Christmas Challenges=Bonus Donuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Daily Challenges first arrived way back in 2014 with the Stoncutters Event, and since then EA has been improving on them with each Event.  Typically we’ll see prizes awarded each day for completing them, and last Christmas we saw a special bonus character for completing every challenge in 24 days!

Well with the 2015 THOH Event EA decided to sweeten the deal and award Bonuts (bonus donuts) for completing a week’s worth of tasks on time (5 tasks in 7 days).  And with the 2015 Christmas Event they’ve brought Bonuts back!


Let’s take a quick look at how to unlock the Daily Challenges and earn those sweet bonuts! (20/week)



Daily Challenges will unlock via the main questline, once you work your way through the initial few tasks you’ll see the Festive Spontaneity… Scheduled questline popup, this is what will trigger the Daily Challenges.

Each day you’ll be tasked with completing a challenge to earn a prize..the prize can be anything from a holiday themed decoration to crafting currency.  There will be five prizes/challenges each week.

2015-12-11 14.34.43

So what’s a week?  A week runs for 7 days, from Monday at 5am local time (YOUR local time) to 4:59 am local time (YOUR local time) the next Monday.  So you have a FULL 7 days to complete 5 tasks.

What happens once you clear all 5 tasks in one week?  You’ll earn 20 FREE Donuts!!!

2015-12-11 14.34.38

So let’s quickly rundown some of the basics…since I know several of you will be asking…

-Each day at 5am LOCAL time (YOUR local time) a new task will unlock
-Day 1 starts on a Monday and day 5 unlocks on Friday
-You have a FULL 7 days to complete 5 challenges.  Which means you have until 4:59am LOCAL time to complete all 5 tasks on the following Monday.
-You DO NOT have to complete the previous day’s challenge to unlock the next day’s challenge.  So in otherwords, if you don’t finish Day 1’s task on Monday you will still unlock Day 2’s task once the timer for it runs down.  So if one task seems daunting, don’t worry you have plenty of time to finish it, so don’t stress!

I will try to post the rundown of the week’s challenges on the Monday of each week, but remember it won’t be verified in it’s just a rough schedule.

There will be four total weeks of Daily Challenges, for a total of 80 FREE Donuts if you complete them all on time!

Here’s a quick look at the weeks:

-Week 1: 12/8/15- 4:59am 12/14/15
-Week 2: 5am 12/14/15- 4:59am 12/21/15
-Week 3: 5am 12/21/15- 4:59am 12/28/15
-Week 4: 5am 12/28/15- 4:59am 1/2/16

Again, I’ll try my best to post the week’s challenges each Monday when they reset, for those of you who like to plan ahead.

What are your thoughts on the daily challenges?  Thoughts about the FREE donuts?  How have you done with the challenges this week so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

152 responses to “Christmas Challenges=Bonus Donuts!

  1. I do have the tree but dies not show that I have actually achieve the items

  2. I already purchased the slightly irregular Christmas tree extra before the daily challenge popped up for it and now it won’t acknowledge that I already achieved it what do I do?

  3. So…can anyone else not complete today’s challenge? I’d already crafted the irregular trees, and can’t craft another one.

  4. Anyone lost doughnuts? I’ve lost 200, even blamed the kids they haven’t played my game😕

  5. RE: Snowman Homer…

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but I completed all the daily challenges last week to produce the muscular snowman homer, and now I can’t find him. I think I clicked through too quickly, but I don’t see him in my Springfield or my inventory. Possibly I placed him somewhere accidentally but can’t see him easily because everything is white with snow and I’m playing on my phone screen.

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to locate him, or get him back if he’s missing?

  6. some how I ended up getting 200 instead of 20 either that or I got 180 free from somewhere else before I finished the 5 tasks on Saturday I had 99 doughnuts I saw the message about the 20 free doughnuts but never really looked at the count this morning I turned on the game and I had 299 doughnuts only other things I did since Saturday was tap hundreds of the holiday guys and I unlocked the heights pier didn’t get the monorail bonus so can’t be that and I didn’t level up

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