Secret Agents Premium Second Chance

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In case you missed it…this morning ALL Premium items from the Secret Agent event (including rebated and discounted items) have returned to the store for a second shot at purchasing them.  Just in case you forgot…or didn’t have the purchase before.

The items will remain in the store until the event ends on Tuesday May 9th.

We’ve written a Should I Buy for every premium item (new and returning) that’s hit our stores during this event.  We have the complete list (along with Where Did That Come From posts, and other relevant information) on our Secret Agents Event Page.

BUT because I know a bunch of you will ask again…here’s the complete list:

Should I Spend Donuts On?:
New for this Event
Camera Hat Homer
Mastermind Bundle
Globex Compound
Not a Laser Shark Pool
Globex Compound
Cypress Creek Elementary
Cypress Creek Sign
Russ Cargill
Femme Fatale
EPA Hoverjet
Crouching Panda Hidden Egg Roll
Stoner’s Pot Palace
Sha-Boom Ka-Boom
Adil Hoxha
Hammock District
Cypress Creek Home
Cafe Kafka

Lucius Sweet
Gabbo and Arthur
X-Ray Machine
Basketball Court
USS Tom Clancy
Super Collider
Buckingham Pay-Less Motel
Botanical Gardens
Island of Dr. Hibbert
Abandoned Store
Relaxation Bundle
Rex Banner
Police Tank
Burns State Prison
Yellow Submersible 

Happy Shopping!

Which items have you purchased?  Which items will you purchased?  Where are they in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

43 responses to “Secret Agents Premium Second Chance

  1. Dang it, the clock got away from me and I logged in about 10 minutes too late to get Lurleen. That’ll teach me to hem and haw over spending sprinkles.

  2. Alissa, did you see that right now you get an bonus character for free when you buy certain packs of donuts? Never seen this before… 🤔 I just got Shelbyville Manhattan with my stack of 60 donuts. Woohoo!

  3. I’m getting as many knight boats as I can
    Short term major bonut loss, but hopefully helps regain and surpass faster

    • I think you are better off buying mystery boxes. I started trying it based on a comment Charles made, and I think so far I have ended up with at least 2% per 20 donuts (sometimes more).

  4. I’m hoping to get Lurleen and Femme Fatale towards the end of the event.

  5. I don’t know where to put this, it doesn’t have anything to do with this event but has anyone else noticed the turkey humpy thing that walks around your town and you tap it and it runs off leaving you a pill or money and experience and you can tap it up to 3 times a day is missing?? This is going on day 2 and I cant find it anywhere………..

    • It’s from the most dangerous game event

    • Mine isn’t missing just tapped him today. If you can’t find him maybe check your inventory you may have accidentally stored him.

    • Naw, mine’s still around, he just sometimes finds some obscure out-of-the-way spot to hang around in.

    • Turkey humpy thing…ha! Mine is still around.

    • Had the same issue. Tapped on him and he did this weird rapid jitterbug and poof, not to be seen again. I gave it about two weeks looking for him and was going to contact EA but something else came to mind.

      If you have/had Big Claw, then you should have the Wildlife Sanctuary. I simply sent Homer on his 3hr task where he fights Big Claw and that corrected the issue. Hope this helps.

  6. Woo-hoo! This time I had enough for discounted Lurleen!

  7. Thank you so much for this list and for all the other work you peeps put in this site!

  8. OrdinarilyBob

    Relisting all your SIB… Oh, the effort YOU do, so others don’t have to…

    For the record, I’ve already purchased what I want to, so I didn’t need the list, but I’m amazed at your generosity of time and energy.

    Alissa, you’re my hero! 🙂

  9. I turned on the ep machine, loaded up on donuts and bought Tatum, Duffman and Loraleen. Thanks EA

  10. yay i got gabbo and arthur since i missed the casino event. even with the rebate they’re a bit pricey but i wanted them so that’s all that matters. i’m also tempted by film set mcbain but i’m goin to try to wait my best to save some donuts for the next event.

