In-Game Update: Pride Month

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got ourselves a little in-game update…

2015-06-03 16.34.08

This one is all about Pride Month…although it’ll only last a week in TSTO.  As always more details as we go through them…

Sorry this is a little late…I was working on cleaning up some of the pages of the site.  This is what I get for trying to update stuff lol

So when you load up your games you’ll see some dialogue start up from Lisa…

Lisa: We’ve never had a Pride Month in Springfield.  I think it’s about time we did!
Mayor Quimby: Um…how about a Pride Day?
Lisa: I knew it — you don’t really support Pride.
Quimby: I’m a politician — I support everything.  But if it’s a day, we can make it a government holiday.  Those dozens of days off a year are the reason I got into public service.
Lisa: But Pride deserves a month, not a day.
Quimby: Hmmm…maybe I could use it as an excuse to have a month of half-days.

You’ll then be tasked with placing some Pride Decorations..which will bring the store up for you with the new items…here’s what you’ll find:

Rainbow TreeRainbow Tree- $100 (can go in Krustyland)

Rainbow Flag Pole 2Rainbow Flag- $250 (can go in Krustyland)

Pride BillboardPride Billboard- 5 Donuts (can go in Krustyland) adds 0.25% bonus on all cash and XP

Two-nicorn RainbowTwo-nicorn- 70 Donuts.  Making a return appearance…see previous should I buy on it here.

After you’ve triggered the first part (we’ll have a walkthrough up soon) you’ll then see our old pal Gil arrive in town!

Gil’s got a heck of a deal for us this time….

2015-06-03 16.49.17

Gil: Gil Gunderson, real estate agent, at your service!
Roscoe: You’re my realtor?  The realtors on reality shows are all hot gay men.
Gil: I may not be hot, or gay, or licensed as a realtor, but iv’e got a deal on a steel mill that’s so hot you’re gonna need tongs!
Roscoe: A discount steel mill?  What’s the catch?
Gil: Wood paneling and shag carpet.  It was done in the 70s.
Roscoe: What wasn’t?

2015-06-03 16.36.10


So for 150 Donuts you’ll get the AJAX Steel Mill and Roscoe, a full character for Springfield.

If you don’t take the deal you’ll see…

Gil: Dang it, that commission check was gonna pay my next month’s rent!  Looks like instead of selling the steel mill, I’m gonna be squatting there…
Roscoe: Not alone, you’re not!
Gil: *gulp*

If you take the deal you’ll see…

Homer: A steel mill? D’oh!  I thought they were gonna put a super Mega Krusty Burger there!
Flanders: Praise the heavens, this steel mill is a miracle from above!
Homer: Technically everything in this town is — you know, Sky Finger and all — but what good is it to you?
Flanders: Now I can buy steel direct from the factory, so I can finally afford to build that 200-foot-high Virgin Mary in my front yard!
Homer: That better not be a purchasable item.

You’ll then unlock Roscoe…who’s part of the Business Owners Group…

Roscoe Work HardAjax Steel Mill

And that my friends covers the basic details of the Pride Month 2015 update.

What do you think about the update?  Which items do you think you’ll be picking up?  Thoughts on the decorations added?  Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!



502 responses to “In-Game Update: Pride Month

  1. Is there any chance I can still buy this Pride month special items? I missed the update 🙁

  2. Threre could have been couple more things a flag and colured tree is thst all our is tjere more comeing.. giod job on the site and the. Cam mlove them both

  3. Why would Smithers celebrate diversity in the Simpsons house? Makes no sense. I hoped it would be outside like Mr Burns whose animation for this task is hilarious!

  4. Did you guys know you’ve been robbed? Rex Banner thinks it looks like a copy/paste job.

  5. Oh the irony. Today is national doughnut day. In celebration there is a gourmet doughnut shop in my neighborhood that normally charges $3 per doughnut and are giving one away free. I visit 100 Neighbors and nothing. C’mon EA, I’m glad you celebrated pride but how can you skip doughnut day?

  6. mumfordsmu887

    Actually a bit shocked about this update as well… hm… better said about some people’s reactions.
    It’s just a silly game.

    I don’t really want to live close to a nuclear power plant, but of course I place the one in my Springfield.

    I don’t eat meat, but why would I not build the slaughter house with the endless escalator right next to it?!

