Episode Reminder: Walking Big & Tall

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

After a 1 week Superbowl hiatus The Simpsons are back with an all new episode this Sunday!  The new episode, which airs on February 8th at 8pm EST, features guest star Pharrell Williams!  So what will happen in the new episode?  Well here’s the synopsis from FOX:

“Lisa writes a replacement anthem for Springfield when she learns their current one was stolen, while Homer learns the true meaning of “Wide Pride”.” 


We got another little sneak peak at the episode with this video release of the new Springfield anthem, “Why Springfield, Why Not?”:

Of course don’t forget to visit, Springfieldwhynot.com

So what else will unfold in this Sunday’s episode?  You’ll have to tune in to find out!

What do you think of “Why Springfield, Why Not?” Thoughts on this Sunday’s episode?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


22 responses to “Episode Reminder: Walking Big & Tall

  1. (OK it’s been several minutes and my first post is a no show so…)

    If you go back and look at the things NOT trending on Twitter, one of them is #TappedOutWorkingPerfectly. I cracked UP!!

  2. Go back and look at the things NOT trending on Twitter. One of them is #TappedOutWorkingPerfectly. I cracked UP!

  3. Wookie were you cracking up at (Obese wants cannoli )

  4. Bart “Wow I’m surprised mom and dad let a crazy man spend all night in my bedroom”. Homer “simpler times” Classic

  5. Good episode. Also a lot of new characters there, reappearance of Kumiko. And have we ever seen Kearneys son before?

  6. This Tapper finds that SPRINGFIELD with a Meh print in the center to be a clever gag (a shame Tappers do not get to purchase this as a Freemium from EA within this Game) ….

    I’m just happy to see a new episode of The Simpsons! 🙂

  7. I was calmly waiting for a Valentine’s day event/update but now I’m just starting to think there’s not gonna be an update💙😡 where’s the love Springfield??

  8. Not to be a party pooper or anything but I am secretly pleased that there is no major event at the moment. I have one more assignment due Monday which will mark the culmination of my tertiary studies (MBA in Computing). The lull has allowed me to concentrate on getting it done 😄😄😄
    Also the reason for haphazard neighboureeno visits

  9. Gonna watch it later on Sunday night. Because The Walking Dead resumes tomorrow!!!!!!!! Also wanna check out Better Call Saul!! But I alr have The Simpsons set to record on my DVR.

  10. Looking forward to the new episode.

    I was watching Simpsons reruns tonight and the Angry Dad episode was on which had a quick scene with Groundskeeper Willie and Groundskeeper Seamus fighting wich made me laugh. It got me thinking that if we are not getting a Valentines update, I really hope we at least get a St. Patrick’s Day one and that we get Seamus added to our games.

  11. Waiting patiently for Valentine’s update like the rest of the loyal Tappers.

  12. Well since they outlawed Whacking Day, i guess that means no more Whacking Day events! Loved the trailer and song!

  13. Looking forward for Valentines!! Any chance??

  14. Valentines day update or we riot!!!!

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