Treehouse of Horrors Act 3 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time!  Act 3 has arrived!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Homer will start things off for you, with an 8hr task for 5 adults to Gather at the Simpson House.

Just what does Act 3 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

2015-10-06 12.48.12

Campfire Note: Nightmares will NO LONGER Spawn from the Campfire with Act 3.  There are other ways to unlock the spawning Nightmares, and details are in the post….

First….if you don’t see content (questline) for Act 3 check to make sure you’ve completed the Act 2 Main questline.  Details on that can be found on this post.

The switch from Gummies to Candy Apples will happen even if you didn’t finish the questline.  But the next questline will NOT start unless you finish The Very Young Folk AND The Springfield Horror from Act 2.

New Prize Currency for Act 3..

indicator_candyapple Candy Apples

You’ll earn Candy Apples once again by tapping on the nightmares in Springfield.  So Zombies, Snakes, Bunnies and Skeletons, will all yield them.  1 per squish.  (Note: Once you start The Blameless City you will no longer be able to spawn Nightmares at the Campfire.  BUT they will move later in the questline.  (in my game I was still able to send the kids to Roast S’mores once I had the Adults on The Sandwich Horror task, but I won’t know if they spawn anything until after we’ll see what happens there.  So the task will still be there during The Sandwich Horror, but for sure once you start the Blameless City the task will disappear from the Campfire)  (more on this in a minute)

You can also earn them once again via the Daily Play Combo…where you earn bonus Candy Apples each day just for logging into your game.

You’ll earn Candy Apples each time you complete a part of the main questline (this time it’s The Blameless City).

Candy Apples can be earned by defeating the M’nthster, there are various ways to do this…(More on this in a minute)

Formless Terrors


Yes, they’re still around for Act 3 and work exactly the same as they did in Act 1 and 2.

Act 3 Personal Prizes

ico_priz_thoh2015_currencybundleCrafting Resources- 180 indicator_candyapple
(50 Bones, 50 Brains, 50 Bunny Ears, 50 Snake Eggs)

apocalypsejeep_menuApu’s Apocalypse Jeep – 540 indicator_candyapple

ico_priz_homer_holiday_lgHoliday Homer- 2,160 indicator_candyapple

ico_priz_ufp_mdU.F.P- 5,040 indicator_candyapple

267px-Tapped_Out_Re-Neducation_CenterRe-Neducation Center- 9,270 indicator_candyapple

Act 2 Prizes

IF you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT TWO PRIZES” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright by each one left at the point you left off at.

New Craftables Added

Act 1 and Act 2 Craftables are still around but they’ve added 3 craftable items for Act 3.  

unlock_mrburns_ubo UBO- (Skin for Mr. Burns) 900 indicator_bunnyears 900 indicator_snakeeggs

biohazardwallse_menu Bio Hazard Wall- 75 indicator_skeletonbones

biohazardtower_menu Bio Hazard Tower- 300 indicator_zombiebrains


New Items in the Store

Besides Acorn Kirk and Squirrel Luann, which both arrived yesterday, there’s nothing new in the store….

Adults Earning Currency

This is NO LONGER available for Act 3.  If you send an adult on a task at the Simpson House, Kill-E-Mart or Krusty Murder they will NOT yield event currency.

Campfire Nightmare Spawns

Seeing a lot of confusion over this.  Here’s the deal….Nightmares will not Spawn in your town once Act 3 starts automatically.  They’ll be replaced with StarSpawns later in the questline (that will spawn Automatically).  HOWEVER…you can still spawn nightmares via an 8hr task with the kids later in Act 3 (Read below for more on that).

Once you start The Blameless City the TASK to Roast S’mores and spawn nightmares will disappear from the Campfire.  So they kids will no longer be able to go there to yield Nightmares like the have in the past (again, there’s another option just read below).  HOWEVER…during The Sandwich Horror (which takes at least 8hrs to complete), you can still send the kids to Roast S’mores at the Campfire.  Doing this task (which takes 4hrs) will yield the Nightmares as it always has.  As long as you’re on The Sandwich Horror. Once you start The Blameless City the task goes away.

So to make the most of it, spawn nightmares at the Campfire while doing The Sandwich Horror but DO NOT stop progress on the questline because you’re worried about nightmares.  Keep playing as you normally would…and you’ll unlock the new way to yield Nightmares (again details are below).

And please…don’t panic over this.  There are LOADS of ways to earn Candy Apples (i listed them all at the top) and you should have no problem getting all the prizes, with or without the nightmare spawns.

Earning Nightmares/Defeating the M’nthster/Star Spawns

Almost everything above you’ll see without completing any of the new questline (the new ways to earn Candy Apples you will not see).  However, once you complete some of the new questline that’ll trigger more Act 3 stuff to start. Completing the Sandwhich Horror initial task with Homer and the adults to Gather at the Simpsons House (x5) will trigger the rest of Act 3 to start….

The following appears AFTER you complete The Sandwich Horror

2015-11-04 08.08.25

Once you start The Blameless City (starts AFTER The Sandwich Horror) you’ll unlock the ability to “battle” the M’nthster.  Initially you’ll have to tap him out of the sky…and you simply tap on it 10 times.  This will award you 5 candy apples each time.
2015-11-04 08.08.43

Next you’ll be tasked with defeating the M’nthster at the Campfire.  This is a task at the Campfire that takes 4hrs to complete.  Once this triggers you will NO LONGER be able to send kids to make S’mores..This can only be done by Lisa, Milhouse, Martin & Bart.

