Episode Tie-In In-Game Update: Havana Wild Weekend (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

An in-game update just hit our devices….it’s an episode tie-in to go with this Sunday’s new episode of The Simpsons, Havana Wild Weekend.

Starts off with some dialogue between Marge and Homer.

Going through everything myself…so back with more in a bit…


So as mentioned above when you start up the game you’ll have some dialogue between Marge and Homer…

Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 1
Auto start

Marge: Is everything all right, Homie?  You have that “I-ate-everything-in-the-fridge” sad look, but there’s still food in the fridge.
Homer: I’ve got those things Lisa plays on her sax.
Marge: The blues?
Homer: No, the keys.  Keys to the same sucky car I’ve been driving for 20 years.  It doesn’t even have a brand.  There comes a time in a man’s life when he wants to drive a brand-name car.
Marge: We can’t afford a new car, but maybe you can boost your mood by fixing up your old car.  In some cultures, men express themselves by personalizing their cars.
Homer: In my culture, men express themselves by not expressing themselves..then going nuts.
Make Homer Fix Up His Car- 30m, Earns $40, 10xp

Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Homer List Out Required Features- 30m, Earns $40, 10xp
Make Grampa Scour the Classifieds- 30m, Earns $40, 10xp

At this point you’ll unlock the Oldsmobile…


Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Lisa Fix Up the Car- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Make Grampa Fix Up the Car- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Make Homer Eat a Giant Sandwich- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

At this point you’ll upgrade the Oldsmobile…


Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Homer Make Vroom-Vroom Sounds- 30m, Earns $40, 10xp

Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 5
Homer starts

Reach Level 19 and Build the Retirement Castle
Make Grampa Ogle the Chassis- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp


Ogle the Chassis will become a Permanent Task for Grampa.

You’ll also be able to toggle back and forth between the different looks of the car…



One Premium Item in the Store…

havanahome_menuHavana Private Home- 60 Donuts, 5×12 in size. Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs (yes I’ll have a SIB on this one)

And that’s it for this little mini update.  Old school Episode tie-in!

Basically a free car (decoration) and 1 premium building…just enough to keep us intrigued about this Sunday’s episode…


What are your thoughts on the episode tie-in?  Excited to get another car for Springfield?  Think you’ll pick up the Havana Home?  Excited about this Sunday’s episode?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

55 responses to “Episode Tie-In In-Game Update: Havana Wild Weekend (Updated and Complete)

  1. Any idea where I find this in my inventory as it went missin and EA have put it back and said just to hunt and it will be there but I’ve looked and can’t find it. Thanks

  2. So we got another item that resets after I play the Chiliad. This is getting rEAlly anoying…

  3. I am happy to say The Shinning Hotel invisibility problem is fixed for me! I guess the patch came thru with this download but i am not sure because i just noticed today that the hotel is “normal.”

  4. PLEASE, can anybody knowledgeable give me a link for CONTACT EA outside of USA? I am living in South Africa.
    Practically I don’t have the tie-in because game is teasing me by constantly downloading it, in and out, in and out.

  5. Wish they’d allow cars to rotate all four directions. The limitation makes it seem like nobody wants to watch the drive-in movies :’c

    While I’m complaining –
    Give us a Maggie shortcut upon tapping the Playdough Factory or mutiny!!

  6. Always happy to get a new car, I would love more. Makes my town actually look like a town, Would be great if we could put them on the road but I have a few car parks I can put them in. This new one is in the Retirement Castle car park, which is fitting. It’s a great looking car too. 🙂

  7. Something happened when I was trying to reply. Sorry if message will appear twice.
    I was NEVER successful contacting EA. They NEVER replied or helped me.
    I am in South Africa and I can’t call EA on the phone.
    PLEASE tell me WHERE exactly I can contact EA with more success in helping me. I know calling is the best option but is impossible for me.
    Thanks again for your help, support and advice given for our beloved game all these years to all of us.:))

  8. I got the update yesterday and played the questline today before reading this post. I was very happy to see the new car, escpecially to switch between the two skins of it. Nice surprise 😉

  9. Something happened when was trying to reply. So I am replying again. Sorry if will appear twice.
    I was NEVER successful contacting EA. They NEVER replied or helped me.
    I’m in South Africa and I can’t call EA on the phone.
    PLEASE, tell me where exactly can I contact EA with more success in helping me. I know calling is the best but impossible for me.
    Thanks again for your support, help and advice given all these years for our beloved game. :))

  10. My tie in came yesterday, was coming back in the game for point 3. Was surprised that was downloading AGAIN updates. When I got in the game, WHOLE tie in was gone like was never there and the Homer and Grandpa were free doing nothing. Tried to get in and out of game, in Krustyland, by the neighbours, nothing helped. Playing the game for nearly 4 years and don’t fancy to uninstall and install again because is huge task. Any other suggestions please? Another thing: the tie in is time bound or can wait till Halloween event is finished and have time for this nonsense. Thank you very much for your help.

