About Uncle Norbert and the Golden Train

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today is the day many of us have been waiting for since the Around the World Event started…it’s the day we get Uncle Norbert and FINALLY figure out how the heck to get the elusive Golden Train.

So since it’s Friday, and most of you will be getting this today, I thought I’d sneak in an extra post here about Uncle Norbert and the train so y’all know what you’ll be working with over the weekend.

And with that let’s take a look at unlocking Uncle Norbert, his questline, unlocking the Golden Train and Uncle Norbert’s tasks…


So let’s start at the very beginning and unlocking Uncle Norbert’s plane….

You’ll do this via the Norbert’s Daily Tasks, it will be your final prize (instead of the Lost Luggage) on Day 8. Once you complete the 3rd task of the day and unlock the plane you’ll see this message…


Once placed in your Springfield (it’s 6×12 in size and impacts Vanity +100) you’ll unlock Uncle Norbert:


And he’ll complete your Van Houten Character Collection:


So once you unlock Uncle Norbert you’ll begin the quest for the Golden Train (as if you haven’t been working on it for weeks already)…


So you’ll have to complete the questline for Uncle Norbert to get the train.  Here’s a look at the questline:

Strangers on a Golden Train Pt. 1
Norbert starts

Norbert: The final step on my quest to find the Golden Train is a visit to an ancient hermit who lives high in the Himalayas.
Grampa: If you want to jaw with a senior, I can tell you where the Golden Train is right now. I won’t even ask for a hunk of licorice.
Make Uncle Norbert Listen to Grampa Babble- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp

Strangers on a Golden Train Pt. 2
Norbert starts

Norbert: Dammit, Abe, stop rambling and tell me where the Golden Train is, or I’ll drop you out of my plane without a parachute.
Grampa: That’s exactly what Amelia Earhart did to me. We was looking for a coral atoll to land on, and I said, “I ain’t payin’ no toll”…
Norbert: Aaargggh!
Grampa: Fine, Reverend Lovejoy’s got it. He collects trains, you know.
Norbert: Then perhaps I’d better whip him into shape. With my whip.
Make Norbert Practice With the Whip- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Strangers on a Golden Train Pt. 3
Norbert starts

Lovejoy: So the Golden Train is valuable? Geez, I bought it online for like, five dollars.
Norbert: It is a sacred object from the dawn of mankind, with a history that surpasses our uttermost capacity for wonder and awe.
Lovejoy: What are you gonna do with it?
Norbert: Stick it in a parking lot and charge fifty cents to see it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some advertising to do.
Make Norbert Drop Pamphlets Off With His Plane- 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Place the Golden Train


The Golden Train is 10×3 in size and impacts Vanity +100.  The train is also animated when tapped…smoke comes out of the top and the wheels spin.

Once you’ve completed that questline you’ll also fully unlock Norbert’s tasks.  Here’s a look at them now…

Uncle Norbert’s Permanent Tasks:

norbert_victory_pose_image_15 norbert_practice_with_whip_active_1_image_18 norbert_practice_with_whip_active_1_image_3

Task Length Earns Location
Practice Snapping the Whip 1hr $70,17xp Outside/Visual
Fly Loops 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Practice Taking Statues from Pedestals 8hrs $275,70xp Brown House
Read Exploits of Professor Jones 12hrs $420,100xp Brown House
Search for Fossils 24hrs $600,150xp Springfield Tar Pits/Retirement Castle/Brown House

Search for Fossils will use one of those 3 buildings. If you have them.  If you don’t have the Tar Pits it’ll go to the Retirement Castle, if you don’t have that then the Brown House.

Norbert’s Fly Loops task will take place using his Red Plane, and they did a great job with it.  The plane will take off and land on the little runway strip it comes with…and then Norbert will fly across your screen.

So that’s it my friends, the details behind the Golden Train and Uncle Norbert!

What are your thoughts on Uncle Norbert?  How about his tasks?  The plane?  Thoughts on the Golden Train? Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!

