Addicts Question Corner: Fed Detail Redux, Stuck Tasks, Crashing & More!

By Reader Request…we’re pinning this post to the top of the site for a short while so more players can see the details on Feds.  So if you have questions on Feds…this is the post for you. 🙂
12/9 update:  Today’s update added a locked task for Santa and  the Kwik-E-Mart now no longer earns a “tax” rate.  We think it has to do with done crashing issues and the ScratchRs.  We’re digging into this a bit further…but it is widespread.  Yea

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With a new event upon us…everyone has lots of questions regarding what to do and when. We do try to answer each one individually, but I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….


First, let’s take a look at the Feds.  I know Bunny answered a lot of these in her Neighbors post…but there are some more specifics you guys are looking for as well.  So let’s break it all down (sorry if this is a repeat for any of you)..

Federal Agent


When Do Feds Appear in MY Town?
Feds can appear in your town at any point once you start the update (ie after you’ve built the Workshop).  They’re put there by your neighbors.

I Have Feds in MY Town, But I Can’t Give My Neighbors Any.
That’s most likely because you’re not at the point in the questline where you can give Feds.  In order to give your neighbors Feds you have to reach/complete Part 9 of the main questline.  It’s also a good idea to finish the Pixie Plight task that appears after part 9.  (FYI…the BEST way to ensure you complete Pixie Plight is to send the agents to Other Springfield)

How Many Feds Can I Leave Each Friend?
3 Feds Per town.

How Many Feds Can Be In My Town?
20 Feds Can be in your town at once.

Do Feds Count As Daily Actions?  Or Can I Leave Feds AND Tap Presents?
Feds DO count as your daily actions for that friend.  So you can do a combination of any 3 actions.  (ie 2 Feds, Tap 1 gift.  Or 1 fed 2 gifts.  etc).  You CANNOT leave 3 Feds AND tap on presents though.

Do Feds Have a Timer in MY Town?
No.  There’s no time limit on them.  They’ll just roam around your town until you tap on them.

What’s The Pay Out For Feds?
When leaving Feds you’ll get the same payout as tapping gifts.  The difference is your neighbor will also get 1 gift when clearing them in their town.

I Still Need FP, Will I Get FP If I Leave Feds?
Yes.  FP will still drop when leaving Feds if you need it.

Will I Still Get FP From Feds Left in MY Town, Like Handshakes?
Yes.  If you clear them you’ll still get 1 FP per Fed cleared.

I’m Maxed Out On FP…Can I Still Get the Chance For Donuts From Leaving Feds?
Yes.  There is still a chance to get donuts from leaving Feds once you’re maxed out on FP.

More Detailed…

Federal Agent 1

How Come I See the Fed Wording Under the Daily Actions In a Neighbor’s town, but there is no Fed Button?
Again, you most likely have not reached and completed Part 9 of the main questline.  The wording will appear in your neighbor’s town as soon as the event starts, but the actual Fed Button will not appear until you’ve reached and completed Part 9.

I’ve Completed Part 9, But I Still Can’t Leave Feds.  Why???
Make sure you have daily actions available still at that neighbor.  Remember, Feds count towards your 3 daily actions.  So, if you don’t see a Fed option AFTER you’ve completed part 9…it could just be that you’ve maxed out your friend visit for the day.

How Do I Know If I Still Have Actions Available?
Look at these images…one shows no actions available  and the other shows actions available:

2014-12-08 16.16.05


No Actions.  Notice…no Fed Button:2014-12-08 16.14.16

Actions.  Fed Button is there:
2014-12-08 16.16.40

I Have the Ability to Leave Feds, Yet Some Neighbors Don’t Have the Fed Icon.  Why?
More than likely they haven’t upgraded to the Christmas Event.  I know some players have been locked out of their games since the event hit…but others may have just stopped playing.  Check out their activity to see when the last time they logged in was.  If it’s been over 4 weeks you might want to consider deleting them and finding new friends.

If you’re still not seeing it in ANY town (and you’ve completed Pixie Plight as well) contact EA.  Could be a specific issue with your game.

