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Wowza…  11 days in to the #EVERYSIMPSONSEVER event on FXX and all I can say is, does anyone know how long a TV can continuously be on before it goes kapoot?


Seriously… my tellie has been on non-stop with Simpsons goodness.  I gotta say it’s been real nice to have some laughter consistently in my house while I recuperate and moderate comments, write posts, etc.  Also wondering how much of the episodes are making it into my head while I sleep lol.  Have no fears though dear readers, all the appropriate errands, hygiene and eating concerns have been taken care of.  I can have a real life while still enjoying the monorail, whacking day,  Mr. Plow and Homer drying his tears when Ned becomes homeless with a “NF”-monogrammed handkerchief.  We certainly are in the golden years of the Best. Show. Ever.  right now.  Current episode I’m watching is “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed as I edit this.  Would you believe I first wrote this during “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” (S5:E1)?  Gotta love Homie giving away a Grammy.

Anywho… the point of my rambling this time is I know not everyone can enjoy the 12 days of awesomeness.  Throughout the whole affair, FXX has had some hilarious Simpsons commercials which are fun to watch over and over.  I thought it’d be cool to post a few for you I found on FXX’s YouTube channel for those who can’t see them or want a chance to re-watch them.

Let the Binge begin…

Here’s the one I already shared.  Pretty sure if everyone enjoyed this marathon like me, the apocalypse could start.

And the last one is my favorite I’ve seen so far.

There are a bunch of commercials over there recently uploaded too.  Hopefully more and more will be added.  There are others online but as they didn’t come from the network, I’ll leave you to your own Oogle searches.  What are your thoughts? Watching all the episodes in mass?  Find yourself subscribing to new channels? What was your favorite commercial or Simpsons episode?  Sound off with all your classiness below.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

All hail Krull… LMBO



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  1. I’m gonna miss this! is it too much to say the marathon was the highlight of my summer?? haha nerd alert. I’m stuck at work today, on Labor Day go figure. I’m gonna miss the end of every. Simpsons. ever. at least we’ll have the block parties to look forward too.

    • It’s been so great to have The Simpsons available whenever I wanted. Wore a Simpsons shirt to school and was amazed how many people wanted to talk about the marathon. If it makes you feel better, today is the latest season so you probably saw most of them.

  2. Hi Wookie 😀 its famchic2013 here. Ive already commented about this in the sunday open thread but since youre talkin about it no you aren’t the only one watching im actually dvr-ing all my favorite ones and the Halloween episodes and some I actually have never seen and its getting pretty full heheh I think I have 50 something on there I need to watch because I have alot more thats gonna record heheh. Okay there are too many episodes I love, to say which one is my favorite, but usually any of the ones where homer is blitzed are usually gold like the one where he’s on medicinal marijuana or the one where he made the Snapple type drinks using mushrooms and everyone was tripping and grandpa and jasper are on the bench just laughing for like a minute then grandpa says “we are so old” then keeps laughing… heheh I had to run to the bathroom that time or I guess one of my favorite scenes is when homer is building the bbq pit ..he accidentally drops everything in the wet cement he cant read the instructions he starts just throwing parts together, he looks at the picture which is perfect then looks at his pile of crap and he’s smashing it screaming something like WHY DOES EVERYTHING I TRY END UP LIKE THIS, etc,. Then marge asks Bart in the kitchen “is your father done building the bbq and he looks out the window and homer is running towards the pit screaming holding an umbrella like a lance and stabs the pit with it and bart says yep… heheheh I absolutely LOVE the simpsons I always have and I think Homers scream is the funniest scream I have ever heard even funnier than that robber on home alone and I think it should be one of homers things that he does when you tap on him in the game… I was disappointed when he didnt. Homer is by far the funniest character on the show I would love more than anything to meet the cast and hug them all tightly heheh. Anyway, I guess I rambled too but honestly I could talk about the simpsons nonstop for years heheh… it really has cheered me up at times when I really needed it and that’s sometimes very difficult to do…… thank god for the simpsons and the tapped out game and the magnificent people like you Wookie and bunny and everyone else that keeps us up to date with everything and helping us with our problems 😀 im very grateful

  3. I can’t See the videos =(

  4. Enough with the cheezy website start-up commercials! And the gynoclomastia spots

    • Unfortunately we can’t decide what is shown with the adsense advertisements. Best advice is to just ignore them. The ads keep this site running so they’re a necessary evil.

  5. cant watch the videos in my country -.-

  6. In germany we have spots with the voice actors. Sitting on the simpsons sofa and making fun. Like it.
    But we dont have 24h/7days simpsons.

  7. My favorite commercial:
    Hello? Can you speak up? I can’t hear you, I’m wearing a towel…

  8. Question:
    Did you see the episode where Bart has to go to Hibbard’s HMO and gets the hair, glasses and shoes?

  9. You might want to follow @mikepriceinla on Twitter. He’s 1 of the EPs on the show. He actually reads all #EverySimsonsEver comments as well as those directed at him. Very funny guy. Loves to interact with hardcore fans. Also he wrote both Angry Dad Epi’s.

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