    It’s just pixels really… this time quite cheap, cheerful and colourful pixels…

    It’s more of a shame nowadays people still have to fight for the right to marry the one they love. Shouldn’t we rather be happy people still have feelings and don’t just work and function?

    I just don’t get it!

    • You mean we’re not all robots?! 😉

      • mumfordsmu887

        I do certainly hope so!!!

        But yeah I decided to post my comment since I couldn’t believe the huge discussion… I wanted to make it even bigger by adding my opinion!

        Why weren’t tons of folks complaining about last event? GM foods are a lot scarier than rainbow coloured flags… aren’t they?!

        • I dunno honestly…

          Personally i’m hoping for the food that makes me glow in the dark…and then I can be my own nightlight 😉

      • mumfordsmu887

        I see…

        … and I always thought you were more into doughnuts which kinda beam you into your own Springfield after one bite…

        I have heard EA is working on it as a special treat.
        But first you need to upgrade to level 13!

  7. If you tap the rainbow trees they have a small animation of leaves falling 🙂 I tapped a few other trees but didn’t seem to have any effect so it’s nice to see EA adding some new features.

  8. My first pathetic attempt at 2-D art (or, as Homer would say, ” A job mediocrely done”).

    But it was nice to see a bunch of my Pride flags flying!

    • Good job on the peace sign!! You did great. 🙂 Circles to this day are still tough for me. Especially on larger items. The main thing to keep in mind is due to the angle of the town and game, try to NOT make it equal on all sides. Usually the left side is smaller and/or shorter than the right just to give the “Appearance” it is still equal. Sounds silly but I hope that makes sense in the explanation of it.

      • Yes, that makes perfect sense! I was really struggling with that and all that kept happening as I tried to fix it is that my “circle” (such as it is) kept expanding. But it did still look “squished” on the right side, because of what you described.

    • Well done!

      • Aw, gee – thanks! 🙂 (Or did you mean the flying flags, which I can’t really takes credit for? Lol)

        I just put the peace sign away to make room for the steel mill, but then I got cold feet about buying it. I’m working on a project to analyze all of the various characters and buildings (separately and in combos) that I want, before making my final decision.

    • Someone stole my burrito™

      Are you pride flags flying because of an animation glitch? Sometimes random animations are triggered in my game.

    • Yes, burrito – It was one of those random times that the buildings, etc. in a particular part of town came alive. You can’t see most of that in the picture (like the Aztec sign lighting up), but you can see Kane manor (or whatever it’s called) “arcing.”

  9. Here’s an aside that can maybe get another conversation going that’s not going to require a lot of editing on the Addicts’ behalf:
    LAND. SOOO many comments asking for more land. To be fair, I agree, but since we just got more a couple of months back (one measly strip, grumble grumble), I don’t see it happening soon.
    My question to fellow readers is this:
    Can someone explain to me the point of playing when all you do is cram buildings together with no spaces, roads, decorations, etc? I’m not being sarcastic or facetious here, I legitimately don’t get it and am curious. I understand being a lower-level player and not being able to afford more land or wanting to wait until you have more items to do a basic layout for different sections of town. I understand house farms taking up lots of room to generate more money (which at this point with money mountain, I sort of regret not building a giant house farm before the prices increased.) What I don’t understand at all are folks on Level 53 with everything piled on top of everything else, with no tiny gaps to be seen. Try as I may, I just can’t figure out the reasoning behind it.
    This is NOT meant to offend anyone. Like I said, I’m just genuinely curious about that being the chosen method of play for some people. I don’t get it.
    Feedback, anyone?

    • wildthornberry88

      Honestly I care more about the dialogue & the events than building a pretty town. Maybe once brandine had birthed this time round and my corn has grown I will consider nuking it and starting over. But then I think, I don’t have all the land unlocked yet! Maybe ill need to redesign again next event/when I’ve got more space, and i guess it puts me off a little. on the other hand, my tree hugging and such is very low as if I have a lot of decos out my game doesn’t load very well and it makes me sad not having parks and green spaces…

    • I am one of those people who have buildings everywhere. To answer your question: time. I’ve tried to organize my Springfield, but I really don’t have a whole lot of time to really get into it like some other players. I love the show, the characters and the quests, that’s why I play. Believe me I would really love to blowup my Springfield and make it look good, but sometimes real life gets in the way.