How Do I Know If My Friend Has Max Amount Of Feds?
This will popup…

2014-12-08 01.47.23

Notice…the Fed Button is STILL there….even though they’re full of Feds.  The popup won’t come up until you actually hit the Fed Button to leave Feds.

Is It Better To Leave Feds In My Town To Help My Neighbors More?
No.  Not tapping Feds in your town does nothing.  Your neighbor already get their presents when they left them.  So leaving them in your town only hurts you, it doesn’t hurt them.

How Does Leaving Feds In My Town Hurt Me?
You only get a max of 20 Feds in your town at once.  They won’t disappear until you tap on them.  If you leave them, then other friends can’t leave you Feds…and you’ll be losing out on extra presents.

So Overall Is It Better To Leave My Friends Feds Or Tap Presents?
Once you have the ability to leave Feds that’s the best thing you can do for your neighbors (and you).  It gives you BOTH Presents and it saves you a lot of time when visiting…since you won’t have to look for buildings to tap.

Can I Still Send Feds Even After I’ve Collected All My Neighbor Presents for the Day?
Yes.  And you should.  The best way to play is to send each of your neighbors 3 Feds everyday.  This way they still earn presents from your actions, even if you don’t, and they’re more likely to send you Feds if they see you’re sending them to them.

Fed In Neighbors Icon

And that should cover all the details on the Feds…

Now onto a few other questions:

Happy Little Elf 3

How Do I Get More Elves?
You’ll earn a new Elf each time you complete the Daily Task.  So that’s a total of 19 additional Elves you can earn in your game.

Also…the daily play bonus has now been Christmastized (that’s a word, right? 😉 )..and on the 5th day of playing you’ll earn an additional Elf.

2014-12-07 02.55.08


How Do I Collect From Elves?
Their task takes 4hrs to complete.  When they’re done, as soon as you log into your town, they’ll fly out of the Workshop with presents over their heads.  You have to tap on each one to collect the present.  Once you clear the present off of their head they’ll go right back to work (so no need to send them on a task).

Note: If/when you win the Bell….ringing it will cause the presents to auto collect from the elves.  We’ll have a more detailed post on this later.

How Can I Earn More Presents?
We have a math post coming…but there are a few ways to earn presents.
-Send characters on their Toy Workshop tasks.
-If  a character has another task before their Workshop task unlocks send them on that task.
-If you’re going to be away from your game for more than 4hrs, and a character has another tasks that’s longer but still earns presents (like Lisa’s make Snow Angels)…send them on that task to maximize the time.
-Visit your neighbors daily
-Give your neighbors Feds.  Then they’ll be more inclined to give you Feds Back
-Tap on any and all Feds you see in your town.
-Play TSTO daily for the Daily Play Bonus…you’ll earn presents each day…
2014-12-07 02.55.08

My Daily Task List Is Stuck.  It won’t Come Up for Me To View it.
If this happens to you, and it’s happened to me, try going to Krustyland or a neighbor and coming back to your game.  Or you can hard close your game and go back to it.  That should free up the list for you to view.

I Can’t Store Ned’s House, Every time I Do it Crashes.
This seems widespread (it’s happening to me too).  Unfortunately, if you’re trying to cancel Ned’s Snowmobile task for today…you can’t.  You’ll have to wait for it to be completed OR spend donuts to rush it.

I Don’t Have Feds Yet, Am I Behind on the Questline?
No.  Take your time with the questline.  It’s shorter than the time you have to complete Part 1 so there is no rush to complete it.  The most important thing is to make sure you’re on track for all the prizes via Bunny’s Calendar.

Will The Premium Items To Buy Leave Soon?
Aside for the items that have a timer…those that don’t I can only assume will leave when Part 1 leaves our games.  So if there’s something you’ve had your eye on, pick it up now before it’s gone for good.

Note: Should I buy posts are coming.  

Daily Task Prize Options, How Does that Work?  Can I Choose Which One I Get?
First…no you can’t choose.
Second, it works like this:
The first item is always a unique item.  So if you don’t have it, that’s what you get.  If you already have the first item (like say from Christmas 2012 or 2013)…then you’ll get the second item.
In some cases the second item is a duplicate item as well…like the Elf House/Holiday tree…but it’s because it’s non unique.

