Something Medieval Lurking….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like yesterday’s Facebook/Instagram Teasers are holding true…and an update IS on the way!  Right now it’s showing there’s new content in the files….however the update has not hit yet.  

This will be an App Store update…so remember you’ll have to check your App Store to download it (also remember it usually hits iOS first, then Android, then Kindle).  Generally speaking App Store updates hit anytime from 11:30 am EDT-2:30pm EDT…of course EA could totally do something insane and change it all up on us too!

Also, another reminder…don’t send your characters on long tasks (well mostly Homer and Lisa, as they tend to start this big events).

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we see it hit the App Stores and bring you, as always, all the latest content on the update!  But FINALLY looks like we’re getting something…and soon!

Are you ready?!

FYI: It looks like we WILL be getting some new land with this!  🙂  (this one was too good to hold back!)

113 responses to “Something Medieval Lurking….

  1. I play 2 to 3 times a day.
    Username: COMEnURmouth (seriously that’s my user name). Add me

  2. I feel like EA is finallu listening to various complaints (not all of them – but its a good stsrt) from more land / ocean for our Springfield, to an update for Krustyland (and finally thee most nerd-fueled quest ever)! 🙂

  3. I got screen shots of him in 2 different towns if you guys haven’t seen him.

  4. Is Gil a NCP now? I already saw him in 4 different Springfield I’m pillaging … He waves then begs on his knees… Quite funny

  5. Still no update on android….

  6. Android is updating too 🙂

  7. I can’t tap on buildings to send my nerds to . What gives ? Supposed to attack other springfields and it won’t let me

  8. One hour task to start. I can’t wait…

  9. Already updating on IOS

  10. It’s here.

  11. It’s HERE!!!!! Just updated from App Store (Apple).

  12. Whoo hoo! The update is here! Central time, IOS. CHECK YOUR APP STORES! I am now on the 1st task…automatically started with a new character.

  13. What a perfect birthday gift!

  14. downloading update now 😀

  15. It’s live on IOS!

  16. Check app store

  17. Downloaded it and got the new character and bought all the new land. Yay, new event is looks promising.

  18. Update is here! Seems cool!

  19. Just got update IOS

  20. updating right now…..

    could this be it?

  21. Apple just updated!

  22. Its live!!

  23. Update has hit on ios. Woohoo!!!!

  24. You prob already know but it’s here!! 12:25ish eastern 😁 ok gotta go ahhhhhh

  25. The update is live in App Store! Wahooo!

  26. chrisbuckley1977

    It’s live!!

  27. Just popped up on the iOS App Store now. Leaves me a few hours to play until I have to go to bed 😃

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