135 responses to “About Uncle Norbert and the Golden Train

  1. Does this character have a permanent 3 hrs task?

  2. I’m about to get the 7th mystery box and move on to part 2… will I have to wait a whole other day? Or will I be able to get Norbert right away? Or will I have to wait more hours? (3 4 hour tasks) I’m a little unclear how this works. I just found out about it and I’m worried it will force me to update before I get him. I’ve never missed a character in the 2 years I’ve been playing

    • You’ll have to unlock the days worth of tasks for day 8

      • I have Norbert Van Wow-ton Pt. 2 which says to “unlock Norbert’s Plane… but when I click “Do It” it says that “all adventure tasks have been completed” and all three prizes have the yellow check mark… does this mean that I have the glitch? Or does it reset at midnight or something?

  3. I had the same issue as others. I was on the final task that gave the red plane. It showed that I had finished but no plane showed up. The tasks restarted for new day with no plane prize.
    I tried going to friends towns and back, no luck
    I tried hard restarting my device, no luck
    Finally I reinstalled the app, the plane and Norbert appeared with I logged in

  4. Really upset that norberts quests screwed up I was on the task that was going to give me the red plane and it glitches out now it won’t show back up and very time I check my town the tasks resets with out the pay out to boot 🙁 installing and reinstalling didn’t fix it.

  5. OMG, glitching for me too! Everytime I’ve finnished the second task and am about to start on the third AND LAST it jumps right back to the first task! It’s been doing this for like two days now! Really frustrating, seeing it’s the last quest and I’ve been playing the entire event!
    And I can’t even see that the plane is the third prize anymore, just lost luggage, even though that quest started two days ago for me!
    But I’m not getting to the last quest, be it lost luggage or the train, since it just skips back to the first quest. And that’s after starting on the third quest with my characters, boom! there comes Norbert with a task and it resets to the first task.
    Not fun. Not fun at all. And now it’s less than 24 hrs left… :-/

  6. Me and my son play different towns on the same device, and he got Norbert with no issues and my game is broken. Same device, just 2 different logins. No way I’m uninstalling and re-installing. I’m ready to quit.

  7. Hopefully this helps other players: I experienced the missing Norbert’s plane glitch – waited two days to see if it resolved itself but it did not. I tried EA’s recommendations, (hard restart on the game, visiting a friend’s town, and restarting my device) and those steps did not work. I then deleted the app from my device and reinstalled. This worked, but I did not see any change until I had completed the entire series of three Adventure tasks (I was in the middle of the 2nd task when I deleted the app). My game continued to show the lost luggage prize rather than the plane, but upon completion of the 3rd task, the “You earned Norbert’s plane” screen appeared with the option to place or store. Then Norbert showed up, and now the questline appears to be working as it should.

  8. Just adding a plus one, mine bugged out as well. It temped me with the red plane, and then told me I had completed all the tasks over and over, and then the prizes reset.

  9. I just sent in a request to EA (two in fact, one on my phone and one through my computer, just in case). Hopefully it gets resolved!

  10. Wow….I’m having the same problem. Came here looking for help, but this is just worrisome. Glitching out on the final prizes and characters?! After, what, 30 days of playing!!!??? ARGH!! What are we supposed to do?

    • I had this glitch too but even though it showed the suitcase and pin prize- I still got Norbert and then the quest for the train. I threw doughnuts at it to get the train right away in case of other glitches but it seemed to work out it you just keep playing.

  11. Yup, me too. Glitching since Friday. Glad to hear it isn’t just me! Darn thing resetting, giving me wrong answers to the clues. Currently when you click on the airport and see your potential passengers (and answers) I have the question “Home of clocks and pocket knives in Western Europe” but when you click the book in the top right and get the three prize tasks, the question is: Help an African Transfer money in West Africa! GAH!! Yes, hopefully EA extends this because I’m not going to get it now. Been stuck and trying since Friday. 🙁

  12. Glitching out like everyone else. I should’ve had the plane yesterday but the tasks reset and instead of the third prize being the plane it’s another suitcase. And just now it only let me send two characters instead of three. Hopefully EA fixes this issue in time. Looking to the addicts to write a post about this issue, seeing as how many people are affected I’m sure the addicts have something in the works to post about it.

