Upcoming Teaser Released From EA….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Take a look at what we spotted over on EA’s Tapped Out Facebook Page..



Could this mean…?  Might this mean…..?  What do YOU think it all means?!  How excited are you for it?   Sound off in the comments below about this new teaser from EA!   You know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Monorail definitely needs to go over or through mountaintop with different track pieces as well as the ones we get now…wasent a bad update I kinda liked it …wouldn’t mind it coming back if ea makes it worth coming back…and not being the same update

  2. Isn’t the monorail destroyed at the end of the episode, I think it would be great just as a decoration going over the rocks the tunnel goes through, fill up that empty space and just have it crash right before it hits the rocks, if it’s gonna be functioning I think it’ll be something similar to the tooth chipper roller coaster…idk just thinking about it and getting excited for the new update

  3. Hopefully with the update we can get…

    Monorail Homer like in the photo.
    Lyle Lanley
    Dr. Sebastian Cobb
    Mr. Snrub

  4. I wonder and worry how this will fit into our towns…. will the monorail be something like a building (which will be easier to place) – or – will it really be a track that you would place pylons around town? The problem with the second is the track and train will greatly obstruct the view. The monorail has be both intrigued and concerned.

  5. For those that doubt what the silhouette actually is……🚅 look at the writing too 🚝 “cushy jobs for brain-dead slobs” is a reference to the Monorail song already mentioned by Pureval and Astral66

    🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝 🚅 🚝


  6. If this is an event or expansion yay!
    But it’ll be the most content released in a year of Tapped Out right?
    2013: 4 events 2 expansions, so 6 in total
    2014: 6 events
    2015: 3 events and 1 expansion so far, 2 events left plus monorail (event/expansion) that’s 7 this year!!! 😀
    Go EA!!!

  7. Is marge’s mother in the games yet or is it only her sisters

  8. I think it’s rock and roll or the monorail🚆

  9. Have you guys ever considered developing a TSTO addicts app?

    • We’ve thought about it…but it’s one of those things that would take some time to put together. And time is something that’s eluding us lately…

  10. So then, “mono” means one, and “rail” means rail! And that concludes our intensive three-week course.

  11. Monorail arrival is fantastic, I’m hoping this begins a flurry of Phil Hartmann-voiced characters; Lionel Hutz, TMcC, etc. Remember that the best way to trigger an event is to send all of your characters on 24 hour tasks.

    • Sending Apu on a 7-day task is also a good one; you can almost guarantee an Apu-started event at that point.

    • Dont forget Brandine. 🙂
      Some of us are still birthing Spucklers. 🙂 13 days left for me … now or never EA!

  12. I am thrilled with the gorge but can anyone fill me in on Wodds fur? This will not let me type in what t is but all the kids hair gets redone. I just don’t remember this one. Thanks, babygirl14189

  13. When i saw that picture of Homer i did not think monorail, i thought he was going to the disco!! Thanks for clearing that up!

  14. This is why I been leaving gaps and spaces …..so when the Monorail comes, I’ll have room to place the pillars 🚝 👏 😁 🆒 🆕 🚝 🚄 🚅 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝

  15. I wonder if the monorail will actually move. I do hope they release the additional land in S. Heights and increase memory to accommodate all the new awesomeness. This has been a great year for us addicts! THX EA!!!!

    • Memory is hardware. That all depends on the person’s device.

      What might happen at some point is they stop supporting older devices that don’t have enough memory.

      Pros and cons there.

  16. I certainly appear to be in the minority on this one, but I’m not particularly excited to see the monorail come to our towns. SHOCKING! I know. I just don’t see how it could work without a major redesign, unless they allow us to actually place the support structure in the roadways. (Maybe the buildup for this is why we can place new cars on the roads).

    And if we have to seriously redesign our towns, I hope they give us a tool that will allow us to pick and move sections of town all at once. I really like portions of my town and they’ll take so long to move again and keep them looking nice.

    Sorry to be a downer. I’m just imagining what a huge design headache this could potentially become…

  17. The monorail would be a great addition. Such a classic episode. All you guys here at addicts do such a great job keeping me in the “know”. This might be random But I really have (for a long time now) been counting down the days till the halloween event. This years event will mark my first year anniversary for tsto. Consequently, last halloween I was just a rookie and just did not have the in game cash nor levels to fully enjoy the event. But after almost a year of heavy tapping, my springfield is level 55 and heights r.value almost 500 mil and growing fast. I can’t wait to drop 100 and get a boatload of donuts the first day the event lands on our devices. I am really hoping they bring back the cemeteries as I really love those in my friends towns. I have purchased every kid available to get ready for trick or treating. Does anyone else feel so obsessed with the halloween event as I do? Lol.

