Turbo Tappin’ Halloween 2018: Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There are two predictable events in TSTO every year, Halloween and Christmas.  They’re generally two events guaranteed to excite tappers and get everyone talking about TSTO.  Well, the Halloween event hit our games earlier today, and with it arrived Vampires and garlic…lots and lots of garlic…as we return to the traditional monster filled Halloween in TSTO.

As was mentioned on the rundown post Act 1 of Halloween runs until October 17th, and you’ll need to send 5 Springfielders on a 6s task to get things started.

Don’t forget the Questline will help you get some bonus prize currency…so make sure you complete it to earn that extra currency…also the questline is there to guide you.  Make sure you complete the main questline in order to unlock things like neighbor actions, crafting and more.

Now let’s work our way through the garlic bites of the Act 1 questline….

Biting Back Pt. 1
Auto starts

Make Springfielders Ignore Count Dracula- x5. 6s, Earns $35, 1xp Freemium and $50, 2xp Premiums
Make Count Dracula Fail to Scare Springfielders- Only applies if you have Count Dracula 6s, Earns $50, 2xp

Biting Back Pt. 2
Auto starts

Make Ned Fend Off Vampires- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

Biting Back Pt. 3
Flanders starts

Place Old Ruins- Free, instant build
Discover a Relic– Dig up a relic a the Old Ruins Dig Site

Biting Back Pt. 4
Flanders starts

Place Holy Forge- Free, 6s Build
Acquire Pickaxes- x3. Send characters via the Holy Forge.  Initial task takes 6s.

Biting Back Pt. 5
Homer starts

Place Flanders Family Tome– Free, instant build
Tap the Flanders Family Tome to Cleanse All Monster Minions
Clear the Curse on Monster Minions in Friends Town- x3. 

Biting Back Pt. 6
Auto starts

Craft a Decoration
Reach 5% Curse Bonus

Biting Back Pt. 7
Dracula starts

Unlock and Build Dracla-la Land- Prize 3 in main prize track.  116,000 

Biting Back Pt. 8
Auto starts

Unlock Countess Dracula- Prize 6 in main prize track. 249,000 

At this point you’ve completed the Act 1 questline and now you can earn Bonuts…

What are your initial thoughts on the 2018 Halloween Event? Thoughts on the dialogue so far?  Prizes?  Any items you’ve purchased? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

125 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Halloween 2018: Act 1

  1. Once again, perfect timing, Alyssa. Thank you for the helpful advice.

  2. Does anyone know what the vampires are saying when you tap them? I know some say ‘evil’, but I haven’t got a clue what some of the others say. Thanks

  3. I can’t tap ANY minions and I can’t use the Flanders tomb thing to collect them either lots of other small glitches as well frustrating!

  4. Minions *poof* into Characters

    I am truly not sure if I am the only one experiencing this. Whenever I use the Unemployment Office to task jobs for all characters, there are still character icons in the upper left corner. Whenever I tap on them, it pauses a moment then a Minion *poof* into a cloud of smoke and the character appears. Is this a glitch or something else?

    • Okay, I am certain I am not crazy that it actually happened. Also, I saw a werewolf near my dog site. I tapped it and in a “poof” it was Evil Homer. WTF?!?

  5. How do I clear the monster minion curse in a friend’s town

  6. I am at Level 2 crafting but still only have access to the tree for Level 1. The next item still has a lock on it and says to unlock reach Level 1. Does anyone know how to fix this or is it another glitch?
    I’m also dealing with the laggy screen, delayed tap radius, freezing when trying to get into friend’s towns, and can’t use employment building because of freezing.

  7. For some reason it won’t let me tap the monster minions in neighboring towns.

  8. For those facing the ‘glitch’ tapping minions in friends’ towns, here’s why — You can only tap upto 30 minions daily in neighbours towns.

    For me this works out for the first 30 taps you receive daily when visiting towns (ie. the first tier 30 taps which gives 10FP each tap)

    I experimented beyond the first 30 (ie. 5FP/tap and 4FP per tap) with varying intervals of time on the same day – didn’t help. I also tried visiting neighbours at the end of each event day (will differ depending on your timezone) – still no luck.

    I finally decided to try visiting at the start of a new day according to my timezone / when it reverts back to the tier 1 taps – 10FP/tap – and that worked.

