Snow, Snow Go Away…Come Again Another Update…


I love the snow. Let’s not forget this point, as you read the rest of this lament about snow.  I love the way our Springfield’s, and for that matter, our actual, real-life, towns look, when they are cloaked in a layer of beautiful, white, freshly fallen snow.

There is something magical about the quiet…the way snow insulates and dulls the sounds in the early morning when you first get up.  It is peaceful, beautiful, and often times rewards children (and teachers) with a “snow day,” to frolic, relax, and have fun.

In short…snow is wonderful!

Until it isn’t…
In Eugene, here in the Willamette Valley where the REAL Springfield sits just across I-5, snow is a rarity. I joke about Eugene being in the “banana belt” of Oregon. On average, we usually get one or  two days a year when the white stuff coats the trees, hills and forests around us. Usually one. Many years, none.

When we got Snow in TSTO at the beginning of the Winter Update (and no…we aren’t going to debate Christmas/Holiday/Winter again), my much better half, remarked, “Oh…your little town looks so nice. I hope we get some snow this year!”

She’s like that. Upbeat. Sweet. Positive (even if she knows it makes me nuts when she calls my TSTO Springfield my “little town”). She is a school teacher of the most extraordinary type, who still rewards her class for long periods of good behavior and scholastic achievement with a field trip to the movies, or the bowling ally, or the roller skating rink. Her kids work hard…play hard…and deserve the rewards.

The first wrinkle in “Mrs. Miller’s” perfect Winter Break, was that two days before the break was to start, we received a gigantic ice storm…as in the worst in 25 years. It destroyed thousands of trees…shut down power for more than 75% of the Eugene/Springfield area, and ended up keeping the kids and teachers home, for what was supposed to be their Holiday Party day.


Mrs. Miller was not pleased. But, she got through it…knowing that Christmas, and two of our girls (out of five) were coming for an extended holiday stay.  However…the ice stuck around…and around…and around. Planes were delayed…travel plans made more dangerous…but we got through it with minor hitches.

“What do you do in your little town when there is an ice storm” I remember her asking one morning.

“We don’t have ice storms. But, look how pretty my town looks with the snow, and all of the Christmas lights on!” I offered. “Look! Homer is clearing the snow on his lawnmower!”

She did not seem enthused.

By week two of the ice, the neighborhood looked like a war zone…but the kids had come and gone…Christmas a success…in spite of reduced travel.

And then…just before everyone was to go back to school after “Winter Break,” Mrs. Miller got her wish…and it snowed. A lot. At least for us. Nearly 4″ of snow overnight. She went into full-blown “Winter Wonderland” kid mode.

We built a snowman (using a kit she got from one of her students for Christmas). We had “hot toddies” on the porch. We hunkered in…and enjoyed the rest of “winter break” together.


And then…when everyone was scheduled to go back to school…school was canceled again….and then again…

It was projected to warm up  before the weekend…Nope. Another ice storm.


Another thick layer of ice…and to cap it all off, some varmint (most likely one of the “Christmas Raccoons” we have around here) made off with the nose, buttons, and glasses of our snowman!

So now…we had a “Winter Sandwich” of a thick layer of ice…4 inches of snow…and another thick layer of ice. But the power stayed on. Netflix binging…football…and creative foraging for recipes that worked with whatever was left in the cupboard ensued.

Today…after cancelling school for a record 6th day for the year (which need to be made up in June…argh!), Mrs. Miller was allowed to go back to school…and all is well. Mostly.

There is more snow predicted for tomorrow.

So…who do you blame for this?

Is it all Mrs. Miller’s fault, because she wished for snow, while belittling the size and scope of snow in my “little town?”

Is it because Homer actually had the audacity to give up his “Mr. Plow” jacket to “downsizing and simplifying” in the most recent Simpsons episode?

Is all of this because EA finally angered God (or the Gods if you prefer) with such a mishmash of religious blasphemy during the past few weeks??

Or…is it all simply because Eugene is so ill-equipped to deal with severe weather (we have a grand total of TWO snow plows…and refuse to use salt on our streets due to the environmental impact), that we are deserving of being a target of Mother Nature (like mobile homes in tornadoes) when the temperatures dip below 40 degrees?

