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Friday Filler – Status in TSTO and Life

Thank Grog It’s Firday/Statusday!

Seeing as how Alissa’s musings ended up slipping into Friday from the regular Thursday slot, I thought it would be funny to change the regular salutation.

And then. I started thinking about the kind of week I’ve had since last writing something for TSTO, and realized that “Statusday” is really an appropriate label for the typical American weekend…as well as where we find ourselves in our “silly little game.”

I am not going to open the “Tagging/Not Tagging” can of worms again, but I will once again (and perhaps finally?) put the entire myth of TSTO status to bed without its supper.

The real question to be asked in TSTO (and yes, in life) is, “Does Status Matter?”
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TSTO Quick Tips, Tricks & Reminders: Abandoned Warehouse, Valentine’s Day & More

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re sitting in a little bit of a TSTO lull right now, as we wait for “the next big thing” to hit our games.  Some of you are working your way though the last few parts of Level 49 & others (like myself) are building their cash flow back up after blowing 10 million + on new land.

Of course whenever there is a lull in the game many of us start to go back and take care of some of the little things we’ve been neglecting during the madness, like town deigns or finishing up that premium questline.  We’re noticing more and more questions in the comments about a few older areas of TSTO (areas many seasoned players may have forgotten about) & some of the finer details of Level 49.  So I thought I’d take a minute to go over a few tips, tricks & reminders we may have forgotten about or completely missed the first time around.


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Tappers 101- Vandalism, Tagging, Spray Paint

Bunny here. Putting on my glasses, getting out my pocket protector, and getting my magic fingers and thumbs ready to type those zeroes and ones. Basically…it’s Nerdy Time!!

For whatever various reasons, our game likes to frak with our minds and heads and nothing seems to quite go right. We panic. Throw our device. Scream. Yell. There may be many tears as well.  Just slowly take your thumbs/fingers off the device or you may crack the screen. Lol.  It’s ok. I am here to help. All of us are. Promise.

Sample 2

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The Collected TSTO Conform-O-Meter Posts

Hi Everyone!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been posting the ins and outs, hows and whys of the Conform-O-Meter in your Springfield.  Because they’ve been posted sporadically over the course of a few weeks I thought it’d be helpful to have one Conform-O-Meter Post as a collection of the other posts.  So if you’re looking for ways to maximize your Conform-O-Meter rating check out these posts to help!

Conform-O-Meter Basics

How Many Points To Max Out My Conform-O-Meter Ratings?

Home SWEET Homer: Breaking down the Conform-o-meter Indolence Rating

Staying Obedient to EA: Breaking Down the Obedience Rating on the Conform-O-Meter

Glutton for Donuts: Breaking Down the Gluttony Rating on the Conform-O-Meter

Why Can’t We Be Friends: Breaking Down the Socialism Rating on the Conform-O-Meter

Lisa the Tree Hugger: Breaking Down the Tree-hugging Rating on the Conform-O-Meter

You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Post is About You: Breaking Down the Vanity Rating on the Conform-O-Meter

Law-Abiding Tappers: Maximizing Your Conform-O-Meter Righteousness Rating

Shop Till You Drop: Maximizing Your Conform-O-Meter Consumerism Rating

Level 35 and the Conform-O-Meter

How Do the Season 25 Premiere Items Impact The Conform-O-Meter?

Law-Abiding Tappers: Maximizing Your Conform-O-Meter Righteousness Rating

Back with another Conform-O-Meter installment!  Recently I started breaking down what the Conform-O-Meter is and how it works.  The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provide you with a bonus boost in your cash and XP from everything you collect in the game. When you achieve a 5-Star Town (its max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town. If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basicshere for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars and here to check how to Maximize your Consumerism Rating.

Today I want to talk to you about your Righteousness Rating and what you can do to maximize it on your Conform-O-Meter…shall we read you your rights?
bart arrest

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Is It Better To Vandalize or Leave My Neighbor’s Buildings Alone?

Every time you visit a friend’s town you’re presented with a decision… ”Should I ‘tag’ their towns or tap their other buildings?” Your Angel or Devil on the shoulder moment if you will.
There are currently 4 buildings in everyone’s town that can be ‘tagged’, or spray painted. These buildings are:

-Springfield Elementary
-Springfield Police Station
-Town Hall
-Moe’s Tavern

While most buildings accumulate income and allow you to reset the income timer by tapping on them when visiting a neighbor, however the four buildings above do not generate any income of their own. In order to have a payout from these buildings you must clean up the spray painted mess a neighbor has created. In return your neighbor gains cash and XP for both vandalizing and cleaning up your town for you.

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