Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Stone Gate

It’s funny, really…just how obsessed we get with “getting it all,” during a major event.  And then you realize that if you couched all of your daily challenges, and pickaxes before Act III started, you probably blew right through this prize as if it wasn’t there.  But, it is kind of a symbolic door to the rest of the stuff.

You can’t get the Mummy’s hot Mamma unless you start by going through the Stone Gate.

So…we will…
Like I said, I really don’t have a ton to say about most of this Egyptian stuff. I got it…and I am not placing it anywhere near the “Bonus Zone.”  Instead, I have created an Egypt exhibition for my museum that is second to none!

I am having fun…and a couple more items, and I am done…Hot Mummy or not.

I’m sure you got this on day one…but here are the details!

Act 3, Prize 1- Stone Gate
Size: 2×6
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Can be Placed: On grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt Arrangement
Bonus: 1.20% when placed in bonus area
What Does It Do: Unlocks the ability to craft more

Dialogue When Placed:
Homer: Ooh! A big, stone gate. I wonder where it leads?
Lisa: Perhaps it’s a portal to the Egyptian underworld where they weigh a heart against a feather. A soul goes to Paradise if the heart is lighter than a feather. Homer: Does arterial plaque ad buoyancy? Because if so, paradise here I come.

And There You Have It!  It’s a Gate. It’s made of stone.  It doesn’t really fit into Springfield.  But, that’s OK… It unlocks other stuff.


12 responses to “Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Stone Gate

  1. My crafting is acting up. I am on Level 1, but I cannot create any more gates, even though I have received it via the quest. Can craft everything else, just cannot craft any more Gates

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  2. I like Patric’s idea of using what we Craft to enhance an area in our Springfield (I’ve plopped enough Stone Gates and Sandstone Statues in my Bonus Zone – I can’t wait to move them over to my Egypt section after the Event). 👍

    I will thank EA for offering up some good Craftables this time, but I do miss when we could purchase with Simpson’s $ vs Craft (got the last Act 3 Prize, so it’s Bonuts time!) 😀


  3. Anyone else notice that their friends in Other Springfields have disappeared?

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  4. Nice designs 😊
    I stopped collecting Mummy Wraps after the free land token the other Act 3 prizes do not appeal to me so would just end up in storage

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  5. I know it’s late but I think I have a new pattern that finds the buried treasure in an average of seven digs

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  6. Love your design sir!!! I’m gonna have to rework my Egypt area soon for sure.

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  7. I’m placing it temporarily for the bonus but reconfiguring my Egyptian area. Should really pop when all done.

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  8. Thanks for this post Patric 😊

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