    I know this now, cos on a hunch when I tapped on the ‘?’ near the event currency while in a neighbor town, it gave me a pop up telling me how many more remaining taps would continue giving me the 35 fangs/tap. (I have a screenshot of this, if someone can tell me how to upload a pic in the comments)

    Tapping the ‘?’ once minions stop dropping the fangs + Incantations will give the error msg everyone is currently receiving.

    Hope this helps those who are facing this ‘issue’ and also to calm some nerves as far as this ‘glitch’ went. In case someone else has it working out differently for them, would love to hear about it.

    Enjoy the rest of the event and happy tapping!

  9. I can not complete the storyline because I can’t clear the monster minions in friends town and you can’t bypass the task with donuts. 🙁

  10. Almost need a separate THOH glitch thread! I’ve noticed that when I send my peeps out on tasks using the employment agency, the game won’t respond to taps for about 10 seconds. I just did this when the countess was in the neighborhood, and when you mass send, she rapidly alternates directions, trying to figure out who to chase. Lame programming! Should have a pause on her minion hunting when mass sending characters on tasks.

    • Everything in my Springfield is running slow after you tap on something. it takes it for ever to cleat the XP and Dollars in to the till running very slow!

  11. Lindsay McClusky

    Does the countess and evil homer do anything other than walking around the game? It doesn’t look like any tasks can be assigned to them?

  12. Every time I log into play, the app downloads the full 1500mb again. Each time. I’ll open the app, it will immediately ask my age and agree to the rules again. After agreeing, it shows the loading screen and that I am logged into my own gameplay but then have to download the update again. Once the download is complete, my game is at the point where I last left it, so I’m not losing data. It happens over and over and over. I’ve killed and redownloaded the app. Any other thoughts?

    • This has been ssoooooooooooo many times…in so many posts.
      You need to clear memory off of your device. The game is a memory hog. Clear off pics, music, apps you don’t use.
      The game can’t cache correctly…so it just keeps reloading.

  13. Can’t pop the balloons at Sideshow You either lol. Glitches galore with this event.
    I really liked the event where the kids had to tell the spooky stories in the woods

  14. Anyone else having a really bad lag when trying to scroll thru your own town? I’m pounding my tablet screen with my finger to try to move around my town. It takes 4 or 5 attempts before my game recognizes I’m trying scroll around. It only started with this new event. I hope they release an update to fix it

    • Same here

    • Yep, I was hoping it wasn’t me. It happens when I click on buildings / characters with income, and I used to be able to keep scrolling and clicking… but now I have to wait for it to clear at least half of the cash/xp before it allows me to scroll again. Very frustrating, and makes collecting a huge chore now (click. wait. wait. wait. wait. scroll. click. wait wait. wait. wait. repeat ad nauseam)

  15. How can I reach a 5% curse bonus?

  16. Normally, I won’t judge on an mega-event until the 1st act has concluded, but I already hate this event (and it only day 2 of it). Even last year’s Harry Potter-theme event didn’t start out this bad (and I really hated that event).
    The glitches are such are a pain and I’ve noticed that other players have them too.

    – The IRS tap radius is inconsistent as some of the character/building income are not rewarded.
    – game won’t scroll for a few seconds after tapping characters/building income
    – Game crashes when I visit a neighbor and tap one of the minions
    – using the unemployment office leaves out some characters and tapping them doesn’t bring up their tasks, just a black bar with the arrow. (it has to do with the minions)
    – the notification “all minions are gone” comes up when there’s still minions in the town; also some of the minions don’t go away after tapping them
    – Countess Dracula wandering around.
    – Evil Homer gives event currency even though he is a NPC.

    As for non-glitch related issues regarding this event, I didn’t like the digging site from the Time-Traveling Toaster event. I had to spend donuts to get all the final prizes (i.e. Caveman Moe) and I login 4 times a day. Also, this event also recycles Lisa’s quote from that event; should have replaced it with a Halloween-theme quote. Nonetheless, Safi’s strategy on the digging has been very helpful so far. Last time, I just picked a random area and hoped for the best. Plus, Patric’s calendar comes in handy.