  11. yee!tnx EA! i got otto and the greenhouse today.

  12. Need to finally get Rex – have passed on him many times
    During years for more expensive
    Premium items but now its

  13. WooHoo….more Knight Boats!

  14. I wasn’t able to get Duffman the first time around, so glad he’s back – will do some KEM farming and pick up this weekend – excited to finally get him!

  15. Was able to snag Banner and the Nighthawk thanks to this. It’d be awesome if they could do this at the end of every event.

    I ended up grabbing Duffman, Otto, and now Rex in this event so tacking on the 4 other playable characters on top of that I managed 7 new characters with jobs and some great buildings. Not too shabby.

  16. CyanideTipped

    You are missing Knightboat on this list. An important (great deal) purchase!

  17. I just finished act 3, but had a late start and just missed Bont in the first act. Now I’m torn. Should I pick up Bont, Rex Banner, or Lurleen? Leaning towards Lurleen. Any suggestions?

  18. I LOVE that they’re starting to do this. There are some things (like Adil) that I’ll buy without hesitation, but it’s also really nice to have a chance to see what’s coming throughout the event then make my purchases at the end (when I’ve earned a few more donuts!)

    At the start of the event, I thought that a Cyprus Creek town would be nice but not too practical. By the end of it, I’ve decided I WANT to do this and now have a chance to get the Globex Corp.!
    (If only I had another 150 donuts for all of the buildings…)

  19. Thanks EA! I didn’t have the donuts the first time around but was able to grab the beer-n-brawl this time. Saving the rest for the next event so I can get a player building combo right in the beginning.

  20. I think EA is trying to get you to spend your doughnuts bc something big is around the corner and get you to buy doughnuts,

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      EA is always trying to get you spend donuts, regardless of what’s coming next!

  21. I am glad they returned! I had a choice between a few items, picked Femme Fatale in the end.

  22. I’m a long time daily player and just discovered the joys of KEM farming, so I have limited donuts. I picked up the volcano lair special (whoo hoo!) and now I’m deciding between the submarine and the police tank. Opinions? Or is there something you think is better???

    • Assume you mean the yellow submarine, not Tom Clancy. I have both and the tank. Of the 3, yellow submarine is my favorite. Doesn’t return tiles that often, but I have amassed a lot of boardwalk and pier tiles over time. Pretty lame that the Tom Clancy has no animation. It could at least go underwater.

      • tippietippie

        Yes! The yellow submarine.. Sorry, I should have been clearer. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m a Libra and have trouble choosing. LOL!

    • It may be a little more expensive, but I prefer the Yellow sub. The % increase is the same but the sub provides you cash when you send it out on its quest, and more importantly can provide you with additional boardwalk and ornate tiles if you have maxed out.

      • tippietippie

        I forgot about the extra cash you get on a quest. I’m always short of cash so that’s a big plus along with the tiles. Thank you for helping me make my decision… although I do admit it would be fun to blow stuff up!

    • When you say “submarine”, do you mean the Yellow subma…er…submersible or the USS Tom Clancy?

      If the former…I’d grab that one over the police tank, ’cause it at least gives you the chance to get tiles (if you need them).

      The latter, then the police tank might be better, since it lets you temporarily blow up certain buildings. Slight bump in bonus as well over the Tom Clancy.

      • tippietippie

        Yes, I meant the yellow submarine. I appreciate your input, and so that’s three votes out of three for the sub. So the sub it is!

  23. WOWSERS! That is alot of shopping 😀 😀 😀

  24. Should i buy the mystery box?

    • I can’t answer that for you. It depends on if you want an item in it and what you have in it, vs what you want out of it. The price is good for the items offered, so if you want something it’s worth the shot. But it’s a gamble anyway you slice if if you have more than 1 item in there, especially if the others are items you don’t want.

  25. DrF0nkenstein

    Forgot Lurleen was time limited first time around on this event, so pleased to be able to pick her up (ooeeer missus) earlier 😉
    30 donut rebate too… can’t be bad 😀

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