Christmas is Live….(Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In a VERY strange twist…Christmas has hit our night?!   Very odd for EA….

2014-12-03 18.09.26

Anyway…currently Christmas is live on iOS, so hit up your App store and download the newest version..

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Android users…don’t worry yours should be hitting very can download the update now!

Kindle users…yours shouldn’t be too far behind Android (I hope). (Any of our Kindle readers…please let us know when the update hits for you) it should be live for you now too! (Thanks guys for the feedback!)

More details as we go through everything…Details below the fold..

For now know that, YES Springfield is covered in snow.  And 2 Mayor Quimby gets it started with Auto-start dialogue (Even if you don’t have him).  And you’ll be tasked with building the Toy Workshop, which takes 12hrs.  Workshop costs $2,000.  AFTER you build it…that’s what kicks off the event.

This is also going to run like the Halloween Event.  Where you use the workshop to get your prizes.  It will be broken into two parts…


Ok guys…there is A LOT to this update.  And it’s unlike ANY Christmas event in the past.  I’m going to do my best to cover as much as I can in this post.  Basically the basics.  However, most of the stuff will be broken out into individual posts with more detail over the course of the event.

First little detail…the event is in 2 parts.  Part 1 starts now and ends on Christmas Eve (12/24).  And Part 2 starts on 12/24 and runs until the end of the event.  We’re going to focus ONLY on part 1 in this post, since that’s what hitting now.

(Note: Images are coming…I’m flying solo at the moment so I’m focusing on getting the content up and then will have images up a little later…Update: Bunny is currently working on the rest of the images.  It’s now after 1am here…and I’ve got work in the AM.  So more details will be up in the morning.  For now this should get you through the intro)

Santa has arrived in Springfield!  He’s decided to move his Workshop to Springfield…and as mentioned above…your first task is to build the Toy Workshop..

toyfactory_menuToy Workshop- $2,000.  12hr Build.  8×12 in size.

The Toy Workshop is the main hub for Christmas.

Christmas WILL NOT start until the Workshop has been built.   So you won’t see any new items in the store until AFTER the Workshop has been built.

From the Toy Workshop you can have characters make Toys to generate presents.

2014-12-03 23.55.45

So the new currency for this event is…Presents!

Various characters will have the ability to make presents at the Workshop.  For starters only Homer and Lisa will have tasks there.

Earn More Presents…

If you have items from Christmas 2012/2013 they can help you earn MORE Presents.

NOTE: These will NOT start right away.  Progress through the questline and bit and then the’ll start to generate gifts.  In my A game I’m on Jingle Bell Wreck and they’ve started earning presents.  ALSO…if they have cash over them already they probably have to be cleared to reset the clock for presents.

If you don’t have these…don’t worry there will be chance to win AND buy these down the road.  (Winning is free…buying will cost donuts)

Here’s what helps…

Holiday_TreeHoliday Tree- 10 Presents/24hrs

ico_xmas_elfhome_mdElf House- 5 Presents/10hrs

presentdepot_menuPresent Depot- 8 Presents/4hrs

Now let’s take a look at the new store items…

2014-12-03 23.56.45


This WILL have limited-time items …within limited-time items.  However…EA learned it’s lesson from Halloween and the items that are super limited have timers on them!

So here’s what you can get in the store right now…

Limited-Time ending in 19 days…

(note ALL of these are returning from 2012 and 2013)

Tapped_Out_Festive_Lawn_BellFestive Lawn Bell– $425

Tapped_Out_Festive_Fancy_Lawn_BellFestive Fancy Lawn Bell- $385

Tapped_Out_Festive_Trash_Can_FireFestive Trash Can- 3 Donuts


800px-Santa's_Village_Tapped_OutSanta’s Village- 80 Donuts.  Comes with Santa Homer

frinkslab_decorated_transimageChristmas Frink’s Lab- 10 Donuts.  Decorations for Frink’s Lab

82evergreenterrace_decorated_transimageChristmas Krabappel Apartment- 10 Donuts.  Decorations for Mrs. K’s Apt

muntzhouse_decorated_transimageChristmas Muntz House- 10 Donuts.  Decorations for the Muntz House.

hanksvolcanolair_decorated_transimageChristmas Volcano Lair- 10 Donuts.  Decorations for Hank’s Lair.

clausco_menuClaus Co- 90 Donuts.  Earns $300, 30xp/ 12hrs

eggnogbar_menuEgg Nog Bar- 60 Donuts.  Earns $105, 11xp/ 3hrs

santasworkshop_menuSanta’s Workshop- 70 Donuts.  Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs


kingwinterscave_menu King Winter’s Cave- 175 Donuts.  Earns 1.5% bonus on all XP & Jobs.  Comes with King Winter.
unlock_kingwinter..Does have tasks and a Questline.

