Halloween 2018: Act 1 Old Ruin Relic Prizes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween is back in Springfield!  Yes, the water is murky, the screen is slightly darker, monsters and minions are roaming our towns…is there anything better than Halloween in our pocket-sized towns?  (of course I would say Christmas, but Halloween is a close second to me lol)

Last week I broke down the ins and outs of the Old Ruin Dig Site, you can find that post here, and now it’s time to break down the details of the Old Ruin Relic Prizes.

For Act 1 there are a total of 5 Old Ruin Relic Prizes, so let’s take a look….

And yes, if you’re looking for Count Grampa’s questline or tasks you’ve come to the right place.  Those details are below…

Spooky Shrub Bundle
How To Unlock: Find 2 Relics
Size: 2 bushes, each are 1×1 in size
Bonus: 0.20% Arrangement Bonus Each
What Does It Do:
Nothing, they’re bushes
Tree-Hugging +100 Each Bush
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|klsroad

Stone Arch
How To Unlock: 
Find 10 Relics
0.50% Arrangement Bonus Each
What Does It Do:
Unlocks the ability to craft more Stone Arches. Otherwise just a decoration
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed:

Prize: Ornate Ruin Wall
How To Unlock: 
Find 25 Relics
0.70% Arrangement Bonus Each
What Does It Do:
Nothing, another wall.  Unlocks the ability to craft more Ornate Ruin Walls.
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed:

Prize: Summoning Circle
How To Unlock: 
Find 50 Relics
1.6% Arrangement Bonus Each
What Does It Do:
 Unlocks the ability to craft more Summoning Circles. Animated when tapped. 
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed:

Prize: Count Grampa
How To Unlock: 
Find 90 Relics
Turbo Tappin’ Questline:
No Accounting For Taste Pt. 1
Grampa starts

Make Grampa Transform Into Count Grampa- 4hrs, Earns 12o Event currency, 45xp

No Accounting For Taste Pt. 2
Grampa starts

Make Count Grampa Laugh Evilly- 4hrs, Earns 12o Event currency, 45xp

No Accounting For Taste Pt. 3
Grampa starts

Make Count Grampa Struggle to Feed- 8hrs, Earns 240 Event currency, 70xp

No Accounting For Taste Pt. 4
Grampa starts

Make Count Grampa Change Form- 12hrs, Earns 360 Event currency, 100xp

No Accounting For Taste Pt. 5
Grampa starts

Make Count Grampa Use His Powers of Hypnosis- 24hrs, Earns 720 Event currency, 150xp

And here are Grampa’s tasks…

Count Grampa’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Play Dead 1hr $70, 17xp Retirement Castle
Laugh Evilly 4hrs $175, 45xp Retirement Castle
Struggle to Feed 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Change Form 12hrs $420, 100xp Outside/Visual
Use His Powers of Hypnosis 24hrs $600, 150xp Simpson House

And that’s it my friends!  The details behind Act 1 of the Old Ruins Relics!

What are your thoughts on the Old Ruin Dig Site?  How many Relics have you earned?  Thoughts on the prizes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “Halloween 2018: Act 1 Old Ruin Relic Prizes

  1. Grampa is adorable! I was so excited to get him 😀

  2. I ♥️ the Stone Arch! I’ve crafted six, as they make a great Wall Barrier (I have paired them with the Transylvania Cottages and Transylvania Chalets). 👍

    Count Grandpa has hilarious visual Tasks (the dialogue during this event is the most pun worthy the I’ve seen in awhile, so kudos to EA for getting that right)!😅

  3. I’m loving this event. Best Halloween Event Ever. K, so once I have gotten all the prizes on the Relic Prize Track, would it be prudent of me to save my shovels for Act 2? I know the Dig Site pays out Incantations and Fangs, but should I save ANY for Act 2?

  4. Something I haven’t heard discussed, so here goes…does anyone know what the rate of “minionizing” by Lady Dracula is, on the untasked Springfielders? I’m leaving a few (10) characters untasked to see how many she turns in an hour. Don’t need the task cash, so thought I would try to boost my minion count by letting them be “turned”. It may also be that the “turned” ones count towards the max number in my town, thus reducing the number of basic minions that appear, so it won’t affect the count at all…just don’t know.
    If anybody has already done this experiment, would love some feedback. 😁🎃

    • It’s on the rundown post. I believe it’s 1/5min max of 60 but double check the rundown to verify.


      • I understand the rate of ‘pop-in’ minions…was just curious to see if the ‘minionized’ Springfielders were also part of that total or would become extra minions above and beyond the 12/hour that pop-in.
        Gotta love those extra minions 👍😄🧛‍♀️.

