Inside the Vault…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So a new element was introduced to TSTO with the launch of the Time Travel Toaster Event….The Vault!

Let’s explore this Donut Vault, what you can expect from it and what dates items are set to change out….

The Vault is a location in your TSTO Store where certain premium items will now be stored, and when they appear in the vault (for a limited time) they appear at a discount, well donut rebate.

The game popup explains it best…

So basically items that always appear in the store (Premium Items) like the Knight Boat, Fiddler, the Whale, etc have been pulled from their store categories and placed in The Vault.  Items will rotate in and out of the vault at varies times, so you’ll have to check it out often to see what’s inside.

To access The Vault…go to your Store and find the Vault Icon (top row last one on the right…):

And that will bring up your Vault Options…

You’ll see items all offered with a rebate (even the Whale, but I’m still not buying can’t get me EA!) and a timer.

Pay attention to the timers, because the items will disappear from the store when that timer runs out.  The rebate won’t just disappear, the items will leave the store for a period of time…

It appears that the items will remain in the store for a week, resetting every week.  Currently the files show an Vault End Date of September 12th.  So it looks like they’ll be around for the summer at least.  I do not know what will happen when September 12th hits though.  Not sure if they’ll go back to how they were before the Vault, if EA will launch another Vault round or if they’ll disappear all together.  We’ll all have to find out together….

So now the reason you’re all here… What’s in the Vault

First, let me start with everyone’s Vault will like vary.  It’ll depend on what premium items you have in your town…so don’t panic if your neighbor’s is different than yours.  All items will appear at some point.

So here’s what’s offered in the Vault, along with their rebates:

NOTE: The Should I Buy Posts are LINKED in the item title…also, not posting images because there are so many items it’ll bog down the post load.  But you can find images on our Premium Guide Page here.  I’ve also put little notes on the sides of ones I think are great pickups…

Character Building Combos

Powers House & Laura Powers150  40 Rebate, Net 110 (Good Buy)

Malibu Stacy HQ & Malibu Stacy 165 40 Rebate, Net 125

Springfield Museum & Malloy 150, 40 Rebate, Net 110

Florence of Arabia & Princess Kashmir 175 45 Rebate, Net 130

Springfield YMCA & Coach K 120 30 Rebate, Net 90 (GREAT DEAL)

The Happy Sumo & Akira 100 25 Rebate, Net 75 (AMAZING DEAL…BUY if offered)

Plato’s Republic Casino & Johnny Tightlips 175 45 Rebate, Net 130 

Forgotten Grave & Frank Grimes 160 40 Rebate, Net 120

Beer N Brawl & Lurleen 140 35 Rebate, Net 105 (Good Buy)

Springfield Preparatory School & Greta 180 45 Rebate, 135

Unfinished Shed & Chester Dupree 150 40 Rebate, 110

Kamp Krusty & Kamp Bart Skin 200 50 Rebate, Net 150

Springfield Pet Shop & Jub Jub 90, 25 Rebate, Net 65 (Good Buy)

Lugash’s Gym & Lugash 17545 Rebate, Net 130

Film Set & McBain 120 30 Rebate, Net 90

Stand Alone Characters

Dr. Nick 90 25 Rebate, Net 65

Arnie Pye 85 20 Rebate, Net 65

The Yes Guy- 100 25 Rebate, Net 75

The Rich Texan 85 20 Rebate, Net 65

French Waiter 50 15 Rebate, Net 35


IRS Drone 50 15 Rebate, Net 35

K9 Officer 45 10 Rebate, Net 35

Blue Funzo 50 15 Rebate, Net 35

Purple Funzo 60 15 Rebate, Net 45

Pink Funzo 70 20 Rebate, Net 50

Handsome Pete 80 20 Rebate, Net 60

Fiddler 50 15 Rebate, Net 35

Mime 40 10 Rebate, Net 30

Fire Eater 70 20 Rebate, Net 50

Juggler 60 15 Rebate, Net 45

Stand Alone Buildings

Duff Stadium 90 25 Rebate, Net 65

Aztec Theatre 80 20 Rebate, Net 60

Open Air Stage 160 40 Rebate, Net 120

Ferris Wheel 120 30 Rebate, Net 90

SprawlMart 90 25 Rebate, Net 65

Springfield Clamphitheater 145 35 Rebate, Net 110

Try N Save 70 20 Rebate, Net 50

Powell Mansion 120 30 Rebate, Net 90

Planet Hype 150 40 Rebate, Net 110

Springfield Observatory 75 20 Rebate, Net 55

Shorty’s 60 15 Rebate, Net 45

Vesuvius Pizza50 15  Rebate, Net 35

Springfield Museum of Natural History 100 25 Rebate, Net 75

Stacy’s Dream House 55 15 Rebate, Net 40

Asia De Cuba 1oo 25 Rebate, Net 75

Fireworks Candy and Puppy Dogs 60 15 Rebate, Net 45


Springfield Sign 170 45 Rebate, Net 125


Whale 300 75 Rebate, Net 225

Jet Engine Bike- 30 10 Rebate, Net 20 (GREAT Deal for Bonus %…2% bonus)

