Should I Spend Donuts on the Cracker Fountain?

Level 37 is here and with it comes the Southern Cracker Fountain, a new premium decoration for your Springfield.  I’m sure you’re asking “Should I Spend Donuts On This?”  Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Cracker Fountain and see if you should add it to your Springfield:
Decoration: Southern Cracker Fountain
Donut Price: 30 donuts
Unique?: No, you can have as many as you want
Bonus: 0.75% (bonus cash and XP to all tasks)
Bonus % Per Donut Spent: 0.025%
Conform-o-Meter Points: 300 Vanity  
Where Can I Place It?: The Southern Cracker Fountain can be placed on the grass and pavement of Springfield and on the Squidport Boardwalk.

Final Thought: At 30 donuts the Cracker Fountain isn’t the most expensive premium decoration, and the bonus payout isn’t that bad.  It’s nice that it can be placed on the boardwalk, however it’s the kind of decoration that really only works in one place & that’s with the Southern Cracker Factory.  It’s a nice decoration to add to help decoration the premium building, but it seems like it’s the only place it really fits.
There are other non-premium fountains you can purchase in the game for the same features.
My advice is to skip this one, unless you have a ton of extra donuts to spare.  It’s one of those odd decorations that really only “goes” in 1 place, and in my mind just not worth the 30 donuts.

What do you think?  Will you be paying 30 donuts for the Southern Cracker Factory?

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  1. It goes with the Cracker Factory which means to me that I had to have it to complete the Cracker Factory. Just looking at the decision from a different perspective.

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