The fact of the matter is…I still love the snow. It is rare…and gives us all a chance to whine about the SAME thing for once (after a year of whining about opposite outcomes).

But, I get it. Snow can be an inconvenience. I haven’t touched a golf club in more than 8 weeks. That has to change soon…

What do YOU Think about Snow…either in your “little towns” or in your REAL lives?  Do you have stories or pictures to share about the Winter thus far (and yes…I realize we still have three more months of “official Winter”).

Let us know.  Snow in the forecast for tomorrow. I’ll let you know how Mrs. Miller fares. The bigger question is this…if we get weather in the mid-to-upper-40s as is predicted…will EA come out with a “Flood Mode” for our towns?

We’ll see…


109 responses to “Snow, Snow Go Away…Come Again Another Update…

  1. At the moment I work in Munich, and we’ve been having lots of snow already. But since this is entirely normal, life just goes on. Streets are swept and/or scattered with little stones – rarely with salt. No ice storms or blizzards as a rule. It only gets annoying when the snow is melting during the day and freezing again at night, and the streets get really slippery.

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  2. No snow in my real life. In fact, I’m melting in the 35-degree Summer…

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  3. Those of us living in the Portland metro area just got slammed with snow last night and this morning. We have about 8 inches of new snow on the ground at our house. Our dog seems to love it, but my wife and I are house bound now until this clears off the roads or gets plowed and sanded.


    • Most snow in one day here in the last 8 years. December, 2008 was the last really big snow event. We got 26 inches of snow in three days at our house back then. Most years we don’t get very much snow in the Portland area (as you know Patrick).


  4. Two friends wrote their Free Verse odes to winter yesterday and I include them here. One lives in Massachusetts, the other is in South Dakota.


    freezing snow
    blistered butts from falling down
    frozen puppy poops
    and yellow snow
    froze my brains
    house is deadly dry
    take a shower
    then breath a sigh


    Itchy skin, bloody nose
    falling down, crunchy snow
    dead batteries, messy windshields
    Dirty snow, icy roadways, in the ditch
    Where is Spring

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  5. It’d be nice if we could keep some squares snowy all year round. To go with the ice castle for example.

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  6. Here in the east of england we don’t get much snow, so when they say it’s due to snow this weekend I remain sceptical!

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  7. I grew up in NW MN (-46F Christmas of ’83), so snow is part of life there. Springfield is gonna be glad it had a longer winter when it begins noticing that the insect population is lower than after warmer winters.


  8. It’s winter… there is supposed to be snow. : )
    Therefore, let there be snow.
    (It would be neat if we could keep the snow in the game at least until the ground hog told us otherwise)

    If you live someplace where you do not get all 4 seasons that is kind of sad.
    Now bring on them the leprechauns!

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  9. I live in Texas, hardly ever get snow here, which sucks but is probably good in the overall scheme of things. This city and the drivers here would be useless in snow.

    What’s a “hot toddie”?


    • A hot beverage made with liquor (usually whiskey, rum, or brandy), water, and honey. Some places use sugar and spices such as clove, lemon slice, or cinnamon can be added. Some places also replace the water with ginger ale or tea. It’s nice to ward away the cold and damp, and some people feel it has medicinal properties to protect or heal from cold and flu.


  10. I’m a Southerner. We just had a snow ice “storm” (I know, that’s relative). I still have to say, that looks cool. Probably a b***h to deal with, but it LOOKS cool.


  11. Seeing snow in the middle of Summer is a bit weird. 35-40 C outside, and still snowing in the game. Winter is in the middle of the year and really only lasts a few weeks, with daytime temps from 15-25 C… And never any snow!

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    • Where are you from?


    • For anyone else who is curious about the conversion (I had to look it up), that’s 95-100 F
      and 59-77 F in the winter.