Hot Air Balloon- 55 15 Rebate, Net 40 (Offers 2% bonus)

The Mayflower 100 25 Rebate, Net 75


Chicken Coop- 30 10 Rebate, Net 20 (.5% bonus)

Police Car 40 10 Rebate, Net 30 (Good Buy for bonus %)

Devil Float- 40 10 Rebate, Net 30 (2.5% bonus, Great Buy)

Duff Party Liner 100 25 Rebate, Net 75

Mount Carlmore 120 30 Rebate, Net 90

Boardwalk Fountain 75 20 Rebate, Net 55

Backwater Brewery- 25 5 Rebate, Net 20 (.5% bonus)

Old Gray Mare 40 10 Rebate, Net 30


Burns Limo 40 10 Rebate, Net 30

Worldwide Broadcast Dish 30 10 Rebate, Net 20

Mini Nuclear Warhead40 10 Rebate, Net 30 (Good Buy for Bonus %)

Tire Swing 20 5 Rebate, Net 15

Quimborghini 50 15 Rebate, Net 35

Hot Dog Stand 20 5 Rebate, Net 15

Left Handed Roadster 40 10 Rebate, Net 30

Knightboat 40 10 Rebate, Net 30 (Good Buy for Bonus %)

Butterfly Tent 20 5 Rebate, Net 15

Hot Tub 60 15 Rebate, Net 45

Lisa Lionhart 50 15 Rebate, Net 35

Basketball Game 40 10 Rebate, Net 30

Piece of Crap Car 30 10 Rebate, Net 20

BBQ Pig 60 15 Rebate, Net 45 (Good Buy for Bonus %)

DMV Limo 50 15 Rebate, Net 35

Fire Bush 20 5 Rebate, Net 15

Southern Cracker Fountain 30 10 Rebate, Net 20

Murderpuss 30 10 Rebate, Net 20

Ambulance 30 10 Rebate, Net 20

Stiletto Sculpture 40 10 Rebate, Net 30

Homer’s Ballet 35  10 Rebate, Net 25

Sumatran Century Flower 40 10 Rebate, Net 30 (Good Buy)

Shiva Statue 40 10 Rebate, Net 30

Monroe Tombstone 40 10 Rebate, Net 30 (Good Buy)

Little Lady Justice 75 20 Rebate, Net 55

Stunt Bike 30 10 Rebate, Net 20

Small Island 1- 25 Rebate

Small Island 3- 10 Rebate

Whew!  And that concludes everything listed in the Vault!

Once again, I have no idea when these particular items will appear in your store specifically.  The items will rotate out each week, and everyone’s store will be different. So just keep an eye on The Vault to see what’s in there and what’s new!

What are your thoughts on the Vault?  A lot of items you think you’ll be picking up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

137 responses to “Inside the Vault…

  1. I got offered Tree Swing, which doesn’t appear to be listed.

    Also, why no SISDO for The Yes Guy? He may have been a freebie originally, but returned the following year (nearly three years ago) and has been available as premium ever since!


    • I get bogged down with new content, as robotic as i may seem i can’t do everything. New content gets my focus. But if i get time I’ll go back to it. In the meantime, if you’d like to write one id be happy to post it…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As others, yesterday (september 12) my vault offer changed at the normal time, and there was the observatory without a rebate. Then after homerpalooza takedown, the offer changed and I had (among others) Lugash there with the normal week timer, I didnt grab him immidiately, because I wanted to think about it. But today (september 13) at the same time the new minievent hit, my vault changed, and lugash is gone… there are different items, among them princess Kashmir, the timer is 6 days, so the end is the same as when I had Lugash there. But who know if the vault doesn’t change in just a couple of hour again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I contacted EA and the tech support rep assured me that my missing Vault items would return. This week, I had a completely different set of items. I had actually purchased the $19.99 donut pack in order to purchase the old Vault items that have since vanished. I fear that this was just a mistake by EA and they will probably never return except at regular donut prices.


  3. September 12 is here and I got a new rotation of Vault items although nothing catches my fancy. Springfield Observatory also not showing any donut rebate as others have already mentioned so I’ll probably pass on that and hoard KEM donuts for the next big event.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Is the observatory normally available any time (when the vault thing isn’t going on)? If it’s a limited-time item, I’ll probably pick it up with or without a rebate.


  4. If the Vault ends on Sept. 12th, then that means several of the items listed never appeared available in my vault. I never had the option to buy Jub Jub, the Rich Texan or the French Waiter. I was saving donuts to buy them.


  5. Anyone have vault items without a rebate? Springfield observatory isn’t offering one.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I was just wondering has the mystery box stopped as I can’t find it


  7. Any advice?
    To get Disco Stu (105 donuts) or the Unfinished Shed & Chester Dupree (110 donuts)?
    Or save donuts?
    Thank you!


  8. Sad to say, but the only reason I play Tapped Out any more is because of the vault. I’m really starting to lose interest in this game.


