12/14 In-Game Update: Minor Game Changes (and Bonus % Drops)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a few changes today’s in-game update brought.  Now I know these likely aren’t all of them, I haven’t had a chance to download the files yet.  But these are the changes I could see in my game immediately…


Pagans are now paying out 15 Antlers ico_cur_xmas2016_antlers_lg (Previously 10), 2 Runestones ico_cur_xmas2016_runestones_lg (unchanged) and 1 Guilt Dust ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg (for Gnome upgrades, previously they didn’t drop from pagans) when tapped in your town.

Neighbor rewards are unchanged.


Pagan Fences if you purchase Gil’s deal and the Pagan Fences are in your store, you can now purchase 8 of the for 10 donuts.  Instead of 1 for 10 donuts.  This makes them a much better buy.  HOWEVER, they also changed the bonus % earned for them it’s no longer .25% per fence.  Now it’s .05%/fence.  So all 8 fences award a .40% bonus.

So if you’ve purchased Gil’s deal and noticed your bonus percent dropped 1.2% that is why…as the bundle has gone from offering a 6.5% overall bonus to a 5.3% bonus.   All the more reason why it’s not a good buy….


So far that’s all I’ve got change wise.  But once I pull the files I’ll dig through to see if anything else changed and I’ll update this post if so.

Have you noticed anything else?  Thoughts on these changes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


111 responses to “12/14 In-Game Update: Minor Game Changes (and Bonus % Drops)

  1. Can a tech savy someone/ anyone tell me why these updates are so massive now? There seems to have been more than a couple of udates over 1000MB this week, ie my monthly data allowance each time, which is fine if you have over half an hour to spend sitting where there is wi-fi, but they keep dropping these between home and work for me in the mornings (seems to be about 8ish) and then i miss a whole days action.

  2. So a second update now in two days! I actually don’t have wi-fi at work, so when they drop these updates at 8am Eastern time I am unable to play all day, so with two updates in as many days at the end of Act 1, I have lost all ability to earn the last 2 prizes. Bad Bad Bad

  3. Has anyone else lost their sea monster ? The one those appears with a whoosh of a wave and disappears again if you tap it. No matter how many times I tap the castle it would cling to, it doesn’t appear anymore 🙁

  4. Just out of curiosity – should we continue to hoard catnip and figures after we get all the prizes in anticipation of Act 2, or will they become moot as there will be new currency?

    Btw, You guys are AWESOME!!!!

  5. Just a question if anyone else had had this issue
    On my A game (android) I received a Santa Flanders, it appeared in my inbox and I have seen the updates
    On my B game (kindle) I have not seen the updates and no Santa Flanders
    Any Thoughts ?

  6. My railyard is no longer offering bonuts. Is this correct? Was it turned off for the winter event?

    • I just received my 5 bonuts (plus 5 track segments) from the fifth (25,000 blueprints) level. What was your prize for that level? As I recall, when a Monorail Tunnel was the prize, no bonuts were included.

    • Got bonuts the same as usual this week, at level 5 with track pieces.

  7. Thanks to the people at EA. They have finally fixed the download. I no longer receive the message you are out of space when I have 300MB of free disk space. The download must have been changed to work out what really needs to be downloaded, instead of just checking the full download size and then raising the not enough disk space message. Thank you. It saved me waiting for 700MB to download

  8. I may have shot myself in the foot with that ‘inventory replication’ glitch months ago. It was/is the only glitch I’ve ever taken advantage of and I went a little overboard with it; okay okay a lot overboard, as who really needs 50 Homer Decoys!? I never planned to use most of the stuff (except Monorail Track and Monsarno Walls) but figured: why not? If it will let me then I might as well, maybe one day I could use some extras of things.

    They have since added %bonus to certain items. If I want to have the maximum %bonus I can have then this is what I need to have out in my town at all times:
    -100 Ice Sculpture Family Couch Gags
    -100 Windmills
    -53 Two Story Outhouses
    -51 Human Test Subjects
    -50 Outdoor Fireplaces
    -10 Igloos

    What to do? What to do? That probably totals to like 300%, but also looks terrible.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the dozens and dozens of Tennis Courts and Wailing Walls that are already out in my town. Let me know if anybody has any design ideas for all that. 😜

    • I’d just try to hide as much as I can behind buildings and large decorations….that’s one good thing about those huge Springfield Heights buildings…they can hide a lot of stuff, lol!

    • I have walled off an area in SH for XP items that are not currently in use in my town…they are lined up and stored against the mountains.
      Think of it as XP farming…for 300%, you can get a little creative.

  9. I don’t know if it is global, but I’m from Brazil and the price of the donuts in the pink shop almost DOUBLED. Anyone else noticed?

    • alex - aabcampos2

      I´m also from Brazil and the proces dont chage (iOS)

    • That sort of thing is not global; the US dollar amount has never changed. It’s usually going to be that the exchange rate has changed and your app store has increased rates to compensate, and/or a law has been passed in your country increasing taxation on digital purchases.

  10. Not too impressed by the fences update. I spent donuts on LOTS of fences for the sake of making my pagan area look complete and now I have over 200 fences **I don’t need** in my inventory (with associated bonuses I can’t really use without making my Springfield look ugly) and a lower XP bonus. Why not instead refund us our donuts instead of giving us an oversupply of unnecessary fences!!!

    • They compensated the deal already. Think about it, if you buy a car from a dealer today, and they lower the price of it month after, are you going to ask the money back? What will they give to you? Or if you buy eggs from store and tomorrow they half the prices, you going to ask half back? What if they gave you one package for free, you going to be happy?

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