Servers Down…Again

Update: Just about 5pm on the east cost of the US and I’m successfully back into my game….looks like EA’s rolling everyone back into their games.  So hopefully if you’re stuck you’ll get back in shortly. 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick update…looks like the servers are down once again.  And it’s similar to what happened at the start of Act 2.  (and this one is impacting me as well)

You go into your game and you get the dreaded Bart Screen.  Then you hit retry and you get a popup saying you’ve logged out of your game, would you like to log in again.  When you try to put your current password in it pops up saying an error occured.  VERY ANNOYING.

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And now i’m seeing this message when i hit login on the Splash Screen…


Not sure if they were hacked again, or something else is going on.  But for now know that they’re down for many players…and more and more are realizing it as they approach their 4hr mark to log back in.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation here and see what if anything transpires…

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  1. Can’t get into the game. Doughnut starts to spin very slowly…stops…starts…then stops…leaves game. This has gone on since yesterday early afternoon.

  2. Is anyone else having problems with getting the Bart screen? I’ve restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled, and I’m still getting the screen.
    If it’s a system-wide problem then I won’t have to contact EA Help, which is as much fun as washing my face with a cheese grater.

  3. Oooops.. You don’t have sufficient privileges to access this forum

    That’s the message I get when going to TSTO EA Forum.

    • Me too. What does that mean do you know? I cant find the tapped out forum page i always go to..

      • Since you are used to the forum…and the way they communicate…it won’t offend you whenI say, SCROLL!!! Answered this a bunch ..

        It’s down. Under repair. No word on when. Has nothing to do with this site.

  4. Is TSTO EA forum down as well? I could not get on as of late yesterday afternoon.

  5. Are the servers down again?! It’s 2:46 CST on September 14th, and I’m getting Bart again. Anyone else?

  6. My game is still messed with up beyond annoyed!!!!!!!

  7. talon8770 // rick m

    Ive also been playing Simpsons all day with no problems since 330 am almost got the first prize 3/4 way there

  8. talon8770 // rick m

    I recently read somewhere (think it was pc gaming) on line that there servers were going down due to very high demand for the beta testing release of their game Battlefield 1 before its release in October. Its been impossible for me to download, it messages servers are full.

  9. I finally got back on. I had sent everyone on a 1 hour job and it was 5 hours before I could log back in. Doh!

  10. I wish I had checked again for your post before I went crazy between 6 am and 5 pm trying to get into the game. I had all the exact same error screens.
    I checked TSTO Addicts first before I started researching I must have done it just before your post.
    On one of the many help screens there is a mention of a server issue, but it was posted on September 1st!
    I eventually put in a help ticket, of course when I tried accessing the game (yet again), I was finally able to get in.
    Thank you Alissa for always being on top of all things TSTO!

  11. Is it worth contacting ea about my missing Gil deal for Maggie? I never got the offer but I’d like go buy her.

  12. Yes ! I’m back into my game .

    But any time you throw antimatter into the black hole you are going to have trouble . ⚫

    See ya bye . Shine on you Crazy Diamond . 👽

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