Ok guys…I think I’ve got the most commonly asked questions (and a WHOLE LOTTA Fed detail) covered!

Is there anything else YOU want to know?  What are your thoughts on the event so far?  Are you plugging along nicely, or do you feel like you’re behind?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

599 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Fed Detail Redux, Stuck Tasks, Crashing & More!

  1. No clue where to post this question. I’ve been having this issue on and Off for the last three weeks or so but now it’s been about a week straight since I have been able to collect from my neighbors once I click on one of my neighbors spring fields the game crashes and shuts down I have already tried hard closing the game multiple time and also uninstalling and reinstalling the game, I’m out of ideas does anyone have experience with this or have any advice this is driving me insane

    • Is it the same neighbor? If so…try bypassing them. It may be an issue with THEIR game. If you try another and same thing happens no matter who out of all of them you try…then it is on YOUR end. Memory issue or weak signal most likely.

      This game is HIGH memory drain and requires all the attention it can get from your device. That means a good strong WiFi signal. Plenty of space on your device, like 3-4GB worth. NO other app running on your device, so kill your facebook app and any other app that could be running before you launch the game.

  2. One of the tasks to unlock from the elves cave is plow king’s plow. But it costs six donuts. I wondered if thats like a decoration for Barney’s bowlorama that I wouldn’t be able to use anyway bc I don’t have the bowlorama which itself costs 250 donuts.

  3. i’m experiencing a glitch where when i first go into my springfield after 8 hours or so, i can’t get into the tunnels, sometimes completed tasks show numerically they are completed on the sidebar but there’s no pop-up actual completion, and no feds are roaming around. then i go to krustyland, and i get the pop-up for the completed tasks, go back to springfield and the feds have appeared and i can get in the tunnels. i’m going to contact EA, but just wondered if this is a known issue?

  4. I do not have the fed button on my game , can’t finnish quest #14 sending 3 Feds to your friends town ,help.

    • The ability to send feds to neighbors unlocks after Part 9 of the Christmas questline. The game will prompt you to send Feds to a neighbor. The button is in the top right corner of your screen when you visit after that.

  5. My game is crashing constantly! I was noticing it when visiting neighbors but the specific neighbor seems temporary. I can’t visit them today but the next day i can and someone else crashes it. Other times it crashes simply by going to tge neighbors home screen. It crashed 5 times before i was able to visit 10 friends. Now its crashing while moving through my town. It crashes whether i tap anything or not. It crashes when i tap characters to give them jobs and buldings to clear them. It’s impossible to complete tasks like this. It crashed 3 times just trying to send 5 youngsters to a party. Please help!

    • Try some basics for Crashing/Lagging issues.

      Kill ALL other apps on your device before launching TSTO. Make sure you got 3-4GB of open space for the app to run smoothly. Make sure your WiFi signal is a good strong one.

      For your town, try keeping your “stuff” to a minimum to help with memory drain. Keep NPCs stored away. Keep characters not really in use on indoor tasks. Tuck extras not in use into storage. The MORE going on in your town the MORE memory drain. So try to limit it as much as possible.

      If all else fails, try seeing if it is a bad file. Clear cache/data, uninstall, restart device, reinstall, log back into your Origin account and see if it helped. That or EA is last resort.

      • In regards to keeping NPC’s in storage and one’s not really in use, is there a guide that gives us an idea which one’s can go where? I don’t want to send someone on a long task and than find out I need them for something.

        • NPCs are the Non Playable Characters. Those that just are there for “looks”. So they really aren’t needed for much. Stampy has two tasks, so you might use it…but most don’t. Those are ones that are using memory to wander your town. With all going on during the event, anything to help limit the memory drain is great to tuck away.

  6. i got excited thinking I was going to get the crazy cat house. it remains locked even though I finished the task. Why is that?

    • If you take a peek at the Tunnel post and the info, you will see it is NOT the house but DECORATIONS for her house. Similar to all the other Decorations, you still need the house to put them on. Sorry.

