Tips On Surviving the “New Era of TSTO” After Krustyland

I believe my prediction for this major event was, “it’s gonna be a game-changer.”  Like calling something “interesting,” the term “game-changer” can mean almost anything…good or bad.  And in my opinion, that pretty much covers it. This is some good, with a handful of bad thrown in.

Let’s start with the fact that most people don’t like change. Moving, a death in the family, changing jobs…these all sit at the top of the “stress meter” when it comes to adjusting in life. And in many ways, nuking Krustyland, along with the myriad little changes that came with it, were a combination of all of these. There is was certainly death. There was the stress of packing up and moving. And, there are myriad new jobs, and ways of dealing with old jobs, that have been forced upon us.

All of this requires adjustments…even if some of the new changes are ultimately for the better. And, there are a couple of them that are clear improvements over the “old way.”

Let’s break down some tips that will help you maneuver the changes, without losing your collective minds.
Addicts are by nature compulsive. Some, not all, are more than a tad OCD…which means they fight change, because they like “everything in its place.”  Fair enough. This event is really going to test that. Sorry about that…

The Death of Krustyland as we Knew It
OK. This is really kinda overstated. The fact is, unless you had thousands of items in your Krustyland, and it was expanded over every single available square, EA has not only awarded us more than enough space in the form of Free Land Tiles, but also allowed us (or automatically stored), all of the items we had. Yes. It is a Pain In The A** (PITA), to find them all and replace them.  But, people keep complaining how “boring” the game has become. Now you have plenty to do… Kind of like when your little sister upsets the 1,000 jigsaw puzzle you had laid out on the card table. You get the pleasure of doing it again. Right?

But, as I will share in my “Friday Filler,” (on Friday) there are huge advantages for those of us who truly play the game primarily so we can design creatively. The primary advantage being, that you aren’t limited by using JUST Krustyland items. You can mix and match…you can place food stands on the beach…you can add water, fountains, and any number of other decorations to make your design all that much better and more interesting. So DO IT. Make your “resurrected from the dead” Krustyland even better!

Water…Gondolas…adding to the design fun…

Turning your Shuttles Into Transporters
Again, as I have said in other posts, I love my transporters. I use them to “BLIP” around my town, when I am doing multiple tasks (clearing characters, while I clear actions in KL/ISLand, RailYard etc.).  And now…the Krustyland Bus/Terminals behave the same way, but just within your own town. So…place them both! 

Combined Parks or Side by Side?
I am starting to see my neighbors getting creative with how they are designing their amusement areas…and combining both Krustyland and Itchy and Scratchy Land items.  I am choosing to do a side-by-side design…much the way that Disneyland and California Adventure Co-Exist. Once there is more to ISL (a racetrack and a studio do not an amusement park make), I will work a way to use a common walkway between the two parks.

Placing your Krustyland Monorail Station Where it Belongs! 
I’ve had a Krustyland Station since it came out. But, now…it finally makes more sense.  I had it in my main Springfield, near Krustylou studios. But now, it will be integrated into my park. However…One HUGE shortfall for placing monorail track. You currently can’t place it over Krustyland pathways or fences. Weird…but true.

Added Bonus…Krustyland Mystery Boxes
As you can tell by this screen shot, I hardly bought any of the Premium Items when I played/designed the first time through.  Tooooooo expensive for someone who was playing “Cheapium,”  But, low and behold…now that I am doing casual donut farming, I grabbed up ALL of these premium items, at just 65 donuts each. That is a HUGE savings from the original price. Sometimes, it DOES pay to wait!

YOU Control the Traffic Flow in the Parking Lot
I’m sure there are some of you who are going to say, “Duh!!” But, I saw enough comments about this to do a reminder.  The New Parking Lots that we got for Krustyland allow you to add/delete/clear the cars, by simply tapping them. Each Parking Lot tile has three different options. 


MOVING…Not as EAsy as they make it out to be…
One of the biggest issues people are facing in redesigning, is actually related to something EA did BEFORE they nuked Krustyland.  I’m not really sure what advantage they thought was being added by allowing you to select, and move/store/sell huge areas of items, but then automatically selecting rivers, roads, etc. associated with that selected area…but, IT DOESN’T WORK WELL…at all.