      Where do you live, shlubadub? I was having a conversation with a friend today about how much I hate winter (NE US) and want to live somewhere with your exact climate!

      summer forever ☀️☀️☀️

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      • I’m in Perth, Australia. 40 C is actually 104 F 🙂 You’ll probably get a couple of days a year up to 42 C (107.6 F), although the all-time record here is 46 C (114.8 F). Having said that, it’s not always that hot in Summer… you can generally expect 25-35 C days (77-95 F). Most cities are on the coast so the beach is never very far away and backyard swimming pools are very common (I have one, and I live in a normal house). Air-conditioning is very common, while central-heating is practically non-existent! I like to joke that we only have 3 seasons here: Summer (hot & dry), 1st Spring (Rain, cooler days, plants & flowers go crazy after Summer), Winter (Rain, colder temps for a few weeks, plants sleep but weeds go crazy, definitely no snow!), 2nd Spring (warmer weather, plants & flowers go crazy again). “1st Spring” is obviously Autumn, but our trees don’t lose their leaves and it’s a time of growth as the plants have to conserve their strength through the Summer.

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  12. As I read this last night, we were actually having a major blizzard – about 15 cm total. It was supposed to turn into freezing rain, but thankfully that didn’t happen. We’ve had 155 cm of snow so far this year apparently. A large amount, but nowhere near a record. We also had an ice storm just after Christmas, but thankfully it was not as bad as yours. There was a lot of tree damage though, which always makes me sad.


  13. “So…who do you blame for this?

    Is it all Mrs. Miller’s fault….”

    When I read this I laughed so hard I actually started coughing


  14. I hate it! I live in Winnipeg (yup the “that’s it back to Winnipeg! ) and it just doesn’t stop snowing here this year. In a normal year we get about 100cm of snow. We’ve had 90 in the last 5 weeks. And now we have -40c windchills.
    I’m not a winter person at the best of times but this year is particularly awful.
    I just keep reminding myself that every day is 1 day closer to spring.


    • We dodged the latest… but Portland got 8 inches last night. My daughter Maddy is holed up with her cat…who has some sort of sneezing virus. Yuck.


    • I’m in the GTA. We had more snow in 1 week this past December than all of last winter. Plus, a couple days of freezing rain so far. So looking forward to the January Thaw that is coming next week.

      I used to live in Calgary and I will admit I miss it. It gets too cold sometimes to snow!


    • It’s called Winterpeg for a reason. 😉


  15. Minnesota and we are finishing up a round of snow after some freezing rain from the weekend. All in all things are pretty good and a lot warmer than the 30 or 40 below windchills. Enjoy the snow it’s not all bad.


  16. This past friday was the worst Traffic day the Dallas area has ever seen. And that’s saying something. We got the tiny-ist layer of snow. Yes a few bridges became a bit slick but the whole metroplex panicked, everyone let out early, and every major highway was gridlocked. Took me over two hours to get home from work and my wife an hour and a half. Oh, and yesterday’s and today’s temps are in the high 70’s. Go figure.

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  17. We are getting a break in NE Ohio with rain instead of snow and temps in the teens but just for a few days. Back to the 20s for the weekend. I do kinda love the yo yo weather we have–ya never know what you’re going to get!


    • A fellow NE Ohioan. I also love this Cleveland weather. Last night we had “Forrest Gump” rain where it was raining many different directions, very crazy especially for winter.


  18. We get lots of snow in northwest Indiana and being so close to Lake Michigan you never know where the lake effect snow will hit hard. I don’t mind the snow, if I don’t have to drive anywhere. I’ll always take it over the bitter sub zero wind chills we get. To your wife and the other teachers and students out there, my daughters school started elearning days this year. No more makeup for snow days. They do all their work on their laptops now anyway so they log on and get the assignments.

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  19. Excellent post – and mirrors my recent experiences of snow in London, UK – often “promised” or maybe just forecast, but rarely settles despite the average indicating we get snow…
    30yrs ago when I was at school, snow was more common and fun, now it’s a rarity on the outskirts of London, more often arriving as rain or if lucky enough for snow fall, it either doesn’t settle or just about covers the ground as per thick frost and doesn’t stick around anyway.
    Snow brings out the “big kid” in most of us and I love it, in real life and in my little ol’ town too 🙂 we’re supposed to be getting some overnight tomorrow – fingers crossed, I’ll worry about the commute to work later


  20. Please no, I love snow too much. At least let it stay until March… Pweeeeeeese EA

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