  7. Hi you can add me if you like. Level 46 & I play daily jacquii04505. Cheers

  8. This morning I was in my neighbors and after two or three visits the game crashes on me. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Do you notice it happening on a specific neighbor? If so, issue could be THEIR town kicking you out. Mine did that to all my friends when my game got locked out. No one could get in it.

  9. Good Morning!

    Is there a limit on how many presents you get while visiting your neighbors? For example say after 20 neighbors you no longer get presents. Thank you for you help.

  10. if u eliminate r0d 0r t0dd by b0xing the puttputt g0lf c0urse, u cancel ned’s sn0wm0bile task.

  11. Well I have a question thats not related to this or any event. But ive been curious as to why some people get so offensive if they someone vandalize s their town? I personally try not to tap that spray can buy hey if theres nothing else im gonna tap it. Its just part of the game. No biggy in my oppinion. Just saying. But like I said I know some people are so very against it so if at all possible I try to avoid those spray cans. I just find it courious that its so important to alot of tappers. But why? Its a game

  12. Hey, anybody else have the “deliver presents” action for Santa Greyed out? I’ve finished all of jingle bell wreck, and have no quests available, besides Santa’s list part 5. I’ve seen some of my friends have Santa flying around their towns. Help?

    • It is because it is not in play just yet. Just think…WHEN does Santa deliver gifts? 😉

      It isn’t Santa you see flying. It is Homer in his Santa suit. The one you get for donuts with Santa’s Village. 🙂

      • Ohh thanks 😀 lucky me, after reaching level 35, I used all my donuts to buy Santa’s Village. Glad I didn’t spend them on something else :p

  13. Anyone else are missing elves from a task? When i completed, or should’ve completed tunnel 13, the elves tunnel was again stucked. I shut down the game and restarted it, after this i got my 100 presents as bonus, the decoration, but i’m missing my 19th elve.

  14. also the game keeps updating for some reason and it doesn’t seem to add anything with these updates that I can see.

    • Sometimes, updates are just fixes for issues that have been brought to EA’s attention. Also, sometimes they are timed releases for something that is coming but hasn’t actually been released yet (like, perhaps a future task or limited time sale item).

  15. It won’t let me send feds but people can send feds to me. Not sure why that is. I’m on door 11 right now and still no fed option for me.

  16. Hi,

    Random question. I have a new character in my plant workers section? Where did he come from and when will we be able to get him? Any ideas? Thanks

    Loving all the work on the Xmas update. Saving me so much worry with pressies.

  17. Just thought I’d let you guys know that I get 147 present per day from neighbours visits. No idea about the calculation.

  18. Why aren’t people leaving feds!?!?!? I just woke up to half of my town tapped and only 3 feds!! I would think every one has done jingle wreck pt. 9. I leave feds in every town except for when they have to many. I also make sure there is room in my town for feds to be dropped. I’m kinda bummed 😧

    • It depends on if there are too many or if they are just waiting to sync up. Go around for a bit. Krustyland and other neighbors…see if you see more than when you come back. Also, they tend to hide…so keep an eye out for them.

  19. I’m sure it’s been discussed but I’ve been away for a few days. Does everyone keep getting the issue with Santas tasks not working? Thanks again great site!!!

    • Gotta make sure you completely clear out each one. Collect all the $$ & XP and gifts. If it gets stuck, follow the tips we post in each Tunnel Task every day.

  20. Here’s a serious question regarding neighbors and Feds. From what it sounds like, you will always be able to send neighbors Feds once they unlock the Christmas task for their town. So why are are some of you talking about rotating your neighbor clicking tasks? I know if a town is swarming with Feds you can’t send Feds to them right away but I always check later and send them Feds once I can. From what I understand there is a limit to the gifts that YOU get while visiting neighbors. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think there is such a gift limit when Feds visit YOUR town so it should always be a benefit for you to send Feds to all your neighbors even after you topped off the gift limit when visiting towns.

