TSTO Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Act III Calendar and the Math You Need to Get It All

Ah…here we are again, in a final act of a long event, and some just wishing it was over, while others can’t wait to get more stuff!  Put me somewhere in the middle.

I’ve enjoyed this act. But, as I wrote about recently, the real problem is cramming everything into the space of “FreeLand” that we were allotted.  But, no worries. You can always put this stuff in storage. Or even better yet, bury it under tons of sand for someone to dig up later, and steal, and take back to their national museums.

If you like sand…and have a place to put a lot of sun-baked antiquities…Then THIS IS THE ACT FOR YOU!

Let’s get on with uncovering the tombs, mummies, and ancient paraphernalia!
To some…this calendar is almost moot, in that if you followed our advice, and saved daily challenges, and stockpiled pickaxes, you should already be a day or maybe two days ahead, in the first hour of tapping!

I have already maxed out a ton of stuff…and am now looking at 2 weeks of ho hummy mummy action. But, it’s better than being behind!

I don’t actually have much to say about these prizes. They’re fun, like I said, if you have a ton of sandy dirt to place them on. They don’t belong in Springfield…at all. And there is a lot of it to bury, store, or place!

In my case, it is all going into my “Walk Like an Egyptian…Dig It!” exhibition at the Springfield Natural Museum.  It’s still under construction, until I get the last of the prizes. But I don’t care about bonus bumps at this point, so don’t care if I hit 40% or not.

So Make Room For Mummy(s)!!

The “Magic Daily Math Number is 22,643.  I was going to try to come up with some cool numerology that tied it all to Pope Greg. But, let’s be honest…Pope Gregory wasn’t even a twinkle in his father’s pope stick when these guys were around.

So…We’ll just get on with it! 
HINT- Tap every 4 hours…at least 4 times a day…and it will all be yours!

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And for those who just want the numbers…

I get it. If you are doing an homage to the great old Universal Studio Monster Movies, then you have to include the Mummy…and if you are going to have a guy in rags walking around town, he better have a date, or he is going to look really out of place at social events. So, like I said, I get it.  But…they bring back a TON of recycled stuff in this act…and let’s face it…one sandstone and granite building pretty much looks like every other sandstone and granite building. So…there’s that.

Have fun. The good news, is that it is easy to get all of the stuff…and when we have a Halloween event that drags out into mid November, Thanksgiving can’t be far behind!

Keep on grindin’… 

38 responses to “TSTO Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Act III Calendar and the Math You Need to Get It All

  1. Got the pyramid today, later than some but still 2 days ahead of the official schedule. TBH starting to feel this event is dragging on a wee bit too long.

  2. I woke up this morning and all of my friends were gone. Anyone else have this issue as well?

  3. This is the quickest I’ve won all the prizes. I’m just finishing the last tasks off so I can start earning bonus donuts

  4. Has anyone had thw glitch where you tap cleanse and nothing happens, and then you do it again and nothing happens… repeat since tapping is fun… and then you get paid out (each monster spits out rewards = the number of taps you made) since the game has finally caught up? Happened this morning and twice in Act 2. I’ve unlocked everything and I have enough currency now to build a ton of revenue generating buildings.

  5. Putting 10 Springfielders on forge duty 4 times a day has gotten me all of the prizes even with a bit of time to spare.

  6. Anyone else get the glitch that gives two rewards for each dig? I was able to unlock everything within only 10 minutes.

    • I just thought I lost track getting relics. I had over 400 pickaxe saved from act 2 so I was just going through them pretty fast.

    • Not sure, but I seem to have accessed all of the relic track prizes very quickly, just to get the mummy wiggum.

  7. Thanks for the calender Patric.
    Usually i check from time to time but this event is really easy. At least for me because i have a bunch of neighbours who din’t get the final prices. I just got the pyramid, and since we have long weekend now, i will take it slowly. Maybe log in 2 times a day.

  8. Once again, thank you Patric for the Act 3 Calendar 👏

    I would hope that most Tappers would heed the advice given (ie prep for the next Act in an Event)! 🤔

    I am easily 3 Days ahead and will definitely obtain all Event Prizes for Act 3 by Saturday (the strategies suggested, along with the investments in certain Premiums, means I only tap every 6 hours three times a Day to reach that goal – no burnout from grinding here!) 😀👍

    I must thank EA for delivering a better Halloween Event! 🎃🦇

    Yes, we have some technical issues I see posted here (some easily fixed with a patch update by EA). Others problems I believe can be fixed with better RAM management of your device (there are free Apps for that). I personally think 3Gigs RAM minimum is a must vs 2Gigs RAM (please have at least 5Gigs of ROM free – and yep this Game App takes up at least 1.7Gig on your phone / tablet). 🤓

  9. Thanks for the calendar, Patric. Always comforting to know where I ‘should’ be when I know life is going to be busy. It saves me from worrying I won’t finish the prize track, which in turn makes the endless grind feel fun instead of a chore, knowing it’ll be worth it in the end. Prize quality aide, anyway. Sometimes they’re blah worthy, but my goal is just to get the track finished because I remember how much I struggled to do that when I first started playing.

