Where Did THAT Come From- Flanders’ Frozen Car

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea for me to tackle writing a WDTCF on Flanders’ Frozen Car.  Now I know I don’t do this often, or at all really, but every so often I enjoy going back and watching episodes when new items hit our stores.  This case was no exception.  The arrival of Flanders’ Frozen Car in our stores gave me a chance to go back and watch a classic snow filled episode of The Simpsons from way back in 2000….

As I broke down in the SIB post, Flanders; Frozen Car is a premium item available for purchase in our stores throughout the Winter Event.  Once purchased it does come with a bit of dialouge.  Some dialouge that leads us nicely into our WDTCF….

Homer: Hey Flanders, remember that time I crashed your car into a hydrant and it froze solid?
Ned: Then you crashed it into a salt silo and it rusted all over.
Homer: Haha, that’s the natural give-and-take of our relationship.  I give, you take.
Flanders: THEN you got high on exhaust fumes and crashed it into another hydrant!
Homer: Give and take.
Flanders: But when does it ever end?
Homer: Don’t worry.  Sooner or later I’m bound to not walk away from crashing your car into something hilarious.

So let’s take a look at what the heck they’re talking about and where it showed up…
Season 12, Episode 8: Skinner’s Sense of Snow

A “classic nor’easter meeting a classic sou’wester” hit Springfield dumping snow everywhere…and the kids are all anticipating having the day off from school, heck even the Power Plant is Closed…only to be let down because Skinner doesn’t want his “Cal Riplen-like streak of school openage” to end.  Looks like it’s off to school for Bart and Lisa…


After spending the entire day in school it’s time to finally go home and start Christmas break.  Only to find out the selfishness of Skinner’s streak has gotten them snowed in…at school!


Of course Homer has a plan to save the kids.  And naturally it involves Flanders’ car, Flanders’ roof…and oh yea, Flanders.  Homer’s cut off a section of Ned’s roof to use it as a snow plow, attaching it to the front of Ned’s car..


Of course Ned wonders what happened to Homer’s plow from his Mr. Plow business (as it would be perfect in this situation)…naturally Homer has no recollection of owning a plow business, despite wearing his Mr. Plow jacket…


So off they go to save the kids…singing “Call Mr. Plow. That’s my name. That name again is Mr. Plow”.

Visibility is terrible but they’re making progress. Homer’s little makeshift Flanders plow is working.  It’s off to save the kids!


As Homer and Flanders get caught up in a catchy song..that Homer insists he wrote as a tribute to Princess Di ..and Dodi…he doesn’t notice the hydrant he’s about to hit..


Uh oh….

Homer and Ned plow into the fire hydrant causing it to break open all over Ned’s car, and because it’s so cold out the water instantly freezes..



They’re stuck.  Frozen inside of the car.  The only option now is to inhale the exhaust fumes from the running engine, only makes sense to leave it on until they forget their troubles…


As Homer’s taken away to wild hallucination of dancing ladies, camels and a whole lotta ranch dressing.  Something comes flying through the window of the car!  It’s nibbles the class hamster that Skinner sent out to get help, to stop the rebellious students who were taking over the school.  Nibbles comes flying through the window…


They’re free! Once the car fully defrosts Homer takes off again to save the kids! He realizes the car has cruise control so he leans over and says “school please” and let’s the car do the work…


Of course, as Ned yells, that’s now how it works! And he sets the car on a collision course with the Cracker Factory silos! Homer doesn’t realize until it’s too late and crashes Ned’s car clear into the Salt Silo!


Ironically, as only Homer can do, the salt silo tips over and salt flies down the mountain, covering…the snowed in Elementary School! The salt melts the snow and Homer saves the children!


As they head home with Rod, Todd, Bart & Lisa in tow we catch a glimpse of Ned’s poor car…all rusted out and barely running.  And somewhere along the line it lost it’s roof plow….but it got the job done!  And Homer saved the kids, with a little help from a camel hamster…1274356

There you have it, a really funny holiday episode that brought us lots of cool items for our game… now drops another fun decoration for our towns!

And thanks for putting up with a WDTCF from me..

Have you purchased the frozen car?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Do you remember this episode? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. FXX has lots of Christmas themed Simpsons episodes airing over the next several days. I have this one set to record on Monday, Dec. 19, at 10pm.

  2. I gladly shelled out the sprinkles cuz this is one of my favorite episodes! So many quotable parts.
    I texted my sister a question the other day and she replied “I don’t know… internet? ”


  3. I watched this episode with my daughter the other day, she said she would get out and walk home! Which in turn made me think about a play I was in in HS. We did a play “Help, I’m trapped in a High School!” It was awesome!

  4. Anyone else having server trouble?

  5. BREAKING NEWS: In game up date. I’m getting blue gnome meth when I tap Pagans now.

  6. Today’s in-game update affected my bonus % for like 1.x% less, do you have any idea what could’ve changed? Thanks!!!

  7. Is this the same episode where the kids take over the school and has the creepy but hilarious double entendre from skinner where he says “now nibbles chew through my ball sack”

  8. “… And somewhere along the line it lost it’s roof plow…” Amusingly enough, I think you caught that moment in your screenshots: it appears to be breaking off right as they hit the fire hydrant.

  9. But does it come with a ranch dressing hose?!?!

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