Should I Spend Donuts on the Magic Monorail Returning Items?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A little magic popped into Springfield yesterday, in the form of the Magic Monorail Station.  With it a few returning items magically returned to our stores…just asking us to drop our sprinkles.

Of course with that limited-time label, it can be tempting to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Ray Patterson, Jesse Grass, the Self-Reliant House, the Monorail Cafe, Krusty’s Drive-Thru Station, the Golf Course or the Mechanical Ants to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your town…



Item: Ray Patterson
 60 Donuts
What Does It Do?: 
A full character for Springfield, helps with the Monorail.  But he does NOT earn at a premium rate. (was originally free, prize during the Monorail event)
My Opinion On It Now: 
Meh. This one is a pass.

Item: Jesse Grass
100 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate, NET 80 Donuts
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What Does It Do?: 
Premium character, has a fun task at Krusty Burger, and helps with the Monorail
My Opinion On It Now:
 I was a fan before, I’m a fan now.  Pick him up.

Item: Self-Reliant House
35 Donuts
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What Does It Do?:
Just a house for Springfield (no one interacts with it)
My Opinion On It Now:
 Meh.  Doesn’t do much, but if you like it it’s reasonable in price enough…pick it up.

Item: Monorail Cafe
60 Donuts, Rebate 15 Donuts, NET 45 Donuts
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What Does It Do?: 
Another one that’s just a building…no character interacts with it
My Opinion On It Now:
 Pass.  Overpriced for what it is/does

Item: Krusty Drive-Thru Station
150 Donuts, Rebate 50 Donuts, NET 100 Donuts
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What Does It Do?: 
Monorail station.  Comes with tracks and extension pieces
My Opinion On It Now:
 Pass.  Overpriced.  You can buy the Magic Station for less.

Item: Golf Course
100 Donuts, 30 Donut Rebate, NET 70 Donuts
1.5% Bonus on all cash and XP
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What Does It Do?: Just a decoration for Springfield
My Opinion On It Now:
 Unless you REALLY love Golf and need a course (it’s only 1 hole) in your town, Pass.

Item: Mechanical Ants
120 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate, NET 70 Donuts
.75% Bonus on all cash and XP each Ant
Previous Post: Should I Buy
What Does It Do?: Animated task associated with them, see Should I Buy post for more details
My Opinion On It Now:
 Meh they’re cool, but I’d still pass on them. Not worth the donuts IMO.


What are your thoughts on the returning items? Which items do you have already?  Which items will you be picking up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

113 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Magic Monorail Returning Items?

  1. I wish EA would give us an actual “golf course” – maybe something like Paiseland!. I have the prop shop because I love the spirit guide coyote, but no where to put it in my town. I would want at least three “holes” to make it look like an actual golf course….

  2. Had to get the Krusty station, even though I know it is not a great value.

  3. Unfortunately, the decision on Ray Patterson was taken out of my hands this morning when my four-year-old daughter purchased him for me. I left her with the scratch card and she managed to navigate her way through to find Ray and confirm the donut spend, which meant that I have ended up with him in my Springfield.

    I’m most disappointed that he only helps to pick up trash, Like Homer can, and not recycle metal, plastic or glass like Brandine, Uriah and Jesse can.

    • I’m sorry about your accidental purchase, but, if it’s any consolation, I do find having Ray to be helpful, as he and Homer can help restock the trash after I’ve sent the others to recycle. Plus, he’s so happy to be collecting trash!

    • I think you’ll eventually be (grudgingly?) happy to have Ray, as he is very useful maxing out trash. My husband doesn’t have Ray, and when I’m resetting his rail yard, I miss not having Ray to assist.

  4. I bought Jesse literally just hours before this update came :I

  5. Does Krusty Station comes with the additional stairs and awnings? Or just track pieces?

    Monorail is my favorite addition to the game and I love to collect all stations if available. But 100 donuts for just station and extra pieces of track seem costly given Halloween event is coming. I bought the Magic Station though. Any advice appreciated!

    • Where are the dodgeballs?