        • Wondered that myself

        • When the game says there are no more minions, it’s referring to the standard poofable minions. So there can be a lot of minionized townspeople still tappable after that. Sometimes I don’t find any and sometimes I find quite a few. Don’t know if there is any pattern.

    • The only problem I have with the Minions is that once you change them back to people, they hang out all around the dig site. They kind of get in the way of placing objects or doing a little micro managing of stuff. Not a huge deal, but, wow, lots of peeps hanging around one small area

    • Go ahead and set everybody to tasks. They don’t have to be untasked to get minionized. All my townspeople are on tasks and that evil woman just goes into their workplace and turns them. She also repeatedly turns the NPC Evil Homer, who hangs around the dig site now.

  5. A day or two ago, maybe after an update, after logging in I got a message that something was unlocked and I found myself with a Lard Lad Donuts sign that looks like an uniced brown donut with a bite out of it. Not with Lard Lad himself or the building, just an independent decoration. It doesn’t give any event bonus.

    Where did this come from?

  6. Im.soooo behind with the event I’ll.earn the free land in an hour, 🙁 Im doing my best,but I have been so busy 🙁

  7. Count Grampa

    I should have him by tonight (thanks Safi for the suggested strategy on the Old Ruins Dig Site) 😀…. and thank you EA for today’s patch update (which fixes the problems we’ve been having with the black robed minions) 👍

  8. Further to my previous comment about not being able to login, the EA forums say the current workaround is to uninstall and reinstall.
    I’m at work and have nowhere near enough data to be able to do that without WiFi so looks like I’m going to miss out on the next two collections. Dang.

  9. I can’t log in!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH
    An error occurred processing the login!
    I KNOW my password is correct because I JUST reset it before the event and I copied and pasted it into a file because I was sick of forgetting it.
    Anyone else having trouble today???

  10. Unlocked Count Grampa earlier. Although I haven’t used him yet.
    Count Grampa earns the same event currency for a four hour task, but not pick axes ⛏, so for now I will pass.

  11. Most of the glitches I was experiencing have finally eased up! Though, I do still officially get frozen during the digs. Meanwhile, am I the only one getting repeatedly diverted from this site to “Congratulations Amazon User!” pages?

    • That used to happen to me too!! Only when I was on this website.

    • This was happening to a lot of tappers a while ago and seems to be resurfacing. Try this… go into “airplane mode” (no internet access), delete all cookies and then delete your browser. Do a hard close, reboot, get out of airplane mode, and then reload your browser. You should now have a clean, bug-free browser and won’t get diverted again. Be careful of downloads or opening attachment to emails you’re not familiar with, tho, or you’ll be back to square one.

  12. Grampa does not earn pick axes so can I hold on for his tasks until the end of the event? I have completed up to the 8 hour task but not the following ones.
    How many pick axes can accumulate once I have the countess?
    Thank you Alissa. I hope you and baby Sam are doing well and getting some sleep.

  13. Looking forward to getting Count Grandpa soon. His tasks that earn event currency will be great. Does anyone know if he’ll have a job that earns pick axes? Thanks.

    • He already earns pickaxes…his skin doesn’t affect his earnings, tho. Was hoping he would earn 3 (premium rate) instead of 2, but no such luck.

  14. I’ve just gotten Count Grandpa. Should I save my pickaxes for relic digging in Act 2, or keep digging up relics to earn more teeth for this act?

    • Loads of reasons to keep digging…but, it’s your call.

    • Keep going. You’ll also earn incantations that can be used in crafting on act 2 until act 3

      • Yes but even if I save axes, will still earn the incantations at start of act 2.
        I am thinking holding on to axes with 5 days left. I am 2 to 3 days ahead on schedule. Be nice to do a whole bunch of digging right at start of act two. I’m going to earn Grandpa probably tomorrow morning. Don’t really need the fangs. Crafting will come as I go. If i’m not digging the bonus level doesn’t need to increase.

        If a limit gets set on axes I will just use them to stay below max.

        Last couple of events, i stayed level with the calendar, finishing maybe a day early. Nice being way ahead again, knowing that i don’t need to jump on every 4 hours on the weekend. The past weekend (long one as it was Thanksgiving) I defiantly slacked off and was only tapping 3 times. Still way ahead.

    • I was think the same thing, but I figured out I’ll need to keep digging to earn those fangs & complete the act1 prize track…….. but after that I’ll be pausing my digging to hord pickaxe, and start the next act on the +side. I’m not concerned with bonuts.

    • I stopped digging as soon as I got Grandpa’s Skin. I’m 2 days ahead on the calendar so I’m better off using them to get a jump on Act 2.

  15. Thanks Alissa ! I’m re-asking a question from an earlier post because I was completely confused (self-inflicted) in that one …. Will additional relics (above 90) carry over into the next Act ?

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