    Such a first world problem, not finishing a prize track in a mobile game, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t disappointing at the time.

    I may need to actually make an Egypt area now. I stored most of the stuff from TTT because I didn’t have a clue what to do with it, but making it an interactive exhibit behind a museum is brilliant.

    • Happy to do it. Just make sure Egypt is “off the grid” as there is no “Little Egypt” in Springfield!

      • This is very true and a decent chunk of the reason why it got stored. The Old West stuff I shrugged off as ‘someone made a tourist attraction’ because it reminded me a little of the Forestry museum not far from me, but ancient Egypt in North America was harder to make sense of.

  10. They don’t call me Sandytoes for nothing…lol

  11. Yeah! Just got the bazaar, quite big. Building now.

    • Joco

      I agree, the Bizarre is big (probably too big to plop near the Old Ruins Dig Site) but the details on it are cool! 😀

      I am definitely a plopper for now (looking forward to rearranging things after the Event). 🤔

  12. thanks patric, appreciate all the info you & alissa provide. it’s nice to be ahead so I can relax the rest of the event & not stress about checking in 4 times a day. it’s a game, for god’s sake! I’m still waiting to store the drive-in from the mini-event. I get notices on the item limit, but can’t store some thing I really don’t want. happy halloween!

  13. Like others I am way ahead already but it is kind off taking the fun out of the event. In future I will only save up enough to be day or so ahead instead of 5 to 6.

  14. What items would you say are the best to craft? Love your insights. Daily reader.

    • The cottage is the best one for generating in-game cash. It’s small/low so you can pack it in tight without being a major eyesore.

      The Chalet and the mud hut also generate cash, but they take up more land-space.

      The Mob Crowd is a good decorating choice if you have cobblestone roads, since the Mob can be placed ON the road, a rarity.

      The dunes can also be a good decoration choice because they can be placed right on the beach in both Springfield and Heights. That creates a lot of interesting possibilities to change the visual profile of the waterfront.

      The bridge is also a favorite since it can go over water.

  15. Thanks for yet another calendar Patric! And in record setting time no less. (How does he do it?)

    I think I am going to create a Land of Egypt corner in my Springfield, as soon as I clean up my Krustyland and Springfield Zoo. So I’m thinking 2020 or 2021 at the most.

  16. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    “Event drags into mid November, Thanksgiving cant be far behind”

    Thankful for the Event ending? Perhaps.
    I am thankful for all the info and the great calendar.

  17. Already a week ahead with all the pickaxes saved just got the bazarr, should be finished a lot sooner, kind of took the fun out of it, roll on Christmas🎅🎅🎅🎅🌲🌲🌲🌲🎁🎁🎁🎁

  18. Starberry Lemonade

    So I got the second old ruins prize and stored it in my inventory, but it’s not appearing. Help?

  19. Thanks for the info Patric. Would love to have read of the pope Gregory numerology connection!

    Off topic: for UK tappers there is a feast of classic THOH episodes on tv tonight ( Ch4 & Sky 1 )

  20. Already 5 days ahead of schedule currently with both the gate and land token unlocked.

  21. Thanks for the post Patric! I built the same Natural Museum area 😄

  22. Must be halloween… one calendar says ActII and the other says ActIII
    Must be the sugar rush from eating all those candies before they get handed out.
    Happy tapping.

  23. Hi Patric & Alissa—

    I don’t know if you are aware that a very aggressive advertiser comes with all of your newsletter links lately—so aggressive, in fact, that they make it impossible to see what you’ve written. It’s a “pop-up” that redirects users to their site without pressing anything. It really sucks! Do you know of anyway to stop them from preying in your readers?

    Best, Kierstyn

    Sent from my phone. Please forgive brevity and typos!


  24. I was hoping that one of the prizes would be the grave of homer with his head stone. I’ve seen it in friends Springfield and have never seen it offered.

    • I was hoping for them to offer Satan’s Anvil, still can sleep at night that I missed that the first go-round… C’mon EA!!! I’m paying’ with donuts!

  25. With all the axes saved, the daily challenges and the childs writing novels I’m at 141000 already. It will be easy, tho i want to craft some act 3 stuff. I like the egyptian theme.
    As soon as i unlock the act 3 prize, i will start some of my open tasks, 18 are open.

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