Itchy and Scratchy Land is Live in App Store: Some Event Spoilers…

Update: Rundown post is live. It should answer most of your burning Krustyland questions….you can find it here

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ok guys, the update is live in the app store (right now it’s only on Android.  If you don’t see it restart your device and search the app store for Tapped Out).  While I’m working on the rundown post i wanted to give you guys the spoilers we originally received from EA for Act 1.

So for those who want to know click below, if you don’t want to know don’t click below….

For those concerned, we’re not changing our Spoiler policy.  These are Spoilers we received directly from EA as part of their new program to reach out to the TSTO Community. Because these are confirmed by EA and we have the authorization to release them, we’re releasing them.  Beyond the information provided directly by EA we’ll still operate as business as usual and we will always warn you before spoilers are posted.  


Remember this is all rough info .  I’m currently working on the rundown post, but wanted to get you guys some info.  As soon as I have that full rundown together I’ll get it posted for you. So don’t worry, I’ll do the usual rundown post and we’ll have all the regular info up about who/what/where/when/how…and a Calendar. 🙂

So the first bit of information this event runs from today, May 30th, until Wednesday, July 11th.  So 6 total weeks.  And yes, it follows the traditional Act format.

First, here are some overall tidbits of information direct from EA:

TSTO’s Itchy and Scratchy Land Event brings two major changes to your game! First, we are moving all Krustyland content into Springfield, eliminating the loading screens you’ve experienced when visiting the park in the past. Second, we are adding all-new characters, including Itchy and Scratchy themselves, plus a ton of great new attractions and decorations that can be used to build your own Itchy & Scratchy Land theme park.

So WOWSERS!  So many of you will be THRILLED to know that Krustyland is going away!  Woohoo!  Krustyland will officially be moved to Springfield…no more traveling to K-Land!  No more annoying load screen!  Gotta love that!

Before you ask “what about my designs?!” and “what about land?!”…we’ll get to that in a minute so be patient…

Here’s the overall synopsis from EA regarding the end of K-Land….

Under mounting pressure from Springfielders to dispose of the eyesore that Krustyland has become, Mayor Quimby reclaims the land from Krusty and sells it to the military as a nuclear testing site. Krustyland is soon blown straight off the map!

So apparently it only took 5 years of complaining about Krustyland, but Quimby has finally listened!  Must be an election year…

So how will destroying Krustyland work?  Well EA has an answer for that too…

Before the start of the Itchy & Scratchy Land Event, players will be given a week to either store or nuke their Krustyland designs. Once the week is up, Krustyland will automatically be destroyed, and the Krustyland zone will be permanently removed from the game! Players can utilize group storage to select and store sections of their Krustyland designs, which can then be placed inside their Springfield. Any items that players don’t store prior to nuking will be stored individually in the player’s inventory and placed in Springfield at any time.

Due to the space required to rebuild Krustyland within Springfield, players will receive Land Tokens based on the Krustyland land unlocked at the time it is nuked.    

So the first thing to take away from that is, BUY KRUSTYLAND LAND!  Get as much as you can so you can get Land Tokens for Springfield to accommodate for it.  SO BUY KRUSTYLAND LAND!

Second thing, by this time next week (June 6th) You have FIVE days before an automatic Nuke occurs (June 4th).  However you can go ahead and Nuke your K-Land Early.  Krustyland will no longer exist.  So if you like your designs, store them in bulk.  Otherwise when Krustyland disappears all of your K-land items will automatically be stored individually in your inventory.  So be sure to store everything if you like the designs you have.

Ok so now, what’s actually included in the event itself?

Here’s some info to cover you for the entire event…

Main Characters that can/will earn event currency:

  • Homer
  • Apu
  • Ned
  • Cletus
  • Skinner
  • Willie
  • Moe
  • Marge
  • Lt Smash

Other characters earned/purchased for each Act will earn event currency.  We’ll keep you posted throughout as to who they are when they’re added.

There will also be a building available, Itchy’s Mine Field, that can earn event currency.

And finally, for the overall event, there will be an exciting new event functionality.  This is something I’m most psyched about.  If you liked the Monorail you’ll love this…again straight from EA:

This Event includes three all-new modular rides: The Injury 500, ****** and ***** (from Alissa, the other 2 rides are coming in later acts), that players can build in their Itchy & Scratchy Lands! Players earn an initial bundle of track pieces for each ride that forms a complete circuit, allowing all ride animations to function. Players can then craft additional pieces of each ride to customize its layout.

Players can also earn Event currency by sending their Springfielders to staff the rides.

This is probably something I’m most excited about.  I really love this rollercoaster tycoon aspect to the event.  It’ll be exciting to see how it plays out.

And once again there will be a Bonus Area around a “base”, where you can place other items to max out the bonus to earn even more currency. (like the heist bonus in Springfield jobs and defensive bonus for Bart Royale)

Now let’s get into Act 1 content. Here’s what’s going to be included with Act 1…

Disclosure, I don’t have a price point or prize currency cost for each of these items.  Just letting you know what will be included with each part…

Act 1 Prizes:

  • Itchy
  • Diane
  • Nurses Station
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate
  • The Injury 500
  • Itchy & Scratchy Helicopter
  • Roger Meyers Sr. Statue

Act 1 Craftables:

  • Itchy Parking Lot
  • Scratchy Parking Lot
  • Itchy & Scratchy Banner
  • Itchy & Scratchy Land Ticket Booth
  • Injury 500 Short Track
  • Injury 500 Long Track
  • Injury 500 Corner
  • Nurses Station (I assume this is additional stations beyond the prize)

Act 1 Premiums:

  • Itchy’s Mine Field
  • T.G.I. McScratchy’s
  • Scratchy and the Cartoon Set
  • Jeremy and Nickel ‘N’ Dime Animation
  • Mouse and the Cartoon Motel
  • Squeaky Voiced Attendant and Soarin’ Over Springfield

And finally, Friday is National Donut Day.  There will be some kind of Donut Day special in the game for that.  So look out for that on Friday, June 1st. Deals hit today

And here are some images we can share with you at this time….

  And the brand new Splash Screen….

And that’s it my friends, everything I can share with you at this time! Hope you’re as excited for it as I am!  I’ll be back with rundown details and more once it’s all together.

Thoughts about the new content?  Are you as pumped as we are?  What are you most looking forward to at this time? Sound of in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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