Friday Filler- Using Your Own Super Powers to Maximize Your Donuts!

I am always excited when we have a “Super Hero” event…even a mini-event like this one!  You see, I too have super powers.

I’m sure many of you who have been following my posts for years already suspected as much. But, it’s true…I really do.

I can’t move things with my mind (yet), or see through walls (although I can usually figure out if someone is wearing Spanx).  And yes, I have a very clear power of intuition as to the overall human condition worldwide (you don’t want to know). And, as a result of an NDE in the 90s, often have revelations of how the universe is wired at the quantum level (you really don’t want to know).

However, my real super power, as it pertains to TSTO, is that I almost ALWAYS know where the 3-Donut tile hides when I get a chance to pick!

Call it intuition, or some sort of EDP (Extra-Donut-Perception)…but I have it. And through my ability to understand the inner workings of RDD (Random Donut Disbursement) I can help YOU become better at improving your DPP (Donut Picking Percentage)!
I didn’t really notice my super powers until I became a full on “Casual Donut Farmer.”   I know…it seems oxymoronic to say “Full On” and “Casual” in the same sentence. But, I have been dedicated to Casual Donut Farming (CDF) for almost a full year now. Safi showed me how. He did the math…and made a ton of charts (his super power), that taught me how to do the perfect ratio of KEMs placed, to offset the expense, and to never really deplete my game cash.  I am one month away from earning my CDFC (Casual Donut Farming Certification) after a full year of uninterrupted CDF’ing!   But, I digress…

When you are getting 3-5 chances to guess where the 3 Donut tile sits every 4 hours (for those who are wondering…I am currently at 487% and farm 38 KEMs per cycle, and always have my XP Collider turned on), you have a LOT of opportunity to notice trends. But, as the Donut Tiles are generated randomly, (trust me…I’ve tracked this for weeks at one point), I realized that I had to trust my Donut Prognostication Super Powers (DPSP) to increase my chances of getting THREE on the first guess!

I know. It seems almost impossible that I have this power.  But, with a little common sense…concentration…and just letting my Super Power take over, it really works!!

Don’t believe me?  OK…follow along.

1. Today, on my first effort, I sat quietly and summoned my Super Powers…

Then, BOOM!!!!

Hit the Bulls-eye– THREE! First time out. See??? I told you I have Super Powers! 

Next time out… BOOM!  

Oops…dammit…I wasn’t concentrating. I really thought they might repeat the middle square…

Now, as I remember, the 3 Donuts Square is ALWAYS to the left of the 1 Donut Square…or was it the right?…Concentrate…concentrate… BOOM!!!

OHHH…That’s right…it WAS to the Right of the One Donut Square. I guess I forgot to cross my fingers on my left hand. That usually improves my Super Powers…

2. OK… Next time up… Fingers Crossed…really concentrating this time…and they never repeat the same square…because it’s RANDOM…right???

BOOM!!! Dammit… It wasn’t in the middle. It really felt like it was going to be in the middle.

OK. Cross your fingers…and the toes on your left foot (hard to do with shoes on…take off your shoe and sock on the left foot) now…concentrate…concentrate…

What…wait…it feels like another Lefty…Trust the Super Powers…BOOOM!! 

AHA!!!!!!!! It WAS on the Right Side! SEE?  I told you I have Super Powers! It felt left…but I tapped right!! Woot! Woot!

3. OK. Next round in this flight…

Crossing Fingers and Toes…and now crossing my eyes for good luck…
Super Powers engaged…

BOOM!!!!! Boom…boom…

OK. So it was in the middle AGAIN…

I hit it three times fast…so it went too fast to say “Dammit” between taps…
But, I kinda knew that is was in the middle, but got distracted when my toes started to cramp up…

But, as you can see, I CLEARLY HAVE SUPER POWERS! 

It went on like this all day.

I got 4 on the first try…6 on the second try…and 5 on the 3rd try.  So, when I took the time to concentrate, and could cross my fingers and toes without cramping, I guessed it right on the FIRST TRY!!

The numbers support it. I Clearly Have Super Powers…or EDP.  I am a freakin’ EDP CSF…who really should be in the DPHOF (Donut Picker’s Hall of Fame).

How do you all do?  What is your Super Power?  Do you have a ritual that ups your powers of EDP??

Do tell…

In the meantime, I’m going to go soak my feet.

OH…WAIT!!  I do have one more Super Power…
It’s knowing when someone is in need…and someone else is going to step up and help them.

And this time…it’s YOU!  We are sooooooo close to finishing our goal for this term’s school books and supplies.  But, we haven’t hit it yet, and we are just days away from the deadline.

How important are books and supplies to these 272 children? When we began…their test scores were barely at 24% passing for their annual tests. Today, they hover at more than 90%!!

Some amazing people have already  stepped up to help…an remember, EVERY DOLLAR HELPS…WE CAN DO THIS!



