TSTO Addicts Show Us Your Lights Contest: Top 10 Finalists

Voting is Now Closed.  The Winners will be announced tomorrow 12/24.  Thank you everyone for voting! 

Well we’ve poured over every single entry you guys submitted to our TSTO Addicts Show Us Your Lights Contest and the ONLY thing we could all easily agree on is you guys have some AMAZING talent!  Seriously, it was so hard for us to narrow it down to just 10!  But after much debating, back and forth and having to lock Bunny and Wookiee into their respective floors of the house…we’ve FINALLY picked our Top 10!

You’ll be able to vote for your favorite below the fold….remember Voting Ends 12/23/14 at 11:59pm.  

And now for the top 10 finalists……

Drum roll please……………(come on you know you all want to make the noise for me!)

Before we get into the top 10, we just want to note that we’ve removed the names of who’s who in each image.  Each entry will be referred to as a number.  So if you see one you like remember the number & vote at the bottom of this post by the number.  If you’re a finalist…please do not make mention in the comments of which image is yours.  We’d like to keep it as anonymous as possible.

In no particular order the Top 10 are:

Entry #1TSTOAddictsHolidauContest2014Entry1


Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7

Entry #8

Entry #9

Entry #10

If you’re unsure if you’re the exact finalist  just shoot us an email at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com and we can verify it for you.  

So here’s the deal.  We’ve picked the Top 10 but now YOU get to decide who wins!  That’s right, we’re passing the buck onto you guys….and the fate of these 10 finalists are in your Tapping Fingers!  So be sure to vote for your favorite!  Voting closes on December 23rd, 2014 at 11:59pm (EST), and the winners will be announced Wednesday, December 24th…so be sure to vote early and often!

The Voting Is Now Closed.

For Official Contest Rules Check Out This Post

Remember only the top 3 vote getters will win our prizes on this contest:

3rd Place– A truckload of 300 Donuts (in the form of a $25 iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Gift Card)

2nd Place– A Store Full of 900 Donuts (in the form of a $50 iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Gift Card)

1st Place– A BOATLOAD of Donuts, yes that’s 2,400 donuts! (in the form of a $100 iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Gift Card)

Good Luck to everyone in our top 10!

And to everyone who entered….THANK YOU!!  We really LOVED seeing how creative you guys could be, and we plan on featuring some of your designs in upcoming posts!

Happy Voting Tappers!

34 responses to “TSTO Addicts Show Us Your Lights Contest: Top 10 Finalists

  1. Everyone is so good!

  2. That ice skating one is just genius!

  3. These are looooovely! Great job, all of you & best of luck!

  4. Ohhh, so many good choices… Alas had to pick just one of them to vote for. Well, it is cast and we will see the results soon! Great work everyone!

  5. They’re all waaaay better than I could have done but 2 or 3 of these are truly outstanding. If you guys aren’t in some kind of creative design jobs, you should be!

  6. Some fabulous work! Good luck to all in the voting!

  7. Some really cool designs! I love the ice rinks, the two santa’s and that Christmas tree… Makes for a difficult choice…

  8. My game is so full of glitches now it’s no longer fun to play. Does anyone else have the same problems?

  9. Finally finished choosing 1 amongst awesome finalists.was not easy. I had participated too and its amazing to see how actually far you can go with creativity. Great effort from tsto addicts to go through all those entries. You guys jst rock. All the best finalists.

  10. Thank you for not swamping us with your social views (tstofriends). Just the goods. I don’t want to hear what a horrible person I am for not donating to their ” social cause.” I also don’t care what they bake for the holidays. Thanks for staying true to the game.

  11. Great job everyone, all of the contenders have cool displays, it was hard to choose! Merry Christmas and good luck!

  12. These are all so great! The cracker fountain at the top of Santa’s hat, the hockey rink, the 2-D and 3-D art — how do I choose! Nice job everyone!

  13. Good luck to each of the top 10 finalist, everyone has done a fabulous job!

  14. So hard to choose just one! These are really fantastic.

  15. Some really awesome designs by everyone involved. I had to think about it for a while but I made my choice. The top 3 are going to be well deserved.

  16. I definitely need to enter these contests next time…..

  17. Very impressive entries! Good luck to all the finalists and happy holidays to all the TSTO addicts!

  18. Wow!! Very creative! So fun to see! Thank you!!

  19. Well done guys, these are pretty great! Best of luck to you all 🙂

  20. It’s all so wonderful!!! I couldn’t really go much designing before but all these have really inspired me. Well done everyone!!!!

  21. OMG – it’s so hard to choose! Great job, you guys!!

  22. good luck to all the finalists your Springfield’s look great and to all the tstoaddicts have a happy holidays

  23. Are we allowed to state why we voted what we voted? I voted for one of the early leaders, and I’d like to back them in here.

  24. If ea comes through and gives us a half off donut discount…that 2400 boatload for $100 turns into 4800. Holy ************

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