Shopkeeper’s Challenges Week 3 (Including Day 1 Bunny Squish Issue)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are in the middle of Act 2 and something in our game has restarted today…the Shopkeeper’s Challenges!

So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do for 5 days during week 3 to earn bonus crafting currency and 20 bonuts!


Normally I wait until Tuesday to post these, just so I can verify the first couple of days…and make sure they match what we see in the files.  BUT because of the wrong wording, everyone’s having trouble with today’s (Monday) task, so I opted to post these now.  If I see anything that changes though I will change the chart on those post to match…

2015-10-19 12.59.20

Here’s what the Shopkeeper has in store for us this week…

Day Task Earns
Monday 10/26 Squish Bunnies Skeletons x30 100 ico_thoh2015_snakeeggs_md
Tuesday 10/27 Have Fun with Cameras x5 50 indicator_bunnyears
50 ico_thoh2015_skeletonbones_md
Wednesday 10/28 Tell a Scary Story at the Spooky Campfire x4 100 ico_thoh2015_snakeeggs_md
Thursday 10/29 Squish Zombies x30 100 ico_thoh2015_zombiebrains_md
Friday 10/30 Gather at the Simpson’s House x5 100 indicator_bunnyears

2015-10-16 16.14.45And when you complete them all within the week you’ll earn 20 bonuts (Bonuts= Bonus Donuts)!

Remember all new tasks unlock at 8am your local time….

A Note About the Bunny Challenge (Monday, Day 1):
Monday’s Shopkeeper Challenge is:
2015-10-26 13.10.07However, as many of you are noticing, if you squish Bunnies it doesn’t add to the total.  That’s because EA goofed on the writing.  It shouldn’t say Squish Bunnies, it should say Squish Skeletons.  So if you tap 30 Skeletons it will clear the task for you.

Bottom line: For Day 1, squish SKELETONS not Bunnies.

And there you have it my friends, the challenges to earn you 20 bonuts during week 3!

What are your thoughts on the Daily Challenges?  Did you earn your 20 bonuts last week?  Think you’ll get there again this week?  What do you plan to do with all those saved up Bonuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

282 responses to “Shopkeeper’s Challenges Week 3 (Including Day 1 Bunny Squish Issue)

  1. I completed all challenges for week 3 but no donuts being awarded. Screen shows each challenge with a checkmark. No new challenges appearing for week 4, though might not have started?

  2. Ugh. I’m in the middle of EA support h***. Last week I completed the challenges and I really didn’t feel like I got all 20 bonus donuts. Today I made sure to pay attention, I had 98, completed the challenge and turned it in, 99. Contact EA support. Person in the chat was going to give me 40, I went up to 107. He kept working, kept making me restart my game and device, he claimed he saw that I had 251. I made it up to 108. Then, right as I had to leave for work anyway, he basically accused me of lying about my donut count or something. Now I’m back from work and trying to get back into a support chat, 30 minute wait. On top of this, I have another support ticket that has been open for over a month trying to fix the 52 day counter on my rail yard. At this rate the game will fix itself before EA gets it fixed, but I’ve lost so many potential donuts and rail pieces from that.

  3. I didn’t see a post on Week 4 challenges. My Day 4 says squish Zombies, but that didn’t seem to change the count. Is this another bunny bug?

    • Whoops, I am a week ahead of myself. So… rephrasing that, is there a bunny issue with the Zombie Squishing on Day 4?

    • We’re in week 3 of challenges. Week 4 is next week.

      Today should be squish 30 zombies…and it’s working as it should in my game. Did you try going to the shop keeper challenge first and then tapping? Also try the usual Troubleshooting…

  4. All these people asking about the “have fun with cameras” challenge… I wonder how they’re earning their gummies?? Will they manage to get any of the prizes before act 2 ends?

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