Episode 31- Hey Hey It’s Krusty the Crook!

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It is teaser time in Springfield! In this week’s episode, we’re talking offshore banking, Krusty losing his shirt and the latest teaser released about the all-new Itchy and Scratchy Land event! Plus, we’ll be talking EA’s rollback bug “solution” options.
And as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

Even though we now know what the next event will be about, I still thought this would be a fun question to explore…

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18 responses to “Episode 31- Hey Hey It’s Krusty the Crook!

  1. Alissa, When will the Audio version go up?
    Keep up the great work! and have a nice memorial day everyone.

  2. Alissa and Pat, very illuminating Addicts Live however I wished to have seen it live. Thanks for shedding new light on what’s about to hit our Springfields. I have poured over the release from EA and am still in the dark about what Pat picked up on, guess I’ll have to wait. I’ve never been good at picking up clues and at times feel like a dim bulb. All of your incandescent work that goes into this blog is much appreciated!

  3. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen with this next event, but I’ve done a little poking around the Internet and I have a few ideas. Based on the episode that this event is apparently derived, I think we will get an Itchy and Scratchy land island to place in the ocean. There’s are four parts to Itchy and Scratchy land island. I’m guessing that there will be some sort task oriented thing that we will have to do to get through each part of the theme park. I would be surprised to see a four part event. So maybe the first quadrant of the island will be a gimme, and then the other three quadrants will correspond to an act of the event (3 acts). I’m hoping that getting through each quadrant will be somehow puzzle based. I’m thinking Stone Cutters. It would be interesting if Itchy and Scratchy land was something like Krustyland. Though in this case, we would be able to see the island on our main screen. Maybe there will be a boat that we will need to board that will take us to Itchy and Scratchy land? Once we get to the island maybe it will expand (magnify) and the theme park will appear bigger? I’m probably not making sense. Maybe some of you will figure out what I’m saying. I would love for us to have to follow a path through each quadrant, and at various rides or points of interest (or whatever) you have to complete a task in order to move on to the next attraction. Perhaps the prizes will be the attraction itself? There are a number of characters that could be mined for use in this event. Watch the episode in question and you’ll see who I’m talking about. There were a lot of Krusty sidekicks in the episode. It would be nice to get Itchy and Scratchy characters for the game too.

    Thoughts anyone?

  4. I voted Krustyland part 2, because this place needs to be completed (unless the Itchy and Scratchy land event make us of this place).

  5. Some of the tsto people are so very impolite. Expecually when the lie in a group on Facebook games. I dont condone this at all. I called a guy a few years back for help and it went viea email as well. This guy was Ausome. Please be aware of tsto wotkers that are very dishonest

  6. They call it a bug smasher lol the krusty plane lol

  7. In college I worked with an heating and air conditioning company for extra $$. That industry is a freaking gold mine/racket. I’ll just say maybe it’s not a coincidence things fail during the coldest days and hottest days. I hear a helicopter hovering already before I post this.

    • Of course things fail on the days when the machines are most stressed. Some business may seem to make a lot of money, but consider that for most of those they have a just a few weeks or months to make the money to last a year. Most stores don’t make a profit until November, which is why we have “Black Friday”.

      • If you repair heating and cooling systems. There is no down time! 95 percent of homes and businesses in have one or both. Also men/women who do trades like this are disappearing. Like most trades..

  8. My anonymous town survived a re-install.

  9. Hey Patric…saw your visit to my Krustyland…I’m hoping we can use some of the empty land there, seems like a waste if nothing in this event crosses over🤔.

  10. Beyond excited for this event!!

  11. I do not think this event will happen in Krustyland simply because many new players do not have a KL yet and would be left out of the game.I do see all of the items being able to be moved to KL later like items that can be placed in either place.

  12. onerandomshoe

    it would be nice for something to be done with krustyland however with the glitch i’m stuck in again of having to redownload a 786.9mb update every time i open the game, and have tried explaining the issue tonight to EA and in fairness they’ve replied quite quickly but they can’t understand what i mean. from what i was told in their last email this is part of the game. developers adding updates to every single time the game is opened. that of course is wrong and it’s honestly stressing me and depressing me. this redownload issue has existed since december. for a few weeks it was gone until it appeared two days ago. it’s cost me a lot of money in data top ups since each play is almost 1gb in downloads. i’m at the end of my rope. i believe it’s time to say goodbye to springfield.

  13. I’m really happy that we are going to be getting an itchy and scratchy land event. I remember watching the episode and I saw a bunch of buildings from the episode and thought they should add those to TSTO. What kind of decorations do you think they could add to the game?

    What kind of characters do you think they could add to the game other than a playable itchy, scratchy, and Poochie? Maybe they could add Bort and/or borts mom? I saw some weapons walking in the parade in that episode so maybe they can be npcs?

    Should I be clearing out some space in my Krustyland for this event? I don’t know if it’s going to be in Krustyland or not.

    Although I have not been affected by the rollback glitch and hopefully I won’t be I was impacted by the log in glitch that was posted about on Tuesday and by following the instructions I was able to log back into my Springfield and play my game normally but a couple of times I would log into my game and it wouldn’t be my town it would be someone elses that I wouldn’t recognize so I would just log out and log back in and then I would be back in my own town and everything would be fine.

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