    • Ciarathomp988

      I don’t know how much help I’ll be because I pretty much agree with you! I don’t get the point of cramming everything together, the only thing I can think of is that they’re just waiting for more land to open up but they don’t wanna store anything for fear of losing stars.
      I hate it when my town looks cramped, I definitely don’t have all the land yet, Im only at level 44, but I have soooo many things in storage. Most of the superhero stuff, all the Monsarno buildings, etc.
      It’s kind of a bummer, but I’d rather put away my least favourite decor than have a town that doesn’t even look like a proper town. I feel like that’s the main point of the game. To make a town that actually looks like one and would even function as one 😊

      • Way of topic, did Freddy Quimby always have the job to hide in the trunk?

      • Thanks for the answers, you guys!!
        I’ve got to say, I feel like a bit of an idiot (honestly, more like a full-blown Homer) for not even considering the obvious answer: you’re in it for the events and dialogue!! That genuinely didn’t occur to me even once, and I’ve been wondering about this for months. Months!
        I’d say about 1 out of every 10 of my neighbors has a town like this, with everything stacked, so I know it’s a fairly common thing, but most of those neighbors don’t post in here so I’ve never been able to ask directly.
        I LOVE the dialogue, and for me, events are hit or miss (example: superheroes and Bob back-to-back was a little too time consuming for my personal preference, but we still got some great stuff from both). I’ve never been a fan of design-style games, but the dialogue is what makes this one different to me, so I’m a little surprised it didn’t even occur to me that THAT by itself might be why some people play.
        Thanks again for the feedback, it all makes sense now! Happy tapping, all! 😀

    • My only issue with this style of play is that when there’s an event where you have to find a click moving characters (Bob clones in the last event) they become very difficult and time consuming to locate. I end up having to remember where those neighbors’ specific strip of road is and scroll the right way, or if the sought after object doesn’t stick to roads, hunt around. That makes it hard to be a good daily visiting neighbor-eeno.

    • i’m glad you brought this up, because i think it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, this IS just a game. while it’s true that smartphones and tablets have widened the age range of video gamers, the core market is still gonna be younger players. so it could be as simple as players wanting to grind and acquire as much of the simpsons-based loot as they possibly can, whether they are interested in designing a functioning town or not. countless games over the years have been based on this very concept, and we even saw it come into play significantly in the terwilliger’s event. a lot of the negative comments about the event cited a lack of time to acquire/craft stuff due to their busy family lives and full time jobs, and while this might be the case for many that comment on this site, it may not be the case for ea’s primary user base.

      as for me personally, i grew up watching the simpsons for the first decade or so of its existence, and i will always be a fan of the show and its classic characters. that being said, i don’t really play this game for the storylines, and i’m even guilty of turbo tapping right through them without reading from time to time. so, it probably comes as no surprise that i enjoy designing most of all. 🙂

      • tapebelt- it shows that design is your favorite aspect of the game!! Yours is my favorite town to visit. 😀 So much great 3D work and thought put into location!
        I grew up the same way, with the simpsons. In fact, I can remember my Halloween party when I was in 5th grade- we all watched the first Treehouse of Horror together and then hit the neighborhood for candy. 😉 The Simpsons early years were a big part of my youth.
        I’m guilty of turbo tapping through the dialogue sometimes too, but thankfully, we’ve got our Addicts here to fill us in on what we miss. 😉

    • Nicholas Kingsley

      I cram as much as possible into as small an area as possible, so I have plenty of land at all times.

  10. I think I’m going to wait for the Should I Buy on the steel mill. As much as I’d love to have it, the color orange literally hurts my eyes (and yes, I mean “literally”- my eyes actually hurt looking at orange colors, especially vivid ones!) I’ll wait and see the details on this one, like Roscoe’s outdoor tasks, building payout, and what category it contributes towards. For now, I’ll just stock up on some rainbow trees and flags. 😀
    And on the bright side, as I’m typing this, I now realize I can store my bright orange Springfield Grocery, thanks to the extra consumerism points from items in the last event. Woohoo!