    • Beyond uninstall and reinstall, contact EA.

    • Its actually quite easy to uninstall and reinstall…just make sure u open an origin account.

    • Hi there I also completed the questline update was done via data completed questline via data got car even placed it and then stored car but as soon as I switched to wifi the update reversed and now there is no car in my storage as well all in game updates are doing this for me plz advise many thanks ps: I uninstall n reinstall always but still end off in the same position🙈

  11. Is this a quest I need to start now? Or is it something that can wait?

  12. Thanks for letting us all know about the new windmill bonus! I had some in storage, many in KL & 2 on the boardwalk. I thought they looked a bit like stores that would sell Dutch Poffertjes. My apologies to Dutch people if I’ve spelled the name wrong for their tasty donut type treats!

    Glad to have the extra % bonus from a building that I actually like!

  13. I haven’t seen, and didn’t know about, this update until I came to this page looking for something else. I guess this is another “Kindle users have to wait” thing.

  14. I love the look of the Havana private home. Bought it right away. It looks swanky on my coast line.

  15. I just wish we could put the cars on the street. And better yet, make them move.

  16. As much as this tie in is pretty sweet I have to say I really hope there is an update that extends the amount of land. Perhaps for Xmas? Do you think that might be the case?

  17. I did put the car in storage …. So no interest…. But every storyline is nice.. !!!

  18. Free car 🙂

  19. As someone who is of Cuban ethnicity I was pleasantly surprised with this mini challenge. Picked up the house, now just waiting for the upgrade and the new task for abuelo.

  20. talon8770 // rick m

    that car is a Caddy not an Oldsmobile. lol my download was not even noticeable it was that quick

  21. Fyi: the Havana private home comes with a quest line for Bumble Bee Man. I got it right away because a) I’m a completionist with serious TSTO OCD issues (I tap hourly!); b) I like the looks of it and it fits in with an appartment section in my town; 3) no third reason. I just wanted to say “a), b), 3)”…
    Not sure yet how long BBM’s quest is, and if it will add a permanent task for BBM like the Springfield appt’s did for Lenny. Since BBM is a premium character not everyone will benefit, but for those who have him it may help in the decision whether to buy or not to buy.

  22. If you have stored some windmills – place them!
    They add 0.75% bonus now.
    (won’t buy them for 30 O, but fortunately i had some of them)

  23. So, are they ever going to fix the toggle problem after playing the insanity pepper game?

  24. Ps got star line commander, so another classic car great, isn’t it about time cars can go on the roads?????

  25. Don’t seem to get the new episodes over here UK on fox???, great mini event

  26. the most useless, boring ti-in yet.

    • What a negative opinion for a tie in that I think is pretty cool. Most tie ins are small, unless premieres or a big episode, and compared to tie ins where we only get a bit of dialogue I think this is quite cool.
      An upgradeable car, a permanent task for Grandpa and a new item seems good for a tie-in

  27. Cute but underwhelming. I don’t see myself toggling between the cars facade. Wish it had a new freemium decoration or at least had Grampa’s new task be a new duration like 2hr instead of another 4hr. That would be much more useful.

    • Ooops, I see it is a separate car. For some reason I thought it was the regular Simpson car with a new facade. Silly me.

  28. I had to do some fancy footwork on my tablet to get this latest download which is very frustrating. I just got this tablet this year and I only have *this* game download on it. 🙁

  29. They really need do something regarding the size of the updates. I’m getting tired of having to delete stuff off my table every time a new update comes out.

    • alex - aabcampos2

      very little download on IOs devices….

      • Very little to download on Android too, approximately 5 mb. Still I’m required to have about 1.4 gb free to be able to download.

        • Agreed. I have to delete the Family Guy game (which for some reason, installs as 200 Mb then grows beyond 1 Gb over the week), load the TSTO update, then go back and install Family Guy. Painful, but it’s what I have to do…on iOS 🙂

    • Try going into Itunes, removing the app and then installing the game again. For some people it can fix the problem of saying there isn’t enough space when you clearly do. If it comes back down the road, rinse repeat. 🙂

    • This is actually a quite small update. However, the way EA displays the update download progress can be quite misleading. When it says “Downloading a/b (x MB/y MB)” it doesn’t actually download all this stuff when it is already on the device. All items that are already downloaded and unchanged will simply be skipped/counted until all x/y items have been processed. The total size is increasing during this for all data files, but only new/modified items are actually downloaded.

      • Yes, but it still requires us to have 1.5gb free on our devices, even if it’s only actually adding/changing 15mb.

        Wicked frustrating when you have 1.2gb free…

  30. So this is the large download that is holding my phone hostage!! 🙂

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