49 responses to “Friday Filler- Using Your Own Super Powers to Maximize Your Donuts!

  1. I think you should get the full number of donuts picked (max 6). If you pick 1 or 2 donuts, you will then spend $150k to pick again. Considering that you are buying another pick, you should get to keep what you already picked. Therefore, best possible outcome would be 1, then 2, then 3, giving you 6 donuts for an$300k outlay.

  2. EDP (Extra-Donut-Percepution)

    I must be doing something right, because in-between breaks from Tapping (I do take 2 days per week off now), I Kem Farm about 140 Donuts that week with around a 300% Bonus (and I only turn on the Super Collider twice a week). Wish I had as good odds on The Simpson’s Slot Machine (lol) 🤣

    I was a Good Tapper this weekend and helped raise $1,000 at work during the Las Vegas Greek Festival (that $ goes to various local charities such as helping homeless veterans and rescuing lost domestic pets) 👍

  3. Craig er, Mathman

    Everyone, do me a favor if you got spare time. Put three color poker chips in a bag and just pull out one at a time and record the color. This will simulate truly randomness (assuming you are mixing well and not looking between draws). Imagine these as “bonuts found in position ——.” What do you notice? Are runs of 3 or 4 not random? How often did it get a run of 6 or 8? Patterns emerge even if things are truly random, and not predictable.

    • And the smaller the number of chips used, the more likely you are to see a pattern from time to time. Three red chips in a row when there are three options is statistically unlikely but occasionally possible, but three reds in a row when there are 100 colors in the bag is near impossible.

      I also find people being unable to detect the humor in Patric’s post funny 🙂

  4. I don’t sweat it too much. Now at 700% bonus, I farm 50 KEMs at a time and will typically get between 54 an 66 bonuts a day, depending on whether I log in 4 or 5 times – and I still clear the best part of 1M cash every day too.
    Started playing around Halloween 2015 – took a year to grind out my first 100% bonus playing freemium (and I didn’t know about the SH hidden bonus so had that all stored – d’oh!) but since finding out about KEM farming late 2017, have managed to build up bonus % without trying really. I have used the mystery box a few times, but mainly concentrate on buying any and all decorations that come up with bonus %.
    Though I do play freemium – I buy a golden scratch R every month, I guess someone has to be working to keep this all running hey?

  5. roflmao….i always pick right hand box first
    if it isnt 3 dohnuts

    2 press middle

    1 press left box

    seems to work

  6. I think that if you wait 3 seconds, you’ll hit 3 I can hit 3 doughnuts about 80% of the time when I wait 3 seconds. Sometimes the first box it hard to determine when it starts and I’ll usuay miss that first box 20% of the time. The second box I always get though.

  7. Josephine Kick@$$

    Bartender… 😂

    Will catch up on Sunday’s open thread, but had to quick comment Patric 😁

  8. Josephine Kick@$$


  9. Good effort.

    I tried and tried to see a pattern. I tried for weeks tracking the progress of every single donut chance.

    Usually for me it was about 2x in a row and then it would switch to another box.

    Occasionally id get 3 in a row on a same box.

    I was hoping there was a pattern like the Burns’ mystery box.
    Eventually, I figured there was no pattern and gave up after I got 4 in row one time. Was hoping safi would have some numbers and stats based on everyone KEM farming nowadays, but still nothing, but randomness.

    It matters a lot when low on cash. Eventually, I get so many donuts and cash I just dont care. Just pick and hope for 3.

    • Whats the pattern with the burns mystery box?

      • That is such a detailed debate…. you dont want to get into it, its confusing lol. In all reality, there is a post about it on the site.

      • Misery box sequence:

        BS: Bomb Shelter
        LL: Lard Lad Donuts (only every 2nd or 3rd round and when you get one it knocks off the billboard)
        CO: Chalmers’ 1979 _ONDA
        KK: Khlav Kalash Stand
        MP: Minnow Pond
        BB: Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
        NV: Channel 6 New Van
        10: 10 Donuts OR 30: 30 Donuts

        Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

        It levels out at approximately 1% per 10 donuts spent including donuts opened in the box. So it really is the best deal out there apart from the Jet Bikes current rebate or any item you can buy for 20 donuts that gives you 2% 😉

    • I know a sure fire way to get 3 donuts a third of the time. 🙂

      Across my research, I’ve only come up with the statistics that 1/3rd of the time it’s the first box, 33.3% of the time it’s the second box, 2/3rd of the time it’s not the third box. 🙂

  10. I keep hearing about farming can someone explain this to me please.

  11. Good luck getting hitting the target, worthy cause.

  12. every chance i have at donuts, it take all three guesses to get the three donuts. call it bad luck or fate, or perhaps it’s just written in the code just for me to change with each tap so i spend in game cash for the donuts 😂

  13. *bows deeply*
    As a newbie donut farmer, clearly I have much work to do to increase my powers.
    I am humbled by your powers Sir!
    I always pick left first, then right, and finally if it gets that far, middle.
    Several times I accidentally picked a box as it opens while I’m still trying to tap KEM’s into existence, and every time that happened, I got 3!

