Last Chance: Gil, Santa Flanders & Costingtons

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow Gil, Costington’s and Santa Flanders will be gone from TSTO.  So if you’re thinking about making a purchase be sure to do so before they’re gone from our games!

Santa Flanders

You can find info on Santa Flanders and Costington’s here.


And Gil’s Deal is broken down here.

Remember…once they leave Springfield they probably won’t be back for a while…so be sure to make your purchases before you miss out!



Did YOU take Gil’s Deal?  Did you purchase one of the limited-time premium items?  Thoughts on the selections?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


62 responses to “Last Chance: Gil, Santa Flanders & Costingtons

  1. please add me. Level 48 play multiple times per day. very loyal player

    name: sparkmike82


  2. Due to an auto accident on Monday, I missed the last couple of days for getting the tunnels cleared, missing tunnels 17,18, and 19. Is there anyway I could buy the items I didn’t get to receive? Thanks Christy

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  3. I bought his boatload+700 donut deal. It sounded too good to pass up! Unfortunately, I suppose I let those free 700 donuts go to my head…I have no more land to put new stuff on! Lol! Oh well, I’ll just keep hoping that we’ll get new land sometime in the future. 😊


  4. Bah humbug!!!!


  5. I’ve been trying to buy donuts on and off between my Christmas activities but I got booted every time I’d try to purchase. I was traveling all day yesterday so could not contact EA, and today I can’t open the game at all. It’d be so much better if they’d eiither make the sale longer or not have most of it running when their support is closed. I have to give up now because I can’t possibly resolve all the issues in the next hour before I leave for appointments and work.


    • Never mind — I got a Christmas miracle just in time, I tried one last time to log in and everything worked – I got 10000 amazon coins for $70.00 and spent them on a boatload of donuts. So I got 3100 donuts for a $70.00 + tax, plus a bonus of 2500 Amazon coins. I’ll never buy donuts again, but these should last a good long time.


  6. Yep they took my money for 300 donut special BUT no donuts. I have contacted EA and without taking my username or any account info I was told this is a problem and that I should be patient, it will all work out, and there was nothing he could do to help me. Now isn’t that just dandy.


  7. Hello, I just bought some donuts and I’ve decided on getting the cracker factory after jealously seeing luan in her hamster ball task (I don’t think it’s called that but that’s what it reminds me of! ) in my friends town. As this is my first Christmas with tapped out I just wanted to check if there were ever any Gil’s deals around New Year’s? I would be gutted if it went on deal next week and if already bought it! I know it’s a long shot tho.
    Thanks as always for your marvellous posts!


  8. I started this little game for the first time at Easter 2014. Since then I have steadily (and enjoyably) progressed through all the levels and all the special events that EA have thrown my way. I’ve had the odd minor problem along the way, a hard reset here, a full reinstall there, but nothing that I couldn’t handle or that spoilt the whole experience… Until now! I know it’s Christmas and that I should be full of good will and cheer to all men but that finally dried up yesterday when I had to deal with EA. after dropping £34.99 on donuts, I got all the usual messages but no donuts. Aaaaaaaargh! A quick reset and reinstall later, still no donuts. Panic and contact EA, wait 45 minutes for someone to chat with. After 15 minutes be told that I need to contact them again the following day with proof from iTunes that money has left my account. Then get thank you email from them saying case closed! So no donuts, gils deal is finishing today. And on top of all this glitch after glitch after glitch, and looking at all the forums I am not the only one having these problems. Why has part 2 gone so very very wrong?

    Sorry for the rant but I was really looking forward to my first Christmas in Springfield and now it feels like it’s all gone wrong. Off to fire an elf cannon to get rid of my frustration (let’s hope I’m not locked out again)


  9. Oh come on ea you really are taking the piss now 1 donut per ice block wall thing , we never had to pay out for spooky wall, or stone cutter wall, I would suggest on people not buying these yet, they look lovely but first we need to find out if they are permanent or will they melt away like our snowmen, imagine buying 60 of them only to watch them dissaper/melt when the event is over, with all the people being locked out of games and paying for donuts only to have the game crash you could at least give us the ice blocks free,


    • Actually…the spooky walls WERE a donut purchase last Halloween.


      • Oh I wasn’t here until last xmas that’s still bad as this Halloween the spooky walls were free I guess next year they will be free, but anyway sorry to moan but as a freemium player my donuts are to precious to waste on a possible decoration that’s only good for Xmas if it does melt hmmmm ice blocks for Buddha temple but no doubt homer will try to eat the ice!!!


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