Ever since they added this feature (which has been exacerbated by this event), when I go to select and sell my KEM cluster, everything freezes…for up to 45 seconds…with almost every action.  What used to take me less than a minute, can now take as long as 7 minutes (depending on the length of each freeze between clicks). NOT GOOD.  I have actually gone back to selecting, moving, selling, clearing each KEM individually.  This ALSO happens when I try to move more than ONE of anything. As in more than one flower…more than one piece of track…more than one anything.  So…for whatever reason, it is just faster to move one item at a time.
The Following Videos are placed here, just in case EA is actually following our posts more closely now that we are “friends.”  FIX THIS PLEASE EA!!!  I’ll Gladly give up my option to grab loads of water and roads…which I never wanted/needed in the first place!

Connecting the Dots…literally…with the Race Track
Finally, there are still loads of people reporting that they are having problems with the race track connections. It really is easy…and far easier than some of the brain damage we went through with the monorail. It’s as simple as connecting the dots. If the dots aren’t connected, it doesn’t turn green.

Dammitall…I want a legitimate answer to why we still have Item limits.  Yes…I get it. Your legacy code can only handle so much. And yet, you keep increasing them.  Let US decide when the lagginess, or weird ghost figures are too much to deal with.  If you want us to enjoy the design aspect of the game (which by the way, keeps us interested during the repetitive 4-grind-fests that these updates have become…KILL THE ITEM LIMITS!!!!  From what I gather, there’s aren’t that many people who get the warnings. So…give us “super designers” a break! Raising them to the current 11,500 is a start.  How about another few thousand??? Come on. Just do it…and I’ll stop talking about it!

SPOILER*****FINAL HEADS UP ON A BUNDLE DEAL COMING…Why You Should WAIT to buy Scractchy if you are spending real money…
If you are a donut farmer…ignore this. It doesn’t apply to you at all.

However, if you spend real money for your donuts- and are on the fence about spending 300 donuts to get Scratchy (which is waaaaay high for a single character and a half a building), There is a bit of a “Bonus” if you wait.

According to the files…on or around the 12th of June, There will be a REBATE BUNDLE offered on a truckload of donuts…that’s 300 donuts for $19.99. OUCH!  However…on the 12th, you will get a Bonus Bundled Character (rumored to be Mawdy Spuckler). So…you will spend your money on 300 donuts, which will allow you to buy Scratchy and the Studio, and you will be given another full character.  So…that’s 2 characters and a building for $19.99.

That is still price gouging to the max...but at least softens the blow. It also makes it clear why so many people (including myself) now donut farm . But…if I hear a single one of you donut farmers whining because you can’t get Mawdy Spuckler for your farmed donuts…please stop.  Those who pay for the game with real money keep it going. Right? 

OK…back to the 4-hour grinding (some things NEVER change)

Have fun. Designing is most of the fun… waiting for lag time? Not so much.


122 responses to “Tips On Surviving the “New Era of TSTO” After Krustyland

  1. Are there ever going to be challenges again for Krustyland? I want some new rides, games, concessions, etc! I’m so sick of all the same ol stuff! I’m so jealous of my friends that played longer than me and have lots of stuff in their KL. I have a lil, but got a late start and now want more!!! Any info, anyone??? Also, did people have to buy the Krustyland Monorail or did you get it after recycling so much? I’m still new to everything! Thanks! 😁

  2. Where is the Krusty meter now?

  3. Pro-tip: If you clear all the land elements underneath your farming KEMs (dirt roads, pavement etc) there is almost no lag time for clearing even 20+ KEMs at a time. If it’s just plain green land under your convenience store dealies you should be good to go 👍🏾

  4. Kathryn D Soukup

    Just want to say thanks to everyone here at tstoaddicts. The tip about buying up KL land before the blow up was invaluable! Also, the tip about using your KL shuttles! Now I have one placed near my unemployment office so I can quickly transport after doing my tapping and send everyone on jobs. I don’t post here a lot, but I know I can always find the answer to my questions about game play or glitches. Thanks!

    • Are there ever going to be challenges again for Krustyland? I want some new rides, games, concessions, etc! I’m so sick of all the same ol stuff! I’m so jealous of my friends that played longer than me and have lots of stuff in their KL. I have a lil, but got a late start and now want more!!! Any info, anyone??? Also, did people have to buy the Krustyland Monorail or did you get it after recycling so much? I’m still new to everything! Thanks! 😁

  5. I never bought the Krustyland monorail station because I never saw the point. Now I want it! Is it going to be offered for sale again?

  6. Hi friends! Someone knows where I can find transporters? I don´t have that ones mentioned in a other post and did not find them in the store. Thank you!

  7. There are definitely PROS and CONS with this relocating of Krustyland (I’m enjoying combining both theme parks into a Disneyland / DCA homage – or you can also say Universal Studios Orlando / Island of Adventure homage).

