Moe’s Ark – Act One Calendar and Numbers You Need to Get It All

I am a little bit worried, I have to admit.  The last time there was an Ark floating around, it signaled a “Great Flood” that washed away all of the sinners of the world.  Now…with the current heat conditions and fires out west, I’m not saying we couldn’t use a little water. But, if the Ark signals something else…I’m fine to pass on this event.

You don’t feel the same?  You are all jacked up about getting a whole mess of animals and places to put them? You aren’t worried about getting left behind?

Well…I’ve SEEN the Ark…and it really is a wonder to behold…even if  it might leave you behind.

Let’s take a look at what you will have to do to “Get it ALL!” at least in Act I…but, be forewarned, “Greed” is one of the sins that got a bunch of folks left on “the wet side.”

OK. So, I’m not THAT old… I barely knew Noah’s grandkids.  But, I HAVE seen the ARK. And let me tell you…no matter what you believe, it is simply something you have to see for yourself.  It’s huge. All wood. And the science behind the mythology is absolutely the most interestingly entertaining thing I have seen in years. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry…especially when you see the dinosaurs right next to the cows.

Oh. And it’s in Kentucky. Which some would argue feels a bit confused when it comes to being holy and entertaining.  Whiskey? Got it. Horse Racing and betting? We got it. Dollywood?  We got it.  And, the mountains are statuesque…

A life-size replica of Noah’s Ark? (if you’re feeling guilty about gazing at the mountains)… We got that too.

Here’s the link…

But, I digress…

All you really want are the numbers…and the prizes…
So, here you go!

PLEASE NOTE… this is a 24 hour clock. So…it is meant to run in a “post 24 hour mode” meaning that Day 1– starts when you started the event. There is a .5 day cushion built into it at the end.  So…while this is actually posted the 2nd day of the event, as long as you hit 2725 close to when you started the event on the first day, you are fine.  Do NOT spend money/donuts on stuff to speed up collecting. Trust me…it’s NOT worth it. Log in every 4 hours….do the main task with zoo helpers and you’ll be fine.
Click on the Image to Enlarge…

And for those who are less into art, and more into numbers…

If I am absolutely honest, I have to admit that I am not all that jacked up for this event…at least what we can see.  It looks like a ton more space, gobbled up by a lot of random animals and decorations.  But, hey…maybe they’ll up the Item Limit so I can actually enjoy it. We’ll see!

And yes…the rumors are true. We will eventually get One Mrs. Clancy Wiggum…but you won’t find here on this prize track. So start saving your donuts. A lot of them.

Keep in Grindin’!

105 responses to “Moe’s Ark – Act One Calendar and Numbers You Need to Get It All

  1. I’m enjoying this event and am there or thereabouts on the calendar. I pretty much sat out the Krustyland event, doing the bare minimum to get land tokens (gots to get those tokens…) because I didn’t like the content. This event is more my kind: some good, attractive content already and to look forward to. And no crafting, which I quite like.

  2. Still about 400 behind. Doesn’t seem to be as easy as past events, even though I tap 4 times a day like always.

    • Same! I’m struggling to catch up and I don’t even know how I fell behind. I’m about a day behind and don’t want to use any of those precious sprinkles I’m saving for Ms. Wiggum

  3. Dollywood is not in KY

  4. I just god Nadine and I’m currently stuck at part 4 of her quest chain. I can’t harvest tomacco because I am in the middle of a 90-days corn harvest. So I’ll be stuck 40 days unless I pay 482 donuts to free Cletus’s Farm… darn.

    • Or, just store cletus’ farm, bring it back out… Then you’re freed from the task and no donuts!


      • True, but then you wasted the money to start the task and 50 days so far. Brandine’s task is not crucial and can wait 40 days in my opinion.

  5. Hi i need an answer to this after the itchy and scratchy update is krustyland permanently in springfeild because ut wont let me go back when i tao the shuttle

    • The answer to your question is yes Krustyland is permanently in Springfield. I am not sure what they classify it as but somewhere in your inventory you will find the Krustyland Shuttle from Krustyland. Place it and you will be able to teleport between your shuttles.

    • A late reply but to answer your question, yes, Krustyland is permanently in Springfield it is no longer a separate map. There should be 2 shuttles available, if you have one in your town there should be another one in your inventory (try looking in the main part by scrolling left without going into any categories (buildings, decorations etc.) to make it easier finding the other shuttle). Both shuttles act as teleporters going from one to another in the same way as the bowling shops and the other teleporters.

  6. How long until Mrs. Wiggum arrives?

  7. Am on target but so far have tapped 5 times a day, weekend here so might miss a few taps as i sleep past 5am lol

  8. Suggestion: The calendar would be better as an always visible widget near the top of the page. Something like “Today’s target: 8175”. That way, users can tell at a glance if they’re on track, instead of having to dig out this post as the event goes on…

  9. Again, not really seeing how Moe fits into this. Did EA just turn a random task into a full fledged event? I had this pegged as a follow up to that airport event (focused more on town/city building stuff). Hope it measures up…

  10. can you also post a calander for the animal enclosures using the assumption you wanted to upgrade a single enclosure each ?

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