Clock is Ticking Down on Tap Ball “Act” 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that the clock is ticking down on the end of the second period act of Tap Ball!  So be sure to earn all the caps you can to collect the rest of the prizes before the clock runs down!

So let’s take a look at what’s staying and what’s going once Act 3 rolls out tomorrow morning…


Here are the premium items that will be LEAVING our stores come tomorrow morning..

tballstand_menuT Ball Stand- 30 Donuts. .50% bonus on all cash and XP

burnsbasketballstadium_menuBasketball Stadium- 90 Donuts Earns $500, 45xp/24hrs. 10×12 in sizw

lasertag_menuSimpson Laser Tag- 145 Donuts.  Earns $500, 45xp/24hrs.  8×6 in size.

200px-Tapped_Out_Gorgeous_Grampa_artworkGorgeous Grampa- 75 Donuts.  Cannot play Tap Ball but has Amateur Buck earning task…should I Buy

Tapped_Out_Gorgeous_Grampa_BillboardGorgeous Grampa Billboard- 50 Donuts.  2% bonus on all cash and XP

duffbeercar_menuDuff Racer- 45 Donuts. 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP

Duff Barney BlimpDuff Barney Blimp- 70 Donuts.  2.75% bonus on all cash and XP

Everything else in the store will be sticking around until the event ends….these items will be replaced with new items (premium) in our stores tomorrow.

So what else is sticking around?  

ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md Amateur Bucks.  These will remain for the remainder of the event….

What else is leaving?

ico_june2015_hats_01 Hats.  These will be replaced by a new currency for prizes once Act 3 starts.
-No, they won’t carry over.  You will start back at 0 once Act 3 stars.
-Yes, if you’ve earned all the prizes it does make sense to hold off on your daily training for today to get an extra jump on the Act 3 currency tomorrow.

Now the question a lot of you are asking…what happens to the Act 2 Prizes if you don’t collect them all before Act 2 ends?
Just like with Act 1 into 2, if you don’t collect all of the prizes before Act 3 starts you can still get the Act 2 prizes after it ends…but it’ll cost you donuts.  Lots and lots of donuts.

And that’s it my friends…the second period act wrap up.  Grab what you can before it disappears tomorrow morning (0800 GMT, 4am EDT)!

What are your thoughts on Act 2?  Did you earn all the prizes?  Win any Bonuts? (bonus donuts)  Are you ready for Act 3 to roll out?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “Clock is Ticking Down on Tap Ball “Act” 2

  1. I went on a vacation out West and missed a lot of Act 2. I just missed getting the training log prize, so I missed Tennis Marge too. I’m really bummed I missed Tennis Marge. Is there anyway to get her without paying donuts for the training log first?

  2. I got six bonuts rounds. That was great, just got one round on act 1. 🙂

  3. Act 2 has been good for me. 18 bonus donuts awarded included 3 with only 8 minutes to spare. Was watching the clock tick down waiting for another fan to appear while sitting on 2999 hats.

  4. Wow 30 pennants per fan!!!

  5. Wohoo! I got five bonut rounds from act 2. 🙂 12 donuts in total! :3

  6. I’m glad act 3 is starting finally. I’ve been waiting for that for a long time actually. And I still cant believe they added “springy” an object not everyone remembers and one of the worst things ever made in the downfall of the Simpsons. In fact since it was part of S10 of the Simpsons….it was in the middle actually of the downfall, it started after season 7….

  7. arggggg… i still need 1,370 caps to get tennis Marge and i’ve only got 3 hours left! i can’t seem to be finding any fans anymore… is it possible to get that many caps in this amount of time? i really need her to get my 8th player for tapball

  8. Gorgeous Godfrey

  9. I find that I have no real desire to craft anything. They’re all just duplicates of things that I’ve already won. Well, there are fences, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort just for fences.

  10. I have had 4 or 5 rounds of bonus, don’t really recall. I am going bankrupt though as I keep getting the 3 donuts box on my last pick. I need video of that trick.

  11. I have already earned 18 free donuts just in act two and will earn three more before the next act starts. I also got ea to give me 10 free when the bug happened with community prizes and then another 10 when they fixed the bug. Between all that and act one, i have earned well over 50 donuts during this event. Add that to all the new skins, buildings and decorations and this is my favorite event ever. Being able to play against friends in tap ball is just icing on the cake. Hope you all are enjoying tap ball as much as i am.