    • Definitely excited for it. This will be my 4th Halloween Event and each one has been great!

    • 100% love it. Halloween is my favorite in the game and the show.

    • Your excitement excites me. I’ve still yet to experience this event (nor any recurring event). You make it seem like I’ll be missing out by not having enough children. You sound like my wife, now. 😉 Kidding aside, I don’t think I have enough kids. What’s a good number?

      • Simp7, all the kids have a trick or treating task that earn event currency and/or crafting materials. There are always other ways to earn it but you’ll get a bulk from the kids so the more you have the faster you earn. It IS usually possible, however, to earn all the prizes without having any premium characters so what you want to spend is totally up to you. It will just take you longer. Remember that Sherri & Terri will only count as one while you’re shopping.

    • Youre not alone! Halloween is my favorite thing ever. I too am looking forward to this year’s event but at the moment not ready for summer to be over. So I can wait a little longer. I’m excited for you to get the full experience this year!

    • I’m looking forward to my first Halloween event I started playing during the christmas event, hopefully I’ll get a chance for the Grand Pumpkin my favorite Halloween character

  18. EA rarely does EA tease new content, so its gotta be something big. If we get the monorail it would be the best year ever for content updates

  19. I was kind of hoping for a smooth road until Halloween, as in nothing major just a couple of levels.

  20. Looking at other teasers on EAs Facebook page, we got the content that was teased the next day.

    • Within the next day or so. Downside is this was hit on a Friday and EA’s (hopefully) smart enough not to release it on a Saturday. So I’m thinking Monday/Tuesday of next week…

  21. If they pull this of, it’ll be amazing and this has to be the year of the most content released for Tapped out!

    It just keeps on coming.
    I remember last year before the Clash of Clones event weeks and weeks of nothing happening! No new levels, episode tie ins or anything.

    Keep it up Tapped Out.

  22. I’m not going to try to guess how they’ll implement it but very excited to see the Monorail coming to Springfield – such a classic episode!
    Now to wonder whether they will make us wait until the current Springfield Heights limited time items leave the store before dropping the update or if it’ll drop on Monday…

  23. Oh man. This looks exciting! I’m going on vacation next week so I hope I don’t miss out 🙁

  24. I wonder where the monorail will go? Perhaps in that unreleased land behind Springfield Heights? Another option might be posts that sit in the roadside like parking meters. I don’t care…I just want it!
    ABARTMANFAN – Billionaire 🙂

    • I thought that the joke is that the monorail doesn’t go anywhere. “In a town with a centralized population…” My guess is that it goes in a circle, around and around town. 🙂

  25. Just like the pleed for more land previously, the only reason I’m ecited to see this is just to stop seeing people continue pleading for it (I know I’m a hypocrite with my Maggie Plees, but still..)

    My biggest curiosity with this is will the M.R. Salesman be in it and if so will he be Voiced? (Voiced by Phil Hartman) – if so this could be a good sign for L.H. And T.McClure. (Fingers crossed)

    Also less likely but hope for Lenard Nemoy

    • I know this isn’t an add me post but totbox will you be my neighbor. I have like 10 open spots. And I have my eye on a few frequent commenters to fill those up. I tried to find you and failed. My ID amygo39. PLEASE. You’re like one of they funniest people on here!

      And a full playable Maggie IS needed, and Kumiko needs to come back. She can come with the Japanese Vacation Themed event that I want so bad!

      • Thanks for the compliment, I just recently got filled up again. I’ll have to check out if anyone is delete worthy (lol) … I’ll see what I can do.

      • Request sent and Pending.

        Also I do want those sad dragons from the end of that episode

      • Amy…..try not to sound so desperate 🙂

        and Totbox……must be nice to be popular 🙂

        🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝
        🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅 🚅

    • I think the most surprising thing to me about the monorail update would be if they actually used Lyle Lanley. I’m assuming that FOX has some deal with Phil Hartman’s estate not to use his characters anywhere (just a guess).

      They’ll probably use Sebastian Cobb in his place since he’s the guy who actually built the monorail.

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