Again once you start the Act 3 stuff you will NO LONGER be able to send kids to make S’mores to spawn nightmares.  So be careful how you trigger it….Nightmares will still spawn automatically, but not as they once did.  So DO NOT start The Blameless City unless you’re ready  (it will move else where later in the questline…but just be prepared to not be able to do it at the campfre) (in my game I was still able to send the kids to Roast S’mores once I had the Adults on The Sandwich Horror task, but I won’t know if they spawn anything until after we’ll see what happens there.  So the task will still be there during The Sandwich Horror, but for sure once you start the Blameless City the task will disappear from the Campfire)

After you defeat the M’nthster at the campfire, he’ll move to the Sunken Temple where you’ll once again have to defeat him.  This time you just tap 10 times again (like when he was in the sky), you’ll earn 10 Candy Apples each time.

2015-11-04 08.27.36

Once defeated at the Temple the M’nthster and the Temple will disappear…but they’ll both be back in 12hrs to defeat again!
2015-11-04 08.33.07

Star Spawn will appear once you’ve defeated the M’nthster at the Sunken Temple…they appear like nightmares (randomly) and you simply tap on them to clear them.  Tapping the Star Spawn will earn you crafting currency.  (random)


Hunting Nightmares is a task that’ll appear for your kids to do at the Brown House via the Something Strange in the Neighborhood quetline. It’s an 8hr a 4hr task (looks like EA lowered the time on 11/5) for the kids (Same ones from the Campfire) to do and it’ll spawn nightmares for you.  Each kid will spawn a DIFFERENT nightmare.  So the days of selecting all the kids to spawn 1 nightmare are over.  Here’s who spawns what and how many:

Bart, Database, Gino, Sherri and Terri & Laura spawn Skeletons.  2 for freemium 4 for premium 8 for Sherri and Terri
Milhouse, Ralph, Rod, Todd, Shawna, Jessica and Uter spawn Bunnies. 2 for Freemium 4 for Premium
Martin, Michael, Kearney, Greta, Jimbo and Squeaky Voiced Teen spawn Zombies.  2 for Fremium 4 for Premium
Lisa, Hugo, Nelson, Dolph and Janey spawn snakes.  2 for Freemium 4 for premuum

And that my friends is the details of Act 3 of THOH!  As always we’ll have more details as the day moves along and it’s not 3am here 😉

What are you’re thoughts on Act 3?  Excited about the prizes?  How about the new items? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

572 responses to “Treehouse of Horrors Act 3 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Should I be concerned blameless city part 5 just triggered for me with 6 hrs left on the event? Or are we meant to play this through to wrap up the story?

  2. I loved the event, but since we’re getting to the end, one burning question I have is if we will keep the sunken temple afterwards? I know it does nothing, but I still love it haha. Adds a nuce look to the water, I think.

  3. How do i get defeat m’nster at sunken temple? I have defeat him at the campfire many times now and it doesn’t go to sunken temple, that is my only task to be completed to get the extra donuts…

  4. I’m not producing any Starspawns anymore, is there something I need to do to get them to appear? I’m fighting at the campfire, I thought that was how?

  5. Whenever I have the kids spawn nightmares at the brown house I get everything but the skeletons even though I had the kids on the skeleton task. Why is this happening??

  6. How long does it take to defeat m’nsther ive been battling him 3-4 dys now. Im getting very annoyed

  7. I am at the blameless city and I need skeletons, I need bunnies……according to what each kid is supposed to spawn I should be getting them but all I am getting is zombies and snakes. So basically there is no way to complete the shopkeeper tasks anymore. Wow.

  8. This year the updates are dumb and confusing. I can’t spawn what I Need to complete the shop keeper tasks, annoying. I quit playing like I’ve done before with the monorail/recycle and the stupid heights. I’m over this craft garbage. I loved last year when you can send the kids trick or treating!! That was cool, plus skins and buildings for collecting candy. Simple& fun. Get it together EA.

    • Agreed. I need skeletons and there is no way to get all I need before the season is over.

    • i agree with this. i need 30 skeletons to complete day 1 shopkeepers task, but i only have bart and database. it’s been 3 days and i only have 14/30. ???? they spawn way to small a number for skeletons alone. tor the rest, i have a fairly good number of spawns every 4 hours. i could use the “neighbor tasks” but everyone is spawning “m’unthers” and not specific nightmares. xP is there a “go-around” on this.

      • That puts you halfway there in 2 days with 5 days left to get 16 more. Pretty sure you’re OK

        • TY. I actually found a reasonable work around with the split four houses. I tapped on the skeletons housed ones last and that allowed for more skeletons to spawn during that 15 min wait (besides the ones for Bart and Data). It kinda worked like letting Bart tell stories last … If you get what I mean. Anyways these skell spawns stopped as soon as I started collecting starspawns from my neighbors 1 hour later … But I got 4 extra skells during that hour. So I was happy. And did finally finished the skell squishing in this “sorta work~around” way.

      • I got 9 skeletons in neighbors’ towns the other day. Zero counted toward the shopkeeper’s task. Not the 1st time it has happened either as the squish snakes and rabbits tasks had the same thing happen. Way to go EA.


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