Moe’s Ark Act III- Prize Guide – Flying Brachiosaurus

I tried to warn you. Act III just goes completely off of the rails. It is the kind of act that would make Darwin spin in his grave, but perhaps also would make the researchers in gene splicing go mad with excitement.

I am so “meh” about Act III and it’s content, that I am writing these Prize Guide Posts under duress…and only because “Mom” told me to.  And let me tell you…nobody crosses Mom THIS week.

But, EA and the writers are going to go where they want to go…no matter how outlandish the premise. And outlandish this final act is indeed.

Case in point… Prize One-Fying Brachiosaurus

The prize is easy enough to win…but, mine will go almost immediately into storage. I am getting burned out with all of the weird, add-on characters that have shown up in my Springfield as of late. Enough is enough. But, I digress…

Let’s make this clear… it is a decoration. Thankfully, it doesn’t wander around our towns…

Act 3, Prize 1- Flying Brachiosaurus
: 2 x 3
What Does it Do: Animated when tapped
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt

Questline When Placed: Flying Brachiosaurus
Wiggum starts
Wiggum: I don’t believe it, that’s the dinosaur from Ralphie’s dream!
Lou: You okay, Chief? You been eating that powdered sugar from the evidence locker again?
Wiggum: Just sprinkling it on my special donuts, Lou. Wheee!

TASK: Make Wiggum Visit Flying Brachiosaurus- 4hrs
TASK: Make Lou Visit Flying Brachiosaurus- 4hrs
TASK:Tap Flying Brachiosaurus

As a BONUS SHOT…if you buy the silly Worm Train and Yo Yo…and you place them together with Brachie, they can all levitate together!  (Nothing silly or ridiculous about that!).

There you have it. 
NEXT PRIZE? Another Free Land Tile (that you can’t use near the zoo where you need it). Then? The CHICKEN PULLED CHARIOT! (Who doesn’t want one of these?).

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  1. I think there’s a glitch in my game. It says I have jobs available for my moes ark but everybody is doing a job

    • When you tap the zoo gate scroll down there should be more locations for characters to do jobs.
      This did my head in until I realised.
      Also if Dr Hibert is not doing a job he might trigger this too as he needs to be free to receive the skin when you reach that level.

      • I figured it out, Larry Kidall makes the exclamation point go away, even though he doesn’t have a job to do at any of the zoo attractions. I got the skin for Dr. Hibbert early this morning & while he was on a job the exclamation point was still there.

  2. Necromantic Nightmare

    I can’t find much about the worm train… I already spent too many donuts for this event… trying to decide if I should get this too… I probably won’t unless it’s super awesome…

  3. Patric, you are so funny. I’m laughing out loud…my family coming to see what I’m laughing at! It makes my day to read your posts 🙂

  4. Flying Brachiosaurus (meh) 👎
    Chicken Pulled Chariot (meh again) 👎
    Mad Dr. Hibbert (now that’s an Event Prize)👍

    Act 3 truly isn’t impressing me (Land Token, Mad Dr. Hibbert are worthwhile an obtained – but don’t over grind yourself – in fact? take time off to enjoy the Holiday Weekend!) Happy Labor Day Everyone 😀

  5. Since entering Act3, I’ve either encountered a bug or I’m missing something obvious. In my jobs available section in the zoo, I still have the exclamation mark and “jobs available” showing even thought every segment is full. I have no characters idle. Has anyone e,we got this issue?

    • GordyUK

      Think of it as the glitch were all complaining about lately and it’s the fact that there is a Task with this Event requiring Mad Dr Hibbert (any time Dr Hibbert is free? you’re going to see that exclamation point – but you cannot do the task until you get that Prize to use)🤷🏼‍♂️

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s was driving me nuts. I spent ages going through a vast inventory looking for someone I may have accidentally put in storage. As it happens I found Hans Moleman in there, lol

  6. So… I got the Chicken Pulled Chariot… Honestly I’m not sure where/if I placed it but… rest assured it IS a top notch prize; as evidenced by the fact that, as soon as I got it, I could then buy another for 500 game cash. Membership has it’s privileges.