  13. Same problem here. The plane was my third prize, finished the first two in the string and it reset. Now I’m back to the three “pins” sets, no plane in sight. Also have the problem of clues not matching; I send someone on a task, then suddenly the type resets to something else, which isn’t an option.

  14. Ashley123456789

    Having the same issue as a lot of others. Yesterday morning I should have started the task to get the final prize. The clue was something about potatoes and the answer was India. I sent the character to India and immediately it repeated the dialogue about obtaining Norbert and the plane. The new clue was something about peace and music in North America, correct answer being Woodstock. Except there was no Woodstock for me to choose from. I sent characters anyway, and visited friends towns. I went to krustyland. I hard closed my game. Nothing. I was hoping it would fix itself and woke up this morning to find it had not. I have the Norbert’s Van Wow-ton pt 2 task in my task bar for two days now but my tasks never count as completed when they return. Like a lot of others I’m beginning to worry that I won’t get the plane and Norbert. I was already irritated by the fact that my flights have been messed up this whole event and my crafting currency has suffered major as a result. ( I have not been able to send more than 5-10 characters on flights this whole event) Didn’t matter if I hard closed or visited, went to krustyland or sent characters on normal tasks. Super irritating. This has been the best and worst event in the 2 plus years I’ve been playing. I would contact EA about it but the two other times I have in the past they didn’t give a shit. The last time I called it was during the superheroes event and my game would glitch out and say I lost a battle when I had two characters with hearts (lives) still left and the other had one character and one heart ( life) left. EA basically told me I should have taken a screenshot of it to prove it. It would happen so quickly and randomly though that how the hell was I suppose to predict and be ready for it. They offered me nothing. Huge loss of currency during that event. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? If I miss out on this final prize because EA can’t get their shit together then I’m done playing, and paying for bullshit fake donuts.

  15. For those who have the no plain no train issue/bug, please reply here:

    Maybe someone will do something

  16. Uncle Norbert’s Plane is clitching out on me. The tasks say one thing at the airport and another in the event window. What can I do?

  17. I’m still having issues. 3 days now and the clues don’t match the correct answer, so I only managed to get two tasks completed by the end of the day and every morning I get reset back to the first task and have to try again, so I can’t get the prize for finishing the 3rd task.

    • I’m in the same boat & really frustrated. I contacted EA Help by phone & they told me to install and uninstall. I did that and I started right where I left off before the uninstall. Yesterday the plane was my third task, I completed the first one and then Norbert’s plane was gone. I have the task bar asking me to get Norbert’s plane – part two but it won’t happen. I’m now waiting for an email back from EA. I’m asking if they will extend the event once they fix this glitch so we can get the plane & golden train. My husband had no issues but he got his plane a day before the issue started. Argh! EA always comes through so I hope this glitch gets fixed soon!

    • I’m having the same issue after two days. Norbert’s plane doesn’t come up after completing three tasks. I contacted EA and they said to uninstall and the reinstall the game. It didn’t work. Now I’m waiting by email. Please fix this glitch before time is up!

  18. So, is the joke that Norbert’s such a terrible pilot that his version of doing loops is just flying straight and level?

  19. one random shoe

    i finished unlocking the prizes with 8 days left. i’m not sure if anyone else was doing this but i’d send the first 3 characters on trips, wait for a fourth ticket & send another character. the remaining character i put in on e of their jobs & 5 more characters would open at the airport for trips. i kept sending 4 & putting 1 on their jobs & would end up with 20 characters on trips each time

  20. Having same problem had the task get plane
    .then pop up .lost task. New task in four hours last night .now come back in 20 hours.

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