CHEATERS! (20 Sided Die)

So you kind of have the basics down on Attack and Defend now. But, is there more to it than that? Is there an easier way than to tap on all the Shields, Repair all the destruction, and not have to wait hours to collect from Attacks? Well, the answer is yes.


As in most games, there is a “chance” die that can help a player along. Maybe “cheat” in a way to get things accomplished faster. To get that instant win they desire. Or, and instant kill. In this crazy new Clash of Clones Event, EA has provided us with some fun die to add to the mix of options. The Cheaters.

(Side Note: We are aware of the glitch people are getting with these. Please refer to the Glitch Post and keep your comments on the Glitch there so it does not flood the comments on this post.) 



Now in order to be able to use these die, regardless if you have won them or not, you need to have reached 800 Gold and unlocked the Free 5 Pack of Cheaters. To use them, you need to go to a Neighbors/Random Player town that has buildings/castles to destroy, or have Buildings in your town that need to be repaired and/or defended. Time to break it all down, shall we?


How do I know I have Cheaters? 
You will see an icon in the top right corner of your game indicating just how many Cheaters total you have earned and can use.

Cheaters Icon

They will also show on the pop up screens when you tap on the buildings. Right next to the total amount of Nerds you have available for attacks.

Cheaters Count Pop Up Screen



How do I get MORE Cheaters?
You will get a box of 5 total Cheaters once you collect 800 Gold for your Personal Prizes. (It says 20, but that is the for the 20 sided die reference and NOT the amount you get.)

Cheaters 20 Pack Personal Prize


You can purchase more with your Donuts from the Event Menu or Premium Buddha Homer Menu.

ico_stor_medievaltimes_d20singleSingle Cheaters 20- 9 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_d20handfulHandful of 5 Cheaters 20s- 44 Donuts

ico_stor_medievaltimes_d20bagBag of 20 Cheaters 20s- 155 Donuts


You can even randomly earn them buy just playing the Event. Attacking/Defending will also randomly drop one Cheater here n there.




How do the Cheaters help me to Attack? 
When you journey into a Neighbor or Random Players town, you are given the option to Attack any building with the Axe & Sword over it. Normally, you would tap on that building, get the Attack pop up, and select the amount of Nerds you want to use for the Attack. If you have Cheaters, you now also have the added option if you scroll down below the Nerd +/- to “Wreck this building immediately” for 1 die.

Cheater Instant Attack

Tap on this option to use one Cheater. This will immediately destroy the building and instantly give you the payout for it.


How do the Cheaters help me to Defend? 
After a Neighbor or Random Invader has attacked you, you will see a Shield over the Building…or…if they destroyed it you will see either the smoking rubble of the Castle or the bare bones of the House. Instead of going around and tapping on each Shield or Repairing each Castle, you can “cheat” and get it done in one fell swoop. (This works great for House Farmers or those with Mass towns that may take a lil longer to clear out.)

Destroyed CastleDefend Willies Shack Destroyed House

Think of the Cheaters die as Instant Fix All. Just tap on the icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Cheaters Icon

This will pop up a lil dialog at the top middle of your screen telling you to “Tap the screen anywhere to use the Cheaters 20.”  Since these can be hard to come by, use them wisely at points where they will be most beneficial to you. Like when there are several Homes to Defend and several Buildings destroyed.

Defend and Destroyed

Once you tap anywhere on the screen, instant magic will happen and ALL the Buildings Defended and Repaired will instantly pop out your rewards. Anything hidden underneath the Shield will now be revealed.

Cheaters Instant Defend Repair

As you can see, the destroyed Castle Nerd production was NOT impacted at all. I was still able to collect my Nerds just fine regardless of destruction. So a quick and easy way to clear your town. This is where letting the building be destroyed instead of defended is hard, especially for the Castle as you NEED those Nerds and they generate every 2 hrs.

If you tap on the icon and there is nothing to use it on, you will get this pop up instead. Cheaters No Attackers

So you should not have to worry about wasting them.

There you have it. The general basics of the Cheaters and how to use them during this silly and crazy event. Did this help to answer your questions? Any others? Any suggestions? Let us know.


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  1. Does anyone happen to know what will happen to cheaters after the event? Do you suppose that they will be turned into…donuts?! ^__^

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