Sci-Fi XP Farming: What to Craft to Increase Your XP (When You’re Done Crafting What You Want)

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Popping in quick with a post about what to craft with all those Future Bucks when you’re all done crafting everything you really want in Springfield.

Or as a better way to put it…what’s the best item to craft over and over again to gain the most XP to increase your level up donuts.

For those who don’t know what XP farming is, it’s basically a method of turning on your XP Collider (yes even though it costs donuts) and then purchasing one item or another (Rat Trap Trucks and Bloodmobiles are the most commonly used) to gain loads of XP to level up quickly.  Leveling up quickly results in free donuts (since you gain donuts each time you level up).  Therefore XP farming = free donuts.

For those still confused we have a post about it here and we’ll be doing another post about it once the event is over.

Now, what should you craft to get the most bang for those leftover future bucks?  Let’s find out…


Full Disclosure:  It’s entirely possible that once this post goes live EA will go in and patch the game to change the XP payout of these items…so do this while you can.

Also, make sure you’ve crafted everything else that you want first before doing this (unless what you want just requires Robot parts…then you can use all your future bucks).  Don’t miss out on items for your Springfield because you got caught up in XP Farming…

And another note…Fair Warning…this is SLOW GOING.  It’s not going to be leveling up a ton at once.  We’re talking very slow moving.  So you may want to do this when you’re ready to XP Farm other items as well.  I crafted 138 signs and I only leveled up once, and 3/4 of the way to another.  So it’s VERY slow going.  BUT that being said…it’s free and a way to finish off those future bucks.

Now while I will break every single item down…for those who just like to skim posts, the best item to craft is:

ico_priz_scifi_vacationonvenusbillboard_lg The Vacation to Venus Sign!

While only costing  180indicator_scifi_futurebucks (or Robot Parts if you still have Demos available), it has a base payout of 100xp.  Far and away the BEST XP payout for any item you can craft.  (The next closest is 30xp)

And while some of you may prefer to farm craftable buildings for Cash and XP as well..for those with plenty of in-game cash on hand this is the quickest and best way to level up to earn those bonuts.

So turn on that XP Collider and travel to Venus!

The downside of course is you’ll have loads and loads of Vacation to Venus signs that you can’t sell.  So your inventory will be stock full of them.  But the upside is you’ll have plenty of Bonuts to make you smile.  (at least until EA changes the XP payout for placing it lol)

Remember it’s important to turn on your Collider to maximize your XP payouts for this.  Even if that means spending donuts to turn it on....


Now what about everything else?  Want to know how much XP the other items pay out?  Let’s take a look….

Note: These are just for the items that are NOT unique and you can craft multiples of.  The unique items I have not listed here, because well..they’re unique.  So you can’t do any kind of farming with them

This is also the BASE XP that’s paid out for each item.  This does not include any multipliers for Conform-O-Meter, Springfield Heights, the XP Collider, or anything else.  This is simply the base you can multiply your bonuses off of.

Item XP Earned When Placed Payout, if Applicable
Holo Tulips 2 XP n/a
Future Streetlamp XP n/a
Vacation to Venus 100 XP n/a
Hover Street Sign 13 XP n/a
Domicile 28 XP $200,20xp/12hrs
Hover Bench 15 XP n/a
Holo-Tree 4 XP n/a
Mushroom Ofice 20 XP $200,20xp/12hrs
Luminescent Flowers 4 XP n/a
Mobile Dome 30 XP n/a
Fountain of Tomorrow 18 XP n/a
Parked Hover Car 25 XP n/a
Retro Townhouses* 19 XP $60,6xp/2hrs
Global Housing 30 XP $300,30xp/24hrs
Johnson’s Teleporters Billboard 25 XP n/a
Office Towers 30 XP $150,13xp/8hrs

*If you can get into your game every 2hrs (minus the 8hrs you spend sleeping), the Retro Townhouses are the best item to farm for Game Cash and XP.  As it offers the highest payout over 16hrs/day (24hrs-8hrs spent sleeping).  Logging in every 2hrs for 16hrs a day to farm the Townhouses will yield you $480 and 48xp/day.

But again, as you can see the Vacation to Venus Sign is THE BEST item to craft if you’re just looking to farm XP.

So as I said above…turn on that XP Collider and craft those Vacation to Venus signs with any and all left over Future Bucks you have.