    • Ha ha good one

    • I put my chariot next to Uncle Moe’s “Exotic Petting Zoo”. Maybe the green fish(?) in the chariot is too heavy for the chicken to pull! :^) “Oh! Look! A Roman chicken!” (pun – roaming? nah… Roman due to the helmet-pineapple feather thingy on its head).

  7. My decoration allowance has dropped back to 8,700 again – havi ng Krustyland in Springfield and each new event that has new stuff means loads of my town has to be put in storage. Why has the limit dropped so low again?

    • Pretty sure that’s just a warning. The hard limit is over 11000 (around 11700 / 11800) IIRC and the warnings start around 7600 and then pop up every so often until it has the cheek to congratulate you on not being able to add anything else unless you store or sell stuff

  8. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, and I’m not really sure where to ask, but I have a lot of characters, and I set them on 8-hour tasks, clearing them in the morning, and then after work.

    Because I’ve been playing since Day 2, I have a lot of characters. The IRS building helps with clearing them, but it takes over 5 minutes for all of the money/XP to be collected after you clear everything.

    Do you have to wait for everything to be collected? My concern is when I’m occasionally near the 1,000,000XP and donut bonus. If I shut down the game, what happens? Do I lose all the money and XP, as well as the bonus donuts for hitting Lvl. 939 again?

    • If you don’t have the kind of high bonus that means more than a million XP every tap then claim everything, or at least most of it then pop to friends towns and back. That’ll sync and add all the rewards and get rid of those flying XP and Dollar icons.

      • My bonus is just under 700% and I do that, then hit 3+mil XP worth of KEMs so that’s all that needs to go into the counters. I won’t sync then as it can get confused and I have lost out previously

        • Thanks! I’ll have to give that a try. I generally get over a million XP when completing all of the 8-hour jobs, but it’s a potential 3 donuts against waiting 5-8 minutes for everything to register.

          • If it’s no more than one level up and one go at boxes it has always worked for me that the box shows when I return from the friends town map and all rewards collected. Even if I start tapping with a lot of banked XP I don’t think twice and don’t worry
            If there were updates or whatnot getting busy in the background on my old tablet and it went on a real go slow it could be over 20 minutes clearing the rewards and even take about a quarter of a minute to acknowledge a tap and let me move on when going through densely built areas so a minute a sync saved a ton of time even when I needed a couple to get things moving

    • Unlike most games that register actions immediately, i have found with this game it doesn’t register your actions until you’ve heard the sound it plays. My twin was taking forever to accumulate money when she first started until i asked her if she waited for the sounds to play before she closed out her game. She wasn’t. Once she found out to wait for the sound she started accumulating money. The money will visually keep flying for a bit afterward but when the sound of collecting money stops, you can close out your game.

  9. Finally found a home for the Worm Train…next to the Bug House, of course. Turned it into a Worm Bus, with it’s own Bus Stop…😄

  10. I was JUST going to write a comment about that, Patric! GMTA! I like to keep my Springfield as “real” as possible. I don’t want a giant lobster, a worm train, an armored monkey, or any of that nonsense in my town. I think I’m also one of the few, or maybe the ONLY one here who doesn’t like the Halloween events for that reason. I was enjoying this event until it got just plain stupid.

  11. I’ve popped it next to my brontosaurus in the lake which is near to my Harry Potter world and the trolls (which I’m forgetting are from Lord of the Rings) 🤪

  12. I wish it did wander around my town! It could hang out with the other purple dino that loves to hang out on the dirt road!

  13. I decided to put this guy by Peek At ‘Em Park, which I have moved to Springfield Heights. I’ve got kind of a Hollywood thing going on over there, with KrustyLu and I&S Studios, and the Writers’ Building, so I put PAEP and this critter over there as kind of a hallucinogenic La Brea Tar Pits. To inspire the writers. Or something like that! 🙂

  14. Yes I am so happy it does not wander around my town.

  15. Was hoping it would be bigger for my Jurassic park, lol, think I have an Npc duck wandering about pulling a cart lol, weird land and a few thing going into storage, almost at the point where i forget its Springfield am building.

  16. When is the kiddie zoo game going to stop for a return to The Simpson? Are writers out of ideas? Two others games I was involved in died shortly after resorting to this…

  17. Hey Alissa! *cross*
    Hope you’re well =)

  18. Thanks for the post Patric! Happy whimsi-tapping everybody

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