  12. I only won the first two prizes in the first period as I got a late start on the event. THIS period, however, I managed to win all the prizes with three days left. I lost count on the extra bonut rounds lol I think I got like five in, maybe?

  13. Is the t-ball stand and new tennis court interactive, or just for bonus points?

  14. I’m sorry to say this, but thank goodness Act 2 is over. To me it felt like Act 2 lasted way longer than Act 1. I have nothing to compare the Tap Ball event to, as this is my first event, so naturally I’m having a blast tapping on fans and playing games to earn Amateur Bucks.
    However, I’m level 18 but still haven’t started the Squidport quest chain yet due to having to spend so much time on Tap Ball. Since events are limited-time I feel they deserve top priority, but it would be nice to be able to catch up. Oh well, I guess that’s what off-season is for! 🙂

    • I started Squidport but have mostly abandonded it even before the event. I got the Sea Captian but wasting money on expensive sea/land and related buildings seems like something I will enjoy more when I have way too much money and nothing to do.

      So, to you, no worries.

  15. I’m enjoying this event, though it would be nice if some of the prizes/craftables weren’t just decos. They look all right but my town is in need of some cash producing items…esp. since they nerfed all the houses.

  16. ARG!!! I completed my daily task. I had 2367 hats. The task awarded me 1200 hats, and I got 3 bonuts. Instead of carrying over the remainder, it restarted me at zero. 🙁 Boo EA!

  17. I got SIX bonut rounds! Love it! But now I’m gonna quit tapping fans to build up a nice reserve for when act/round/period 3 (aka “third quarter”) starts in 7 hours!

    • Just vor my 6th donut round half an hour ago… In about 1.5h Comic Book Guy will conclude his high kicks task, but I’ll not collect until the last act starts for the head start…

    • I think I got 9 donuts!!!

      I don’t know that I care for a reserve when I have a chance for bonuts!

  18. Springy is a good one, the sport course just adds clutter and no bucks. Had six rounds of free donuts, this was a plus, keeping bonus and fans for the next event which is starting at 4pm today my time. Look forward to finish it though, I am not into sports at all. This one was boring for me, but at least not too demanding.

    • Not sure about it adding clutter, depending on how the obstacles are used. I’m going to place the “obstacles” truck across a road with the actual obstacles in front of it, so they are all blocking the road.

  19. Felix the Cat

    I dont find the prizes really cool this event or is it just me?

    Sorry for the typo’s ^_^

    • I love Springy. His action is my life

    • Nope I literally was just thinking this. I haven’t really been playing much because this event actually kind of bored me *shrugs*

      • I found it dull bc I can not get the community prizes can any recommend a faster way to get the prizes

      • Chris, if you’re talking about the community prizes you get for throwing the sports ball, everyone gets those prizes at the same time or not at all. There’s no strategy for getting them; buying a bunch of sports balls only works if everyone else does the same thing.

      • @chrisgunnersblog
        We all, the entire tapped out “community”, receive the community prizes at the same time. There’s no real way to speed it up, except to send more balls to your neighbors. But I wouldn’t really worry about it, EA tends to change the amount of items needed as the event goes on, so I’m sure by the end will have most, if not all of the prizes.

    • guess it depends on how you look at it. i been waiting a long time for some simple sports equipment like soccer goals and football uprights to complete my soccer pitch and create a football field. with the other sports themed stuff like the tapball stadium, the obstacle course equipment, bleachers and various other things you can get, i decided to create a giant springfield ymca sports complex that houses most of the above.

      new buildings like alley mcballs and the upcoming testosterzone are always welcome. i have a feeling that one way or another we will be getting all the community prizes by event’s end too, so that would be an additional two buildings and a vehicle.

      i also like all the new free sports skins, and all the new tapballers’ sports quotes included with this event’s update. i guess if you are not really into sports, i can see how you wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the prizes, but personally i’ve been quite happy with both the prizes and the event itself.

  20. my names jeff

    Anyone else feel like act 2 was a lil easier than, 1. WE had a few extra days I think (more days than act 1) but for what reason. The prizes cost a lil more but fans and wins gain more so that balances that out

    • yeah…

    • Kinda, getting prizes and bonuts were easier, leveling up Players was harder, because now we have more players, and the higher they are the more amateur bucks they need to level up.

  21. On my 4th(!!!) round of bonuts if I can get the last 100 or so! I love watching Marge crabwalk, its funny

    • I got my 5th round completed today. I would complete my 6th tonight, but I’m saving my 24 hour bonus for tomorrow morning, like I did on act 1.

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