    This also brings up a related question, from what I see on the friends request some of the posters only want higher level players. Is it just an assumption that those higher level players are more active players and more likely to visit their town? I would think that a mid level player would be more desirable since they probably have fewer neighbors making visiting them during their rounds much faster than one who is maxed out at 100. I am in the 20 level range and get knocked out of the game quite a bit when visiting my 15 or so neighbors which I assume is due to the heavy server load during the Christmas seasonal event. I still visit all of them though. It must be a lot worse for those who have 100 neighbors leading to some not visiting all of their neighbors due to crashes?

    Anyway thank you
    for such a friendly and informative site!

    • In regards to the rotation, it is due to what you said… players may be too full to send them, so instead of tapping on buildings and wasting the opportunity…it is better to go back later and drop Feds. So some will rotate around and hit a group at a time, then more later.

    • I agree with you about people who only want high-level neighbors…I think that’s kind of shameful. These people have forgotten that they, too, were once low-level players and got where they are today thanks to other players being willing to have them as neighbors back then.

      Although I’m a level 47 player myself, when I’m looking to add neighbors, I aim to have a range of levels in my friendvilles. As long as a person plays frequently (and includes a “please” in their “add me” post), I’m happy to consider them as a potential neighbor.

      That said, I think there are several reasons why people often prefer high-level neighbors. First, they will most likely have more buildings (and, therefore, more likely to have something to tap, which is important when you don’t have something like the feds thing going on). Second, higher level players often have more elaborate, interesting towns, which can be helpful in giving one decorating ideas, etc. Third, a high-level player is more likely to know what’s going on and what to do. But I agree with you that I also think they can become more perfunctory players, although several of my high-level neighbors have been the most generous during events (like dropping lots of grem-aliens during the Halloween event).

      • I don’t know if I agree with you in regards to higher level players having more interesting towns. Man people higher up I notice don’t care about the look of their town. Many do not even have roads and some just buy 50 or so blue houses. They play for points rather than look often. I wonder why people play if they don’t even try to make their towns look good. My guess is that not having roads and lining up buildings makes for easy tapping, but why even play if your town looks like garbage.

      • Stu – I agree with you 100%. It seems that long-term high-level players have the best AND the worst towns, depending on what approach they took to their gameplay. I’m always a little bit jealous of the premium players, though, because there are several items that would really enhance my town to have, but, as a strictly freemium player, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever have all (or even many) of them. (I’m considering the Aztec as my next purchase, because it adds some good task opportunities for some characters who need them, but I’m not sure yet if that’s what I really want. Crazy Cat Lady would have been at the top of my list if she were voiced, but, without that, I’m not sure how satisfying she would be.)

    • Some players don’t have enough time to visit all of their neighbors, so they will visit only until they stop receiving presents for visits. For those neighbors, they should rotate where they start visiting so that all of their neighbors get visited.

      As to wanting high-level neighbors, it is probably because there is often nothing to tap on when visiting low-level neighbors. Other than during events (where the process usually changes) you need to have three buildings that can be tapped for each visitor, no matter when they show up. Low level players often don’t have the resources to build enough buildings for all the neighbors they have, thus some players don’t want to take them on.

      A good suggestion for lower-level players is to build an array of brown houses, and only clear them when there are handshakes above them, or every few days if nobody has tapped on them. This will ensure your neighbors have something to tap on when they visit, and are less likely to drop you because your level is too low. Place the array of brown houses farthest from your usual start point, so that visitors will be tempted to tap on other buildings first, since you benefit more from those taps than you do from taps on brown houses.

    • Since visiting all neighbors takes roughly half an hour, I do that once a day only and do all of them at once so that I don’t encounter towns which are still locked because of the 24h counter not yet up. I skip everyone which doesn’t have something to tap for the day and try again the next day. In this event I also initially skip those who haven’t yet upgraded to christmas until I’ve had all presents popping out for the day. I revisit those after having cycled through everyone else. I always try to place feds but resort to buildings when the town is full. If I want as many feds as possible I need to play frequently to make room. I expect the same from others.

  21. Is anyone else experiencing issues with not being able to open their elf caves to do today’s task?

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