(Minor) SPOILER ALERT!! Moe’s Ark Event Info!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some exciting news…

We’ve received the content package for the next event from EA!  Which means…we can share some details in advance with you guys! Remember, we’re all under NDA, so please bear with us as we can’t share EVERYTHING we know until EA tells us we can (which is usually how we operate anyway).  But we have the green light to release some basic info about the next event.

So no more guessing, we now know WHEN the next event will start and WHAT the next event will cover!  Pretty exciting stuff huh? 

So I know there are a bunch of you who like to remain spoiler free (and this, to me, will not violate our spoiler-free policy as this is information provided to us directly from EA.  They’re giving us the go-ahead to share…) I’ll post the WHAT below the fold. However, I will say the next event will start (as we predicted earlier this week) on Wednesday, August 1st.

So be prepared on Wednesday, August 1st for the event launch

Now on with the spoilers…


While we can’t give away too much of the what with this event, we can tell you the next event will be focused around (as many of you guessed)…..


With a few Simpsons twists and turns along the way!

We can also tell you that it will have an auto start prompt, so no worries about keeping anyone free to get the event going. HOWEVER, you will need THREE members of The Simpson Family for the first task.  So make sure you keep those Simpsons free on Wednesday!

Here’s a little more…

-Like all events, this one will be broken into 3 Acts, with each Act running 2 weeks.  So this will be a 6-week total event, running until Sept 12th.

-Loads of animals and zoo decorations will be coming to Springfield.  As well as several new characters (including some from the Bracket battles).

-Premium content will be plenty…old and new.  There will be Mystery Boxes to tempt you, as well as returning content to buy directly with donuts.

-Another spend cash for donuts item will appear..although I don’t think you’ll be happy with the price point.

-Gil will likely make an appearance (he always does).  This time around I have a feeling he’ll be bringing a popularly requested character.  So farm/buy those donuts you’ll need a lot to get that character (less than 400 but more than 200).

-There will be land tokens.

-Oh and there’s nothing you need to do to really prep for this one…i.e. you don’t need to buy all available land like the last event.

Overall it will be a pretty standard 6-week event, especially one for the end of the summer. A few element changes will be added, but it’s still 3 Acts and 6 weeks. If you like the Zoo and animals, this is the event for you.

I’ve got to be honest though, I’m not big into animals so this one really isn’t grabbing my attention all that much.  I’m excited for some of the characters/content but the overall theme of the event just isn’t doing anything for me.  BUT that’s me. Some of you may absolutely love animals and this may be the event you’ve been waiting for …and that’s awesome!  Not to be a downer, I’m just not in that group. Canon characters excite me, animals do not.

In any event, be ready, Wednesday, August 1st for things to get a little wild in Springfield!  (as wild as they can get in a zoo)

Thoughts about the next event?  Pumped for what might be coming? What do you think we’ll see?  Will you be ready? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

118 responses to “(Minor) SPOILER ALERT!! Moe’s Ark Event Info!

  1. I guess since cash is worth much anymore they decided to add the hidden XP bonus to SH to cash also.

  2. Update just hit the iOS app store

  3. Hi, do we know what time the event starts tomorow?

  4. If you was paying attention, you should be saving your daily challenges up and not compleate them for Monday/Tuesday/Wed before the event starts.

    • Except they don’t automatically change to event currency (unless you completely avoid your game) unless you x them out. And you only get 1x/day (give or take hrs)

  5. This sounds nice but Halloween is what most of us are anticipating I believe. I hope the finally bring night time to our springfields…and when else would be most appropriate to to bring night as an option? It would be best in my opinion if it matched local time.

  6. I for one am going to nuke, design and play event! Keep it all in stride! Six weeks so not rushing, not hustling, just being consistent and productive! 💪💪💪💪

  7. The only thing I would like is the ability to earn missing land tokens from Krustyland. I think KL had 100 land pieces which were purchasable through KL tickets. I want the ability to use KL tickets (since we still earn them) to purchase up to 100 tokens. That gives us something to work toward when an event isn’t in session.

