Prehistoric Era Calendar…Get Yer Caveman On!

I have to admit, that when I saw the details of this update, I wanted to quote my great grandfather to the 2,000th power, ThunderThighs Miller, with a single word…”Ugh!”

Of course, in his day, “Ugh” meant everything from, “Nice dress, it makes your hips look perfect for child bearing” to, “Hey! You Overcooked the Mammoth Again!!”

But, in this case…It was just the feeling of a whole-lotta-tappin’ going on, for some mildly odd prizes.  I DO like the archaeology twist.  But, just like archaeology, you have to be patient (not my strong suit).

In any case…the Prehistoric Prizes are all attainable, with some solid 4-hour planning (how did prehistoric man count hours?).  Let’s take a look…


And even though the concept of basic, linear graphics was far beyond the reasoning powers of my ancestors (even some of the most recent), I will include the linear graphic version.

Have fun! Watch out for the tar pits!

Get all of the stuff!!


102 responses to “Prehistoric Era Calendar…Get Yer Caveman On!

  1. Ryan Gunnells

    Yeah I’ve been unhappy because normally I can complete the event a few days earlier. I haven’t been able to get he final rewards at all.


  2. I’m about 14k behind, not convinced I’ll get the final prize.


  3. Great, I was about 12k behind the calendar when the update hit nerfing the payouts…now I’m like 20k behind…..grrrrr…


  4. Just got back on track 3 days from the end of the act. My updated started 1 day late but I’ve found this event quite hard. I’m on 4 to 5 times a day, always visit neighbours. I usually get 4 or 5 lots of bonuts in these type of events but this time I’ll just be happy getting to the end. I didn’t buy any premium characters, passes or items which have helped such as more fossels or shovels. Keep tapping


  5. Must be doin’ something wrong……………..ha! story of my life! So many neighbors so far ahead………….oh well.


  6. Didn’t get the update until Sunday when I got back from a holiday break (with very limited WiFi) so the calender only shows me how far behind I am….!


  7. I had a task to place the frontier gate and nothing happened? Anyone else had that or shine a light on it? The guy from the museum popped up but I skipped it accidently…


  8. I also didn’t get the update until Friday (gutted – was ill so could have kept up the visits easily!). I can’t afford to buy the 2 premium shovel collectors, and am visiting 4\5 times. Will JUST make it ,I think. Why can’t they update earlier with a time lock on it so we all start the same time?


    • The game is played world wide and with over 24 different time zones around the world, that would be hard to accomplish Plus the international date line


      • Michael, That’s not what she’s saying. She’s suggesting that once the new event starts, require the game to download the latest update. (block us from game play until we have the updated version)


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