After you complete the first task…having Lisa and Homer make toys.  You’ll be awarded Ice Princess Martin.  It’ll be found in your inventory.

2014-12-04 00.17.11



ALSO…after you’ve completed the first toy task and Homer starts pt. 3 of Jingle Bell Wreck…you’ll unlock the ability to place the Elf Cave

elfportal_menuElf Cave- Costs $500.  This will give you Elves that will help you make MORE presents.  (7×7 in size)

2014-12-04 00.20.52

Now…HERE is where it’s like Stonecutters…..

Santa has daily tasks that you MUST complete each day to earn more prizes!

2014-12-04 00.21.19


2014-12-04 00.24.14

Each day you’ll be tasked with a daily task for Santa (note today there are 2 tunnels to complete).  To complete them click view to see more into the tunnel and what you’ll have to complete.

Here’s Tunnel 1:

2014-12-04 00.24.28


With Tunnel 1 you can earn:

ico_xmas2014_prize_homerfeversnowman_mdHomer Fever Snowman
Happy Little Elf 1
1 Extra Elf (to help you earn more presents)
And 100 Presents! 

Complete all tasks in 24hrs to clear Tunnel 1.

Here’s Tunnel 2..

2014-12-04 00.24.33

In Tunnel 2 you can win…

generichouse01_decorated_transimage /burnsmanorflipped_decorated_transimageBrown House Christmas/Christmas Burns Manor (if you already have Brown House Christmas)
Happy Little Elf 1-1 Extra Elf (to help you earn more presents)
And 100 Presents! have 24hrs to complete!

Note…you have more than 24hrs to complete and earn the 1st 2 prizes in each one.  You have 24hrs to earn the 100 present bonus.

Completing tasks in these tunnels will unlock Apu and Frink’s abilities to make toys..

This is REALLY important: The Clock for 24hrs does NOT start until you’ve started the 1st tunnel task (in that tunnel).  So DO NOT STRESS!  Your clock will start when you’re ready to start it.

Also..the first set of tasks are really short and you’ll complete them in less than 6hrs.  So don’t stress & don’t spend donuts!

Remember…there’s NO TIME LIMIT on getting the prizes.  If you don’t complete it in 24hrs the only thing you’ll miss is the 100 present bonus.  But you’ll still be awarded the prizes.  So don’t stress over it!

Visiting Neighbors…

AFTER Part 9 of Jingle Bell Wreck…THAT’S the optimum time to visit your neighbors.  At that point you’ll unlock the ability to send Feds to your neighbors towns and earn more gifts!

2014-12-04 00.50.30 2014-12-04 00.50.34


Tap the Fed Button in the top right corner to send them in your friends towns..

2014-12-04 00.50.39

Federal Agent 1

You can either tap on the presents on their own….OR use the Fed Button.  You can only do either or.  If you use the Fed Button you’ll earn bonus currency.


After part 11 of Jingle Bell Wreck you’ll basically finish the main questline for now and see this popup….

2014-12-04 00.57.50


Then you’ll get this task…

2014-12-04 00.57.54


After you complete this task you’re out of tasks until Part 2…

 Part 1 Prizes:

ChristmasfloatChristmas Float- 580 Gifts

unlock_frostythehitmanFrosty the Hitman- 1200 Gifts

Elf Toy Workshop BellToy Workshop Bell- 2300 Gifts

churchflipped_decorated_transimageSponsored Church- 3500 Gifts

Festive PlungerFestive Light Plunger- 5500 Gifts

ico_xmas2014_prize_firstchristmastree_lgFirst Ever Christmas Tree- 8,000 Gifts

unlock_bonestormsantaBonestorm Santa- 10,800 Gifts

ico_xmas2014_prize_nativityscene_mdNativity Scene- 14,000 Gifts

What happens when you collect all the prizes?

Well….you can earn donuts!!!

2014-12-04 01.13.19 2014-12-04 01.13.24

I’m not quite there yet…but my guess is once you’ve collected 2,000 you’ll get a game similar to the Bonus Level Up game.. I will keep you posted

Well my friends that’s all the basic details on Christmas for now…I’m going to be updating this post with a few more details and images throughout the night, so keep checking back!

What do YOU think of the Christmas update?  Anything your excited to see?  Thoughts on the way this event is setup?  (like a combo of Halloween and Stonecutters)  Any decos you hope to see?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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    • If you keep collecting you’ll earn bonus donuts, for every 2,000 collected after you get all the prizes. Once you start part 2 the presents will disappear.

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