to do with Simpsons when will it end !?!?!? The castle looks random I’m haven to buy more space to build castle really don’t want to make it bigger unless it’s for Simpsons related stuff ?

  16. Please post somewhere conspicuous. everyone benefits if you leave at least one building destroyed as a sign that you will not defend your brown/white/purple/pink etc houses. When I attack strangers, I am looking for that one destroyed house to let me know you won’t defend me out of my 70 elixir. If I can’t find it easily, I will move on. I also don’t attack castles because while I leave my own houses undefended, always with some left destroyed, I get my nerds from my castles every two hours whenever I can.

    • I agree “help”. If you’re just going to defend your building, then what’s the point of me attacking you? If you defend sure you get more elixir right off, but I only get elixir for the amount of nerds that I spent attacking…so say 2 (for 2 nerds), instead of the 70 I could’ve had if you let it alone for awhile. This in turn makes me not visit you again, meaning now you get no elixir or gold from me in the future. Having said that, I will let your house attacks sit all day long, but don’t count on the Castles because I can not collect my nerds without defending against your raid. If I could somehow collect them without disturbing it we’d all be in high cotton because we’d be racking up 140 elixirs left and right. However if any of you would like to attack some castles and earn 140 from a destruction, you can attack my castles from 10pm to 6 am (central time), and I won’t touch them. But be warned I collect my nerds again @ around 6:30am, so use however many nerds you need to destroy it in that amount of time. If you want to attack me my origin ID is hancockall63. But if I let your attacks sit, and you don’t reciprocate, then no more visits for you from me. Seems only fair. Happy gaming everyone 🙂

    • you can friend me. icjrocker9 looking for friends to trash their houses will start letting my houses go as well. Didnt think about it earlier i will stop defending for people if they let me do same

    • Thank you for posting this. I didn’t realize I shouldn’t defend… Now I will let my houses get destroyed and avoid attacking castles.

      • I didn’t either! Now I feel super bad because I was also going to friend’s towns and basically doing it all wrong :/

  17. Have the rewards for attacking a house/losing changed? When I last logged into the game I had a Congratulations message but was only awarded 2 elixir and 1 gold. Shouldn’t it have been 5 gold. I’ve never had such a small amount before so don’t know if this has happened before.

    • Many reports of this. I see no change that would impact it. My suggestion is to contact EA.

    • Yeah my payouts have been drastically reduced. Happened about a week or so ago. Can’t be bothered to complain though as I’ve done so before and got me nowhere plus I’ve got all the gear so can manage fine at this reduced rate. I figured they’re doing it on purpose because I’m too far ahead in the game.

  18. For anyone thinking they did not receive elixir bundle prize:
    I contact EA about this issue, and they kindly added the prize amount to my account. They gave me 200 elixir. They clarified that the elixir bundle prize is just 200 (despite the truckload icon used). So if you think you did not receive your elixir prize, maybe you really did. (Boo for false advertising)

  19. I built out all three castles and got all four skins… so I feel like I’m basically done with the event. I don’t really care that much about the other three prizes (especially getting a third tower, since I will not pay donuts to get a fourth one).

    I knew this was going to happen when I saw the prizes at the beginning. Everything decent was front loaded and now I’m left with stuff I could easily live without.

  20. I’ve learned from this feed that if you leave your buildings until they are destroyed, your neighbours will receive higher rewards. This is a good tip for those who want to help their neighbours. I’ll be leaving my buildings until they are destroyed from now on so my neighbours get higher rewards. I have great neighbours so I’m always looking for ways to give back.

    Love this feed, it has helped me soooo much with this Clash update!

  21. Ok so I have unlocked the elixir bundle in the prize list. Does this just mean it is now unlocked to buy from the store? Or was I supposed to get it as an actual prize because I definitely did not get 4000 elixers! If this is so what a crappy prize!

  22. Just level the recycle building to lvl 10 the prices for the three items are Asa follows…
    Wall 2 donuts
    Tower 20 donuts
    Gate 40 donuts

    Honestly this kinda upsets me and I’m sure anyone else not wanting to spend hundreds of donuts on making three seperate castle areas

    • I was kinda bummed too when I saw that. Instead, I used garbage bins, old ponds, bins and parking meters to build Lisa’s area and doing something different with leprechaun statues and fences for Bart.

  23. I’m curious if this happened to anyone else or if I read it wrong. Barbarian castle level 8. Supposed to increase my need output by 5, is that correct? Or did it say max nerds in the town? Because I had 35 nerds every 2 hours and when I upgraded the castle to level 9, I still had 35 nerd output. Castle should say 20 instead of 15 I thought? Any clarification there?

  24. (Reposting this here where it belongs, I accidently posted it as a reply to someone else)

    I got the gold for the 4000 Elixer and it looks like I got it, or at least 3000 of it, I thought I had at least 1400, but it might have been just 400, wasn’t paying attention when the gold level was reached.
    But It was enough to upgrade the recycle castle to level 9 and almost enough for level 10.

    Also I was wondering, will bunny ever get her Addictedto town working again? Or should I just delete it and look for her replacement town to replace it?

    • Congrats on reaching the elixir. I’m a bit away still. Not sure what’s going on with Bunny’s town. I can also never get in. I can’t bring myself to delete it. Seems like I’d be giving up hope of a fix.

      • Me too, I really don’t want to delete it either, at least until she either gets it working or makes a new town.
        At least she still has her other town.

        I did just delete a few other players that haven’t played in at least a month, they were all starter towns, most likely by new players that decided to give up.

        If it’s ok, I’d like to add you and Alissa.
        At least I know you won’t be quitting anytime soon.

      • Same here I would like to add wookie bunny and Alissa… I really want to what your guys town look like see what inspiration I can get

        I’d is same as my name for this comment

  25. How much elixir did everyone get at 9500 gold coins? I got 2000. Should it have been 4000 like the truckload of elixir that you can buy on Wednesdays?

  26. I have around 10000 gold and still have yet to recieve Marge. Is this a glitch? I can’t see the personal prize page on my game Anyhow.

  27. Does anyone know what this notification of “generating tickets complete (hidden)” means?

    • Just a glitch where the game is letting you know tickets are ready in KL. Not connected to the game. Make sure you clear any shields in town before doing any KL stuff.

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