Turbo Tappin’ 4th of July 2015: Monetization Liberation

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

4th of July has arrived in Springfield!  And what’s the 4th of July with out a little reminder of the movie Independence Day?  As we see the return of Kang this 4th of July…

So now that we have an all new event to keep our tapping fingers busy, you know what that means right?  Time for an all new Turbo Tappin’!  As I mentioned in the rundown post, Homer will get this started for you (should be an auto-start) when you log into your Springfield.  So let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?

4th of July Turbo Tappin

Monetization Liberation Pt. 1
Homer starts (Auto)

Make Homer “Safety Inspect” Fireworks- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Monetization Liberation Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Try to Solve the Latest Crisis- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Homer Play Happy Little Elves- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

At this point, if you don’t already have him, you’ll be awarded Kang for Free…

2015-07-01 13.06.59

Monetization Liberation Pt. 3
Kang starts

Make Kang Activate the Death Ray- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Monetization Liberation Pt. 4
Kang starts

Make Homer Trash Talk a Fellow Gamer- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Monetization Liberation Pt. 5
Kang starts

Make Homer Friend Request Kang- 4hrs, Earns $110, 27xp

Monetization Liberation Pt. 6
Lisa starts

Make Springfielders Send Kang Elf Berries- x10 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium. 

Monetization Liberation Pt. 7
Kang starts

Make Kang 8-Hour Evil Laugh- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp 

At the completion of the quest….

2015-07-01 13.01.34


And with that 4th of July 2015 is complete!

If run from start to finish, with out using donuts, it should take you 40 hours to complete!

What do YOU think of the 4th of July update?  Are you excited they added more fireworks back to the game?  How about the Independence Day movie references?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

95 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ 4th of July 2015: Monetization Liberation

  1. The reason I am on the other side as far as the July update goes is because of the stadium decorations. I couldn’t care less about the soccer stuff. But the bleachers & the football uprights has me salivating. I wanna try to build my own football field for the high school. But I’ll probably end up using donuts for the other decorations because I can’t get enough of this mini game…i keep using my tickets for player upgrades. Which brings me to my question–does anyone know if you get anything for being the wins leader in your own community? And I can’t figure out if there’s any benefit to purchasing those soccer balls?

  2. 2015 4th of July… Another let down. I’ve been tapping it out daily for almost two years, however I missed the 2013 4th of July event. I was hoping last 4th I would have had a chance to get a free box of fireworks like players did the year before. Didn’t happen. Instead got 5 donuts. This year still no box of fireworks. Instead I got 13 donuts and a patriotic box of fireworks (already had 30 of those by the time I got the free one). I have spent donuts on All American Apu and the Nighthawk Diner, but still no fireworks. So out of the last 2 July 4th events I received 18 donuts not even half of the cost of a premium box of fireworks. I have a hard time justifying dropping donuts on something that was at one point free. Especially since I have already payed out donuts on the main items that earned the fireworks in the first place. It does seem like EA is gettting stingier about handing out free premium bonuses, and as frustrating as that is I can’t stop tapping. BECAUSE I AM AN ADDICT!!!!

  3. So pretty much for Us tsto long time players if we already have kang we get a cheap box of fireworks that we can already buy for in game cash.

    That’s pretty lame.

    They could have at least gave us a kang or kodos topiary.

    Or 5-10 doughnuts.
    Or kodos.

    Does it even pay to be long time players anymore. Or is ea getting more cheaper by the event.

    I’m sorry but if no one sees this is being cheap they need to get their eyes fixed.

    Clay decal skins for seats 50 doughnuts gold will be 50-100.

    Just saying senorioty should count for something. It’s the principal of the thing without that we have nothing.

    I say what others thinking I just have the 7$686$ to say it. Happy tapping.

    And I don’t ask for everything for free as I have half the premium content so I more then we’ll buy stuff I like. I just think if they gonna give stuff away to news the U.S. Loyal long timers deserve something more then a lousy box of fireworks I can buy with in game cash.

    • Definitely not the best prize ever but the 13 donuts was a happy gift for me. I’ve been playing since the beginning and can see your point of view. I’m just happy to have earned a lot of stuff for free that later came out as a premium. Also happy when new tappers get stuff but maybe that comes from being a blogger here.