What are your thoughts on XP Farming?  Have you been crafting any items to yield the XP?  Already onto the Vacation to Venus sign?  If not, what have you been crafting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

140 responses to “Sci-Fi XP Farming: What to Craft to Increase Your XP (When You’re Done Crafting What You Want)

  1. Sooooooooo not worth the time unless you’ve already ran out of cash. The amount of time I just spent crafting 167 signs (before running out of future bucks for now) barely got me halfway towards the next level. Then I switched back to good ole BloodMobiles, and leveled up around 25 times after no more than a third to half the time spent crafting the signs (with around 80 BMs or less I think). So for the same amount of XP-Collider-active time, I clearly should’ve been buying more BMs instead of crafting.

    Crafting is especially painfully slow since you’re forced to wait through that animation with the future bucks getting consumed, per item crafted.

    I certainly won’t recommend spending the 5+ donuts turning on XP Collider purely for crafting the signs.

  2. Wow I made over 450 donuts thanks to your advice. What was I saving all that cash for lol

  3. Wanted to stop in and thank you again Alissa for the great idea. I just cashed in my current load of future bucks for 116 billboards (to bad you can’t sell them to unload them from inventory). It is a real shame that the buildings don’t pay out better, with their humongous size and low payout they are just not worth the space they take up.

  4. I have like 20k purple bucks but I am super struggling to craft the remaining items. I want Homers house so bad ! I play at least every 4 hours and I have every premium character or building possible for this event and still was on the struggle bus. I just unlocked the costingtons but don’t have enough to craft it. I’m at 0 robot parts lol. Ugh so frustrating . It’s become a real job during these events.

  5. Since the end of Level Updates, using the XP Collider just makes you get bonuts more quickly, but there´s no real bonuts profit, am I wrong? Of course you may need to get bonuts quickly if you´ve run out of them.

    • Oooh – another Sandra! 🙂

      If you’re asking whether you can make more donuts than it costs you to run the collider, I’d say it depends on what you do while you’re running it. If you farm rat trap trucks or something else profitable, then you can easily make a large profit in terms of donuts doesn’t to donuts earned. (Of course, depending on what and how you farm, you may use up a lot of your cash.)

      • I’ve spend 5 🍩 To fire up the XP-collider. At the end 2,100 🍩

        • What are you buying, if you don’t mind me asking?

        • I’ve never earned anywhere near that kind of a return, but, then again, I’ve probably never had as much amassed cash as you, I didn’t take advantage of the levels glitch (because too many people were reporting getting locked out of their games at the time) and didn’t really take advantage much of the $220 KEM glitch (I did do some KEM farming during that, but still at a very modest level….never did 100s of them). However, I still make a profit on what I spend on the collider, but at a *much* more modest level. (I’ve never had 1,000s of donuts…just happy to have over 1,000 right now, for the first time ever, after several weeks of running the collider and doing some very modest KEM farming.)

          (BTW – I’m not saying any of this to criticize you at all, Rudolph….just wanted to show that, white there’s definitely a profit to be made, for most folks, it’s probably going to be a more modest one, like mine, than an amazing one, like yours.)

      • Before the end of Level updates, you could win up to 3 bonuts each round when you reached the top of XP, (supossing you were in the last level), now you can only win one with each level. Anyway, thanks for your advice, I had a try with XP collider and it´s been a great profit so far! As you said, if you have lots of money to buy certain items, it really pays. 5 bonuts well invested!

        • once you hit the “final” level (939), you will again have the chance to win up to 3 bonuts every time you fill up the xp meter.

        • Once you reach level 939 (the last level), you’ll go back to getting the three bonut boxes, with the potential to win three donuts. On the downside, you’ll need $1M to fill the meter then, instead of the $500K you need at the levels before that.

  6. Mushroom offices are by far the best to craft if you have space, if you can log in every 2 hours, 7 times a day (who is playing this often? Lol) then sure get the townhouses but I’ve done the math and made a post on EA Forum (which is down) showing how the Mushrooms are best.

  7. I’m starting to think you might be a little bit of a genius here Alissa… 😉

  8. I’m missing something. If you turn on the collider for five donuts and only leveled up once (and then some) did you make donuts? I thought you got three per level up. I know it’s me who is missing something because you are an expert.

    • After level 60 it’s one per level. And no. Not only leveling up once. Which is why I said you’re better off doing a round of other farming with this (Kwik-E-Marts, Blood Mobiles etc)

  9. sometimes i wonder why alissa even bothers….

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