  14. Bunny!!?!! I remember her but it seems she faded away,,,,for the life of me I can’t remember why/where she went away from TSTO Addicts. Hope she’s happy & successful wherever she may be. I’m going to try that next time I get a round of donuts. 🍩🍩🍩

  15. My Super Powers are about the same as yours as far as getting the right box goes!
    Thanks to you I am richer in the game and I therefore think it only right to pass on some of that wealth to the 272 kids in Buyijja who rely on us.

  16. You’re scarcely better than 33% chance (aside from the anomaly of the second chance jump 😉 so… REALLY necessitates a long post about your strategy?

    I saw, close your eyes…let it fly and repeat “daddy needs a new pair of Shoes”! Got just as good a chance as anything, since it is a random placement. (True enough, nothing “random” here is really random…but as close as we’re gonna get in the EAEU, EA Extended Universe)

    Think of it, if anyone had “the pattern” or “the strategy”… it would be basically 100% (apart from human error in implementing the method) and EVERYONE within the EAEU would have long since known about it! Just have fun, pick and…remember, even if you don’t get 3 donuts, it’s THE ONLY TIME IN THE GAME WHERE YOU CAN TRADEIN GAME CASH FOR THE SPRINKLY GOODNESS… so buy another chance if you have the cash!

  17. I don’t think I have ever taken more than three tries to find the Donuts…

    Do I have the power? 🙂

  18. Carmen (gameid5000)

    My general pattern is start with the last place you got three bonuts and then if that isn’t the cream, tap on the previous location. I’ll say this is 60% successful and it sure feels good when you get those four or five in a row situations.

    After that, it is just an electronic three-card monte!

    • I noticed that too, it seems to want to return to the spot that had a “run” (multiple hits on the same spot). When the “run” is over (3 donuts are now somewhere else), I go back the next time to the spot that had the run and half the time the 3 donuts have gone back to that spot. Also, until another run comes up, that space will continue to be favored more than the others.

  19. When harvesting rat traps trucks, whichever box has 3 donuts, if you immediately choose it again the next time, it almost always comes up 3.

  20. right, left, middle. must be a hemisphere issue, like how the water runs the other way in the toilet.

  21. If you can, please make a donation to this great cause. It will make you feel great!

  22. Bahhahaha funny post, Patric. Accounting only for the images you showed us, you, like most, tend to pick the middle spot first. There have been a few psychology studies done to determine which choice participants would make. Overwhelmingly, subjects select the middle option.

  23. I from time to time use bunny’s old method of watching the lights and hitting the middle box when the two sets snake there way up just as the reach each other. It usually has mixed results for me.

  24. Uhhh… what?!

  25. I pick left every time and 6/7 times it is left that gets me the three donuts. So with me being a relatively new player, I have been donuts farming with kem and have not got the chance pick out donuts like stated above(unless magie). I never have any money so when I don’t get three on the first try I don’t have enough to pay for it. I have been saving up about one million after a couple of days and was able to buy three different chances till I got a three donuts. I was wondering if I get 1 donut on the first try, and 3 on the second do I get 5 donuts or do I just get 3. Likewise if I get 1,2, then 3 is that 6 donuts overall or just 3 donuts overall? Hope this made sense… thanks in advance

  26. I pick left every time and 6/7 times it is left that gets me the three donuts. So with me being a relatively new player, I have been donuts farming with kem and have not got the chance pick out donuts like stated above(unless magie). I never have any money so when I don’t get three on the first try I don’t have enough to pay for it. I have been saving up about one million after a couple of days and was able to buy three different chances till I got a three donuts. I was wondering if I get 1 donut on the first try, and 3 on the second do I get 5 donuts or do I just get 3. Likewise if I get 1,2, then 3 is that 6 donuts overall or just 3 donuts overall? Hope this made sense…

  27. Fact: Everytime I pick the level up donuts I think of you and Safi.

  28. Funniest read yet Pat! 😂😂😂

    I also have the power. I’m successful every time I pick the same box continuously. My current record is 8 in a row. I then continue to pick the box that had 3 in it over and over again.

    You win some and you lose some. But mostly I win some by repetitive strategy. 🤩

    • We have the same strategy and same DSP power. I always pick the same box 1st. My record is only 5 first choice wins in a row out of a series of 10. So, DSP = 50%! Yes, I have the power!

    • Yup…if there is any pattern at all, it’s repeats. After I get three donuts, I always pick the same space until it’s wrong, then go one space to the right. I have a lot more threes on the first pick than I should by random statistics, so I’m sticking with my system. I farm hundreds of donuts in a single session with RTTs, so patterns are easier to recognize, and repeats are the most obvious pattern. (My record is also 8 in a row at the same spot.)

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