    I am definitely visiting Krustyland more often …. but I don’t think it will be overly decorated as it was before (obviously the game lag / freezing of game doesn’t help).

    We definitely need another Resort Hotel on par with Krusty’s (please tell me there will be a Building like this in Act 2 / Act 3) and why not the Itchy and Scratchy Monorail Station, too?

    Main gripe? Krustyland has been incorporated into our Springfield, yet most of our Springfield Characters still can’t visit Krustyland (come on, EA, this is just pure laziness!)

    Did someone say 4 Hour Grind? 🤣

  8. Since the items from Krustyland maintain their former conform o meter impact such as merch and Grub; do you know how this will impact our town? And will you be doing a post on this?

  9. Much of the lag can be attributed to your device. My older iPad has a considerable lag, but my new iPhone has no lag at all.

    • I suggested something similar and pat said his devices are brand new.
      The lag is when you go to move everything in group mode (when it picks up roads etc.), that’s where it’s really bad

      • My experience is device related for sure. My iPad is over 4 years old and shows lag. My iPhone 8 is brand new and shows no lag.

        • Again…there are different kinds of lags. What I am talking about is a complete freeze. And I have “solved it” by doing what some other folks suggested…graying out land and water before I select. That works. Shouldn’t have to do it…but it works. And yes… Both devices are less than three months old. Loaded with memory.and patched to the gills.

  10. Amen brother! Enough with the limits! Imagine my despair after, literally, years of playing, innovating and designing…to receive the “Limit Reached” message, only then being forced to tear something down to create. Its an unnecessary limit.

    • Exactly!! I have been perpetually at or near the item limit, and have been unable to “custom design” any of the prizes/buildings/etc from the last several events. And NOW, all the hard design work I put into my Krustylamd is wasted…..because of the totally stupid and unnecessary item limit, I can’t bring 95% of my Krustyland over!! So it will sit in my storage forever….or until EA gets a clue and decides to DO AWAY WITH THE ITEM LIMIT!!!

  11. Did anyone’s Sideshow you show up in their storage or is gone with the nuke? I thought I lost all my stuff because they weren’t stored in the KL storage but I found them separately later. It seems Sideshow you ballon game is still missing though

    • It’s definitely there. Not everything is under the KL button, so hunt around in the other categories. I recall placing it later than the other items, but it wasn’t much of an issue so I forget where I found it

  12. 😭Now I really blew it….I unistalled and reinstalled and now it wont let me log in at all!!! Whaaaa. .Ever hear the story about the bird who was cold? He found a pile of poop and it was so warm he began singing and singing . 🎵 He was so happy . But a nearby cat heard him singing and came and ate him. The moral of the story is ” If your warm and happy in a pile of poop keep your mouth shut. ” i didnt and now cant play at all …… im missing everything.

  13. i did like the change… now my krustyland looks more like a real theme park, kind of like Knotts.. During the event I will keep KL and I&S parks separate but after the even probably incorporate them both and add the Monorail. Also thinking of a way to add a highway next to it…

  14. Hi all! Just a little side note, bc I know Patric loves his monorail as much as I do, the track *can* be placed on the KL path. The trick is you have to lay the track first and then the path. (I took pics but don’t know how to post them). I have mine running around my whole park, with a lot of it situated over the KL path. The one weird thing is that if you get too close to the pink fence (and sometimes other “Springfield” items like trees) it won’t let you place it. But, you can easliy get around this if you remove the fence, place the track, and then replace the fence. Hope that helps! (And maybe you have already discovered those little tricks but it sounded as if you were having trouble placing the track on the KL paths.) I’d be super bummed if I couldn’t have the track over the KL paths as it would seriously interfere with my designs.

    • I have seen this solution a couple of times now…and very much appreciate it! Only problem now… is ITEM LIMITS. I can’t add any more track currently…without blowing up another part of my town.

      • I feel your pain! Since you recently visited my town (hope you enjoyed it!), you can clearly see I am pushing the items limit too. I could not transfer my old KL because it took me over the limit so I had to break it apart and build it from scratch. It has fewer flowers and trees than I would like but until this event ends and I can see where I’m at in regards to the item limit with all of the new content I cant really design it the way I would like to. That being said, I am definitely grateful for all the new land. However, what’s the use of more land if I can’t put stuff on it without exceeding the limit? Ive already had to store some of my Christmas items to make room for the monorail track that runs around the park, but I’m not about to start de-treeing my forests and un-flowering my yards! Items limit is VERY annoying!