      • Or it comes from having a generous heart. I say it’s that. 🙂

        Just wish everyone had one…the world would be a happier, more peaceful place if no one’s happiness depended on having things at the expense of others not having them. Personally, I’m happy when I have what I want… If others can have it too, then that’s even better! (However, I do think that things need to have some “fairness” to them…I guess I’d be a little miffed if someone got for free something I had to pay donuts for, unless I got some additional benefit for having paid donuts for it.)

    • And what about the non-Amaricans? We do buy premium stuff!

  4. Might not bother doing this one at all. I got Kang at Halloween but without Kodos I always think she looks a bit lonely.

  5. I’m glad we get a free gift, but I’m also kind of bummed out I spent money on it before hand and now I’ll have 2 boxes of fireworks….we should get the other box of fireworks instead for those of us that don’t spend actual money to buy donuts for the game….Besides that the quest was fun to complete!

  6. In part six my entire town went into the same brown house. Way down in the corner.

  7. Oh. A freemium prize. :-/
    That I already bought three of.

  8. Hello all… can anyone tell me why this quest line has not triggered for me yet? I’ve checked the app store, my game is up to date… was there like a prerequisite to it that I missed that will trigger it? Thank you in advance and happy tapping!

  9. Lame quest line reward since they are available for purchase and are fairly cheap. I wish the other alien was available to purchase since I missed him last time.

  10. 4th of July 2015 = a funny distraction for 2 days, I feel sorry for Newbs who have to spend Donuts on what was earned via an Event from previous years (not much of interest for long time Tappers – in my opinion – but still a funny “independence day” moment)

    Be safe / sane this 4th everyone ‘)

  11. Just got Kang! I’m glad they brought him back, as I had just started playing before the superheroes event (now I hope they bring Kodos too…).
    Do you know if we have a deadline to complete this questline? I’m asking because I see it relies heavily on Homer and Lisa, whom I’d rather have earn amateur bucks for the moment…

    • The end date for 4th of July is July 9th. The Kill date for the questline is August 9th.

      • Thanks for the reply! So I’m good to start Monetization Liberation pt. 4 after the Tap Ball event is over, as long as I make it all the way through pt. 7 before August 9th? Thanks again!

      • was at part 5 but i waited till after tap ball to finish the quest, i have just done part 5 and now nothing is triggering part 6. i have kept all my characters free and nothing. are you sure the end date is august 9th?

        • That’s what the kill date was in the files. It’s possible it changed…or the task is just stuck. Try going to krustyland and back see if that helps.

  12. I just came for advice before activating the death-ray ……I don’t blindly follow, I have a conscience 🚅 🏈 🍩😁 🙂

  13. Is anyone buying fireworks boxes and then having them disappear? I am so sad, I bought 8 boxes and they have all disappeared! Any ideas as to how to find them or how to get them back. I know I can purchase more but I already spent money on them.

  14. Italian Beauty

    Just started Part 6. One very crowded Brown House. 52 of my 71 characters are Sending Elf Berries to Kang and they all went into the same Brown House. It’s so much fun to watch a large crowd of characters tapping out of the same place.

  15. Was it Kang or Kodos that we shot down with the ray gun?

  16. I like this questline, but I feel kind of cheated with everybody getting Kang for free because like many others, I payed fifteen dollars for him and the death ray back in October.

    • kang? Do you mean back in October 2012? Because Kang has been a free character awarded every Halloween since 2012. 2013 he was free and 2014 he was free. So I know you didn’t play for him this past Halloween…you may be thinking of Kodos.

  17. Yayyy for Kang. I was a little upset that I was not getting any free characters with this event. (The last one spoiled me) Kang makes it all worth it for me. I was so jealous when I saw him in my neighbor’s towns. Now he is all mine. 😁 Side note will I ever get a shot at the gorilla with the tall building? Or am I SOL.

  18. I was hoping for the flying saucer to fly by with Serak The Preparer in it. I’ve testfired my spacecanon, so if the saucer is coming, I’m prepared for Serak The Preparer!

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