Tiny Addict Baby Pool (New Contest Alert)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As most of you know my husband and I are expecting our first child VERY soon (you can see the announcement about it here)…and way back when we announced that I was pregnant we promised you guys that we’d do a fun baby pool contest.  Well the time has come!  I’m about 3 weeks out from my due date so let’s see what you guys think the Tiny Addict will be!

Maggie & Bobo

This contest will be a little different than our usual ones, in that this one won’t be random.  Instead you guys will earn points based on what you guess.  The reader with the highest points is our big winner!  But everyone in the top 5 will win a prize! We’ll go over the points, prizes and rules below the fold…

And yes this contest is open to EVERYONE…even if you’re not in the US

Here’s the entry form…good luck!

If you’re having trouble viewing the form on the site, here’s the direct link for it.

Now let’s talk about how you win, what you can win & the official rules of winning…

Be sure to read all the info below as I’ll go over some “clues/tips” that may help you guess better towards the end of this post…

How To Win…

As mentioned above this contest is going by points.  You guys will earn points for each item you guess correctly (or close to).  The reader with the highest points will be our big winner.  Here’s how you earn points:

Maximum points: 560 (without bonus)
Correct pick = 50 points
Incorrect pick = 0 points

Eye Color
Correct pick = 30 points
Incorrect pick = 0 points

Hair Color
Correct pick = 30 points
Incorrect pick = 0 points

Pick exact birthdate = 120 points
off by 1 day (before or after) = 80 points
off by 2 days (before or after) = 64 points
off by 3 days (before or after) = 51 points
off by 4 days (before or after) = 41 points
off by 5 days (before or after) = 33 points
off by 6 days (before or after) = 26 points
off by 7 days (before or after) = 19 points
off by 8 days (before or after) = 13 points
off by 9 days (before or after) = 8 points
off by 10 days (before or after) = 4 points
off by 11 days or more (before or after) = 0 points

Pick exact birthtime (hour, minute & AM/PM) = 220 points
off by 1 minute (before or after) = 190 points
off by 2 minutes (before or after) = 171 points
off by 3 minutes (before or after) = 163 points
off by 4 minutes (before or after) = 155 points
off by 5 minutes (before or after) = 140 points
off by 6 minutes (before or after) = 133 points
off by 7 minutes (before or after) = 126 points
off by 8 minutes (before or after) = 120 points
off by 9 minutes (before or after) = 114 points
off by 10 minutes (before or after) = 108 points
off by 12 minutes (before or after) = 103 points
off by 13 minutes (before or after) = 98 points
off by 14 minutes (before or after) = 93 points
off by 15 minutes (before or after) = 88 points
off by 16 minutes (before or after) = 80 points
off by 17 minutes (before or after) = 75 points
off by 18 minutes (before or after) = 72 points
off by 19 minutes (before or after) = 68 points
off by 20 minutes (before or after) = 65 points
off by 21 minutes (before or after) = 61 points
off by 22 minutes (before or after) = 58 points
off by 23 minutes (before or after) = 55 points
off by 24 minutes (before or after) = 53 points
off by 25 minutes (before or after) = 50 points
off by 26 minutes (before or after) = 48 points
off by 27 minutes (before or after) = 45 points
off by 28 minutes (before or after) = 43 points
off by 29 minutes (before or after) = 41 points
off by 30 minutes (before or after) = 39 points
off by 31 minutes (before or after) = 37 points
off by 32 minutes (before or after) = 35 points
off by 33 minutes (before or after) = 33 points
off by 34 minutes (before or after) = 32 points
off by 35 minutes (before or after) = 30 points
off by 36 minutes (before or after) = 28 points
off by 37 minutes (before or after) = 26 points
off by 38 minutes (before or after) = 24 points
off by 39 minutes (before or after) = 22 points
off by 40 minutes (before or after) = 21 points
off by 41 minutes (before or after) = 20 points
off by 42 minutes (before or after) = 19 points
off by 43 minutes (before or after) = 18 points
off by 44 minutes (before or after) = 17 points
off by 45 minutes (before or after) = 16 points
off by 46 minutes (before or after) = 15 points
off by 47 minutes (before or after) = 14 points
off by 48 minutes (before or after) = 13 points
off by 49 minutes (before or after) = 12 points
off by 50 minutes (before or after) = 11 points
off by 51 minutes (before or after) = 10 points
off by 52 minutes (before or after) = 9 points
off by 53 minutes (before or after) = 8 points
off by 54 minutes (before or after) = 7 points
off by 55 minutes (before or after) = 6 points
off by 56 minutes (before or after) = 5 points
off by 57 minutes (before or after) = 4 points
off by 58 minutes (before or after) = 3 points
off by 59 minutes (before or after) = 2 points
off by 60 minutes (before or after) = 1 points
off by 61 minutes or more (before or after) = 0 points

Pick exact length = 55 points
off by 1/8 in (over or under) = 50 points
off by 2/8 in (over or under) = 45 points
off by 3/8 in (over or under) = 40 points
off by 1/2 in (over or under) = 35 points
off by 5/8 in (over or under) = 30 points
off by 6/8 in (over or under) = 25 points
off by 7/8 in (over or under) = 20 points
off by 1 in (over or under) = 15 points
off by 1 1/8 in (over or under) = 10 points
off by 1 2/8 in (over or under) = 09 points
off by 1 3/8 in (over or under) = 08 points
off by 1 1/2 in (over or under) = 07 points
off by 1 5/8 in (over or under) = 06 points
off by 1 6/8 in (over or under) = 05 points
off by 1 7/8 in (over or under) = 04 points
off by 2 in (over or under) = 02 points
off by more than 2 in (over or under) = 0 points