    EA dropped the ball on the amount of premium characters that can earn event currency yet again. All the new and returning characters should had been able to help with events. I was considering getting Frankenstein & his bride, but they don’t help with the event! Only Nosferatu does but I’m not interested in him.

    I’ll still grind for the track prizes (i.e. Countess Dracula), but I’ll save my donuts for Black Friday. I currently have over 800 donuts, but I’ll admit that this event does have some interesting mystery boxes

    THOH Mystery Box: I already have Hugo, Ghost Maude, Death, and Frinkenstien from past events. My box has 7 prizes.
    7×50 = 350 donuts spend if I decided to go all in.

    Magic Mystery Box: I already have Unicorn Wizard and Greystash as far as characters are concerned. My box contains 13 prizes. The only item of interest for me is Angelica Button, but I’m not going to burn through so many boxes just to get here.
    13×45 = 585 donuts spend if Angelica was the last prize I got. Not going to take that risk.

  17. Countess Dracula meets Ralph…..

  18. I have some minor bugs, the most annoying is the lag while collecting income. then my game freezes for some seconds. Also very few times i cannot tap in a neighbours town (happens really very few, and probably only around their dig site, i have to check that).
    When regular springfielders have become minions it’s also hard to free them.
    All in all, still good playable, i like this event

    • The lag issue started for me during the Zoo event, but now seems fixed (iOS user). It appeared linked to audio (could not turn on sound) and graphics (problem was worst in parts of my town with lots of animation,s like the casino water fountains).

      I get the “black box” character glitch, but that looks tied to the character being turned into a minion. Find them and tap, and then you can access the character again.

      Many other small glitches that others have mentioned – but I’m glad the lag seems to have disappeared for me. Maybe it happens when the update goes awry?

    • The lag improves once I stored the IRS.

      No more tapping radius but at least the taps aren’t freezing up as much. I still get it when tapping multiple-characters completed-jobs, but that’s better than the mega-lag with the IRS radius.

  19. I’m having pretty bad tapping issues since the new game loaded. Sometimes I am unable to tap/hold and drag the screen around. Sometimes, the “wide” version of tapping one character and nuking the whole screen (not sure what that feature is called) dosn’t work, and I have to tap every character one at a time. Sometimes, I tap characters and nothing at all happens. Very unusual and have never had this sort of thing happen before.

  20. This is fun one so far. I like the old monsters being implemented since I grew up with those types of “scary” movies. I do miss the kids going trick-or-treating, though.

  21. Besides the lag in the game, I’m having that same game-crashing problem just by visiting friend’s towns. Brings up the “tapped out has stopped working/send feedback” screen each time.

  22. I’m having an issue where I cannot tap minions in friends towns, and when I keep trying to tap, the entire game crashes. Kind of difficult to fill daily task requirements if I can’t tap minions in other towns without it crashing. 😔

  23. My only glitch so far: My Event Store is gone. It was there in the beginning and I looked through to see what (if any) premium items I was going to buy. I was tapping Incantations in my friend’s towns and suddenly there were no Incantations to tap and when I returned to my town, the store didn’t have the Event stuff anymore. I deleted and reloaded my game- no luck.

    • Me too

      • Me 3… did you ever get it back? We will probably have to contact EA.

        • Me too! Nothing to buy in my main game which is donut rich! Just the usual dross – THOH store just isn’t showing & it happened for me just as Gahndalph described. My secondary game, same max level & etc has the items to buy,

          Another great glitch in my main game today… You have reached 18hr cooldown time popup appears – but I was already @ 12 hours on that game! & No the time hasn’t changed & the 18 hour countdown is active. My B game has no glitches apart from the lag time for money etc to accrue. I want to turn the Collider on in that game; But am worried for the consequences!

          • I’m having this problem too. I also can’t craft the spooky bush or the gate thing even though I’ve unlocked them via the dig site track. They were available before but now locked. It’s almost like the game doesn’t know I finished the initial quest line.

          • I’m having the same glitches. About to unlock 8 hour cool down, but tome timer is at 17 hours. Also have crafting locked. Check to see if you lost your Flanders Family Tome bonus. I was over 13%, now it’s down to ZERO

  24. I have noticed in friend visits the minions near the dig site cannot be tapped – if you move away a bit you can tap them.

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