  11. To Totbox (meant with kindness, humor and Homerisms):

    “You know what you two need? A little comic strip called “Love Is…”. It’s about two naked eight-year-olds who are married……”

    Homer to the fighting Van Houtens

  12. A/B – I know I’ve seen done posts here related to this event that you’ve partially, or mostly, redacted because they didn’t adhere to this site’s posting guidelines for respectful discourse and such, but have there been comments submitted that you’ve had to reject entirely that we wouldn’t even know about because there wasn’t any evidence here of them (thankfully)? I’m just wondering what the “unfiltered” view has looked like for you ladies and how much stuff you’ve had to “sheild us” from?

    • Some things are better left unspoken. 😉

    • Sandra- when this update hit yesterday, my first thought was, “Good job, EA!!” Before I even finished that in my head, I moved on to, “****, here comes the uproar…”

      I was actually dreading coming on here and reading comments. Many thanks to Alissa and Bunny for all the editing they’ve done to keep it civil! (Also note I self-edited my expletive so you wouldn’t have to do it. 😉 )

      For all of those complaining about Bunny and Alissa trampling on the First Amendment: guys, it’s gonna be OK. There are rules and guidelines on how to conduct ourselves in public, and on here, the Addicts have their very own set. Opinions on both sides of the fence/aisle are being posted, as long as whatever else they may be, they’re respectful. Everybody relax, take a deep breath, remember it’s a game, and go plant some rainbow trees (or not, it’s your CHOICE.) 🙂

  13. I do not like this update.. Sorry but I do not support this pride thing

  14. There are a few objects/ buildings that have their own jobs. Like channel 6, kbbl, cletus farm, and squidport entrance. When they aren’t in task they should have an exclamation point hovering over them. Signifying you need to start job. Sometimes I won’t notice for a couple days and I could have had another boardwalk by then. Also
    More land haha.

    • personally i’m glad there is no bouncing exclamation point above those buildings when nothing is tasked there… i don’t even like the golden ticket bouncing over the moonbounce when it’s not in use. fortunately there are visual cues to let you know when something is tasked there, so when you don’t see those you know you need to start a job. channel 6 has a broadcast dish on its roof that moves, the kbbl radio sign lights up, cletus’ farm has crops growing, the drive-in has something playing on the big screen, nightmare pile has the red glowing eyes, and the aforementioned moonbounce pops and locks.

  15. I also want to add about the Land issue. I agree, we also need more land. This and other updates are just fine. As long as we can actually add the stuff. Like the Steel Mill is HUGE. Takes up quite a bit of space. I was lucky I had a spot this time for that. I don’t have really anymore space after I added it….Not really sure what I’ll do after they add more stuff….I don’t really like getting rid of things. I’m beyond the limit anyway, the game still tells me and warns me about how many items I got. I also still crash on a regular basis.

  16. Forget the updates…we need more land!!! The updates are great and all but they’d be better if we actually had somewhere to put the new items. Monsaro took up a lot of space, Fall out boy, took up a ton of space…we need more land!

  17. as an atheist i *could* get all hot and bothered by the easter updates, christmas, etc. but i don’t because it’s a video game that i am not forced to play.

  18. Butterflies come in all colors of the rainbow so just imagine what color they would be if coming from a Rainbow Tree. (tapp) …
    Black… How pretty…? :p
    (I know I joke but I do like it none-the-less)

    It is nice to see freemium items AND Tappable Animated Items to boot, I hope this becomes a trend. would also like an on and off switch but I’ll take what I can get… Black butterflies (shaking my head). But there are little sparkles too.

    • Julie (Jsander321)

      I play on my phone … I’ve been tapping my rainbow trees to see the butterflies and think they may be purple. I could be wrong, they are small .. But that’s the color they look to me. I’ll have to check on a different device to see them a bit bigger as well

    • Aw Bunny I never zoomed in that close, you opened my eyes.. They are.. Bea-uti-ful (my eyes are now tearing up like an anime character). Now I wish Homer would start chasing them when ever they are tapped “Ooo a Butterfly. Hee heeee heee hee!” And he stops when they disapear. :p

    • So is that the missing purple from the rainbow? Am I late on picking that up? Lol, I’m going to bed now…

  19. Since my poem about LOVE is still pending in moderation I will like to give people a chance to see it (I’ll remove the one about “Evidence”). I had of list of LOVE statements that could be spelled out with the rainbow trees. But then again, maybe no one cares. So, just reply if you do and maybe I’ll repost a less controversial version. Actually I’ll do one better, if the demand is there I will get pre-approval before I resubmit it. Thank you for your time <3

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