Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Prize Guide – Dracula-La Land

OK.  I get it. If you are going to do a parody or a pun…or even worse, a bad parody and a bad pun, you might as well go all of the way.  And this prize does.

It’s actually from an episode…the Treehoouse of Horrors that came out around the same time that the Horror Film (at least for me) La La Land, came out. It’s from Season 21, and the segment is called, “Tweenlight.”  Yes. Another play on the “Twilight” movies. Equally awful as La La Land.

According to the WIKI- Dracula-la Land is a neighborhood of Springfield where everyone is a vampire, or at least looks like one.

“Homer and Count Dracula drove into Dracula-la Land searching for their children (Lisa and Edmund), who had run off together. After a brief search, which included asking Count von Count if he’d seen the kids, Dracula spotted Edmund carrying Lisa up the side of a bell tower.”

OK then. And then they dance and sing?  Man. I really hated that movie. Bad dancing. Bad singing. Silly story. But, I digress…

Here are the details for Dracula-La Land

Act 1, Prize 3- Dracula-la Land
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $150, 13xp/8hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Gluttony +10
Can be Placed: On grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
Arrangement Bonus: None (seriously??? No Bonus for something this big???)
What Does It Do: Comes with a questline and earns income every 8hrs, other than that nothing.

Questline: Dracula-la Land

Auto starts when built
Ned:Homer, I’m a charitable neighbor, but these darn vampires have gone too far this time!
Homer: *gasp* Ned, I won’t hear you badmouth immigrants. They’re some of the hardest working members of our community.
Ned: Now they’ve gone and built a vampire shopping district right in our neighborhood. Just think of the noise and traffic! It’s time to shut down that district the only way a vampire will understand…with a rezoning bylaw passed by the city council.
Homer: I’m with you, Ned, as soon as I take advantage of their giant discounts on capes and fang sharpeners.
TASK: Make Ned Protest Commercial Development- 8hrs, Earns 240 Event currency and 70xp
TASK: Make Homer Shop for Capes- 8hrs, Earns 240 Event Currency and 70xp

Perhaps I was being a bit of a NIMBBY …Not in My Blessed Back Yard…Traffic around this development is not nearly as bad as I expected. Guess vampire shoppers are using mass transit.
Homer: Kind of. They’re mostly arriving by bat.

OK then. At least they didn’t dance, sing and do the “Break Up Scene” at the end.

NEXT UP- “The Webs”…whatever that is.


35 responses to “Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Prize Guide – Dracula-La Land

  1. Wise guy has a 24 hour job here! I just found out. *lol* 😆

  2. 😎Another finely informative thread…
    Fairly agree on the film, & the groovy deco.

    Also glad to hear the opinions on Monster Castle; does look fairly cool & reasonably priced, but lack of event currency awards for characters or building left me on the fence too.

    Patches certainly were welcome fixes, although placing item freeze still annoyingly lingers… so far overall though swell THOH event, despite missing the ideal funky fog👌🏽

  3. Dracula-La Land

    I want to give credit to EA for the very funny Task that Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson have here (well their dialogue is funny) and it’s a great Prize ….. it’s also another missed opportunity, because none of our Springfield Characters can shop here permanently (please make this happen with an 8 Hour Task for everyone post Event, EA).

  4. Oh, am I the only one on here that loves La La Land and it’s unconventional nature :D? *tiptoes out*

    • Actually…no…I think it is a hoot! It fits in with the rest of the “theme park” concept. It’s better than another castle. Too many castles.

      But, I still hated the movie!

      • Haha, fair enough 😂.
        I personally love it – love Emma Stone, love the unconventional (realistic) ending, love how normal it feels (not perfect singing and dancing makes it seem like your watching a life unfold and not a movie) and the cinematography is gorgeous but I’ll stop because this isn’t a movie blog 😂.
        Thanks for the great info, once again, Pat 😊

  5. Hello,

    I unlocked Everyman after the event ended, is there anyway I can start his quest? I cannot make him do anything.

    • Once you place him…there should be an icon to the left with his questline

    • You may have to store him, sync your game (visit a neighbor) and then pull him out againto trigger the quest.🎃

    • Alex aabcampos2

      When a mini event ends, you can continue playing it until you get the current prize you are grinding for. Not all prizes.

      The two Last prizes on the mini event was everyman character and everyman animated job.

      For me, the questline that unlocks all others jobs just started when I got the last prize (animation)

      If you just got the character, the quest may be locked forever. Contact EA. (Sorry)

  6. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a bonus, but that makes it easy to decide where to put it. It’s too big for the area I have designated for this update, so it’ll either go in my movie studio/set area or the Harry Potter area.

    Overall I love Halloween this year. I’m a HUGE classic monster movie fan, so this is right up my alley

  7. Figured I would share this unless it was fixed you can run the cobblestone road down the middle of it.

  8. 7 days to get the countess, approx 48 thousand fangs, saving all my pickaxes for act 2, I might need to use some at the end, I like the la la land with the road going through it could expand it using potter buildings but running out of room. Roll on act 2 lol

  9. Any info on the Monster Castle? Two full characters? Was hoping to see a SIB on it to help decide!

  10. This is from season 22 and aired in 2010, 6 years before la la land came out. The name is just a play on the nickname for Hollywood. I agree though that movie is terrible, I only made it through about 20 minutes of it.

  11. Really like this prize! 😊

    You can place it over roads and the little craftable chalets can make it longer, along with a mix of the magic buildings that I had left over from that ( eugh ) potter event to make a bigger Transylvania village. 👻

  12. At least they made it so it can straddle a road, that’s a redeeming quality.

  13. So is it worth it after sending homer and Ned the first time (8 hrs 240 vampire teeth) again ? Instead of doing every four hours sending them every 8?

  14. Thanks for the post Patric 😊

  15. How do I get side show bob I am currently on Level 525

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