D-FENCE! (Defending Your Springfield)

Here we are again. Back with some more fun information on this silly lil Event going on in our lil Springfield towns. Who have thought that the calm before the storm would bring such a completely different way of gaming than we were used to.

So on to what you came here for. Defending your town.

Defend Barbarian Castle

How does it all work? What is with the shields? Why should we Defend our town? Let’s hop on in and break it all down.

How do I Defend my town? Defend Shield
There are a couple of ways you can Defend. The main way is pretty simple. You just locate any building in your town that has a shield over it. This means that building is under Attack by a Neighbor or Random Invader. To Defend, just tap on the shield. It is really that simple. A funny lil dialog will rise up once you Defend it with the Attackers name in it.

Defend Brown HouseDefend Willies Shack


“______________ will have their Revenge.” 
“______________ made us do it.” 
“We die for the ______________ Empire.” 


The secondary way is to use the “Cheaters”, or for us old school gamers…the 20 sided die. More info on that coming in a separate post.



What do I get for Defending my town? 
By Defending a building, you and the Attacker will receive an instant payout. As you can see, the payout on this one is the same regardless if the Attacker was a known Neighbor or a Random Invader.

Gold Elixr

Location Defended Elixr Payout Gold Payout
Neighbor Castle Defended 20 10
Neighbor Castle Lost (Not Defended) 10 5
Neighbor Building Defended 20 10
Neighbor Building Lost (Not Defended) 10 5


Location Defended Elixr Payout Gold Payout
Random Player Castle Defended 20 10
Random Player Castle Lost (Not Defended) 10 5
Random Player Building Defended 20 10
Random Player Building Lost (Not Defeated) 10 5

As you can see, these payouts are quite lower than if you Attack and win. My suggestion is outside of the requirement for the questline, allow your building to be destroyed. By doing so you are giving your Neighbor MORE Elixr and Gold and in return, if your Neighbor does the same, you will receive similar payout for them not Defending you and allowing theirs to be destroyed. In the end, it is up to you of course.

Additional note: This is not really possible for Defending a Castle as you need those Nerds and they generate every 2 hours. So NOT tapping the Shield on the Castles will be hard. If it is already destroyed, that does not matter. Once repaired any Nerd production completed will instantly come back. 


Can I up my Defense for my town?Defend Level Up Shield
Yes. As you are leveling up your Castle, you can earn a higher Defense for your town. This means it will take a lot longer for a player to be able to destroy a building they attacked. Essentially giving you time to Defend it.

Castle Destroy times start at 12 Hrs and can be lowered with the amount of Nerds used to Attack to 4 Hrs MAX.

Destroyed Castle Recycled Castle Wrecked
House Destroy times start at 10 Hrs and can be lowered with the amount of Nerds used to Attack to 1 Hrs MAX.

Destroyed House

As your Castle Levels Up to certain points, 1 Hr will be added to the total time it will take to Destroy an attacked location. (The lowest time will always remain at 4 hrs for Castles and 1 hr for Houses.)

Defend Level Up

Level 5: Higher Defense + 1 Hour
Level 11: Higher Defense + 1 Hour
Level 14: Higher Defense + 1 Hour
Level 17: Higher Defense + 1 Hour
Level 20: Higher Defense + 1 Hour

Again, you have 3 Castles you can build total. Barbarian, Recycled, and Boxingham. So as each one hits these levels, they will add an extra hour to your destroy times. This means all 3 Castles at Level 20 will make it take an extra 15 hours to destroy a location. So a Castle could take up to 27 hrs to destroy and a House could take 25 hrs.

Destroy Time Increased

Defend Time

In short, it all is up to you on whether or not you want to use the Defend options available to you. Leveling up will help you to have a lil more time to decide whether or not to tap that Shield icon.

Did this help you to understand Defending a lil better? Any other questions we can help with? Any other suggestions? Let us know.


190 responses to “D-FENCE! (Defending Your Springfield)

  1. If I collect the ‘$’ from my houses, does that make it so a friend or random person can’t attack that house until it re-sets?

    • Nope… the two aren’t connected for the houses and castles.

      • Okay thanks! Even though I’m almost finished with prizes it just popped into my head I could’ve been hurting my game. Good to know. Is it the same for collecting on buildings and friends visiting?

        • You need to leave your buildings so friends can visit and tap on them. The bonus is you get FPs when they visit. SO basics are… your houses/castles can be collected and it doesn’t effect them being attacked. For everything else, just clear handshakes.

  2. I too have the glitch that decreased the reward amount I get for defending castles/houses– I only get 10 elixir / 5 gold now. I did contact EA and they said they were close to a fix– that was 5 days ago and still nothing. Will someone with this problem post if/when theirs actually gets fixed?

  3. I checked my game an hour ago and defended my castles. When I came back an hour later, they were destroyed. I though the minumum time to destroy was 4 hours. How is this possible?

  4. Odd thing happened this morning. I logged on and my righteousness rating dropped over the last two hours from 5 to half star. Nobody tagged me. Is this another side effect of this challenge?

  5. Is everyone getting these reduced payouts on attacks and defends or is this just affecting a small number of people? Could this lower payout be triggered at a certain point in the game perhaps? I only noticed this today and this is where I am:
    Just over 17k gold collected
    6 hours into the Prince of the premise pt.20 – make Mr Burns blow Lisa’s mind
    have about 18k elixir backing up as don’t want to upgrade too fast and put others off attacking.
    Has anyone else hit a particular target that may trigger this? Glad that I got a head start on this event as my gold and elixir income has slowed considerably today 😉

    • Others have been reporting this. I can say this isn’t the case in my town. All I can suggest is to contact EA.

      • Thanks Wookiee
        Have had a look at the EA forums and this ‘glitch’ appears to be greeted with some cynicism.
        For me, due to this issue of low payout on others defending my attacks and the extended time to actually get a successful attack as more players level up, I am reconsidering my strategy…

    • The same thing is happening to me. I have considerably less gold than you do and I haven’t progressed in the quest line as far as you have either. I contacted EA, hopefully it’s just a glitch they can fix.

  6. Something is happening…I saw that when I defend a building, the reward now is only 10 elixirs and 5 gold, before the reward was 20 elixirs and 10 gold. Also, when I recover a building, the reward now is 5 elixirs and 2 gold, but before the reward was 10 elixirs and 5 gold.
    I am not sure, but there is a change too in the reward when you attack a castle and house and you lose vs. them (they were defended).
    What is happenin? Could you understand? Thank youuu – LoVe YoU :)))

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