  15. You complain about lag….But item limit increase would increase lag….And people are not smart enough to connect track pieces, so how can they be smart enough to understand too many items cause lag. They wouldn’t understand and just complain more!

    I don’t hate item limits. It Keeps you on your toes and makes you only keep out what is cannon or important to you. Too many towns are cluttered messes anyways (too many ppl
    See their mess as “super designs” too…..).

    I like this update for the most part but even more if we didn’t have to craft too much for bonus %.

    • Pffffttttt… profoundly agree to disagree on that. The only issues I have seen with the large number of items I have, is ghosts in animation, and that it takes longer for neighbors to open the large towns.

      “Cannon” items? Holyfreakinshirt… that would wipe out about half of what has been offered the past year.

      And sorry…but even your “cannon” town on the show has trees…and flowers…and other details. Just going with the basics is boring…

  16. Justin Henriks

    The worst aspect about moving KL to Springfield is the massive lines to get onto the popular rides. Some rides have wait times of over an hour… I need to build some new rides!

    • I love the use of the crowds😄👍…would be nice if EA would offer some crowd of just kids,tho. Lots of places, including the rides at I&S Land and the pop stage, where kids would make up a better crowd.

    • Justin, I love your KL design.
      I have added some crowds to my new KL too but I would love to be able to placed them on on the KL path.

      I hope they introduce more rides too.

      To make the park more “crowded with people” as an idea you could place Springfielders on a sit down task (like Agnus and Mona ‘feed the birds’)
      and place the benches in your park.
      That way it can look like they’re watching the stunt show etc.

      • Justin Henriks

        I agree, it would be much better to have people placed on paths rather than concrete! Maybe EA will ‘tweak’ a few aspects like this over time now that the lands have merged. I’m looking forward to what else will be released over the next month!

        • I hope they do, that would be nice. 🙂

          I’m looking forward to any new content too that I can place in my new KL.
          (Nice rides or decorations I hope)

          I like the new KL decorations, especially the pink fence from the KL selection.
          I’m going to make a nice pink fence border around the outside of my town with water on the other side.
          (Sorry to any of my towns residents that do not like pink) 😛

  17. My game is now just a black screen instead of snap closing….had no chance to nuke anything…got to the friend screen once….and have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and still no luck (am on android phone) & using both data and wifi. Any hints to fix tgis would be great.

  18. Hi,
    I still seem to experiencing terrible game lag if the Injury 500 tracks are connected up.

  19. I am a relatively new player (I started playing in January of this year) and I was hit by the Rollback Glitch. I took EA’s offer of the template Springfield and they gave me a TON of stuff. Granted, there are some characters I used to have that I don’t have anymore and all the stuff from the events I played through is gone, but I think they made up for it with everything else they gave me.

    One of the things missing from my previous game was the Maggie storyline. I had already played through it but had to start it over in my new Springfield. One of the tasks took place in Krustyland when Homer has to go get R.O.S.A.s missing part but I can’t complete it because there is no more Krustyland. The same thing happened with the Princess Penélope questline which I was in the middle of. I can,t send Krusty to get a heart attack quest because the blue “do it” button is missing.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way I can get my characters to finish these questlines?

  20. I’m personally loving rebuilding KL and incorporating Glitchy and Patchy Land 😍

    I had to eventually ungroup everything from KL as my group store and move function freezes the game then the dreaded Bart screen comes up. 😠

    But heyho I’m thinking positively about that as my original KL would have taken me over the hard item cap. So now I can make it more compact and mix and match with other Springfield items. 🖒

  21. Patric, on the track alignment, can I email you some screenshots please? I’ve tried a number of expanded designs and I end up with a gap which is too large for a short track and too short for a long track… nothing to do with matching the red dots. Hopefully, there is a really simple solution to this which I’m missing.

  22. I was just forced to buy a bunch of derby track I didn’t want. Now I’m going to need 2000 crafting currency each for freaking parking lots? Srsly? ,For real? FU EA

  23. Had anybody else’s game been running slow after the update?

  24. amasterofdescent

    You can always trigger the land “invisible” on the right hand side (or buildings, decorations, …). As soon as you have done that, moving groups of items rund smoothly for me.

    If I forget to make the land “invisible”, my Pixel also freezes up to a minute or so.

  25. Is there a plan to use Krustyland again? An event or something? I would have prefered they changed it’s currency to cash, rather than keep tickets, if all I’ll ever do with tickets is collect them to eventually exchange for cash.

    • well, it can be used for KL decorations… pretty much like Springfield Heights currencies, one you get all the land and upgrade all the buildings… but you can at least change the tickets to cash, and that can be transformed to donuts…

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