      I just bought Krusty Station and I can’t seem to find any additional pieces in my inventory. I’m going to contact EA to see if I’m missing any content, my advice is to get it simply in order to complete your collection of monorail stations (as I did) without expecting anything great.

  6. Where’s the extension pieces for the Krusty Station? Nothing in my inventory…

    • Where are the dodgeballs?

      Same here, I’m going to contact EA and I suggest you do the same. It might take some time for them to respond, but every time I had an issue they helped me out in the end. Good luck!

  7. I bought the ants; I’m still debating whether or not to get the Magic Station. I’ve been saving my KEM farming donuts for the next time the Jet Engine Bike becomes available in the Vault.

    • If you’re waiting for the jet engine bike because of the bonus percentage, and you have room to hide stuff behind your buildings, you’d be better off buying sets of 25 mystery boxes, which will yield you a higher return in terms of bonus multiplier (9% for a net of 58-88 donuts, IIRC). The only advantage to the jet engine bike is that it’s smaller and easier to hide.

      • I’ve considered doing this but the last thing I need is more Lard Lads. As for land, I am so hoping that the Halloween event will add more, including up in Springfield Heights.

        • I just keep all of those Lard Lads in storage…it’s only the news vans and billboards that you need to place to up your bonus multiplier.

  8. What to do, what to do…
    I’ve got 260 donuts currently;
    -I want to get Jesse Grass since my Monorail collecting usually suffers during events, but
    -I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so want to save donuts for any cool premium stuff I may want during the event [still salty about missing out on the Hostess Miss Springfield bundle during the Casino Event by a few donuts >:( ]


    • My first suggestion would be to start donut farming. Second suggestion – Now if I remember right (hopefully someone will correct me if I’m incorrect) that Jesse is a regularly offered character, though minus the rebate. If you are worried about saving for the Halloween event save your donuts for the event, then pick up Jesse at a later a date.

      • It’s true. I bought Jesse the first time he was offered off the bat, I tend to like Lisa’s crushes. I think this makes the 3rd time he’s been offered since he’s been introduced. As a premium player with most characters they can’t seem to stop trying to shove the Malibu Stacy creator down my throat every vault.. I’d say save your donuts, Jesse will be back.

    • can you do KEM farming?

    • I’m a big fan of Jesse. Super helpful with monorail and the redwood quest. While I don’t usually do a lot of one hour tasks his is so funny to me that I go out of my way to send him on it.

  9. I just noticed that you can buy more than one golf course. So if you have 630 doughnuts lying around, you can create a 9 hole golf course (70 doughnuts/hole due to the rebate).

    • Actually, if you have 630 donuts, you can only buy 8 donuts. After the 8th golf course, you’ll only have 70 donuts left, and you need 100 donuts to by the golf course as the rebate kicks in after. You’d need 660 donuts to make a 9 hole golf course.

      And that’s why I’m the Stats and Strategies guy. Mic drop!

      • Picky picky picky. 😜

      • “Actually, if you have 630 donuts, you can only buy 8 donuts.”
        👆🏻 Hehe but not the Spellcheck guy.

        • In my defense, I did all my schooling (including math and science) in French and didn’t have an English class until Grade 8, and then my second English class in Grade 10.

          • I’m just messing around with ya 😝

          • You totally amaze me!!

          • In middle school when it was required we take a foreign language I chose French. I was miffed and resentful when my Dad remarked later, “Why? You’ll never use it” even more miffed and resentful still because he was right. Sort of. There’s no doubt romance languages are more beautiful- potato or pomme de Terre? No one is more colorful than the French when it comes to idioms. In English when people are quibbling over petty details we say “splitting hairs” the French equivalent is my favorite idiom ever.

    • Actually I’m working on it. Half way there. I plan to spread throughout Springfield so The Parson’s golf swing and golf cart animations are a bit more hilarious.

  10. disappointed that EA is starting to bring back characters for doughnuts without making them premium.

  11. Does the krusty station really come with the additional pieces or is it just the station only ?

  12. Does Ray Patterson help with the Monorail other than just collecting trash? Does he recycle plastic, glass, etc.?

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