Pick exact weight = 55 points
off by 1 oz (over or under) = 50 points
off by 2 oz (over or under) = 45 points
off by 3 oz (over or under) = 40 points
off by 4 oz (over or under) = 35 points
off by 5 oz (over or under) = 30 points
off by 6 oz (over or under) = 25 points
off by 7 oz (over or under) = 20 points
off by 8 oz (over or under) = 15 points
off by 9 oz (over or under) = 10 points
off by 10 oz (over or under) = 08 points
off by 11 oz (over or under) = 06 points
off by 12 oz (over or under) = 05 points
off by 13 oz (over or under) = 04 points
off by 14 oz (over or under) = 03 points
off by 15 oz (over or under) = 02 points
off by 1 lb (over or under) = 01 points
off by more than 1 lbs (over or under) = 0 points

Bonus Points
Every item exact: 10,000 points
Birthdate & Birthtime to the exact day and minute: 1,000 points
Weight & Length exact: 750 points
Gender, Hair Color & Eye Color: 100 points
Hair Color & Eye Color: 20 points

What You Can Win

Our first prize winner will win a $10 iTunes/Google Play/Amazon Gift Card (if located outside of the US you’ll receive an equivalent prize to 10 USD).

Winners 2-5 will win one of our random Addict Prizes.  Could be an Addicts T-Shirt, a Simpsons LEGO, a Donut Pin Button…it’ll be a surprise prize!  But something either Simpsons or Addicts related 🙂


Here’s the other legal mumbo jumbo from the Blue-Haired Lawyer.

Blue Haired Lawyer 2

Official Rules:
Each contestant may only submit ONE entry! (No revisions/reposting accepted.  If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted.)
Contest Opens on 10/16/2015 and ends once the baby is born.
Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you’ll be featured. (This is the email address you provided in the comment form, they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the blog staff.)
Contest is open to Addicts Readers Located All Over the World, if located outside of the US Addicts reserves the right to substitute an alternate prize worth the same value in USD.
You must be 18 or older to win. (If you’re under 18 you can play along, you just can’t win a prize)
Void where prohibited
No purchase necessary
Winners won’t be announced for a few weeks, as it gives mommy a chance to recoup and provide all the stats.
Addicts and their family members are not eligible to participate.
Contest is not affiliated with FOX, EA, Apple, Google or Amazon.  Contest is run by Up All Night LLC dba TSTOAddicts.com.

If you would like a copy of the Official Rules, email  TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com

Some Clues/Tips

Since you guys don’t get to see me on a regular basis I figured I’d give you some clues/tips to help you make your predictions.  If you see something not listed here and would like to ask a specific question (no I won’t answer the “is it a boy or a girl” question) feel free to do so in the comments.  I’ll try to be as open about answering them as possible…please be respectful and don’t get too carried away with the “old wives tales”.

-My current due date is November 9th.  However, my original due date was October 27th.  They pushed me back around week 12 and haven’t moved me since.  However, at our last 2 ultrasounds the baby was measuring 1-2 weeks ahead of the Nov. 9th date, depending on the part the measured (Head was 1 week, abdomen was 2 weeks, femur was just a couple of days).

-At last Ultrasound (which was this past Wednesday) they told me the baby was just over 6lbs.  However, those measurements have been known to be off by a pound (over or under).

-My husband and I were both born with blonde hair, both of us now have light to medium brown hair.

-My husband and I were both born with blue eyes.  His eyes are still blue, mine like to change between blue-gray-green…depending on the day.

-I was in the 6lb range when I as born.  My husband was over 8lbs.

-The doctor has told us that we’re in the lowest possible risk of needing a c-section because of the baby’s size.

-No weird/strange cravings after the first trimester.  During the first trimester I wanted vinegar and steak.  Oh and pickles.  I couldn’t eat melted cheese (like pizza cheese) or sweet stuff.  Now I eat what I usually eat.  Nothing really out there for me.

I think that about covers all of those basics.  Hopefully that helps you guys come up with some good guesses!

And that’s it my friends.  Good luck!

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  1. I am looking at my 3 kids. I so vividly remember their births, and now I have a 16, 14 & 12 year old. Enjoy and savor every moment–it goes so fast! My children changed my life profoundly and I became a better person. The joy they have brought me is indescribable. I am so proud to say “My name is Mom.” This is what I wish for you.

  2. Alissa, I just want to apologize for picking a date 2 days past your due date!! I know you’re ready, and I hope I’m wrong for your sake, but I’ve gotta go with my gut on this one. 😉
    So excited for you and your hubby!!!

  3. I had lost track and didn’t realize it was so close. My biggest congratulations to you. You’ve probably heard all the cliches in the world, but motherhood will truly change your life. It will turn it upside down beyond anything you ever imagined – and it will keep taking shocking twists for years and years. But it is all amazing and wonderful change. Trust your instincts, lead with love and patience, and model a respectful, happy, loving marriage – you can’t go wrong! And the poster who said you’ll need to learn to type with one hand – yep!!

  4. Ok, making me scroll all the way back to my birth year was kinda cruel 🙁

    But congrats on the baby!

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