Invasion B4 Christmas – Act One Calendar

Wow!  Can I just say it again…WOW!!!

I have to say…if the first few hours are any indication, this may very well be the BEST CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY/Religious/Non-Religious Update EVER!  It has something for everyone!!  I can’t tell you everything we know…but, I pretty much have to say, I think they listened to our huge (and overblown) debate about Christmas/Pagan etc. last year, and Busted It All Wide Open!  Simply laughing…and laughing…and laughing at the dialogue.

And yes…while there are a handful of duplicate/redundant or re-purposed items in the Crafting Store (aka Jesus’ Carpentry Shop), the very fact that these items are supposed to be handmade by the Son of God (or perhaps a Cuban baseball player) makes them pretty darn special!

But, as always…you are going to Want It All! So…let’s take a look at how many Batteries  you need to earn to Get It ALL!

I begin by pointing out, what has already been whined about in other posts… that what seems to be missing, is a simple “Zap Them All” tool that allows you to clear the Robo-Funzos with one tap every 4 hours.  But, before you go ballistic…
Let’s remember this little exchange…

That’s right…ZAPPING isn’t Jesus’ thing. However, there is a way to find the little gray buggers in your town EAsily…

REMEMBER…if you tap the icon, and you don’t see the Robo-Funzo…tap the very middle of your screen, and he will likely do his “I see you!” garble…and give you your reward.

As always…Click the Graphic to Enlarge Them…

And as always…for the Digital Only “No Gregorian Calendars for Me!” set…

There are some really fun prizes coming…with great, hilarious dialogue. And while I can’t tell you everything…trust me when I say, “If you think having Jesus in our games is amazing…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

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  1. A Question abt the Stacks Of Ice? I have sev stacks of Ice! Where do I find them! Have gone to my inventory, and nothing! Am I missing something?

  2. Phew! I’m finally on track to getting it all. For some reason I was completely blind to the robo button, so I was two days behind schedule on the last price. And with no hope in sight of getting it all. And I usually get it all long before I need to. So I was thinking that something had to be terrible wrong, because it was pretty much impossible to find those robo buggers. So I went here to get advice and then I saw your brilliant advice about the button. And suddenly the hardest update in my tapping time was the easiest! Man that turned it around! Now I’m a day ahead of schedule, so I will get it all. And trust me it looked pitch black there for a while, with no chance at all to make it in time. So thank you very much for saving my ass on this update 🙂

  3. I’m a day head and didn’t download the update until earlier Wednesday morning.

  4. Got the worker elves today. Pleasantly surprised to find out they are characters with tasks and not npc.

  5. Thanks for the Act One Calendar, Patric
    Daily Challenges are the ONLY way to stay within (or ahead)
    Not enough Robots are spawned (my opinion)
    More fun then last year (the dialog is lol worthy)🤣

  6. Anthony Dameika

    Just some general site feedback – first I appreciate all the time and energy you put into creating a fantastic site and community. Lately the video ads have been quite annoying in that while reading content I’m automatically pulled to the video. I understand you need the advertising revenue, but it is ruining the user experience for me. Unsure on what you can do about this but wanted to share the feedback. Thanks.

  7. I have logged into my B,C, and D towns once per day – Tues, Wed, and Thurs. All towns are ahead of the calendar. At 4837, 3950, and 3801.
    And I think the reason my D town is so low is because my daily task was for 3 doughnuts instead of batteries.
    Very nice to be able to just log in once a day during this busy month.

  8. For the calendar… Should I have that many batteries at the beginning of the date or the end of it?

    • End. If you notice, the first day of the event calls for you to have 400. It’d be hard to have those at the start of the date since the event launched at night 😉

      • You make a valid point there Alissa…. lol. Just wanted to say I love the site, I don’t play as much as I used to but this site is the S**t!! Anytime I need to know anything about the game, I come here first and don’t have to go anywhere else.

  9. Thanks Patric. So far so good. The quest line is funny and things are going to get even better. EA have earned their bread and buddha with this update…….💜X

  10. For some reason, we only seemed to get the Christmas update VERY late on Tuesday/Wednesday morning; therefore, I feel like I’m two days behind vs the calendar. 🙁

    • Meant to type that I am also in the UK – my Simpson’s was working fine but the iTunes Store did not update the app until late Tues/early Wed

      • I have been playing for about 18mths on IOS and have noticed that in the UK we are always behind on the update which is strange as it is based on G.M.T. ?? 🇬🇧

    • I thought i did something wrong but me too,the update in Play store only shows up yesterday. I visit play store every day to see if there are updates and Im 100% sure the game update wasnt available on monday. Thats pure crap :/

  11. I’m in the U.K. and only got the update yesterday by deleting the game and reinstalling. So am already two days behind the track😡😖😡 🇬🇧

  12. Those funzos are almost impossible to hunt down in neighbor’s towns

  13. The only disappointment I have so far in this event is the Bart and Lisa elf skins. I spent the 100 donuts on them because it said they earn event currency. And any extra little bit would help. But, so far none of their tasks produce any of the currency. Did I get ripped off? Or do I just need to complete their quest line to get a task that gives out the currency?

  14. Man all this act 2 talk is getting me even excited. Can’t pass along any speculation or spoilers yet?

  15. I love that you guys (especially Alissa) are so excited for this event. Makes me enjoy it even more. 😁


    North Pole Station offset

  17. This event is very easy in my option because I am already done for today’s needs

  18. Thanks so much for making these! I download every one you produce and refer to them very often during events.

  19. Alejandro Rubio

    Wink Wink Check the last characters’ collection wink

  20. Mine hasn’t updated it’s still on the Thanksgiving quest!

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