SPOILER ALERT! 2018 THOH Act 1 Synopsis and Images

Update: The update is in the files so I suspect it’ll hit app stores soon. Remember it won’t go live until tomorrow so don’t freak out if you see the app update but don’t see it go live in game.  It’ll go live TOMORROW 10/3 @ 10a ET.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last night I posted some spoiler info (including the splash screen)  about the upcoming Halloween/THOH event.  This morning I want to clue you all in on the story that will be taking place.

Once again, spoilers will appear after the fold So if you don’t want to know,  don’t click below. Now let’s get to it…


Here’s the Synopsis as presented by EA…

The Draculas are teased when they go out in public when it’s not Halloween. Upset that they couldn’t go out, Dracula vows to give them all a reason to be scared. Nobody is. Countess Dracula steps up to change the hearts and minds of Springfield, by turning them into minions.  She attacks Flanders but discovers he bathes in holy water, and that since Homer steals water from Flanders his family is also protected. Ned and Homer start using pickaxes from the Holy Forge to dig up relics at some Old Ruins in order to fight the evils. When the vampire minions begin to increase in number, Flanders brings out the Flanders Family Tome to cleanse all the monsters at once. Countess Dracula threatens the town, insisting that her minions will scatter to the dark corners of Springfield. Lisa has an idea to lure the minions to the Old Ruins by making it dark and scary, where they can be cleansed. Countess Dracula doesn’t understand how the laziest town in the country can rally together to fight her.  Homer tells her if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and she decides to settle in Springfield.

And here are a couple of image sneakpeeks…


And that’s it for now my friends!  Look for THOH to start tomorrow in our pocket-sized towns!

Thoughts on the Synopsis and images?  Excited about what’s to come? Sound off in the comments below, you know we live hearing from you!

71 responses to “SPOILER ALERT! 2018 THOH Act 1 Synopsis and Images

  1. UK player, update is available on android.

  2. Just really excited and wondered this will play over Krustyland. I always thought they could do more with it for the holidays.

  3. My Simpson’s was logged out and I get an error logging in message. WHY?! I play every day.i played earlier today. I need to just chill? I have a fair amount invested here 😦

  4. I really hope thEAy just give me the land tokens this time rather than open up a space again by the mountains. It’s really harmed my calm. (Steve original)…

    My town is no longer a beautiful rectangle but a mess with a lump at the top. 🙄

    • hear hear

    • Land, land everywhere and not an unlocked plot to be had!

      I have pig piles of buildings because EA gives us basically no way to buy any of the available land to build on.

    • My land has looked like a game of Tetris ever since they introduced land tokens.
      My Halloweenish areas are surrounded and trying to use the big cut and paste move function is a frustrating exercise in futility for me. Maybe Ebron can give us a tutorial in group storage.

    • Yeah it is annoying because the last 2 events (Itchy & Scratchy Land and the Zoo) have all been at the mountains. I too would rather EA give us the land tokens instead of deciding to place them for us. They should also include more ways to get the land tokens outside of events such as being in the store, a prize for completing a daily challenge or a certain amount of daily challenges, a system similar to the monorail.

  5. thalesyonezawasoares

    I have been waiting for the Halloween event since the zoo one ended but in the meantime I decided to end that monorail questline and get the cientist It comes with, but yesterday I found out that after you get him that are still things to get and they are all time based, since the recycling uses practically every important character of the game I’m worried how I will get both the Halloween and monorail prizes in time. So anybody knows if there’s any way to freeze the prizes from the monorail weekly prizes or any other advice to get all of them?

    • All I can tell you is that the recycling quests are no longer time based. You have as long as you want to finish. You do get five donuts each time, but there is not a time limit. If you are still seeing the time limit, don’t worry. It is still possible to complete the recycling tasks without using ALL the people for that.

      You can just opt not to use all the characters for the recycling tasks. The way I do it is to assign characters for the event and then use who is left for recycling. You get monorail pieces and donuts but just slightly slower.

      • thalesyonezawasoares

        Thanks for the reply but I mean the first five weeks in which you get the tunnel and other stations for people who didn’t played the event like me

        • I think you will be able to get it the next week, the only dowside is that you will start again from the first prize in the track. For example if you manage to get the first pieces during one week but nothing else, the next week you will have to get the first pieces again and then the rest of the prizes to get the main prize.