  8. I’m actually really excited for this one!! Animals are my thing! Love them! Hope this will be as fun as it seems!

  9. It seems more and more that EA has tailored the game for new players. I’ve been tapping for over 5 years and am really happy with my Springfield. However, now that land expansion is limited to purchase by tokens, I dread the new events and trying to squeeze in the footprints of new content. Also, WHY can we STIILL not delete or sell most items from inventory to comply with the total maximum number of items?!?
    I’m sitting on almost $5 billion in game cash that is practically useless. Obviously, EA doesn’t listen or doesn’t care. It’s as if they’ve completely disregarded long time players as a priority. Maybe most of the old players have given up, or just become bored with the game?

    • 5 billion of useless game cash? That would buy a lot of blood mobiles! Convert it to donuts. In game cash is never useless….

      • HOW do you convert it to donuts??

        • Step one: turn on xp collider.
          Step two: buy billions of dollars worth of blood mobiles.
          Step three: play the bonus game that will automatically pop up and get hundreds of donuts.
          Step four: sell all blood mobiles.
          Step five: repeat.

        • First turn on your XP collider. Buy RTT that will generate XP that will give you donuts. If your bonus is low (under 2000%) buy mystery boxes (6 donuts) to get billboards and vans to increase bonus which will increase XP generated which will increase donuts earned per cash spent.

          • 2000%?


            I feel like addicts needs a poll asking people what their bonus percentage is. It’d be nice to see how the stats breakdown among those who frequent this site.

            I’m only at 765 with a goal of getting to 1000…2000 hasn’t even crossed my mind yet.

            • If you going to convert 5 billion in cash you might as well make it your while. At around 3000% you can get donuts for every 4 KEMs (and maybe $100K to go from 1 to 3 donuts).

              I just did in a test in a game where I have 3026.42%, a RTT ($150K) gives me 3 (mostly) to 9 donuts, depending on where my beginning XP is. A BM ($132K) gives me 3 to 6 donuts (about equally – when the XP is above 600,000 XP I get 6 donuts and the XP goes up 66K. So obviously you can get cheated out of donuts by buying RTT vs BM at high bonus %.

              In a game with 2034.40% a BM gives me 3 donuts and ups XP 410K (6 donuts if starting XP above 600K). A RTT gives 3 donuts and ups XP 600K, so I am going to get 6 donuts more often.

              Mystery boxes (6 donuts) generate 1% at less than 9 donuts on average. 2000% costs less than 18,000 donuts.

              So (a RTT net cost $112.5K +50K aveage 1 to 3 donuts) a billion will generate over 18,000(to ?) donuts at 2000%.

              15,000 XP for RTT truck. 1,000,000 XP for donuts. = 66.6 per donuts without XP collider. 13.3 with collider and no bonus. = 6.66 at 100% bonus level. (112.5*6.66+50 =800K) (1,000,000,000 /800K) = 1250 *3= 3750 donuts for a billion.

  10. Dare I get my hopes up for this one? I’m quite excited about this up coming event and praying it won’t be a letdown.

  11. I’ve already got a Moe’s Zoo area – and theres no room to expand it. I suspect I’m going to have to shelve and replant a LOT of stuff.

  12. i just love animals! Something that down to earth and understandable by everyone! I am excited for this event (which doesnt hapen often). I was thinking on so many animals that i could buy that i missed due to limited time offer…
    Red coyote, whacking day snakes from oooooooooold event, whatever i missed in the past, i hope i can buy! Also hoping for discount on regular store items, like petstore and k9… And of course bonus multiplier! I love getting those offered.
    Lots and lots of anticipation!

  13. Hooray! The Springfield Zoo. Sounds good to me. I hope at least a few of the buildings, characters and decorations will be canon.