  9. I’m looking into the vault every Tuesday and the category ‘Stand Alone Buildings’ has never showed up, not even once. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you think it will appear at the very end of sell-off?


  10. If I already have most of the characters featured in the vault, will the remaining ones start repeating? Or are they only featured once, then gone? I didn’t have the donuts for Johnny Tightlips or Malibu Stacy when they showed up the first time, but since they’re the only two I have left will I get another shot at them?


  11. Come on EA I’m still waiting for Dr Nick in my vault. I really expected him this week, but no you stuck Arnie Pyle and his annoying helicopter in there.


  12. caribbean-red

    Just got Dr Nick and Arnie Pye. Perfect time for some additional quests while waiting for the new event.


  13. If you’re looking to buy things to raise your bonus %, then the Big T Tree (available in the Time Traveling Toaster) is now just 5 donuts (15 donuts but with a 10 donut rebate) and gives a 0.5% boost. This means 10 donuts = 1% boost. There is no limit on how many you can buy while this deal is still available.

    100 donuts = 10% boost
    90 donuts = 9% boost
    80 donuts = 8% boost

    While the regular Mystery Boxes will usually yield a bigger % boost per donut ratio, this is a guarantee and might offer a great alternative to the billboards and vans.


    • The Big T Tree was removed from the Time Traveling Toaster yesterday. I’m glad that I purchased ten or twelve of them. They work well in the nature preserve that I am building.


  14. Got the Lisa lionheart statue
    Nice 2.25% bonus


  15. Lenroy Jenkins

    Are non-unique items such as the Knightboat going g to be limited to a quantity of 1 for the vault purchases? I’m holding out for the Jetbikes if I can buy 10 once…


    • If you’re buying them just for the bonus %, you’re better off spending your donuts on sets of 25 mystery boxes (the regular premium ones, not the special mediaeval one). It’s the best donut to % ratio out there…you’ll usually get 9% (three billboards and three news vans) for 58-88 donuts, depending on which “set” of 25 you get. (You might also get the rarer two billboards and two vans set, for just 48 donuts (i think), which is also a great deal.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lenroy Jenkins

        Oh, thanks for the idea! I just noticed that while the starting point of my Vault items.seems to have been random, they seem to literally following the extensive list provided by all you awesome addicts. For example, I already had Laura Powers so when the Vault was added I found I first had Malibu Stacy on offer. Next cycle I had Malloy/museum and finally this week I had Princess Kashmir. Same with Knightboat, butterfly tent, and hot tub this week.

        Liked by 2 people

  16. I’m curious to see what everyone got in their vaults this week. And if they purchased any of the items.


    • This is what’s on offer in my town this week. I only tend to stick to characters but have no intention of buying her this time. Unfortunately I missed out on Rich Texan last week as I was waiting for Egypt TTT to drop to see if I wanted anything and forgot to go back.


  17. i’m going for Coach K/YMCA. not sure what was in my vault last week. hope i didnt miss him because it looks like these items won’t return to store until the end of summer!


  18. Gabe "glue man" degrossi

    Really like this idea but I wish character/ building combos like Mel/krustylu, crazy cat lady/her house and Jessica lovejoy/lovejoy residence would be made available here


    • I’m hoping that some of those are offered with character skins during some event-related deal like EA seems to be doing more frequently now.


  19. Well now I know why the Worldwide Broadcast Dish isn’t in my store! Thank you!


  20. Keith1Roon991

    Great idea, just bought rich Texan at a discount


  21. Carmen (gameid5000)

    Thank you for this update. Since I’ve come to believe KEM farming is EA’s way to deal with the long requested “give me a way to get donuts using in game cash”, I’m happy to play along that way and hopefully earn enough weekly to add the vault items I’m interested in (mainly characters) along with cover any new event items that come along.


  22. Panic over. Just found it if I go into The Store.


  23. I just had a look to see what is new in my vault, and there is no vault. All I have now is the time travelling toaster!

    Has this happened to anyone else?



  24. I might be mis-remembering, but when my vault updated today, it seems to have all the same items as last week. Hopefully it’s a bug and I’ll get some new ones soon.


  25. It seems like Discounts are the ONLY way Tappers are buying stuff with Donuts (an I don’t blame you) 😌

    Does making stuff only available for a week make me want to Impulse Buy? Nope! I will earn my “Bonuts” and wait EA 🤘

    Have a Fun Summer everyone (I need a Minions Moment at Universal Studios) 😉


  26. Once the items in the vault are gone will they come back again at some point ?


  27. Besides the decorations, I have everything you said is a good/great buy… I am stingy with my donuts so there is a good chance not even this Disney Vault tactic (I mean, EA* Vault tactic) will work on me.


  28. Tony Da Tiger

    Can’t wait to grab French Waiter as well as Malloy-Museum combo. Probably gonna splurge on a bunch of other stuff as well.


  29. Awsome job as always Alissa!! Very much appreciated.


  30. If we miss a sale item first time around from the vault deal, do you think it will go back on sale again in the vault before sept 12th or is it a once off offer? Thanks!


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