    • Recycling is no longer time based, you just come back and carry on when you want. I use it for getting donuts. Normally 5 donuts every 2 days. The track just goes on the inventory.

  6. looks like fun.

  7. Is land going to be limited purchase from now on? Are they trying to keep us from mass purchasing?

  8. I hope this time it’s riddles, using all characters bored of just sending select few on 4hours task through the whole event, I’ve gone really slow on the events lately as cba with it,it’s boring and predictable, although my fave events are Halloween and crimbo

  9. No mention of a “bonus area” again…hopefully that concept is dead and buried.👻👻👻

    • Really? I thought this line “Lisa has an idea to lure the minions to the Old Ruins by making it dark and scary” screamed bonus area.

    • 😉Hey Ebron,
      Had the neighboreeno invite awaiting but noticed it disappeared; may have had others accepting all slots, but reopened a couple more & resent; hope to see ya soon…

  10. Thank you for posting both Halloween Spoilers, Alissa (that’s a lot to do with a new mini-me). 😊

    I am excited (yay!), delighted (a real Halloween Event vs last year!), inspired (my ‘spooky section’ of Springfield is almost as large as Springfield Heights!), and just enough was spoiled so that there will be any surprises.⚰️🦇👻 🎃

  11. Can somebody help? Every time I want do friends actions I’m only able to visit about one or two friends before my game crashes and brings me back to my home screen. I really don’t know why, Its never been like this before.

    • You could have neighbors with gigantic towns, for me visiting Tapebelt or Sonicboi will have a horrendously long load time with a pretty good chance of crashing. You could need to free up space on your device.

  12. Anything census based?

  13. Hey guys does anyone know when update will hit store. I know it doesn’t start till tomorrow but can’t wait for the different app pic lol

    • No one knows until it hits

      • Ok thanks

        • Just for clarification, I believe the reason nobody can really know the answer to this is that the different mobile app stores (Apple, Android, Amazon) never actually treat app submissions quite the same, from one to another — and by that, I don’t just mean between each store, but even from one update to the next within a single store. Thus, even if EA were to submit the different versions of the app to the different stores all at precisely the same time, they might still be unable to pinpoint for certain when any one of those apps will actually become available for end-user download.

          Or to put it more simply: There are too many people involved in the process, making scheduling the roll-out into a bit of a logistical nightmare.

  14. Any guess as to when it will start?

  15. Classic Monsters and a true Halloween theme sounds promising. Still want the Fortune Teller Building glitch fixed, though!

  16. This sounds like it’s going to be a very entertaining, pun filled event. 😀

  17. Do you know if count Dracula himself or count burns will have any tasks?

  18. Oh boy….another boat!!!
    (I’m on a boat…🎶)
    I love the spooky forest!!!! Looks web-tastic…

  19. I so can’t wait nice to see more classic monsters being added to the game.

  20. Thank you for the Spoiler information! Quick question– if I want to purchase every new character in this event, how many donuts would you recommend I have? Thank you!

    • A lot. Generally it’s over 500 donuts for most events.

      I unfortunately, can’t disclose that info. I’m only allowed to disclose what happens for Act 1 at this time.

      • Thank you Alissa. Appreciate the quick response and everything you and the Addicts team do to keep this site informative and entertaining.

  21. I love the boat!

  22. I’m ready. I also have a question. Just added some friends but they’re not showing up in my scrolling list, and when I select the origin handshake they show as friends not in Origin. What excatly does this mean? Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

    • They need to approve you

      • Funny thing is that I approved them as they showed up on my friend list. Usually I just submit my username and go from there. Hmm.

    • “Not in Origin”… did you add them by e-mail address, or something similar? If so, it could be that they simply don’t have an Origin account — which might suggest that perhaps they either don’t actually play TSTO, or that they play the risky way, by not connecting their game to an account. (If the latter, you might want to help them to fix that…)

  23. chaostheory7777

    Looking forward to classic monsters, really hyped!!

  24. So excited for what looks like a proper THOH event!

  25. Yeah cannot wait to begin !!! I love it worth the wait

  26. Feeling a bit jaded with the whole game after 4 years of tapping. Not a fan of Halloween so am having a break until Christmas hits.

  27. Nice!
    Do you think there is any chance of a free land expansion with this event?

  28. Sailing from Dracula 1992 movie :333333 amazing !

  29. When I grow up, I wanna retire at Giant Spider Acres!

    That made my day 😂😂😂

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