  14. Using the info on this post, I added my opinion and views on what the new update could have on offer by reviewing the points that have been given on this post in pros, cons and in the middle on a pre-judgement of the update. So far, I can’t think of a third con which could mean that the event will be great or awesome with only a few negatives. Also, sorry for the lengthy comment to the moderators and readers that might not be interested in reading it. 🙂
    Pros: ☺️
    *A zoo update sounds fun which could be an interesting area to design in our towns with the Springfield Zoo finally appearing in the game and using older animal related items including the Old Grey Mare and Homer’s Ballet. It gives EA another reason to add the Springfield University to the game in a similar way to this update if it is successful. 👍👍
    *Bracket characters are coming with this update which is always a plus since it is characters that we have wanted in the games for a long time.👍
    *More Land Tokens is always a positive since that is now the only way to buy land and hopefully there will be plenty of them on offer this time since our towns are always growing. 👍
    In the middle: 😐
    *Mystery boxes brining back older items at a cheaper price than they were originally which is useful to people that have a few of these items available. Mystery boxes can also be annoying since others would want only some of the items and not everything in the boxes then ending up spending more donuts than intended. ❓📦
    *A new Gil Deal can either be good or bad depending on what’s on offer and how much it will cost, using the info on this post it will cost more than 200 donuts which is different to the 199 price tag that the last several deals have cost in the past so it all depends on if it’s worth it when it comes.💰
    *A new cash character could be good to get a new character and some more donuts to save or spend on the premium content which varies if the character is interesting or useful in the event. The high price of this new character is a deal maker/breaker on if it’s still worth it to buy (hopefully it will not be as expensive as the Shelbyville Statue in the store and around the price of Maw Spuckler in the last event). 💰💸
    *New elements can work both ways because it could make the game more fun and enjoyable during the long periods of an act while possibly making the event feel unique. On the other hand, the new elements can still make the update feel like a long grind and get these elements worn out when used in every future event (look at the bonus areas from the last 3 events for instance).
    Cons: ☹️
    *The length of the event is still 3 acts over 6 weeks that we all have experienced over the last few years in the game. I assume the 4 hour cycle will still be present in this event. It would of been nice of EA to get a 2 acts over 4 weeks or less event to make everyone feel less burned out near the end of an event or act. 👎😴 At least we can hope and wait to see if Christmas is 4 weeks like the last 2 years have done. 🎄
    *If it’s the same group of characters used in past major events (Homer, Willie, Ned etc.) that earns the event currency then it would be a wasted opportunity to use the other 200+ characters we have in the game, how about letting Marge, Maggie, Sanjay, Miss. Hoover, Database etc. earn the currency (or even alongside the same group of characters that works too).👎👎

  15. Alias de la plume

    I’ll be happy as long as they don’t use the percent area from Bart royal. It prevents me from decorating and I hate the clutter it causes

    • Me too…I’d rather increase my percent by completing a seperate mini-game at a smallish building (kinda like “Sideshow You”) that would be part of the zoo after the event. These huge mega-buildings are ridiculous when accompanied by their policy of doling out land tokens as if they were endangered species.

  16. Whoot! Anther too long event that is a grind with (presumably) too big of an area with too many items. The zoo should be its own “building”. I hate making our our things like IS land. It’s always too big proportionally.

    EA does not listen or care. Even with this advanced communication with you guys.

  17. Hoping for Baboon County USA

  18. Been thinking about it….Few things I’d like to see out of this event:

    1. New format, woth community prizes again…THOH in 2013 was great for the community prizes. And these ‘bonus area’ events are annoying because you have to just dump decos to keep the bonus up…

    2. Changes from I&S la do event items, specifically their ability to be placed on KLAND path tiles….

    3. Good scaling: prizes and items relating to the zoo need to be scaled to fit in with other things well, but not so big they use up to much valuable space.

    4. Different characters being used….we have well over 100 characters. I’m tired of the same ones being tied up for events over and over.

    Guess that’s it for now….

  19. wordsleadmeon

    Reading over the comments on this post left me feeling like almost nobody even wants this event already based entirely on the duration. Is there a point in which people will stop being surprised and annoyed that events are 6 weeks long? Every single one I’ve ever played, save for the last two Christmases (if I recall correctly, that is), has been at least that long. Is what it is, and while at times it gets beyond old by the 3rd act, it’s not likely to change so – much like the crafting that most events is utterly pointless – EA has left us with three choices: we either roll with it, we skip the questline and prize track (act like it’s not happening, totally an option) or stop playing. We all hate the grind, but the game seems to be designed around it for the majority of the year.

    • Agreed, but I must admit, I have yet to completely understand the basis of this complaint. It seems a bit short-sided to me. People tend to like the 2-week mini-event format, yet complain about the 6-week major Events, which are hardly different than having 3 minis consecutively, save for the Tappables and craft Items. Why wish for fewer new additions?

      And the length is for the majority of drop in/out players – Normies – not Addicts. That which takes compulsive behavior 7 – 10 days, takes regular behavior 14 days. Should Prizes be restricted to the most compulsive users? Isn’t that the complaint against Tinyco? Is this what we should wish for others? Is that not selfish of us?

      If one finds an Event bothersome, OK, that’s fine. Ignore it. Just let it run in the background. No harm. Design away. (Heck, folks are complaining about the lack of time for that.) It’s all a choice. But EA decided on this format a long time ago. Lazy? Maybe, but probably because it works. It’s efficient for them. Efficiency yields more product.

      And one might point to Winter 2017 as an exception but I contend that it was masked with 2 weeks of politics following 4 weeks of religion – 6 weeks of the taboo.

      • wordsleadmeon

        I’m with you on the short-sightedness. It’s similar to the ‘I want more downtime!’ complaint for me. Both leave the game stagnant, and the idea behind all events, mini or otherwise, is to give us a story to follow and new content. Maybe it’s not always great, but if I just want to design at my own pace, I’ll play a Sims game, not TSTO. And I often do.

        The one thing the Winter 2017 event had going for it for me was the lack of the 4hr clock. Made things nice and flexible during a time of year filed with endless deviations from the regular schedule.

  20. Nooooo! I don’t want another event to start that soon. I wanted more down time. Event. Mini event. One week with no events. Event. Mini event. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    I purposely pushed to finish the most recent mini-event early so I’d have more down time. I’ve been on vacation this week, and I didn’t want to have the mini event overlap with my vacation.. Not a good sign!

  21. Sooo are we going to get new land ?

  22. Would like to request EA to give us a chance to spend game money to buy Land Tokens. When I prematurely blew up Krustyland without buying its land tiles first, I missed out on a bunch of Land Tokens. 🙁

  23. I’m so excited for this event! I’ve had a patch of land for the longest time that I was saving for something like this.


    I love that it seems like it will be a “normal” event… Something we haven’t had for a while. I love most of the events but I’m happy to get something simple that makes sense in Springfield.

  24. Hoping for new fences, walls, tables, pathway, plants, etc. to add variety around town.

  25. Dark_R0nin910

    And I thought 100 donuts was good. I need to buckle down

  26. Uncle More is all I want.

  27. Had to go old school for this one. almost like it more then modern clips.

  28. Great…more content to take up huge amounts of space. First moving Krustyland to Springfield, then Itchy & Scratchyland and now a zoo? I prefer items I can disperse throughout my already immense Springfield. My tablet cannot handle the excess data. I actually visit Krustyland less since I moved it to Springfield. I wish I could return it to where it was. I’m not really excited about adding animals to the game. I have plenty. If I get too many, they’re not special anymore.Another six-week event. At least if there are a lot of characters, I’ll have plenty of time to farm donuts before the end.

    My strategy for this event.

    Empty the mystery boxes.
    Purchase any must-have characters.
    Keep saving for the Halloween Event

    Keep Calm
    Carry on Farming

  29. Yesss!!! It’s our very own zoo!

  30. Lions, tigers and bears oh my!

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